Hiya guys! As per request from mainly Kuro (Since we've been keeping the secret for a while HEHEHEHE) I'm doing a Let's Play for the Wiki! This will be a Pokemon playthrough and although I explained some of the rules in the video, I'll write them out here as well~!


Dupes Clause: This basically means that if I encounter a Pokemon that I have already seen before, I get 3 tries in that area, and if I keep getting Pokemon that I've seen, I don't get a Pokemon in that area. Nada. Zilch D: So basically, in each area, I can catch one Pokemon only as long as it's different. The first different Pokemon I see, that's the one I HAVE to catch. If I run away or kill it accidentally, I get no Pokemon in that area.

Shiny Clause: If I run into a Shiny Pokemon, even if it's identical to another Pokemon or it's in the same area as another, I have an opportunity to catch it. Should it get killed, I do not have to release it. I can keep the shiny Pokemon due to it's rarity. Should there be a pokemon identical or in the same area that I have caught, I am forced to release that Pokemon unless I am NOT using the Shiny.

Married Pokemon: Pokemon will be MARRIED in this game, meaning that one is male and one is female. Until I gain 6 Pokemon, if the last Pokemon is male, I MUST catch a female Pokemon, and vice versa. Should a male pokemon appear, IT DOES NOT COUNT! Again, this is until I get 6. After then, it does not matter since they would go into the PC. In battle, I can only switch between the two pokemon in the couple I am starting with. Should one die, I cannot switch from the other one. Should both of them die, I can pick a new pair to use. Ofc, I am naming these guys after you guys! ;D

Who should Ultra's "wife" be? :3

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