Another day, another chapter. So lets get things straight. The 100 years quest is to find the Five "God" Dragons and defeat them. These 5 god dragons happen to all be as powerful as Acnologia, the original dragon slayer and the guy who was obsessed with killing every single other dragon. They just so happened to not be hunted and killed by the guy who was traveling around killing every dragon. Also, this Magia Dragon guild master guy who is a dragon slayer and can transform into a dragon was apparently unable to defeat these dragons so he is clearly weaker than them and yet somehow, he also was not killed by the guy hunting all dragons and dragon slayers. Yeah, really well thought out so far...

Can I also point out the ridiculousness of a "self taught" dragon slayer? This concept has never existed before in FT. Dragon Slayers either learned from a dragon, or had dragon slayer lacrima. Never has it been said you could just teach yourself dragon slayer magic on a whim.

The one thing I actually found interesting here is the mention of Briar. I think Avatar arc is universally regarded as the worst arc in FT, so it amazes me that a character from that arc would be mentioned here.

My one hope for this series right now is that it becomes like Shadow of the Colossus. They travel the continent where they find each of these dragons and then take on a huge fight with them that pushes them each to their limits and they have to find new and creative ways to take out each one. But who am I kidding, we know Natsu will just get a friendship power up and one shot each of them.

Thats all for this time so comments are very welcome, just use them to make fun of Jakuwhore.