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Cover 13

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Hey there, people!

So I know you guys were expecting Carrot to do this article this month, but since she's gone, your favorite playboy is gonna be doing it in her place :P

Before we start, I'm sure you all recall the game Carrot had on this article last month. I have to admit, it was a nice idea that actually made people read this article, since we were all used to skimming it, if we were reading it at all. The winner of the last game was Evanalmighty, who was promised a shout out in the next magazine for his success.

Congrats, Evan!

Yeah, so you were also promised some other prize. Knowing Carrot, it was something elaborate but since I have no idea what it was, I won't be able to give it to you. I guess you can expect it when she gets back.

In the mean time, we've got a game for this month's tech updates as well! It's the same rules as the game from last month, so there are 5 updates listed which are incorrect in some manner. However, unlike last time, you guys won't be getting any hints from the writer.

To win, you need to find and name all 5 updates that are incorrect. Mention them in the comments.

Good luck to everyone who participates. The winner of this game will get a shout-out in the next magazine and will get an additional prize. What is that additional prize? Well, you'll have to meet me in chat personally to find out. I'll be giving it to you myself in there. Depending on who it is, that may or may not take a while though.....

Good luck to all ;)

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki:

Recent Wiki Changes

Ongoing discussions and votes:

Announcements and discussion results:

  • Katja's character template remains as (Zentopia)
  • Kasha has been disregarded as a spell and deleted.
  • Minerva's Magic has been renamed to War God Magic.
  • Lightning Magic has had Cana's spells removed from the page.
  • Urano Metria's name did not change.
  • A separate page will be created for the Lucy of the future.
  • Understanding Celestial Spirit speech was not added to Katja's abilities.
  • Shadow Gear (Edolas) was created separately from Shadow Gear.
  • Minerva's quote has been changed.
  • The forms of Kagura's sword combat have been categorized as abilities.
  • Ur's status has changed to Alive.
  • Midnight has been renamed Brain Ⅱ.
  • Trivia has been added about Flare's name.
  • Changes will be made on Magic.
  • Kulap has been renamed Clap.
  • The Locations Slider on the Main Page now features the Magic page.

Image Changes

  • Yukino's profile picture was changed.
  • Kagura's profile picture was not changed.
  • Mirajane's profile picture was changed.
  • The Grand Magic Games arc's profile picture was changed.
  • The Tenrou Island arc's profile picture was changed.
  • Nico's profile picture was changed.
  • Org's profile image was changed.
  • Kagura's appearance picture was changed.
  • Yuka's Pre-Timeskip profile picture was changed.
  • A picture on the Main Page's slider has been changed.
  • Orga's profile picture was changed.
  • Minerva's profile picture was changed.
  • Millianna's profile picture was not changed.
  • Doranbolt's profile picture was not changed.
  • Lahar's profile picture was changed.


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SLA header

Wendy from Magazine Special

SLA name
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive... ehem... I mean Sexiest LOLI Alive is Wendy Marvell, who is also called "Sky Sorceress". She is the one and only currently known female Dragon Slayer, who possesses Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. She is a former member of Cait Shelter and became a member of Fairy Tail after the Nirvana incident when the Light Team was formed to destroy the Oración Seis. Her best friend and chaperon is an Exceed named Carla.
SLA quote

(Wendy to Cosmos)"My job is to support everyone but... when I have to fight... I become the Dragon of the Sky!"

Who do you think should be Fabuary's Sexiest Mage Alive? O_O

The poll was created at 20:15 on February 1, 2013, and so far 412 people voted.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Ugliest Mage Alive
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Minerva Ish made

UMA name
This month's Ugliest Mage Alive is Minerva McGonagall. She is the user of a Magic that we cannot even name properly. Anyway she has shown her cruel and mean personality in many many ways, but her favorite seems to be kidnapping cats and cat-like people. If she cannot do that... well... she beats them 'til they stop moving.

UMA quote

(Minerva to Erza about Lucy)"You should be thanking me that I made her second place. That useless piece of trash girl."

Who do you think should be January's Ugliest Mage Alive (Personality)?

The poll was created at 20:15 on February 1, 2013, and so far 309 people voted.

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Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA Header - January13
This Month in the Anime

December 2012

Hey guys, this is Reli. So a week ago while I was in my bedroom skinning my dog alive, I heard some noises in my basement. The first thing that came to my mind was that Carrot needed me to satisfy her and since she couldn't wait a few hours until I went to her, she started making a ruckus so I would go to her immediately. It seemed so logical. However, to my surprise, it seems Carrot wanted me more than I thought she did. It seems she somehow managed to get the chains off and when I entered the basement she hit me with a fire extinguisher in the head. When I came to, she was gone. She wants me so bad, she is making me chase her down. She really know how to excite me. :) So hot. Anyway, I went to look for her at her old house, but she wasn't there. I guessed that she probably went to the police, but that would make the game too complicated. So, in order to have her come back, I bribed her brother to help get her back and now he is going to write the article in her place this month. So here is Ultra with This Month in the Anime!
Come see him, Carrot. I'll be waiting. From afar :)

TMITA - Ep163
Bickslow supports Eve and Elfmans' relationship

Go on. You know you want each other.

After his strenuous battle against Bacchus, Elfman's been recovering in the infirmary. Erza takes the time to praise his tenacity and show she's not that uptight and can give praise where need be. So much to the happiness of some pedophiles, Wendy is gonna take his spot on Team Fairy Tail A which was her spot in the first place since he can't continue. To prevent intruders from coming around again, the Thunder God Tribe sticks around while he sleeps, with Bickslow deciding that Elfman and Evergreen need to sleep together, much to the delight of some shippers :)

Out in the stadium, it's the battle of the Sex Goddesses beauties: Mirajane vs. Jenny, the reserve of Blue Pegasus. Evidently, Ichiya finally realized people didn't want to see him around and so he decided to hide in bed and let the sexy young blonde go out in his place. Too bad we all know that won't last long :(

Up in the stands, Carla is worried about that crazy vision she had. Cause yeah, the last one she had came true in every form exactly like she thought it would >_> Thankfully, she decides to stop being lame and start cheering but much to her surprise but not to ours :P the "fight" is actually a bikini contest!

Anyone who reads the manga no doubt remembers the chapter on which this episode is based. If you're a guy, no doubt you went back to this chapter so you could do your business and if you're a girl.....well, I dunno what you would do.

Jenny's Awkward Pose

Can anyone tell me what "A-W-K-W-A-R-D" spells?

Have you ever looked forward to something and been disappointed. I know you have. If you haven't, then you've never had any expectations. As a guy who really enjoyed the manga chapter, I found myself having the urge to download this episode. Not for that reason >_> Get your mind out of the gutter. One of the best things about Fairy Tail's art is that the girls are attractive without the need of over-detailing or ridiculous proportions *cough*OnePiece*cough* but this episode seriously decided to throw a porn-bomb at us. I dunno about everyone, but the detailing on the girl's bodies looked way too messed up and awkward to even remotely be sexy.

Mavis summons bikini

It's raining sex! Hallelujah it's raining sex!

But the anime doesn't stop there. Oh no. The anime decides it's a good idea to get all the girls in on this. Mavis even wants the Fairy Tail girls in on it but Cana feels she can't since she doesn't have a swimsuit, cause, you know, that top she ordinarily wears that shows off almost everything north of her waist apparently isn't revealing enough for her. Though Mavis decides to take care of it by using her Magic of hammerspace to cause bikinis to RAIN DOWN LIKE VISITORS FROM HEAVEN HALLELUJAH!!

