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Cover twenty six

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4. Sexiest Mage Alive
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6. Fairy Fiction
7. The Earth Land Chronicles
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Cover twenty six

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Well, hello there~ Carrot here :)

To get this months puzzle I actually just clicked the "random page" button in the Wiki navigation and told myself I'd make the puzzle about whatever came up..., was that a stupid idea XD

Well, I'm going to test myself and actually try and see if I can get a puzzle for this thing. Remember, it can be a person, a place, a spell, a Magic, a fight, anything no thanks to this random button. So, try your best and I'll try my best to make this even figure-out-able ;P

Your clue is:

"Hidden in plain sight
Earthy particles unite
Snake prepares to strike."

Haiku FTW! \( ^__^)/ Best of luck and I'll see you next month~ ;D

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • A heap of articles had their names discussed and most of them were changed according to preference, which you can see to the left in the changes list.
  • Mega tried to get us to rename Ultimate Magic World to Grand Magic World, but nobody went for it ( .__.)~
  • Rauleli had the idea to get us customised thumbnails, but due to debates of odd colours, odd design and general no-fucks-given-ness, the changes weren't implemented.
  • There is currently a discussion about Bacchus' Magic and abilities, so go to his talkpage to have your say if you like.
  • There is also a talk going on about Atlas' status, though it's slowly turning more into an argument over why Mavis has a Fairy Tail infobox if she's deceased. If you'd like to have your say and perhaps change the subject yet again, head over to Atlas' talkpage :)

Image Changes

Ultraprime2 Avatar Sexiest Mage Alive
Ultraprime2 | Intern
IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMA F2014

Cobra smiles

Cobra SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Cobra. He's a kid who was taken from the Tower of Heaven and trained by Brain to be a formidable Dark Mage. Don't let that scare you though, cause he's the kind of guy who cares a great deal for his pet snake. Pun intended.

Cobra SMA Quote

"To receive our new powers, each of us lost something irreplaceable! What you, slags, don't have is the determination to lose something important! No one can overcome the weight of our hearts!"
(Cobra to Erza Scarlet)

Who do you think should be March's Sexiest Mage Alive?

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Mega This Month in the Manga
Omega natsu2 | Writer

TMITM Header - February14
This Month in the Manga

February 2014

TMITM Ch 371

I- Chapter 371: Tartarus Arc, Part 2: Song of the Heavenly Dragon

Bacchus for guild card. Nothing interesting here, other than the fact that he is training more after his defeat at Elfman's hands... and Sting...and a small Dragon from Motherglare.

The Exceeds fly Fairy Tail to Cube

“Happy: At least we're being useful this arc!

Carla: Yes! Better than Max and his broom fanservice.

Lily: Please don't remind me...

Max: from within a card I can hear you guys! Leave broomy alone. D:

Lucy: He named it...

Cana: This trip is sure taking a while...”

Many of us thought this title wold have something to do with Lucy or Wendy or Grandeeney, but nope, nothing at all. Cana was freaking amazing, I'll tell you that. She's gotten a lot better after speaking the truth to Gildarts. Our sexy lady turns everyone into cards and has the Exceed carry everyone to Cube. However, when they reach Cube, the Exceeds are pulled in by a gravity field. But Cana saves many lives again by returning everyone back to normal (Who is the hunk Cana talks about). Nothing much afterwards, just Erza wearing her super annoying armor and killing the octo thing when Kyouka appears. Natsu and Lisanna are there, grabbing the bird-woman for Erza.

How do you rate Chapter 371?

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TMITM Ch 372

II- Chapter 372: Breach

Cover 372

“Mega: Sexy cover is sexy!

Lucy: Convenient wind is convenient!”

So this week we get a super nice color page with Kyouka being held captive by her enemies. In addition to that, Superman Hiro Mashima has a colored cover for us! I love this cover, it's so nostalgic. This cover, however, tells us of some awesome news! Check out the last page of the magazine for more info, detailed info, if you will. :)

This chapter was great, actually. I was happy that Erza didn't keep that disgusting armor on. Though I hate how annoyingly week Hiro made Kyouka look... Anyways~ outside, on BottomCube, Fairy Tail is having a hard time with the many Tartarus men. But Erza enters like a freaking wrecking ball creating a massive breach within Cube.

Elsewhere, lame Lisanna heads to find Mira whilst naked Natsu fights men from Tartarus. However, Zeref appears and stops time (How old is Happy)! The two just glare at one another~

We get a super sexy

How do you rate Chapter 372?

