I actually kind of like this chapter, Kagura vs Lacarde was already unexpected for me, and to fight without any assistance (for now probably) is pretty amazing. At first I did thought that She's gonna be at an upper hand, or at least Lacarde will be "entertained" in the fight.

But apparently Irene, August and him are a special 3, the ones that's much above the other Spriggan 12. I really enjoyed the fight though, how Kagura bit her tongue in order to counter her "pleasure". However, we do see her defeat in the end.

Now the fight with Crime Sorceire and August... I do kind of agree with August... Darkness and Light, there is no good or evil, it depends how you ultilize it. I guess that is why Hades learn such dark magic, and Lost Magic, as he lead to believe that that's the root of all magic. But it could be entirely something else that just separates between light and darkness. We've already seen Mirajane, whose power is very "dark" if you know what I mean, using Satan Souls, Demon Souls, which all stems from demonic powers, but still a good person.

Now to the more important thing in this chapter, Mavis is Lacarde's mother... did she not know she had a child? whut's goin' on?

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