MY favourite top 10 manga list for all of you to read

1. Assassination classroom

The journey of an assassin to becoming an teacher .How he shows you can finds the best hidden inside an student even without the old boring schooling system which only burdens a child mind not develop it. One of the best anime and manga of all time having the best all time story and the sequel the twist everything about this manga makes it number one its a must read if you love manga and animes.

2. One piece

Now who doesn't know about one piece when you are speaking about manga, more than 350million copys sold worldwide the one of the best story ever, living the life of a pirate who can not swim in water and a hell lot amount of power like- haki ,devil fruits and a lot more like the ancient weapons. A secret which keeps people attached to the manga with the secret of the void century what happened at that time which needs to be hidden which can destroy the power of the empire and a lot more to keep you all to be attached to the manga.

3. Noragami

The story of the existence of God and of the god of calamity destruction how he was born out of the will of his father a human for the destruction of humanity and how he stopped him from doing so the story of love between a god and a human and the friendship between a god and a spirit .this manga is still incomplete so there is a lot more story ,some twist to come in the future so in simple words a good manga to make you give something to enjoy.

4. One punch man

A man who can destroys or defeat anyone with just a punch ,a society with a government a hero association and a villians association, a writer whose only screen name "one " is known and two manga written by him " one punch man" and a "hundred mob psycho " both with alot of fans and lover there is so much secret and twist ,a story how every child wanna be so it's a must to read till the very end.

5. Tales of the unusual

If you love thrilling and horror story manga and if you are the kind of person who doesn't like happy endings who want a bad twist and hineous twist in life the tales of the unusual is kind of that. It's a series of many different story having only mainly on similarity that the don't always have a happy ending or the ending ends with end of many life unexpected ending and a lot different stories is the thing which make the tales of the unusual stand out .

6. Shogokei no soma ( Attack of titans)

Attack of titans is very famous both in manga and it's anime version it has got film dedicated to it . The giants attacking the people of earth ripping their bodies apart , eating them alive ,sqush a group of people below their feet the classic horror thinking has came to be truth the attack of titans with the story line will keep you attached to it till the very end and currently it hasn't ended yet it's still ongoing many major twists in the story . Attack of titans revolve around a boy's whose mother was eaten alive by a titan and who live his whole life in order to kill the whole titan race from the earth but a major twist takes place after he get to know the truth of the titans .

7. The gamer

Gamer is a story of about Johan whose life has turned into a game due to some mysterious power of earth he see the level of people over there heads .And the story starts when he get to know that he is not the only person with these strange power but there a many like him with different kinds of ability and his best childhood friend has them is revealed after so much time .

8. Eden zero

Have you heard about 'fairy tail' it's a very famous manga of Hiro mashima which has completed and Eden zero is his new manga which was every fan of fairy tail was waiting for so much time . Eden zero is a story about Rebecca happy and natsu who are in the search of the 'mother' of the universe if you had reader fairy tail you will love this new one.

9. Boruto

Now just like Eden zero which is a new version of an old famous manga boruto is also the sequel of Naruto . Naruto was the story of a child who was hated by all his villagers to him becoming the person who everyone looks up to how he made his enemies into his friend and now he had become a father and his son is boruto who is a spoilled brat as compared to his father journey but we will have to see what changes will take place in him with time.

10. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is also a new manga in this list the whole world had gotten turned into stone by some strange ray of light no one know the cause of it but after 3500 years a genius Science geek got freed from that stone cage and how he made his decision to get this world back to the way it used to be into the age of science we get to see problem that he faced the friends he made and the enemies he fight so over all 7/10manga this is .