THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVERYONE WANTS THE GMG TO END FAST!!!!!!!! Anyways, this chapter wasn't that bad to abridge XD Hope you like :3

You gotta admit, it does remind you of Rocker's Drill n Rock :3

Well, at least Minerva wears underpants... MOVING ON! Where could Sting be in this commotion?! :O


STILL A BETTER LOVE STORY THAN TWILIGHT! Anyways, hope you enjoyed this issue of Toshy Tail :3 A challenge for all! Try and guess how many user's avatars I used, and who the users were :3 First one to mention in the comments gets a shoutout in the next blog :3 See ya next weeekk!

PS!!! Don't ask how I ordered the admins XD I knew Ishy was Erza, then Chaos was Laxus because it's epic, then Rai was Gajeel for no reason, Daddy Leli was Gray because he's so cool, and Mega was Juvia because....he's the most....GIRLY :'3!!

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