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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    So, since there is no new chapter this week (Which means no color blog this week), I thought I'd share a way on how to improve the quality of your anime screenshots! We're gonna take this step by step and I'll have images to help you.

    So get your image. For this one, I am using a picture of Pantherlily and the other Exceeds:

    Step One: Go to Filter->Sharpen->Unsharp Mask and use these settings:
    Step Two: Go to Filter->Blur->Surface Blur and use these settings:
    Step Three: Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness and Contrast and use these settings:
    Step Four: Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels and use these settings (Not always the same settings but around those numbers):
    Final Step: Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Curves and use these settings …

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    First off, I know I've been doing this for about 2 weeks but I just wanna thank everyone who has voted, commented or even just read my blog. I really appreciate all the lovely comments and advice I get every week :)

    Okay, so onto the chapter! Since The Troll King pranked my poll last week and voted 10 times for Gajeel (Against my will cos I didn't wanna color him), I removed those votes from the final tally and the winner is.....Thats right! It's our very own shadow Dragon, Rogue!!!

    So here is the winning panel:

    I really enjoyed coloring this panel. And the chapter was ACE as well. So, onto the mini review:

    This chapter consisted of 3 main things:

    Gajeel and Natsu kicking butt
    Sting and Rogue getting pwned (Except for the end of the chapter)

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  • ToshiroFanGirl

    So, this chapter was really funny with the Ichiya Fight (Who knew Nichiya was the bunny - I did *Claims £5 bet prize*) I would have preferred to see Kagura and Milliana vs Lyon and Yuka. I have two reasons:

    • I am a GIANT Lyon Fangirl
    • Kagura said Milliana would have died if it was a battle to the death - AWESOME!!!!!

    So, here is the winner for Chapter 293:

    I chose this one because
    2: .....Nah it's just number one XD

    So, Next chapter is NATSU AND GAJEEL VS STING AND ROGUE (Who I also fangirl over because he is the living embodiment of Heaven!!!!!!!!!)

    So, I'm gonna do a little twist with this one. Since we kinda know who's fighting in this chapter, whenever we are certain of the characters fighting, I will do a vote to …

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  • ToshiroFanGirl
    Another story based of a Chemistry GCSE study Class XD This one will make you laugh!

    We all entered Science Lab 3
    Another boring lesson for me
    But when my teacher came in
    Carrying 27 books and some tins
    He fell and landed on the floor

    A nasty mistake he made
    He forgot his chemicals and tray
    So as he went to the room
    He heard a loud BOOM
    And he realized the mistake he had made!

    The danger room Science Lab 3
    That was it's new nickname for me!
    When the teacher came back,
    He saw the lit matchhhhhh the fire extinguisher and put out the flames
    Poor Mr. Sugden had cleared himself of all shameee
    He was hailed as a hero of 27 peopleeee
    But no-one apart from us ever knew the incident was his faulltttttt!

    The End!

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  • ToshiroFanGirl
    A dare that Levy and Jessy set up for me, I enjoyed writing this poem!

    At a barbecue, I look at the grill
    I look at the cuisine, then turn to my Aunt Jill
    I say"What are those little things sitting on there?"
    She says"Why coakroaches of course, did you think it was a bear?"

    I say,"Ewww! I wanted some steak"
    Jill had her fill of coackroaches, then turned to me and the lake
    "But there are many ways to cook a coakroach! You haven't even tried!"
    Then she put an insect on my plate and then I sat and cried

    My barbecue was ruined.

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