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TMITM Ch 373

III- Chapter 373: To Let Live Or Let Die

Da chapter cover, huh?! Welps, Hiro just confirmed CQ was nothing more than an extra guild... Bacchus was just added to keep the guild interesting.

The chapter opens where the last one left off. Zeref talks to Natsu about E.N.D., the Demon Igneel was not able to defeat. Natsu tries to attack him, but fails Zeref leaves Natsu with an ultimatum. What will the Dragon boy do~ We then go back to Erza's appearance on BottomCube as many Fairy Tail Mages enter the breach created by Erza in hopes of finding and helping Mira and the others. Kyouka gets up and attacks le whore, claiming that she is interested. Poor Sayla. :(

Wendy spots Face's timer

“Wendy: Oh no... only 41 minutes till my period! D:”

Meanwhile, Mira and Lisanna meet up, but Sayla is quick to find them. The two sexy ladies confront while Lisanna just stands there...I hope Lisanna leaves. I really hate these hostage situations Hiro always gives her. Make yourself useful, woman! (Who was the second Fairy Tail Master) Nothing much after that, just Lucy, Wendy and the Exceed reaching the control room to inform us that they have 41 minutes left of Magic usage. I wonder who will stop Ezel... GILDARTS! OMG HE NEEDS SOME ACTION THIS ARC. Remember that last time he was walking around some mountains? Some rocky shit? Well, Face looks to be around mountains! If it's not Gildarts, then maybe someone from another guild, since FT is on Cube atm. The chapter closes with Kieth, who randomly appears before Lucy and the others...funny guy he is. XD

How do you rate Chapter 373?

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TheCarrotSaysYumYum Fairy Fiction
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Fairy Fiction

December 2013

Carrot, what the hell is this?

Moshi moshi~!!

Well, this short month I was feeling deprived of something no thanks to Mashima. Care to take a guess as to what?

If you guessed JellalErza goodiness, then you are correct! DAMN STRAIGHT! There was so much JellalErza potential in this arc and now I think it's all gone. So, how do we make up for this? With a whole FF article dedicated to JellalErza smut! That's how!! \( ^__^)/

Gosh I love smut sometimes~

As always, if you are an avid fanfic reader and know of a great fic you'd like everyone to see, message me or talk to me in chat and I'll check it out and probably add it to my article ;D

Get on with it!! </MontyPythonreference>

To Claim That Once Is Immeasurable,

by Aero-Cluster

Romance - Hurt - Comfort - JellalXErza - One-shot - M


There are many types of JellalErza M rated fics out there that are nice reads. They are funny or sexy or entertaining or exciting... but I have to say there are very few that have moved me as much as this one did.

You may remember in the first edition of Fairy Fiction I ever wrote (or was it the second? o__O) that I included a story called "In a Heartbeat" by this very author - the one about Nazi Germany and the concentration camp. Well, the author is back with a second M fic that very much rivals In a Heartbeat for being one of the most moving and downright emotional JellalErza fanfics I have ever read.

This time, it's a one-shot, and the story alternates between Jellal and Erza's viewpoint, each time having a short paragraph that shows their interactions before jumping forward in time slightly to the next one.

The plot itself is about Jellal and Erza (and Mirajane, Laxus and Simon [who co-star]) all starting the same university/college degree and becoming fast friends. Jellal takes a liking to the quiet, odd and incredibly reserved Erza, though overlooks the fact that she seems so withdrawn, dismissing it as shyness. However, during a small accident when he gets too close to her, Erza has a full-on meltdown, and Jellal realises that she was raped when she was younger.

Yes, the fic does cover the topic of rape, and the way Jellal and Erza's relationship -or, lack thereof- is shaped by the fact that Erza is broken and can't move on, and Jellal is completely unknowing of how to handle the situation. As always with Aero-Cluster, the fic is not sunshine and rainbows, and the relationship Jellal and Erza go through is very raw and very broken - arguably not there at all. Finally, when they go their separate ways and are forced back together seven years later due to Simon, all hell breaks loose, because, can a relationship that fell apart so long ago ever be the same?

Aero-Cluster states in her authors notes at the end of the fic that she believes this story is one of the most rewarding she has written, and I have to strongly agree. So, though slightly more depressing than the others I bring you this month, go have a read, because, often, it's just nice to be moved and feel like you've gained something from a fanfiction.