Cana, Lucy and Levy on the contest

Seems like Cana put on a real swimsuit too.

Somewhat legitimately, Juvia gets in on it as the water Mage and soon after every girl is down in the arena posing awkwardly and comparing themselves with one another. Mavis enjoys herself a ton, making Cana ask her how she's having so much fun when she's a ghost. Even Evergreen shows up, having apparently decided that spending time with bikini-clad girls was better than spending it with Elfman. Evidently, Bickslow couldn't keep the two of them together.

Neko contest

This is wrong. So very wrong. Meow :3

Then we get into all the themes of the day. School Swimsuits, bikinis + thigh-highs which Lucy finds more embarrassing than the normal bikinis, cause apparently showing less skin is embarrassing to her. Or maybe it's a girl thing. Then we get into glasses girls where Laki Olietta feels right at home, cat girls which would make a certain virgin very happy were it not for the fact that a child is in on this. I don't know much about what's acceptable in every country so I'm not gonna be strong on this point but this was just wrong to me. Still, leave Cana, Bisca and Jenny there and you've got three of FT's hottest girls in cat costumes. I guess I and some others can live with that XD

As far as topics go, the next is bondage! One can't deny that it's funny as hell seeing Evergreen get confident about it, only for Erza to take it away from her. C'mon, Erza's a master of that stuff, does anyone really have a chance? If you don't believe me, just ask the last guy she tortured. I guarantee you that that perverted yuri-writer enjoyed it and hated it at the same time :3

And then we get into the serious matter: Weddings!

Levy as a bride and Gajeel as a groom


Apprently, Mirajane thinks Master Makarov is a more suitable person to pose as her groom than his tall, blond, young, muscular, handsome stop me before I start sounding gay grandson Laxus. Evidently Hibiki is more turned on by that fact that he was chosen for being nearby than he would've been if Jenny really liked him. Yeah, cause that's how men are >_> Meanwhile, Levy is the object of affection for both Jet and Droy, who seem to have forgotten that she rejected them well, maybe Jet remembers. Clearly she's more interested in Gajeel, much to the delight of GaLe shippers, though Gajeel being his usually indifferent self doesn't care. Oh, and Asuka is gonna marry Pantherlily. Is that bad parenting? I think so :)

While everyone pairs off, Lyon has Juvia taken from him by Gray, who won't let her go with a jerk from another guild. Bad news for Lyvia shippers, but I guess it's good for Gruvia shippers. Lucy gets swept off her feet and into the air by Loke, who Magically knew exactly what was going on. Meanwhile, Natsu actually receives a compliment from Lisanna after giving her one, but is then flattened as Lucy is dropped on him. Apparently, Loke wasn't all that attracted to her. It's all fun and laughs there.....

Until the wrong person joins the fight in a swimsuit of their own.


This is the kind of thing every fan of fanservice fears! Just when you're getting hyped up something comes that just has to bring you down. Ooba in a swimsuit is the kind of thing that only the gnarly, scary, demon-spawning testicles of Satan himself could have conjured. The entire idea of this was misguided since Ooba isn't even remotely close to the sex appeal of a young female character like Erza or Mirajane. I'm sure the animators wanted to give us a laugh, but I think they've forgotten what "Laughing" is.

There's nothing funny about an old woman scaring the sexy out of people with her ugliness. The sex appeal of an entire stadium full of hot young women yeah, though some of the young girls should not have been there died with ease. I'm so sad I think I'm gonna cry >_>

So thankfully, we end that load of baloney-porn and get back to what the manga had made us love: the battle between Mirajane and Jenny. Back to the issue, Jenny bets Mirajane that the loser of their battle is gonna have to pose naked for the Sorcerer Magazine. Like a boss, Mirajane agrees. No doubt that made a lot of characters and fanboys happy :P

Jenny, being the sexy, sly slut she is, has heard that the judges love younger women and since Mirajane hasn't aged in 7 years, she's young. Wait.....Jenny used to work with Mirajane in the business. Mirajane was 19 in X784 but she and Jenny look the same age now O_O How old was Jenny way back then!?

Uh.....keeping the potential sexual exploitation of a young Jenny aside, there's the battle. Jenny uses her rather boring, but kinda cute battle form to engage. I swear this thing reminds me of Erza's bondage armor. That thing's so skin-tight I'm surprised the girl is able to breathe. Though for her relief and the relief of some fans as well she's not covered from head to toe :P Next up is Mirajane, who decides to go with the flow and use her battle form: Satan Soul: Sitri, the one Erza calls her most powerful. Is it her strongest cause it's the least revealing? Yeah, I guess so. One way or another, Jenny's screwed :P

So for the next couple seconds, we get to see a few multi-angle shots of Mirajane as she sweeps Jenny with one attack. Jenny's armor is smashed to smithereens, Mirajane is the winner and the audience is astounded and the members of the guild are happy. Especially the two older pervs who wanna buy the next Sorcerer Magazine. Not like we can blame them. After turning back to normal, Mirajane decides to taunt Jenny and say she's looking forward to seeing her in her birthday suit, making the blonde bombshell cry. Nice to see a little vanity, Mira ;)

Hell, she even gets a comment that she's not someone to piss off. From Laxus of all people! And Jellal acknowledges. I'd say that's a hell of an accomplishment. Mirajane feels she wore a lot of immodest outfits. Yeah, cause that's so very different from what every other girl in the series wears XD C'mon. The stuff they wear would never be suitable for battle. Though since it's skimpy, it'd be perfect for the town :P

So with Mirajane's victory, the B team gets 10 points and gets tied with Natsu's team. Still, Jellal is anxious for some reason, though he tries to hide it. I think he knows his stalker is coming back not too long from now XD

Elsewhere, big-nose meets with the Midget Minister of Defence and tells him that their Eclipse plan is fast-approaching and they'll soon have a Celestial Spirit Mage for their plot. Apparently, for the sake of king and country, a man may even become a devil or god. Uh, ok. Nice job being ambiguous and boring simultaneously :|

Kagura faces against Yukino

Yuri in 3.....2.....

So back to the tournament, we have the final fight of the 2nd day: Kagura vs. Yukino. Sabertooth isn't too happy about Sting's screw-up but Yukino understands. Mermaid Heel is apprehensive since they're fighting Sabertooth, but Kagura doesn't care, cause she knows the destination of her sword. Ok :| Everyone knows that this is the fight that makes a wiki admin drop his pants but sadly for him, the fight hasn't started yet so he's kept his pants on. Instead, the girls decide to continue the tradition of the day. Yukino proposes that they bet their lives on the fight yet Kagura doesn't answer.

Thanks for the suspense, animators >_> Though I'll give those guys the credit that the fade into the ending theme works quite nicely with that and hopefully, the next episode gives us some substance to work with.

TMITA - Ep164

Picking up from where we left off, Yukino has proposed to Kagura. No, not that kind of proposal >_> She's proposed that they bet their lives on the battle. Most of Fairy Tail looks on in surprise except Ms. too cool to care while the members of Mermaid Heel worry for their strongest Mage, in comparison to the cocky Sabertooth Mages, who praise Yukino's foolishness. Oh boy =_=

Back on the field, Kagura decides to accept Yukino's offer, since, you know, when someone offers you something you just have to take it no matter what. The stakes have readily been raised over the course of the day, from secrets, to sex, to nudity to life. At least there's a nice degree of consistency.

Pisces summoned

We eat fish...but what if fish eat us?

