• I live in A kitchen :3
  • I was born on September 1
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Rina~x3
  • Rina1230

    Lets do this!!!

    November 5, 2012 by Rina1230

    Morin everyone or Night?? O_o well lets make this quick so u guys can go do what ever u guys want! Check it out: WANNA MAKE FAIRY TAIL FIRST?! well just vote lets do this guys Me and Natsumi will try spreading the word to everyone but this is the quickest Rina away good luck Fairy tail oh and One vote for each user :)

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  • Rina1230

    this is all I'm saying DONT FALL FOR THE PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!! Reason:Cuz Its girly My Scaring Reason: Rem's Pics........ Anyway I say keep Your Avatars You have and ignore Glass-Sama's blog (yes i respect Glass more than Rai-San) Rina Away lalalalalal

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  • Rina1230

    See Ya

    August 16, 2012 by Rina1230

    Hey Everyone well I'm gonna leave to catch up on some sleep well its not for a long time just for like a week so not really goodbye....-_-" so yeah anyways ill be on today maybe tomorrow the rest ill be asleep See Ya! @Reli:Rem will never find me *gets clothe that looks like wallpaper acts like naruto sees bug* *thinking dont scream*thinking* @Rai:RELI'S SAYING HES ALWAYS WATCHING ME........(this can all be done over talk page but im to lazy)

    i might not get any sleep cuz some people keep scaring me lalalallalalalalala Reli's being a creep.........(randomness cuz im bored)

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  • Rina1230

    Thi is the first time I ade a blog DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! XD anyway i just gotta say this for some reason User:Omega natsu2 hates dora funny right he wrote in rai's blog thingy this: I hate her. Dora: "Where is the Mountain?" Mega: "Bitch turn the fuck around."

    1 day ago by Omega natsu2

    XD itz funny no but still DON'T HATE ON THE RETARD JUST CUZ SHES ACTIN STUPID SHE WANTS TO TEACH KIDS MEGA!!!! even though i totally agree XD and now just a random pic

    wait one more

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