I rate "To Claim That Once Is Immeasurable" a 9.7 out of 10.

You can read To Claim That Once Is Immeasurable here.

Noteworthy, by Luka-nee

Crack - Smut - Romance - JellalXErza - M

"Island escapes and old friends, drunken achievements, visual kei enthusiasts, sloppy makeouts and other such classy goings-on. Jellal's summoned back to paradise."

You may remember a few issues back that I reviewed a story called "Meet the Fernandes'" by this very author. Well, I'm back again with another one of her fics, this time an M-rated smutfic involving all of the characters who are connected to the Tower of Heaven. Ever since I started writing this article I've had this fic waiting to be reviewed, but I never have gotten around to it. I guess maybe because the OS have re-entered the main story of Fairy Tail this fic got dragged forward, but either way, this fic is very enjoyable... and very weird o__O

In terms of plot, there's not much, but as a smutfic, intense plot is not expected. In short, Erza invites Jellal back to the ruined island that used to house the Tower of Heaven for a reunion/party with herself, Sho and the gang, and the Oracion Seis. Jellal, being himself, plans to always be in control and on guard around them all, but after Midnight secretly spikes his drink and everyone gets drunk as skunks, things start to happen. No... seriously, everyone is drunk for most of this fic XD

I won't deny it, I'm not one for drunk parties and raving and people throwing up everywhere and drunken make-outs, but this is what "Noteworthy" very much centres around for the first 5ish chapters. I think Erza manages to make out with almost every other character: Sho, Racer, Midnight... Angel... Yes, even Angel XD However, I still found it entertaining to read, as Luka-nee's work is always hilariously funny. The first and last chapters themselves have interactions between Jellal, Ultear and Meredy that make me fall off of my seat from laughter :3

But then, just when you think the story will be all drunken raving, it gets to the more serious JellalErza part, and it's here that Luka shines as an author. She just has these ways of writing their interactions perfectly, capturing the exact chemistry between the two and the conflict on both their behalves. The smut is very nicely written and is perfectly matched with the hilarity that is the final chapter XD

So go ahead, join the dark side of Jerzaness and give this one a go ;D If anything, do it for Wally and his dandy drinks ;)

I give "Noteworthy" an 9.4 out of 10.

You can read Noteworthy here.

Sometimes, Sinners Deserve Forgiveness,

by BlueRegina06

Romance - Drama - JellalXErza - OC - M

"Jellal finds himself in a compromising position; Erza is missing and Makarov asks him to bring her back safely. Once Erza is found, another problem arises, a problem that will question his strength and stamina, as well as his self-confidence."

Finally this month, I bring you the last of my three JellalErza fics (if you hate on me in comments for choosing all JellalErza I will behead you! Go blame Mashima for not including enough/ruining all of the JellalErzaness he had previously set up >:( Damn him!)

Anyways, onto the fic, and this one is just a sweet little story that happens some time after the Grand Magic Games arc. Jellal is doing his usual thing and is with Meredy, when he is contacted by the FT guild. Erza, sent out on an S-Class quest alone some time earlier has yet to return, and Makarov is nervous as to why. Not wanting to upset the FT guild because -odds are- Erza is fine, Makarov asks Jellal to go look for her and check that everything is A-okay. Jellal, worried himself, agrees.

Jellal soon arrives at the house of one of the clients and finds Erza - though, something is wrong. In an ironic reverse-scenario, Erza has been badly injured and has lost part of her memories, being found by the old woman currently looking after her confused and alone. Of course, in her state, Erza cannot return to the guild, and, though she recalls Jellal and knows that she knows him, she can't place where from or how. Naturally, Jellal is stuck in a very uneasy situation, as, not only does Erza not remember the bad things he's done to her, but he doesn't feel comfortable returning her to the guild when she barely even recalls being a member.

So, he decides to stay, and the story revolves around their interactions (and both their interactions with Yuuka, a very well-written original character) as time passes and Jellal wonders what to do.

I found this fic a really sweet read. The writing is great and the pacing nice and due to the plot, both Jellal and Erza revisit a lot of ideas and emotions surrounding their past. Most importantly, you're left wondering if Erza will get her memory back, and how.