So the battle begins with everyone gawking over the fact that Yukino is a Celestial Spirit Mage. Arcadios and Datong are surprised and so is Lucy. Erza, upon hearing that she'll summon a fish spirit begins thinking remembering the creepy demons from Galuna Island 0_0 of what it may look like while Natsu remembers something from his past life. Finally, Yukino summons the beast, which decides to dance around the arena.

She pronounces Pisces with a hard "c". Isn't that wrong or is it just me being unaware? I could've sworn it was a soft "c". A Japanese pronunciation thing, perhaps? Screw it, I dunno >_>

Sadly for Yukino, Kagura dances around her fish with ease, though Happy is wondering why she doesn't just eat it, failing to realize it's so damn big. To stop Kagura's dodging, Yukino summons Libra, the Scales, much to the delight of the perverted audience there's another pronunciation issue, but I'm not gonna touch it. Once summoned, Libra makes Kagura heavy and allows Pisces to attack her. Or so it seems. Instead, Kagura has jumped into the air. But unfortunately for her, she gets smashed into the nearby Statue of Liberty. Didn't happen in the Manga and sure isn't gonna make a certain Kagura fanboy happy :3

Luckily for him, Kagura manages to use her own Gravity Magic to stop Pisces' incoming attack with her own Gravity Magic. Oh, and she managed to overpower Libra as well. Apparently, the spirit's Gravity Magic is weaker than Kagura's Seriously, though Yukino's own Magical power is certainly not that low, wtf >_>


Don't try to look up her skirt, guys. It's pointless.

So Kagura goes back out into battle and Yukino calls off her spirits. Frosch is worries but Lector and Sting aren't, since they know Yukino has her trump card: The 13th Gate. I think everyone knows about the day that they turned on the TV/read the newspaper/went online and read about the "new" Zodiac sign. It became an issue of fanfiction for a long time and as it happens, Mashima introduced it to Fairy Tail. Now the anime has taken the reins and introduced the massive serpent bearer: Ophiuchus.

The serpent bearer is certainly more of a serpent than a serpent bearer and is actually rendered quite nicely with CG, allowing it to move in a snake-like fashion. So as everyone jizzes about the spirit, Kagura, with her sword undrawn, cuts it down and into pieces with ease. OK, who thought this was a good idea? I know it was Mashima, but this is an anime review :P

One of the most irritating things about Fairy Tail that always pisses people off is how that which is hyped is often shown to be completely nothing in front of something unknown or even something familiar. You can easily talk about a legendary spirit beyond the 12 Zodiac keys and then have it thrown aside with easy but why would anyone wanna do that? One issue with this is that when you introduce something genuinely strong and that you plan to showcase, it's rendered asunder because expectations have already been built up and smashed. Plus, it's irritating >_>

Yukino defeated by Kagura

Kagura kicks ass.

So with that, Kagura easily defeats Yukino, claims her life, and goes on to marry Omega natsu2, spending her life caring for him (as an equal) and pleasuring him with her mouth. He wishes XD Nope, Kagura just walks back to her team and leaves Yukino on the ground, crying over the loss and the fact that her life now belongs to Kagura. As if she has any use for it =_=

That night, Jellal and Erza go down to the docks and do it right there right then. Nah, that's a joke XD Please don't kill me, girls. What is happening though is that Jellal hasn't been able to sense that mysterious power that he was sensing in previous years. Naturally, he has a lot of theories, but we know why, don't we? Yeah, correct, his fangirls are blocking his senses. :P Deciding to take a riskier approach, Jellal is told by Erza to take care and walks off, happy that the two of them are now able to have a normal conversation. How sweet :3

Millianna reveals herself

Is this outfit "freedom of choice"? I like it :P

While walking, Erza is called out to by an old friend. Millianna is back and she's decided to exchange her original wardrobe for the outfit that I think I saw a stripper wear on the internet last week.

Reli:You watch strippers?
Ultra: Shut up >_>

Anyways, Sho and Wally haven't joined since Mermaid Heel is a women-only guild Sorry Omega.

Elsewhere, some of the Fairy Tail gang is partying with Quatro Cerberus, or rather Quatro Puppy, drinking, being merry and even engaging in their verbal quirks. While Lucy confers unto Levy her feelings about Yukino's bet, Bacchus has Natsu pass on a message to Elfman since he can't be bothered to do it himself. I'm kidding Al, I know it's practical to have a messenger here :p Suddenly, Lyon and Chelia appear.

Yukino's Excommunication

Gather around the lack of campfire, everyone.

At Crocus Garden, where Sabertooth resides during the game, Sabertooth's Guild Master, who will henceforth be referred to as Guild Bastard, Jiemma, decides that he's a sexist pig and will give Sting one more chance even after his humiliating failure while Yukino's failure earns her the chance to be hit by grapes and forced to strip naked. Sexist bastard >_>

So as the day ends, Yukino is forced to take her clothes off, Gray is being hounded by both Juvia and Lyon in different ways, Natsu and the gang have fun, Erza converses with Millianna and Jellal is on the hunt. In the overall, Fairy Tail is still low down, but despite this, there's always the chance for a comeback. It wouldn't be Fairy Tail otherwise :)

Gotta say though, the fade into the ending theme is essentially perfect in this episode. Too bad the lyrics get weaker as we get more into the song.

TMITA - Ep165

Let's all wind the clocks back and remember what has recently happened. Some thugs claiming to work for Raven Tail, but really worked for Arcadios, kidnapped Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica cause they wanted a loli, neko and an old hag they were too dumb to understand their orders were to capture Lucy. Evidently, Arcadios, the real mastermind, didn't think to say anything about capturing a blonde woman cause, you know, that'd make things too easy and make too much sense >_>

At first, we're treated to a little spat between Risley and Lector, who are bitching about the eventual victory of their respective teams. After finding out the standings, in which Raven Tail is first and Sabertooth second while both Fairy Tail teams are in the last two spots, we go off to see the events of today's episode.

Yukino Excommunication

Don't worry. There's always karma.

In Sabertooth's lodging, Yukino is answering to guild bastard Jiemma, who, disappointed with her understandable loss against an opponent who was just too much for her, has decided he wants to gratify himself like the old perv he is and makes the poor girl strip naked. Plus he wants to kick her out while stripping her. Cause, you know, she can't remove her guild mark without doing that, he has to humiliate her as well >_> So the poor girl starts crying and as far as we can see, only Frosch seems to care not sure of Lector's intentions, it seems he wants Frosch not to make a scene, still given his personality about it. Yukino decides to be polite and thanks the old kook for having let her join Sabertooth, but nope, he's pissed and calls her trash and tells her to get out. Fag >_>

Sting's opinion on weak Mages

I'm an ass and I know it >:)

We then see two sides of the dragon coin. On one end is the blond dick Sting Eucliffe who doesn't care about his comrades and regards Yukino's excommunication as necessary for the guild since she was weak. Yeah, cause flailing around on a chariot means you're truly deserving of being in the "strongest" guild. On the other end is the emo Gajeel-fanboy Rogue Cheney. He questions the guild's nature and at least cares about Yukino as a comrade and likes Frosch, though it's weak. That ought to make some fangirls happy :3 Though I wonder why we haven't been given Frosch's gender take off the damn frog suit Oh well, at least we know that the "Lady" will be coming into the story to assemble the Strongest 5.

Jellal and Archenemy

If she has anything to say, these two will never be near one another.

Elsewhere, Erza has reunited with her old friend and fellow slave from the Tower of Heaven, Millianna. Millianna now walks around in her stripper gear. Having apparently come off her last show and hidden her tip money, she decides to chat. Millianna and Erza talk about Kagura and her strength and the sword she carries: Archenemy. A sword to be used to kill Jellal Fernandes. Silly girl, don't you know that Jellal's fangirls are going to stop you before you even get close to him? But hey, it'd make for a cool scene. Millianna has come to hate Jellal as well for making her a slave and believes Erza feels the same way, cause she doesn't know her well enough to see that she doesn't hold grudges like that.

