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  • I live in England
  • I was born on May 19
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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    So, I got inspired after reading Jessy's RIP Bee song and I thought I'd post an old poem I wrote back a few years ago when I got locked out of my house for 2 hours xD

    Locked Out: (Based on a true story)

    Oh No! I've forgotten my keys! How will I get into my house?!

    Should I wait for Mum? Should I wait for some tea? Should I wait for the neighbour that has my spare key?

    At least I have my notebook And my DS and Pen But my ringtone is ringing from inside my den!

    My mother is calling! Oh what should I say? My phone is in the house - locked away!

    So I run to the window I run to the door I rip off the handle as I force it to the floor (Yes this actually happened xD I like ran though it at max speed)

    I pick up the phone And say to my mum "Call the door …

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    So, by popular demand (And by popular demand I mean Abe xD) I have decided to start my weekly blog now! So, what I'll do is every chapter, I'll select a panel and color it. Then, I'll just say why I colored it and how epic it is and stuff etc etc. I will also give a brief review of the chapter.

    So, here is the winning panel for Chapter 292:

    I chose this one to color because....Well because Erza is one of the most epic characters in the series. In Pandemonium, she kicked 100 monsters behind's and now she becomes even more epic in the new chapter.

    So, with Team Fairy Tail, I love it all the way! Not only because I am a major Laxus Fangirl, but also because I just love the other members because they are all epic!!! Can't wait for FT to DESTROY …

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    So, I was thinking about something today. And I had a little idea. I just want your opinion on it ^^

    So, I was thinking that every manga chapter, I could color the cover for the manga chapter page (For the picture where they display the cover). I thought It'd might make the page a little brighter since the manga images are usually in black and white. But, I just wanted your opinion. I can color it and upload it on the day the chapter comes out for the page.

    Leave your thoughts below

    Amyxx ToshiroFanGirl

    So thanks to all the people that left comments! I realized that I was a little dumb for not knowing that fan-art can't be used in articles! *^* So, instead, I'll do a weekly column on my page where I will post the colored cover of the week (Rubb…

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