Yes, there is smut... this is a damn smutfic for crying out loud XD It was nicely written though, and enjoyable. The fic is from Jellal's point of view and he is perfectly put into character. Erza a little less so, but with memory loss, you'd expect a bit of OOC-ness ;)

UPDATE! Okay, literally today (March 1st) (like, 10 minutes ago, to be precise) a final chapter was published for this fic. I thought it had already ended (the ninth chapter finishes on a very final-like note) but apparently I was wrong. To be honest, I found the final chapter quite OOC in comparison to the others, but it does draw the story around the original character to a close. So, if you finish the ninth chapter and really like where the story is and you think it's a nice end, I'd recommend stopping there. Otherwise read chapter 10 too, though there is quite intense smut in it that I was a bit so-so about, so be warned.

As I said earlier, a very enjoyable fic, and another on my JellalErza M favourites list :3

I give "Sometimes, Sinners Deserve Forgiveness" a 9.0 out of 10.

You can read Sometimes, Sinners Deserve Forgiveness here.


Comment and tell me what you want more of ;D

More smut??

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Leli admitted when I proposed this article that he had never read a fanfic in his life, and that he didn't really intend to because reading is stupid. Your thoughts on this?

The poll was created at 03:44 on March 3, 2014, and so far 54 people voted.

Carrot out... Bitches...

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Welcome to the latest issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, probably in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Grand Magic Games arc.

Welcome back to The Earth Land Chronicles, people!

So, we're now at the 4th day of the Grand Magic Games and we're gonna kick it off with the event of the day: Naval Battle!

Naval Battle participants

Our sexy contestants.

As you can guess, the event involves water and in Fairy Tail, that which involves water is Mashima's favorite? Why? Because it allows him to show off his admittedly exceptional ability to draw bikinis, boobs and butts. The name of the game is "Rip-off Final Fantasy X but keep the ball out of it so as to avoid copyright matters." Yes, this event is closely based on BlitzBall of the aforementioned game, or more specifically the spherical appearance and the physical portion of the game. However, what Final Fantasy didn't have, Fairy Tail does: girls in bikinis. Our contestants are Jenny, Chelia, Risley, Juvia and Lucy. There is also Sabertooth's mistress, Minerva Orlando and there's Rocker from Quatro Puppy, but nobody cares about him. So, the goal of this game is to knock your opponents out of the sphere and be the last one swimming. Can't be too hard, right?

Minerva kicks Lucy

Minerva, the torture mistress

One may think that due to Aquarius and their own abilities, Lucy and Juvia, respectively, would have the advantage. Initially, it is these two who are pitted against each other by their own choice, and they appear pretty even. Jenny takes the chances to knock Rocker out of the sphere and the other girls soon get their own little contests going. Eventually, Aquarius decides to be her usual self and ditch Lucy for a date even though she swore to Lucy's mom that she'd be there for her. I swear, the Celestial Spirit King needs to give that fish a spanking. Though I guess she'd be used to it from Scorpio. Anyways, Juvia takes the opportunity to take out Jenny, Chelia and Risley, leaving only herself Lucy, saved by Aries and her sexy guard Virgo and Minerva. Of course, this is reduced by 1 as well, as Minerva takes Juvia out when she's distracted by her usual "Gray-sama" nonsense. With only Lucy and Minerva left, the timer goes down and if either loses in 10 minutes, they get 0 points. With her keys stolen, Lucy can do nothing but get horribly battered by Minerva for 10 minutes while Sabertooth laughs and her teammates seethe. Eventually the match is stopped, Lucy's friends go to save her and Raven jerks off over Minerva's sadism.

Thankfully, Lucy is saved and she's earned her team some points, but she's gonna be in the infirmary for a while as Sabertooth gets on Fairy Tail's nerves in the worst possible way. It's now that we are told that due to Raven Tail's disqualification, Fairy Tail's 2 teams have to be combined into one. Not during the event of the day but during the battle of the day for no reason other than to make good on the promise of beating Sabertooth. The new team is Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel and Laxus. And as I am sure we all agree, the 14th opening's rendition of their entrance is far better than the anime's.

Opening 14 - Team Fairy Tail

Opening 14 - Team Fairy Tail

Team Fairy Tail enters

The anime's Team Fairy Tail

Ichiya&#039;s smile

AAAAAHHHH! I'm blind!

