Well, since there are arcs in this series, I want to ask all of you what arc of your choice is the best and which one is the worst.. ^^ you can list more than 1 but not more that 4.. xD

there are a list of arcs here: Lullaby, Galuna, Phantom Lord, Tower of Heaven, Fighting Festival Arc, Oracions Seis, Daphne, Edolas and S-Class Trial (Recent)

Well, here's mine:

for me, the best arc was the Oracion seis arc, Edolas arc, tower of Heaven arc and the S Class Trial arc because the fight scenes are epic. I like the planning of the story in each arc. and there are characters who return ^^

for me the worst arc was the daphne arc.. because for me, i think it doesn't make sense that Gray becomes a bad guy at first. but i understand that he wants to make natsu remember a promise but why did he become a bad guy??? ^^" XDDD well, if i go to tv tokyo, i'll ask them >;) XDDD well, that's all.. ahahha xDD what's yours?? ^^

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