Sasa Dragneel School Uniform and Stage Uniform

My Stage Coord and School Uniform Hope you Like itYume-Kawo! >W<

 Name:Sasa Dragneel


Romanji:Sasa Doraguniru

Eye color:strawberry red

Relationships:Natsu Dragneel(Twin Brother),Zeref Dragneel(Older Brother),Nijino Yume and Subaru Yuki(my fav ship)(Deceased)(pls dont mind me ;-;),Raichi Hoshimiya(Uncle),Ringo Hoshimiya(Grandmother),Taichi Hoshimya(Grandfather),Igneel(Adoptive Father(dragon)Deceased)Sebastian(Butler)Claude(Butler)(pls dont mind me yume ;-;),Erza Scarlett,Lucy Heatfilia,Wendy Marvell,Mirrajane,Yukiko Oda,Scarlet Ace(theyre both my bffs :P) 

Hair Color:Pink with a light pink ombre color at the end of the tip

Type:Lovely/Cute,Pop,Sexy and Cool 

Blood Type:O 


Magic:Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Crush:Gray Fullbuster

Partners:Lovelin(Pink,Heart Penguin/Cat Alive),Regina(Former Partner,Deceased)



Afflication:Starlight Academy,Venus Ark(Formerly),Dream Academy(Formerly)STARANIS(2nd Gen),Aikatsu8(4th Gen)RainbowStarAnis(1st Gen)AngelyBeat(1st gen)

Brands:,(Angely Sugar,Rainbow Berry Parfait,Dreamy Crown,Loli Gothic,Luna Witch,Gothic Victora,Vivid kiss,Swing Rock,Bohemian sky,Sangria Rosia,Spicey Ageha,Dance Fusion.Futuring girl,Dreamy Crown,Perfect Queen,Shiny Smile and Happy Rainbow)

 Mostly Used Brand:Angely Sugar  

INFO: she's natsu's twin sister and a member of fairytail she studies in starlight academy and wants to become a top idol her aunt is Hoshimya Ichigo(pls dont mind me cause i want Yume and Ichigo to be sisters) Sasa's dream is to become a top idol and designer, she's also the bestfriend of Erza,Lucy,wendy and Mirrajane she loves clothes and she's an Idol genius or an idol Proffessor just like Kiriya Aoi she has two types of personality her cool,sexy type and her normal type(lovely),She's very helpful and she's also clumsy,Erza is Sasa's Childhood BFF but Erza is mostly scared of her cool/Gothic mode(it can be also be called Sexy mode),She loves all sort of clothes(by type example:Cool,Sexy,Pop,Lovely and Gothic type of styles) She even goes Crazy or like you may wanna think of it she's just like Aira Harune(From Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream and PRDMF),She mostly wears a Red Ribbon on her head Cause her mother gave the ribbon when she was a baby,she even went back to 300 from the past in Japan and met the Warloards in the sengoku time(yes IKEMEN SENGOKU MY FAV GAME>//<) she met Uesugi Kenshin,Oda Nobunaga,leyasu Tokugawa,Uesugi Kenshin,Ishida Mitsunari,Kennyo,Takeda Shingen,Yukimura and Sasuke but they accidentally fall inlove with her when she went back to her timeline she can go back and go on she can see her friends and the sengoku warlords ,She's also an air-head just like Ichigo,she's very cheerfull and a genius,She's very clumsy,she always say Yume-kawo or yume in every sentence for example hello everyone nice to meet you! yume-kawo!<3 or Yume,,,,IM SO BORED(its like a catchphrase),she's even Clumsy and very helpfull,She even designs her own clothes and she always cares for others

Personality:Clumsy,Very Cheerfull and a kind person

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