The first battle of the day is Blue Pegasus vs. Quatro Puppy. Ichiya and the bunny against Bacchus and Rocker. Now, as we all have been wondering, we get to see the bunny's real identity and who should it be but Ichiya's Edolas counterpart Nichiya. He's convinced that being his counterpart, he can fight but as it turns out, he's weak as balls and gets knocked out almost immediately. Ichiya gets battered a bit too but ultimately, it's his feelings for this person he has barely known for that long that convince him to defeat Bacchus and Rocker with one punch. Yeah, that's right. One punch to down a Mage who was supposedly as strong as Erza was.

The next battle is probably the one that made our Kagura-fanboy admin cry the most. Kagura and Millianna team up against Lyon and Yuka but after 30 mins, the battle ends in a draw. Surely an intense battle? Well, frankly, we don't know! The manga decided to skip it entirely. The anime does something by actually showing it but doesn't really do anything more impressive than showing Millianna running around in her bondage outfit chasing an ice-make mouse. Yes, that is about as impressive as it gets. Oh well.

Now, it's time for the main battle that we've been leading up to for about 40 chapters. It's Natsu and Gajeel vs. Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney of Team Sabertooth. The battle starts off with a bit of a surprise as Sting and Rogue don't appear to be all that they were cracked up to be as Natsu and Gajeel utterly dominate them, much to the surprise of the games' audience and the readers. Even the activation of their drive forms means pretty much nothing cause Natsu and Gajeel shake off their attacks like mosquito bites. All readers at this point pretty much predicted where this was heading, cause we now knew as much as we needed to about Mashima's inability to effectively use the hype he builds, which he admittedly does well.

Sting and Rogue&#039;s Dragon Force

Dragon Fail

So, with the drive forms ineffective, the next step is one we haven't seen in almost 150 chapters: Dragon Force. Sting even goes as far as to say that he'll beat Natsu and Gajeel alone and for a while, we can even see him dominate the two of them in battle, blasting their attacks back and hitting them square and hard with his own. Meanwhile, Rogue is just watching from the top of the crater Sting made while he was pounding on Natsu and Gajeel.

Thus, one would be lead to think that the Twin Dragons of Sabertooth were in fact all that they were cracked up to be. That they really did beat Dragons and are the keys to why Sabertooth was the top guild for so many years. Yup. That's what you would' think. Rather, you shouldn't cause Natsu and Gajeel are able to shrug off this beating with ease and what's even more amazing, they claim that they now know all of Sting's attack patterns and mannerisms.

In return for underestimating them, Natsu tells Sting that he will take on him and Rogue alone, and in order to do so, gets rid of Gajeel by pushing him into a mining cart which just happens to be nearby, thus giving him motion sickness as he rolls away and Natsu prepares to fight alone. Thus, this battle which had been hyped up for many, many chapters turns into a typical Natsu brawl with nakama being talked about and ultimately Sting and Rogue's Unison Raid being overpowered by Natsu single-handedly without even the use of the Lightning Flame Dragon Mode.

And, just like that, Natsu wins the battle. Sting and Rogue are beaten, much to everyone's surprise and Team Fairy Tail wins 10 points. Sabertooth's master Jiemma ain't happy, but Fairy Tail sure is. Now, every other guild wants a piece of them. Meanwhile in the underground, Gajeel comes across something rather peculiar. A graveyard full of Dragon bones! What could this mean!? Elsewhere, Jellal confronts the mysterious hooded figure and is shocked to see their face. Who are they?

Thank you, let&#039;s meet again!

Let's meet again!

So, the 4th day of the GMG came and went pretty much as we expected it. Natsu went and kicked Sting and Rogue's asses with ease, even without Gajeel and stopped the "legendary" or whatever spell known as Unison Raid with just one of his normal attacks that we've seen before. Total disappointment. But at least the next day of the Grand Magic Games looks more promising. Sadly, this is where the anime ended its run, but we now know that it'll be coming back in April 2014. What could possibly go wrong, eh?

But, that's the end of this edition of ELC! That's all for this portion of the Grand Magic Games arc! Fairy Tail has finally hit the top of the leader board. Can they keep this up? To see, join us next month as we continue to look at Fairy Tail's largest arc (to date).

Till then!
Best Quote of this part of the Arc
  • "There is a wall that can't be destroyed with just power. However, there is a type of power that can destroy that wall. The Power of Feelings." - Mavis in Chapter 296
Best Magic of this part of the Arc
Best Moment of this part of the Arc
Best Chapter of this part of the Arc
Best Episode of this part of the Arc

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Just a few things guys. Firstly, no interview again this month. I totally forgot about my articles this month because none of my co-workers reminded me! Seriously, none of them. True enough it's not their job, but they no I have Alzheimer's and I need help remember my duties! :( Anyhow, we will be having another AWESOME treat from MDM this month so I'm sure no one is really mad at me. :D

To Be or Not To Be?

