I love questions so here we go.

1): I'd do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight. So yeah we'd be screwed and I'd except to die horribly by the hands of some giant mutant but at least I wouldn't run out of food.

2): I think he should call it quits after Fairy Tail or maybe he could get his sh*t together in the 2-4 years I would expect for someone to start a new series.

3): Are we talking about stuff like Age of the Empires here because I loved Age of Mythology.

4): He'll probably be able to laid. I have faith in him and that sounds like a weird thing to say.

5): Hmm... I'd probably say Umnei as he's a real nice guy and I might get to go to Dubai.

6): That's a hard one for multiple reasons but I would have to go with Erza, multiple reasons there too.

7): 178cm

8): Soda but I try drink Juice more often.

9): In Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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