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  • Ultraprime2

    Hey, people =)

    Forgive the antics above, but it's been a little while since I used those templates so I thought I'd have a a bit of fun.

    Anyways, as you may have guessed by now, it's everyone's least-favorite rapper's birthday!

    If you remember, I made a nice blog last year detailing a number of his failures. While I did have enough material for a sequel to that blog (and probably even a third installment) I thought I'd be slightly nice this year and make a little video for him.

    But I didn't wanna do it alone because that's way too gay so I got some wiki folks together and we made this video for everyone's favorite Chocolate Blunder.

    Hope you enjoy this next video, Rai! A couple other people were scheduled to be in it but real life caught up with th…

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  • Ultraprime2

    Hey, people!

    So, as Misk said before, this isn't about making an anime out of the Fairy Tail Wiki (although if it were, I'd love to be voiced by Tomokazu Sugita and dubbed by Crispin Freeman - cookies for everyone who understands this) but rather, a blog for us to discuss the recent Spring 2016 anime season.

    Personally, I find that Spring tends to be one of the better seasons, with Fall being its closest contender. Even better though, I think this was probably the strongest Spring season we've had in years. Pretty much all the things I've watched were fun in some way and earlier this week, Misk told me on Twitter that I could post the seasonal review blog if I wanted, so here I am!

    But hey, you guys aren't here for opening monologues. Let's j…

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  • Ultraprime2

    Hey there, people! I'm Ultra and here's the second Fairy Tail Wiki Anime Debate. We hope you'll enjoy listening.

    Fleet is the moderator this time around and I go up against Toshi this time around.

    Next time, we will have at least one (and possibly two) wiki users making their debut. Stay tuned!

    If you'd like to join, message me on my talk page, Skype or Twitter. Please share this blog on your preferred form of Social Media if you feel so kind.

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  • Ultraprime2

    Hey there, people! I'm Ultra and here's the first ever Fairy Tail Wiki Anime Debate. It's the beginning of our new little project and we hope you'll enjoy listening.

    Fleet and Toshi are the debaters this time around. We planned to have Fin join but he had to drop out due to school-related matters.

    Next time though, we should have our full group so stay tuned.

    We'll keep you posted about our next debate. If you'd like to join at any time, message me on my talk page, Skype or Twitter.

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  • Ultraprime2

    Greetings, Fairy Tail Wiki!

    So, I hope you guys have been well. I have a few months free of exams so I'm good, aside from work. But lately, things have been pretty boring all around. I'm sure I can't be the only one who has felt this way, right? Plus, there's no more anime and the manga is on break till next week.

    Given all this, Fleet and I came up with a little idea for some community fun. Early note: we are doing this for fun. If you're here just to diss us, kindly fuck off and take your negativity elsewhere.

    Hopefully, some of you guys are familiar with Movie Fights by Screen Junkies from YouTube. They are also responsible for things like Honest Trailers. I'd watched a lot of their videos and I liked the way they held their debates. Fleet …

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