In the Fairy Tail lodge, Yukino meets with Lucy and the others. Though she offers her two Zodiac keys to her, saying that with them and the 10 she has, Lucy can open the gate that will "change the world". Lucy declines, saying she doesn't want to break the bond Yukino has with her spirits, since that's what Celestial Spirit Magic is about.

This has to be one case that, as far as I'm concerned, does show a good degree of character development. When we first met Lucy, she was a person who'd do anything to get a key including use her sex appeal, which strangely never works but now, she's more interested in the relationship aspect with the spirits themselves. I think this does show an example of character development in Fairy Tail, though I'll add that it's not enough.

Lucy strips

C'mon baby. Nice and slow :3

Anyways, Yukino, now in attire as skimpy not that I'm complaining :Pas any other Fairy Tail girl, leaves. I'm not one to comment on style, but I have to say, I think lilac would suit her better than the turquoise top she wears. Though I think her skirt is fine, do the two colors match? I'm just gonna stop this before I sound like a perverted fashion idiot. Too late. I'm gonna continue. Afterwards, we're shown a nice quick scene of Wendy putting a shirt on, Carla bathing too bad nobody gives a damn about her and Lucy taking her stockings off. Nice for the dudes that Natsu and Happy left during this scene.

Crying Yukino

If this didn't make you at least a little bit sad, you have no heart.

The reason why they left? Well Natsu felt he was an ass to Yukino and decided he needed to apologize. OK, he was a bit dismissive of her. Not really something another person gets depressed over as far as I'd think, but hey, that's just me. Happy seems to feel the need to undermine Natsu's attempts, which are about as genuine as they get. Obviously, they're genuine and get Yukino's emotions worked up, and scare the pants off Natsu when she starts crying and reveals what happened, from her dream to join Sabertooth, her excommunication due to her loss and having been stripped naked and forced to erase her guild mark, killing off her memories and feelings about the guild. Obviously, this pisses Natsu off and makes him claim that no guild that makes their members cry can be a guild. Gotta say, it's nice to see him caring for Yukino in this way. Sure, it's kinda a nakama issue, but it's not making him stronger in battle. He's just angry about what they did to the poor girl.

To me, this is Fuyuka Oura's best performance in Fairy Tail. She also does the voice of Eve and Angel and she's well but in this role, she can really make the character pop and her voice brings out a lot of Yukino's inner turmoil and makes the viewer genuinely feel sad for her. I'd probably go as far as saying she's one of the best in the GMG arc alongside Shizuka Ito who voices Flare. With her, the emotion rises beyond the screen and into the viewer and I'd say this beats the manga version of the scene. I'm a manga reader and to me, it's almost remarkable that the anime did something to improve what the manga did, but it did and I do often hope for it *cough*LaxusvsHades*cough* and I'm happy when it happens :)

Elsewhere, Gray meets up with Erza and more or less confirms that he knows Juvia likes him. OK, it's nice to know he's not totally dense. A while ago, I went on a little issue when someone said that since Gray ignores Juvia, he has no balls. I'm not gonna start on that since I feel Gray has his reasons for avoiding a clingy girl, and hey, everyone approaches love differently. Erza loves Jellal and vice-versa as far as I'm concerned but both act differently about it. At this point, there's a perfectly obvious deep care between the two of them, though probably not deep enough for some fangirls. :P

Oh, and in the palace, Arcadios is busy being a creep and chanting Zeref's name. Like anyone cares >_> This would be a more interesting issue if they actually tried making it interesting rather than just plain and ambiguous. We have no motivation, no personal feelings. It's really just the ravings of a mad man and the nearby going "Wtf".

Sting and Lector wake up

"I thought I told you to stop waking me up after I finish banging Lector!"

So over at Crocus Gardens, there's an explosion and Rogue rushes into Sting's room to wake him up, cause he evidently doesn't care if he's naked or not. Something tells me he has experience in the matter :P So the two run off to find out what's happening after Sting sends away his latest one-night standand who should be attacking but Natsu, taking out Sabertooth members by the second and seeking their guild bastard, who decides to show up.

Natsu: Where's your master!?
Jiemma: Got business with me, kid?
Natsu: Are you the master?

Ridiculous Natsu, as usual. But hey, at least the dude has good intentions. If he wins, Jiemma, by his own logic, must leave the guild. Seems clear that one can only speculate what's gonna happen next unless you read the manga :P.

TMITA - Ep166

Picking up where the last episode left off, Natsu has barged into Sabertooth's lodge to challenge Guild Bastard Jiemma to a fight. If he wins, Jiemma has to leave the guild just like he forced Yukino to. Hopefully, Natsu won't make the old kook take his clothes off 0_0 >_<

Dobengal&#039;s Quick Defeat

One Thousand Years of Death

However, before he's willing to fight Natsu, he sends Kakashi's Earth Land counterpart into battle first. Though the manga made this fight rather small, the anime extends it a bit with Dobengal throwing some smoke bombs, knows and seemingly turning his hand into a rainbow tentacle whip. Of course, none of those stop Natsu and so Kakashi uses his new technique: The Rainbow Chidori, which seems to have the same weakness as his normal one in that it can only go straight. Without much difficulty, Natsu takes him out and amazes the guild with his strength.

Lightning Fire Dragon&#039;s Firing Hammer

I'm gonna electrocute and burn your ass.

Sting decides that he wants to get with fight Natsu but Jiemma has other ideas and takes him on himself. At first, it looks like Natsu won't really do much but then he starts landing his hits, which Jiemma decides to take for some reason, not even putting his arms up to block. Evidently, Natsu doesn't wanna waste any time fighting and decides to use a brand new attack: Lightning Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer'. However, his attack doesn't go quite as planned.....


IamJakuhoRaikoben: Expelliarmus!

Minerva&#039;s outfit when she first appeared

Alright boys. Let's pray for an even bigger gust of wind.

Who should stop the battle but Minerva, daughter of the Guild Bastard and the user of Magic with no official name. Through her abilities, she's managed to diffuse Natsu's attack, pretty much damaging everything except his intended target. I can only imagine the repair bill. Having coincidentally arrived in the nick of time with absolutely nobody noticing, Minerva tells Natsu that if Jiemma were to kill him, it'd cause problems during the games. Yeah, not to mention all of Fairy Tail coming to kick Sabertooth's ass. Revealing that she's as much a bitch as her dad, the eye-shadow wearing Green Day-reject shows that she's captured Happy and will let him go if Natsu leaves. Agreeing, Natsu forgives Happy. Does Happy forgive him for leaving him behind? :P With a little speech, Natsu leaves Sabertooth with a few words on Nakama. Though the others think on them, Sting still just wants to bang fight him.

Oh, and for anyone who wants to see a little something I noticed:

So moving away from the Final Fantasy stuff which I'm not gonna get into, we get a little scene of Lucy, Erza and Gray hearing out Natsu on his fight. Happy is sad it ended the way he did, though Carla points out that it could've been worse, with Wendy agreeing. Gray and Lucy seemingly get pissed at him, though Gray is more pissed about not having been told about the fight in the first place. Gotta admit, it's perplexing that Gray is so bent on beating Rufus. Sure, the dude kicked his ass in the first event, but it's not like he was attacking him exclusively like Nulpudding was. Moving on, the people wonder where Yukino has gone now that she's out of her guild. Though the serious issue is quickly stopped by a pillow fight that Erza completely exacerbates. You'd think the guys would've learned by now :P

The next morning, Yukino hears about the fight and blushes a bit about the idea that Natsu did it for her. Is this love that I'm seeing? :P

Anyways, the next day of the game starts with Yajima and Chapati Lola (the latter of whom is wearing a wig colored way too much like Michelle's hair) welcoming Lahar of the Rune Knights as their guest judge. Along with him is Rai's male lover who was dragged along. We know he just wants to see Fairy Tail and Wendy :P

Hibiki For GMG Day 3

"Girls need their fanservice too."