The poll was created at 04:49 on March 3, 2014, and so far 100 people voted.
Hello everyone! Today we will be forgoing the normal interview for a special treat from, Monkey.D.Me !

Rai: So, now off to some stereotype-Comedy for our Racist-taste buds ..

MDM: You called? ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

Rai: BEGONE FROM ME!! ( ಠ益ಠ)-c ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ) You have shamed me enough .. go find someone else-

MDM: Thats exactly what I plan to do this time .. I'm gonna whore myself by making a featuring flash about ME!! BOOOYA!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Rai: ..b..but, is that allowed in your religion? Isn't it your parents that feature you when they are arranging your wedding with some random girl?

MDM: To match that SPLENDID Level of racism I bring you a featuring flash that is nothing but racism. The person I'm featuring gave me very little information about his background so I imagined most of it .. regardless, You'll enjoy it~ HERE GOES!


thats all, hope that was enough~ enjoy~

Well, hope you enjoy MDM's treat you guys! It was totally hilarious as always! >:D Anyhow, next month Momo will be treating us to another flash, so be sure to tune next time on Momo's Jakuho's Corner!

Mega Gate of the Horoscope
Omega natsu2 | Writer

Gate Logo
Welcome to March!
The month where nothing exciting happens!

Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)
Drunk in Love This Month, Baby!
Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft

Beyoncé - Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem
I Can't Remember to Forget Your Hotness, Taurus!
Shakira - Can't Remember to Forget You ft

Shakira - Can't Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)
Ellie Goulding - Burn

Ellie Goulding - Burn

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem
Everything'll Be Okay...Cancer~
I'm Ok - Christina Aguilera

I'm Ok - Christina Aguilera

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)
What A Dirrty Boy/Girl You'll be This Month, Leo!
Christina Aguilera featuring Redman - Dirrty

Christina Aguilera featuring Redman - Dirrty

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem
You're Too Clean, Like an Angel, Virgo~
Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel

Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)
You Need to Love Others, Libra, Not Just Yourself~
Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love Official Video

Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love Official Video

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem
Pitbull - Timber ft

Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)
Make Yourself a King, Dark Horse!
Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem
You Are The Most Beautiful Amazingness EVER Created!!!
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)
Jar of Hearts~
Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Music Video

Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts Official Music Video

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem
Stop wasting all of your tears~
Cassadee Pope - Wasting All These Tears

Cassadee Pope - Wasting All These Tears

Umnei Umneilicious
Umnei | Writer

Hello, everyone!

So, how was everyone's Valentine's Day this month? :) I'm sure it was eventful one way or another, but if it wasn't whatever~ Because we're back with another edition of Umneilicious! So in a way, I'm like your belated Valentine! Yay!

So yes, as you know, this is where we will be looking back at the last month of FT and checkin’ out what’s hot and what’s not in our own sexyness manner.


First up, we'll be starting off with what was Umneilicious during the past month of our beloved series with a segment I like to call...

Love it!


Mirajane wakes up

Without a doubt, I'm going to have to take my hat off for this girl. Sure, she got abducted by some creepy touchy-touchy feely-feely looking guy but she managed to save her own patootie and then confront Sayla (even though Sayla came to her). This past month, Mashima has definitely been shedding more light over Mira's demonic side and I'm just adoring it. Let's just hope we don't sachet into March with a Mira vs. Azuma situation, considering Lisanna's there... and we all know what happened the last time Lisanna met Sayla. -_-
Nonetheless, Mira-chan, you’re very Umneilicous! <3

Hiro Mashima

Cover 373

When the chapter came out this morning and I was reading it, I was expecting to see one of the Quatro Cerberus' Guild Cards, obviously predicting we may see Rocker first. We already know Mashima-sensei didn't add much of an emphasis on QC during the GMG arc but seeing this week's guild card is truly a testament to how much he cares about these guys. I genuinely laughed when I saw this cover. Like, "LOL" but literally. Notice how the series title isn't even written properly? Just a giant FT in the back!
Mashima-sensei, your sense of humor is very Umneilicious~

