Welcome to Toshi's Tavern, my new lil blog, where each week I will go into the wilderness of the internet and give my own small review of the new FT chapter (Like 5 others don't already do that XD) and then I'll do something, which I shall explain in due time~! Now for the chapter >:3

Cover 352

Jura...really!? >_<

So this chapter was fairly good, but a lil bit predictable in some cases. So we start off by going back to the Eternal Flame, where they're all like "ERMAGAWD WE KILLED LE FIRE ETC ETC BLAHDYBLAHDYBLAH" and then Wendy was just "It's still alive!" *Cue Titanic Song* So yeah, Wendy says that the flame is alive, and for some reason she can sense it but the others can't, so okayyy...And then THE BEST THING OF THE WHOLE CHAPTER HAPPENS! THE BIRD RETURNS!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN! Actually, I wish, but Lucy says that Natsu can relight the flame, and he says "Yeah Yeah, I got it!" like any other idiotic protagonist these days D: Then....HE FORGETS THAT THE MOST ELECTRIFYING ENEMY HE HAS EVER FACED IS BEFORE HIM! YES! TIS THE UNNAMED BIRD! So the bird does a whole load of cool new things, like shooting a laser out of it's eye, which I think is an obscure Star Trek/Star Wars reference, but whatevs XD Then Natsu somehow beats it (Dang it...#TeamBird) and relights the flame. At the end, Atlas Flame appears before them all, while Gray, saying "Ye shitten me" is proving once again why Fairy Tail should never be PG.

Alright, so now it's time for the second aspect of my weekly blog. Every week, you guys will decide what anime/manga series I read/watch and review for you :3 It can be ongoing or finished, and it can literally be anything you like (This will be a comment one) But just for this week, I'm gonna review Attack on Titan.

As most may know, Attack on Titan is an anime/manga series about this dude who wants to kill titans because they basically dominated the world. Well HELLO!? I'd wanna dominate the world too if I were them! #TeamTitans! He joins the 104th (I think that's the number) Trainee's Squad, and later the Survey Corps in order to fufill this dream with his friends.

Favourite Character: Annie Leonhardt, by far. Love her character, and I love how the anime included the cut out manga craziness bits in the new episode. She's epic as hell, can kick tons of ass, and her character is one that wants to make me hate her at times, but overall, she's awesome. I was tied between her and Mikasa, but because Mikasa has an obsession with Eren and kinda annoys me, Annie gets my vote here.

Least Favourite Character: Armin Arlert. Just don't like him. I don't mind how he was brave and all, but dudes and dudettes, that kid so ANNOYED ME TO DEATH! ERRRGGGGGGG! JUST HEARING HIS NAME MAKES ME WANNA RIP UP FIJI OR SOMETHING!

Fave OST: Bauklotze, by far. Love that OST! Especially when Eren was with Levi's group a few episodes back ;w; Good times!

Which character would I wanna be?: I'll go with Pixis, only because I could stay home and drink alcohol whenever I wanted without any fear >:3


Who will win, the soldiers, or the titans: Imma go with the titans, they look cooler. Plus, the Colossal Titan has quite a few ass shots

My Husbando from this anime: LEVI! MOTHAFUCKING LEVI!!!!!!!!!

Overall Opinion: I love this series - got great story, great characters (Minus a few I will not mention) and pretty much has some of the best monsters EVA! Out of 10, I'd give this anime an 8.5, only because I feel that the anime animation could be a little better, as well as the manga's drawings, as I'm not used to the style, but hey, as long as there's a good story to back it up, I'm not too bothered. :3

Should I continue with this? :O

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So, remember to send your anime/ manga requests below! The ones with the most votes will win for the next chapter, but don't despair! I will pick up on different ones each week, so no worries :3 If you want to, you can even put the questions you want me to answer about it in there~! Have fun, and see you next week :3

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