So the name of the game of the day is Pandemonium. While the Fairy Tail members in the stands speculate about the nature of the event, one member of each guild gets told to go out. Erza goes from Fairy Tail A, shutting down Natsu who wanted to do it. From the B Team is Cana, who's taking the place of "Mystogan", who can't be seen due to Lahar's presence. Sorry Carrot :( From Mermaid Heel is Millianna, who wants to go out just cause Erza is going out. Really, gonna go out cause your friend is there even though she's basically among the top members of the competition? Your loss :P The Soul Sucker from Raven Tail goes out, as does the playboy sorry, not me :P from Blue Pegasus and Seaweed Hair from Sabertooth. Sting doesn't wanna go since Natsu won't be in it for him to grope. Jura goes from Lamia Scale, though Toby is concerned about his sock cause buying a new one is apparently too hard. Nobarly goes from Quatro Puppy. Not much to say on him.

Did anyone else noticed all those names. I know anime has messed 'em up but really? "Olga Nanagia"? So he's an old woman art teacher now?

Mato Explaining Pandemonium

Mato Explaining Pandemonium.

Anyways, so the castle descends from above in relatively mediocre CG. At least, I thought it was CG Gotta say, Ophiuchus was way better when it appeared. Moving on, Mato explains the monster scenario of the event and how strong the monsters are. So the S-Class monster is so strong even one of the 10 Wizard Saints isn't guaranteed to be capable of destroying it. Damn. You'd think if they have the ability to make monsters that powerful, they wouldn't have their hands full with Dark Guilds or whatever. Trap 'em inside a castle or whatever and UNLEASH. Doesn't really seem impossible though I guess it ain't very practical. Meh, it'd be cool as hell if they did though.

Go down in the template, you lose any accumulated points in there, though your previous points are safe. At least it's not over-the-top though in all fairness, that'd be a pain for the event holders as well.

So the contestants draw numbers to see who goes first. Erza draws #1 while Cana draws #8. Wow, her boobs look bigger than ever.....not that I'm complaining.

Pandemonium monsters

Does anyone else think "Tentacle Rape" when they see this?

Erza, impatient as ever, even for the rest to finish drawing (looks that way to me), decides that her luck is paying her off today and decides to challenge all 100 monsters. Naturally, almost everyone wets their pants in the arena while the crowd is equally surprised as well. Everyone stares, mouths gaping wide open, except Natsu and Gray who apparently like the idea of Erza dying a horribly painful death. So the episode ends with Erza having a staring contest with all 100 monsters. I think most who watched this and read the manga equivalents knew that just beating 51 monsters is enough to win the whole thing. 100 is overkill, though not really something we're unfamiliar with when it comes to Fairy Tail.

This episode is pretty much transition for the next episode which, judging from the preview, will be a dramatically lengthened battle of Erza vs. the 100 monsters. A battle which Mashima just glossed over in the manga. It begs the question as to whether or not we’ll see any real development or if the whole thing is gonna be a slugfest barring the last couple minutes, which rarely are. Then again, if you’ve seen the other episodes, you’ll already know that anyway.

The real issue I found with this episode was the constant transition. Rarely did it stay anywhere with one group longer than a few minutes. Anime-only content here was…..bland, as I often expect. The episode could’ve benefited if could have lost a few minutes in a couple spots like the group chastising Natsu.

Though on the other hand, it was cool seeing Doranbolt and Lahar, having not seen either of them for a little while now. These two actually have something interesting to say and do this time around and for Doranbolt, there is Fairy Tail and all the Mages he knew to go along with it.

So while this episode isn’t anything particularly special, it isn’t really a bad one and I’d say it’s a good build-up for the next one, which shall be covered by the Carrot, who will hopefully be back to action after her trip to Thailand.

Until then, this is Ultraprime2 saying "Goodbye".

Relikz This Month in the Manga
Rauleli | '
Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - January13
This Month in the Manga

January 2013

2013, the year which shouldn't have been, according to previous statements and stuff... It seems we're still here. As it is Fairy Tail.


It's not always a good thing.

Let's go.

I - Chapter 313: Champion's Scenario

TMITM - Ch313

"Crunching crunchy food with his feet on the desk" Sho, where were we wlast wtime?

The Future Lucy

Oh, right...

"Pretends to be shocked" NO WAY! HOW CAN IT BE?! THERE'S NO WAY I'D EXPECT THAT!!!

"Sits back"


Everyone is shocked by the appearance of a second Lucy, and some theories about the newcomer pop up (Gemini's copy, an Edolas counterpart, a way to insert some time paradox lesbian cuddling in the series...).

Lucy 2.0, however, rapidly reveals that she came from the future through the Eclipse gate.


The screaming animation at this point would be wasted.

Anyhow, the gal collapses unconscious to the ground before she has a chance to finish her sentence "Soon, this country... will... be...". In order to show some regard to my readers, I'll give you guys the chance to guess how this phrase ends. Pick one option (or more than one) from the following:

  • ... destroyed.
  • ... conquered.
  • ... smashed by the excessive curves of its female inhabitants.
  • ... bombarded by cheese.
  • ...
    Longcats clashing

The choice is yours. Let me know which one/s you went for.

Anyhow, the group decides to leave with Lucy 2.0, who Natsu lays on his shoulders after fondling her butt for good.

Elsewhere... Oh, the fuck, it's the Princess and the Minister. Snow White and the Dwarf, AGAIN. What a pain in the ass!

Let's sum up their boring talk and say that Hisui's already unlocked the Eclipse gate with Celestial Spirit Keys. All that remains to be done is to open it.

On to something else... What was it again?

The Kitty-Lover Captured

Yeah, that's right.

Kagura is pretty pissed, and orders Minerva to let go of the kitten. The "Tiger" doesn't comply, so the "Mermaid" rushes at her to attack... Only to clash swords with Erza again when Minerva switches her position with the Fairy Tail Mage. She then leaves, telling the two of them to fight. The winner will get to face her.


That's pretty much using Millianna as a hostage, smart girl. I thought you said there was something else on your mind, right?


"Hears Millianna screaming with a muffled voice in the background, together with the sound of a whip cracking"

Oh, oh, I see... You're into that Minerva, this was the plan.


Let's just focus on the two swordswomen, right?

After headbutting Erza for "pretending Millianna is her friend", Kagura gets really angry, claiming she'll beat both her and Minerva.

Elsewhere, while Gajeel is busy throwing shit on Mavis' failed calculations (tell her, man!), he runs across Rogue (who got himself a new cape out of nowhere), and the two ready for battle.


In yet another place, lightning is prepared to collide... Yes, you got it right, it's LAXUS!!!

This is probably Fairy Tail' first positive thing in 2013.

And since it's lightning we're talking about, who else can be Laxus' opponent other than Orga Nanagear? The Sabertooth Mage, at long last, finally confirms himself as the Lightning God Slayer!

Hey, wait a minute. Is this it?


Seriously Orga, you just spit it out like that before the battle even ensues? This is completely anti-climatic! Didn't you learn anything from him?