Cana Alberona

Cana gathers all of the cards

Well, do I need to say more? If it wasn't for our resident homegirl herself, the members of Fairy Tail would've been fairy dust (teehee). To be honest though, I was kind of hoping her daddy would get involved this arc. You would think being his daughter, you'd have like a Lacrima-phone to call up daddy so he can come over. Well, then again, she did receive that card which she ripped up. Would that card have been their equivalent to a cellphone? If my dad gave me a cellphone, I'd be jumping for joy lol but I guess homegirl DID have some daddy drama. Plus, that cellphone was also exclusive to calling him lol so I suppose that's another reason why she's cool~ She doesn't need her daddy~ *flashback inserts of her hugging QC in the pool*

Alright, well, I've clearly gotten sidetracked. Cana basically saved the butts of FT while still giving us a little sense of worry about the injured people~ Let's see how things pan out
Cana, you're rocking it <3 Love it~


Lamy mugshot

She's definitely quite the character. I mean, aside from her weird fashion sense, this girl is bat-shit insane. She's obviously gravitating towards the men and seems to be repelled from the other girls. (Reminds me of someone~ hehe) I can at least say she definitely has a good taste in men, because, did you guys see Tempesta?! OMG what a revival! Seriously, I want to join Tartarus now if it means I'll get to be near him~ Plus, he's got memory issues! You can do what you want and he'd forget about it the next night! My ideal man! I'll look past Jackal's creepy-ass feet but for some reason, looking at him in his newfound glory makes my figurative giney tingle again. Also, Minerva looks quite impressive with her sexy leather boots and scarred up face~ Finally, the batshit insane face she made just thinking about what she'd do to Mira was pretty intense but funny~

Lamy, you're Umneitastic~


Alright so now we're at a little segment I like to call..

Hate it!

and surprisingly, it's going to start off with a Fairy Tail member not many people would think I would push in front of the bus~

Elfman Strauss

Elfman returns to the guild

Sigh.. I mean, I don't entirely hate him, because I don't blame him for not being stronger than Sayla and THEN being paired with Lisanna *still blaming Makarov* but he definitely caused a ruckus this month. I'm sure if the townspeople knew that Elfman was involved in the explosion, they'd be pretty pissed off. We all know FT will let bygones be bygones but wouldn't it be hilarious if the town lit up their torches, armed themselves with pitchforks and just went to the guild going, "We're fucking done. We're tired of your shit, just move locations! You don't even need to be in a fucking city!" Which is rather true, especially considering that the guild gets themselves elbow-deep into shit... But wait yes, this is about Elfman. Yeah, he was very problematic and just figuratively shat all over the townspeople's hard work. Also, he nearly killed his friends and has been crying about it for most of the month. At the very least, he was eager to jump down the giant hole Erza made but aren't all men just begging to go into some sort of hole? :)
k Elfman, I particularly did not enjoy the sense of you this month.


Natsu and Lisanna take Kyôka

I mean, I also don't necessarily hate Kyouka either but damn, why was she just quick to stab Crawford? You could've gotten this shit snowballing if you sealed your damn legs for just a little minute and let the old bastard explain what's needing to be done. Whatever, I guess the plot does need to progress.. But THEN, she gets held by Natsu and Neko-Lisanna. Gee, what a fucking threat. She could've stabbed them both like how she stabbed Crawford but nope. Let's see if Kyouka can redeem her shadyness this month during March~
alright Kyouka, good luck.


Alright, so we went through this month and saw what was loved and hated~. What did you guys love love love? or hate hate hate? You don't have to be all politically correct with us, you can rant your hearts out here <3

Hopefully, we have a lovely March ahead of us, but I hope you guys enjoyed Umneilicious. If there's anything you liked or dislike about my article, do let me know, as I am quite new to this~ but nonetheless until then, I look forward to seeing you next issue!

