The Venerable Bede The Venerable Bede 6 August 2012

Useful Idea

Okay Guys.. I had these Idea even if I'm guild-less, this idea is for the guilds(that's right the whole guild). How about putting badge-like boxes telling that page is certified work of a member of a guild. The articles, info, and formats are done by one member of each kind of guild.

Don't understand? then I'll explain it unconfusingly, the objective right here is to put a badge-like template on the article telling the readers and fellow members that THAT article is certified done by a guild. I only have two reasons why this works:

1. editors who want to join a guild and saw that the jobs are confusing, he can easily monitor the jobs that are taken and finished by using a badge-like template that I've been ranting about this blog.

2. advertisem…

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The Venerable Bede The Venerable Bede 6 August 2012

Earthquake prediction our place included...very strong...

Yo!!! Everybody I'm here to tell you that.....

There's been a rumored Earthquake that'll hit our place...during's predicted having an intensity, 9.0 so it's that strong it's even rumored that many will die!!! so I'm kinda panicking right now and I'm constantly praying to not happen.

So I want to tell all of you that all of you are amazing editors and this wikia is the best wikia I've been into.....I'm proud to be a member of this amazing community...and I LOVE YOU ALL even if you hate me or ignore me or just don't know me...

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