Not to mention how Thunder God Slayer would have sounded way better.

Anyhow, Laxus tells him how killing gods is nothing compared to killing fairies.


As of now, Jura is still the only Mage without an opponent (Laxus vs Orga vs Jura Laxus vs Orga vs Jura LAXUS VS ORGA VS JURA!!!)... alongside Sting, who's nowhere to be seen, Visual Lacrima unable to find him.

The Sabertooth Mage is still sitting in the same alleyway from some time ago, where he claims to have thought up a "scenario" (hence the chapter's name) which will lead his guild to the ultimate victory for Lector's sake.

Hey, wait a minute... You mean Sting actually...


Shocked SM

Had to be used, sooner or later.

For the first chapter of the year, this was a rather plain thing with plain contents and already foreseen matchups. Hope it will at least lead to some fights worth reading.

The art is good, but that's nothing new. Double page of Kagura and Erza clashing.

II - Chapter 314: Erza vs. Kagura

TMITM - Ch314

The chapter starts with Crime Sorcière, with whose members Lucy 2.0 has apparently interacted, telling them that the country will be destroyed the following day (for those of you who went for the "... destroyed" option in the above poll, congratulations! You chose an obvious answer not even remotely funny. Hope you're satisfied with yourselves, monsters). Meredy suggests evacuating the citizens, but Jellal notes how something feels wrong about the whole story.

Meanwhile, Erza and Kagura begin their battle, this time for real.


Well, battle is sort of an euphemism. It's more like "cleaning the toilet with Erza's face", since that's what Kagura does: she easily repels her, emerges unscathed from her Pentagram Sword, overcomes her Heaven's Wheel Armor with the Strong Form of Archenemy (giving the sword huge blunt abilities), and her Purgatory Armor with the Slashing Form (doing the same with cutting), and ultimately surpasses her Flight Armor and its new Sonic Claw attack in terms of speed. Fairy Tail goes "WTF?!" for most of the confrontation.


"Sits crunching popcorn"

A badly beaten Erza commits the mistake of openly asking whether Kagura's strength stems from her hatred towards Jellal.

Let's hear our sport reporter's comments on the situation.

Hello everyone! This is Sato reporting from Earthland here in the capital Crocus. The fierce battle between Erza and Kagura continues. Kagura seems to have the upper hand and what is this Erza’s provoking Kagura is she crazy?! Kagura runs and kicks and GOAL!!! Two points for Mermaid Heel! Back to you Ald!

Thank you.

Erza tells Kagura not to infect Millianna with her hatred and desire of vengeance... which earns her further beating. She finally resolves to ask why the Mermaid Heel Mage hates the man so much, and Kagura gives her an answer.

Her brother was Simon, who was killed by Jellal.


I seeee...




Seriously, am I no longer capable of showing surprise or is Mashima unable to create climatic moments and interesting connections between characters?

This was not shocking at all. I mean... Everyone's could have been Simon's sister. Her being Kagura is nothing special. Since the Tower of Heaven was likely Jellal's biggest and most well-known bad deed, it was expectable the gal's grudge would stem from it.


Am I the only one finding this whole thing banal?


Anyhow, flashback time.

Simon and Kagura used to lead a poor but happy life, which was ruined when their village was raided by people gathering slaves for the Tower of Heaven. Kagura got away, and continued searching her brother for years until she finally came across Millianna, who told her of Simon's death at Jellal's hands. And this is how the revenge thing came up.



At this point, Erza reveals how Millianna was absent when Simon was killed, and that the death of Kagura's brother isn't Jellal's fault, but her own: it was her weakness which killed Simon.

Bad move.

Kagura snaps (for real! Think we'd never seen something like this in the series), and, much to her guildmates' shock, unsheathes Archenemy, spilling blood. Everyone looks on in dismay. Chapter ends.


So, yeah, that's it. While I enjoyed Erza having her ass trashed around, the family connection was nothing surprising or special. Still, a chapter better than many other. A note goes to the art, which reached a particular peak with a certain, peculiar picture.

Unsheathing Archenemy

Trentin Quarantino presents: Kill Jellal.

Pretty awesome, seriously.

III - Chapter 315: Rosemary

TMITM - Ch315




Seriously, I ain't losing my time reviewing this. It's not like I can throw it away every time Mashima raises expectations and then merely shits on the blank page, miraculously giving birth to fine drawings but coming up with a storyline which is not unlike the material used to outline it.

Do us a favor and take up knitting.

Instead of reading a review about this hideous thing, I'll have you guys listen to a nice song. 'njoy yourselves.

Django Theme Song

Django Theme Song


IV - Chapter 316: The Future Accelerating Towards Despair

TMITM - Ch316

The chapter starts with... crap from last chapter. Not interested in it The only thing I'll be mentioning is that, hey, it looks like I was right about Minerva "having some quality time" with Millianna. For real, I wrote that before reading this.


Anyhow, Rogue's getting pummeled around by Gajeel, but claims that Natsu is stronger than him. The Iron Dragon Slayer doesn't take it well. And here comes what I enjoy calling "Chapter 316's (but nothing new to Mashima's drawn production) Big Outfit Fuckup Extravaganza". Rogue is wearing his old outfit with a different coat. I bet he's only came around now to face Gajeel because he was switching attires.

Nice going.

Elsewhere, an epic clash is taking place.

Lightning Slayers Clash

... or rather, an epic clash would take place if this wasn't the second issue of Chapter 316's (but nothing new to Mashima's drawn production) Big Outfit Fuckup Extravaganza. Yeah, because it looks like Orga got his boots wet and had to switch them with shoes, and some slight cuts to his arms prompted him to remove his armbands and wrap his forearms in bandages. Not to mention how a sudden allergy to colorant had him delete his war paint. Seriously big fella, you've really been unlucky recently.

And your bad luck isn't over yet, for someone's noticed the would-be epic clash.

Jura Itching For a Fight

Fuck, that's what we'd been waiting for!

Too bad the whole thing is ruined by yet another instalment of Chapter 316's (but nothing new to Mashima's drawn production) Big Outfit Fuckup Extravaganza: seriously, how many fucking times has Jura changed his outfit recently? Seriously, I can't seem to understand what the "canon" one is supposed to be; it'd even be hard to put or link images for every instance.

Anyhow, while Laxus remains pretty calm at the thought of facing "a beast", Orga shows some shock... great enough for his tattoo to reapper in the center of his face.



Meanwhile, Juvia and Chelia are still favoring a childish catfight over their amazing power to become and control water and create black currents supposedly strong enough to slay deities. Gray and Lyon arrive on the scene: the whole thing is becoming a tag battle... and some weird love square.

Back to the Mercurius, Team Idiot can't seem to find a way out. Great. Yukino refers to the place as "Mr. Castle" (no, this has got nothing to do with the storyline, but it was still one of the chapter's best parts), and Lucy 2.0 wakes up. She reveals the group will be recaptured by the soldiers after going too close to Eclipse, having their Magic Power drained. When asked why did she travelled back in time, the girl reveals it was to avoid a certain future...

... the one which has Crocus destroyed by an army of over 10.000 Dragons.

Shocked SM

Alright, I'm using this animation now, but, when I first read the chapter, my reaction was something like a plain expression and a half-hearted "Oh, really?". Don't know whether I'm getting more and more biased of if Mashima's simply incapable of coming up with surprising facts.

Anyhow, yeah, Dragons.


Longcats would have been way better.