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • What's your favorite book?
  • Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
  • Do you want children?
  • If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
  • Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
Relikz Relikz | Writer
What's your favorite book?
A: The Divine Comedy. Everything in it sounds like fun. >:)
Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
A: If he does, I hope he embarrasses Erza as much as possible. That bitch.
Do you want children?
A: Like hell who would?! Ain't nobody got time for that.
If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
A: I would go back and change my underwear before everyone sees that I always use the same one.
Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
A: Yes, we will rule the world as demon lords.
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Erza Scarlet
What's your favorite book?
A: Hmmm... There are many fine books on good swordsmanship in the Magnolia Library that are quite fascinating and ver-
Levy: Liar! >:) You only borrow those so that you can hide the racy romance novels you borrow from me! *turns to interviewer* Did you know she once read an entire series of "Love by the Pond" in under-
A: *slams Levy into the nearest wall* S-S-S-She's lying!! I-I only read books about warriors... a-and adventurers and s-stuff ( o///o)
Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
A: N-No! That's completely disrespectful! *uses her phone under the table to see if she can pre-order it online*
Do you want children?
A: *blushes bright red* I-I-I haven't given it much thought...
Levy: *from the ground near the wall* Lying again... You even have names picked out and everything. Man, I hope Jellal's okay with a son calle-
A: *kicks Levy's head in* You heard nothing of the sort!!
If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
A: Well... *quick glance at her wrists where her chains used to be as a child* I don't think it's good to dwell on the past. What happened happened, and we can only move forward.
Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
A: Nothing will change.
Carrot: Damn... someone's confident ( o__o)
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Jellal Fernandes
What's your favorite book?
A: Ah... hard question. I'm not so sure, but Stephen King and J.R.R Tolkien are definitely two of my favourite authors.
Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
A: Isn't everyone? ;)
Do you want children?
A: I'm not sure. I mean, me? A father? Seems a bit too surreal for a wanted criminal, right?
Levy: *outside the door* Hey Jellal! What do you think of the name Humphrey? XD
Erza: *tackles Levy* I'm going to kill you!
Jellal: Humphrey? What kind of a name is Hum-
Lucy: *waiting for her interview* Who's calling their son Humphrey?
Erza: N-N-No one!
Jellal: ?
If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
A: There are too many things I'd like to change ( .__.) Too many...
Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
A: Well, seeing as the Council has been destroyed, there will definitely have to be some changes there. If they do reform they will seriously have to reconsider their security and members. Changes in the Council always impact the guilds, so there could be some changes there, not to mention the destruction of towns no thanks to Tartarus and the uprising that will occur if information about Face slips out to the general populous. Yeah, I'm predicting some major things to come.
Carrot: Wow... You... You really know your stuff...
A: *chuckles* Ex-Councillor here, remember? ;) I had to deal with this stuff a lot back then.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
What's your favorite book?
A: Book? I dunno. What's the tastiest one?
Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
A: Who the fuck wants that!? I guess it ain't hard but man, keep your head out of your ass!
Do you want children?
A: What's with these questions!? How should I know what I want in life at this point!? What's wrong with you!?
If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
A: I'd go back and kick your dad in the balls so he could never procreate and create you!
Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
A: Nah, we always kick our opponents' asses and there's almost never any long term damage. Things'll be back to normal before you know it.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
What's your favorite book?
A: Any story that has come to fruition from my own hands. My order is absolute.
Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
A: Please. save some face and stray from asking me such uncouth questions.
Do you want children?
A: Any story I have ever written are like my offspring. I do not have the urge to biologically create an offspring to amuse me for the years to come as I wither away within this corpse, nor do I have the need to continue on my lineage.
If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
A: I would have personally destroyed the Fairies' myself. It seems that being named Elfman is undependable beyond my control.
Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
A: We are Tartarus and we are the ultimate followers of Zeref. We will dispose of that minute guild and continue on to rule the world as our own. Again, my order is absolute.
Mega Omega natsu2 | Writer
What's your favorite book?
A: When Natsu was a little boy, I read various stories to him... Ah, I miss the calm times in Magnolia. But then tha-
Hiro: And that's a wrap! Igneel! What are you thinking? We can't reveal that yet.
A: Fine, then. My favorite book is Natsu's favorite book. Frederick and Yanderica.
Are you secretly hoping Mashima will make some hentai out of Fairy Tail? XD
A: ...*Thinks about Grandeeney* W-why would you even ask me that?! I AM THE DRAGON KING! *Burns the reporter*
Do you want children?
A: Natsu is enough.
If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
A: I would go back 300 years in the past and attempt to stop E.N.D. But...the reason I couldn't kill him was because N-
Hiro: *AHEM* Igneel... *Erases yo mouth*
A: *Rolls eyes*
Whether Tartarus wins or not, do you think in the end they will cause a major change to life as we know it in Fairy Tail? If so, how?
A: This is Fairy Tail, after all. I really think that in the end E.N.D. will r-
Hiro: And that's all for today! *Troll face* :[D

Ultraprime2 Avatar Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
Ultraprime2 | Intern
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