Hey everyone, I've been re-watching some of the fights in Fairy Tail and I always have this question in my mind, what would happen if it was different enemies they're fighting against? Or what if it was a different situation?

An example such as, in the fight between Juvia VS Cana during Battle Of the Fairy Tail arc. It seems obvious that Juvia would naturally win against her, therefore they made a plot where she sacrificed herself to let Cana win. And obviously Cana couldn't fight against him. What if it was Juvia versing Freed? Would she stand a chance? I know that Freed using sensation to inflict damage instead of physical damage so Juvia would actually be a fair-er fight than Cana whose weak AF during that arc.

Another question is during Juvia and Lucy's fight against Vidaldus. What if it was Lucy that turned into succubus? Would Juvia lose for sure because she'd have different morals and emotions than Lucy (like I can't fight you, you're nakama etc).

What if Juvia was versing Ikaruga instead of Erza? Would Juvia win? All of Ikaruga's attacks are physical sword... it seems to be easily be stopped by Juvia's water body...

Or if Mirajane was versing against Azuma with full strength, without the bomb's interference and Mira is wiling to use full power. Would she win?

Let me know what your opinions about them, and also post one fight where the scenario is different or a different enemy they're fighting against.

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