This chapter was, again, rather plain. The long-awaited Laxus vs Orga vs Jura threesome is finally real... Though seriously, I wouldn't be surprised to see the three of them dressed up as Natsu cosplayers in next chapters, seeing as outfits are just an opinion in Fairy Tail.

Good art, nice 2-pages shot of the incoming Dragons.

Well, that's all. See ya guys next month.

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Aldarinor Real Tail
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RT Header-Jan12

Hey folks

Happy new year, guys. Hope this 2013 will be a good one, for real.


Alright people, Real Tail will start off with something special this year.

January's issue, as you'll rapidly realize, wasn't handled by me. The shadowy figure behind the Sorcerer Magazine's article about Junk Trivia and wild (FUOH!) stuff, this time, is another, and January's his first (of a long series? Last?) chance to shine.

Welcome, my dear readers, to Guilherme Abe's Test Issue of Real Tail: January, also known as GATIRTJ (yeah, I know, that's such an epic acronym).

Yup, the one writing for you this January 2013 is the lameass passionate user always showing his devotion to the article. He's always been Real Tail' top contributor... and now's his time to directly prove his Trivia knowledge!

What will be of the next issues... we'll see.

Show this fella some warmth!

*enters the stage*

*checking script*

Herme: Is this backflip really necessary, Darinor...? My age doesn't let me do this kind of thing...

Darinor (whispering with a grin): Your turn has already started, Herme...

*throws script away*

Ahem, Yo there dear readers of Sorcerer Magazine!! Like Darinor said up there, in this month's edition, I'll be attempting to write the Real Tail section and then get a well-paid job at the SM, but with a different focus from what has been shown.

If you're an avid fan of Fairy Tail, you must know that its writer is a rich perverted called Hiro Mashima. And guess what! He's written other mangas before Fairy Tail (and before Rave Master too), mostly one-shots. But then you say "So what?", and I reply, saying that these works gave Mashima several inspirations when writing Fairy Tail. "Oh, that's kinda interesting", you must be thinking, however then you say "But I don't any patience to look them up", and that's why I'm here. Once a month, I'll provide you guys a quick summary of the one-shots and make Junk Trivia comments about them. Totally amazing, isn't it?!


You're welcome, you whores!! Anyways, let's begin with the first one, called "Magician".

  • Read the title again. It's called "Magician". There, we can see how Mashima's will to make a series with the Magic theme was consolidated. Because J. K. Rowling did it and it sold like water in the desert? Nah, Mashima is an original author. Of course, but Mashima won't admit it.
Mashima Original
  • But then let's see the chapter. In the first page you can see that it will be a School Life manga, instead of a Shonen one. Mashima seems to like this genre too, as he did Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan, that showed miserably how would the Fairy Tail's characters if they were students. Well that wouldn't be a good idea, since Lucy would be a depressed girl with her only friends being imaginary spirits, Gray would be arrested for indecent exposure and Risley would be bullimic. Ah the power of Magic.
Normal hat

Sure, and you're as original as Mashima, boy!

  • In the first scenes we see the Main character of this one-shot. Why can we see he's Main? No, not because of the ridiculous band written "President" that he wears, but because he has the traditional spiky hair of Mashima's Main Characters. He's presenting a Magic Trick Show in the front of the school. That's basically the third world version of a Guild, imo. He gets a top hat, covers it with tissue, counts three and a world of doves fly away of the hat. So original, boy. With this heavenly miracle, he expect people to join his Guild his Magic Club, but then the doves start to poop on everyone. I bet that if you look close you'll see Hungry's face on them.

  • Everyone naturally runs away, and we learn that the Main's name is Aoi Tsukimine. Yeah, a color. Mashima would later change this theme to seasons. Thanks goodness. But then Aoi notices that not everyone ran away, there was still a dog there. And this dog is none than Plue. This later would become a running joke in Mashima's series, with a lot of people who see with the heart, not with the eyes being freaking stupid and/or blind and thinking Plue's actually a dog. Aoi shows him some more tricks, while his Zoro-alike friend unsucessfully tries to bring him back to the reason. Eventually, Plue farts. Graphically. And guess what, Aoi puts him into the Magic Club.
Plue farting

You're doing it wrong.

  • Oh yeah, before I forget, the typical Main girl in Mashima's manga also appears, and Aoi makes her join as well, despite being from another school, as his is a male-only school, somewhere Mega would love to study.
Weird hair

Mashima can't be this bad with hairs, right...?

  • They go to the Magic Club, where we learn about the Club's tragic destiny: it will be closed if they don't gather more members. Awwwn, so sad. There are two more guys there, one of them having one of the worst haircuts a human could ever make. Think about Kageyama's ponytail, but with a rastafarian hair in the shape of eletronic cables. The other one is basically a Blue Pegasus guy, asking the girl (whose name that we find out that's Natsuki Shinjo) if she's joined the Club just because of him. But she replies mentioning Aoi. Damn you crushes, the last thing we want to hear from you is the name of the other guy!
  • Ok let's speed things up, Aoi is called by the Principal, and Natsuki mentions an androgynous Magician called Majutsuin Mugen. The Zoro-alike guy, however, says that he's a real Mage. When a statement like this is made, we can be 100% sure that it's true.
  • Suddenly, two men appear, saying they're from the enigmatic organization called N. H. Company. One of them is basically a bald Duke Everlue and the other is Macao with his hair in the shape of a hand with a lamp (yeah a real one, it lights) ponytail. At this point, I gave up on expecting good haircuts from Mashima. The weirdos want Plue.

...nevermind. Damn you Mashima, we said originality, not monstrosity!!

  • Eventually, we find out that the organization also stole the Principal's bitch (the dog) Lili, and the students are sent to their hideout to bring the dogs back. But first they have to defeat super-ugly Macao, that has an incredibly gay way to talk. Then we finally have some action, and the manga gets more and more near of the Battle Shonen genre. Aoi seems to use a kind of Bomb Magic, making bombs in his hand disappear and appear again in the others' pocket. More useful than Egg Magic.
  • Having defeated the super-ugly-gay Macao, he reveals that they're called the Neo Human Company, and that they steal dogs to create an evoluted form of human being, that would be immortal *then a naked man appears in a panel, all of sudden. Don't ask me why. Also don't ask me why I'm pointing this out). Nonsense? Wait a minute to hear the Everlue-guy saying that Plue is the first to survive such experiments (and no, I'm not drunk, nor crazy, this is what was written in the manga). To demonstrate this, he shoots Plue, that dies. Finally. Someone give him a medal and bring him to Fairy Tail please.
  • Seeing a nakama killed, Aoi goes berserk and transforms into Majutsuin Mugen. And now GASP, cuz we see Jellal's tatoo in his left eye. Too bad he uses Magic Trick Magic. But then the Everlue-guy uses Giant and Take Over, becoming an awful monster, likely the bastard mutant son of a Vulcan with an alien and an unicorn.
  • The battle, obviously, ends with Mugen defeating the Everlue-guy by cutting his forehead horn off, that's the same one Plue has. Doing this, he becomes an awful, mini, naked, old man. Plue is then revealed to be alive (shit!) and female, as he's the evolved form of Lili (?) In other words, Plue is a bitch. He/She/Chaos is then given to the Principal, and the Magic Club is saved. Yaaays...

If you're here, it means you've probably read everything (or just scrolled down to comment about how bad this section has just became), so you wouldn't bother to read just some more details.

