And we're back... again. I know the chapter came out yesterday but I was lazy and didn't feel like writing a blog. So here I am now.

So is it me, or does it seem like this author really likes hiking Wendy's skirt up? Seems like ever chapter so far there has been at least one shot of Wendy leaning over or something and her skirt is riding up. Now while Tristan would be loving this, me, not so much.

The beginning with them eating/being attacked by those creatures was actually pretty funny and felt like old school FT. The problem then is the rest of the chapter is just... meh. If this dude is so powerful that he can grant any one desire, how was he not able to defeat these dragons himself? Also, why does Natsu get all the credit for defeating Acnologia when all he did was land the final blow?

Also, if these dragons havent done anything in millenia and just idle through life, WHY ARE YOU POKING THE SUPER POWERFUL DRAGONS THAT ARENT OF ANY HARM TO YOU? Idk, there are so many things wrong with the direction this series is headed.

Thats all for this time. Im too disappointed to write much else.