  • When writing this one-shot, Mashima was working in an arcade. He didn't do much, so he was drawing and sleeping whenever he could. But one day, the cameras busted him and he was fired.
  • This story, however, won an Award at the Shonen Magazine, earning Mashima ¥700.000,00 (Around US$7.782,97). He, however, didn't get another job and spent it all, having to survive 8 weeks eating cheap fast food.
  • Mashima himself admits that the idea of make a character fight an enemy with Magic Tricks is plain idiot. He also admits that the drawing style of this story is specially bad.
  • It was published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine #51, in 1998. It marks the first appearance of Plue and Jellal's tattoo in a Magazine, as well the Magic theme.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
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A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
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This month's questions are:

  • Please make a fan couple that doesn't already exist. Let your mind go wild. XD
  • Who will wear the pants in that relationship?
  • Minerva is a major bitch. Does she remind you of someone from your past?
  • How would you describe yourself?
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Gray Fullbuster
Please make a fan couple that doesn't already exist. Let your mind go wild. XD
A: I'd say that Wendy and Romeo look really good together. Though technically Wendy is older, Romeo is older physically. Great pairing I'd say.
Who will wear the pants in that relationship?
A: Something makes me say that Wendy will. Wendy is stronger than Romeo, even if the anime makes him look stronger than he is.
Minerva is a major bitch. Does she remind you of someone from your past?
A: Well, I usually don't like talking bad about girls, but I'd say that I have never met anyone as evil and sadistic as Minerva. I don't think anyone bitchier than her even exists, but I can tell that Mashima will find a way to create one later on.
How would you describe yourself?
A: I'm—
Juvia: —handsome, dashing, beautiful, perfect, GRAY-SAMA!!! ♥v♥
Gray: (-‸ლ)
What's beyond Fiore? Why haven't we explored the rest of Earth Land?
A: Beyond Fiore exist many countries which some, according to what I hear, contain more powerful Mages than Fiore. In the Land of Isvan exists Ur's House... I don't want talk anymore...
Ishthak Avatar Ishthak | Graphic Designer
Erza Scarlet
Please make a fan couple that doesn't already exist. Let your mind go wild. XD
Erza: Mhm... I think Levy and Gajeel like each other...
R: I'm afraid they are already exist...
Erza: Is that so? I knew about Levy feeling toward him, but Gajeel... I though he loves Pantherlily...
Gajeel: *blushes* What is wrong with you women?! He is my PET!
Lily: I never though you will call me like that Gajeel... I were sure we are... That we are COMRADES! *turns around and slowly walks away*
Gajeel: ARGH! Lily I didn't mean tooo... *goes after him, grabs him, and hugs very very much* I'm soooorrryyyy...
R: We can count this as a pair...
Erza: *nods*
Who will wear the pants in that relationship?
Erza: Definitely not Gajeel.
FT Members: *nods*
Minerva is a major bitch. Does she remind you of someone from your past?
Erza: Hmm... I didn't wont to admit that, but Jellal acts the same in the past.
Jellal (dress as a Mystogan): But Erza I though we left the past behind us...
Laxus: *burn Jellel/Mistogan with lighting* *Jellal/Mystogan falls unconscious* Mystogan is not chit-chat type.
Erza: *nods*
How would you describe yourself?
Erza: Erza Scarlet, S-Class Mage from Fairy Tail.
Natsu: Fearsome beast.
Gray: Monster above monsters.
Erza: Hmmm...?
  • Gray and Natsu out of order*
R: *nods*
What's beyond Fiore? Why haven't we explored the rest of Earth Land?
Erza:I have lot of work here. Fairy Tail wouldn't be the same without me.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Please make a fan couple that doesn't already exist. Let your mind go wild. XD
A: Hmm.....that's a tough one. I think there's some potential between Sting and Jenny. Not sure why. They just remind me of some folks I know elsewhere.
Who will wear the pants in that relationship?
A: Nobody. In a relationship like that, pants are totally optional.
Minerva is a major bitch. Does she remind you of someone from your past?
A: Of course. When you've dated as many women as I have, you're bound to end up meeting a bitch or two along the way. I'm quite glad to be dating a woman like Lucy, who isn't bitchy at all.
Lucy: We're not dating!
How would you describe yourself?
A: Handsome, charming, dashing and sly. Can there be any other way?
What's beyond Fiore? Why haven't we explored the rest of Earth Land?
A: What's beyond Fiore is obviously many other countries. We haven't been to those countries cause all the hot women are in Fiore. I mean, who wants to visit a country full of ugly women?
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Please make a fan couple that doesn't already exist. Let your mind go wild. XD
A: Undoubtedly my daughter Minerva and the loser known as Sting. I care not for Sting's loss as it shows my daughter's superiority.
Who will wear the pants in that relationship?
A: Can that be a question? Minerva will own Sting like the bitch he is.
Minerva is a major bitch. Does she remind you of someone from your past?
A: You dare call my daughter a "bitch"? You must have some great nerve, you who calls himself an "interviewer".
How would you describe yourself?
A: I am the boss. It is a simple matter.
What's beyond Fiore? Why haven't we explored the rest of Earth Land?
A: Other countries are of no consequence. We needn't visit or even concern ourselves with other countries. Sabertooth is the strongest guild and it resides in Fiore and that is simply all there is to the matter.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Ishthak Avatar Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
Ishthak | Graphic Designer

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 13: January 2013

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

The Wiki
ChaosKnight and Remnant13 Reli's Psychology Class
The lolicons Chaos and Rem both love Wendy. <cough>creeps</cough> But if Wendy had to chose, which of them would she pick?!

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 195 people voted.
Guys, I gotta do a survey for my Psychology class so I thought doing here would be a good way to do it since we got people from all over the world. So, which do you prefer, Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 248 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
How many more chapters do you think the Grand Magic Games arc will take?

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 231 people voted.
What do you think of the fillers in the Grand Magic Games arc?

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 235 people voted.
Grand Magic Game Twin Dragons of Sabertooth
Who will fight Sting?

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 229 people voted.
To me, Rauleli, it looks like Sabertooth will disband after the Games. Do you think Sting, Rogue, Frosch and Lector will join Fairy Tail?

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 261 people voted.
Sexiest Mage Sexiest Mage
Who was the sexiest male Mage of 2012?!

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 267 people voted.
Who was the sexiest female Mage of 2012?!

The poll was created at 20:34 on February 1, 2013, and so far 317 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

Ishthak Avatar Ish's Shop
Ishthak | Graphic Designer

Ish&#039;s shop logo

Hi Everyone! This is Ishthak once again! Today will be an issue that I was trying to do a couple of times, but I failed... Why? Not enough material :P. So today you will see my little description about T-Shirts with FT logo/character and stuff. As I great fan of T-shirts (I have even one with "Mistress" logo on it, you can see me in it here), I couldn't decide which one are the best, so... I've put all off them :D.
The best
Making images for a shirts is like making logos - the idea and creativity is that, what counts. Shirt with only FT guild logo - it's ok. Shirt with amazing graphic, which combines character, logo, text and some interesting effect - amazing!!! In my opinion, shirt should be attractive in any possible way. Seriously... "OMG you have Happy from Fairy Tail on your shirt" can give you a reason to a) start talking; b) STARE.
Price: from $8.99 to $21.99

The worst
S15 Remember what I was telling about making ATTRACTIVE shirt? I don't know why, but some people are thinking that if they put ONE SINGLE BORING character on T-shirt it will make *boom* and it will dramatically change into something what fans wanna have...? I'm asking wtf is that? For the price (they are high compare to previous ones) they should have at least that little respect to their customer to add something more then this...
Price: (sick!) $22 and more...

The surprise
Uh... and now the most expensive but also the most... surprising of course... Cross-over Happy, who looks like Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist! Amazing! I just love that kind of ideas :D
Price: $34.99


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