Episode 145: Real Nightmare

FINALLY! The plot is starting to make sense! Thank you "actually" guy (*mumbles*Even if you are really irritating >_>)
Natsu to the rescue! X3 Go save Lucy/the guild/the WORLD!! Whoop whoop!...But why, why did it have to be the Jiggle Butt Gang?? T_T Everytime you think they're gone for good they return, like a bad flu -_-' I am so not their biggest fan...

That was some kick ass weapon the archeologists gave Erza O_O I can't wait to see her kick ass with it =D Haha. Speaking of kicking ass; Racer v Mira. That is gonna be one awesome fight, especially with Satan Soul: Halphas back in the game ;P

Imitatia is gonna crack, we all know it =/ At the last moment she'll have a change of heart for her Nee-san and she'll help her out. Is there no one that can just stay a villain? First Dan, then Coco...I bet Klodoa is gonna be the heroic one next =P

Overall: 8/10

I'm glad it's all finally coming together and making sense, and we can tell that it means the arc is nearly over =( Sadness...But it didn't overly wow me or excite me (though the Butts did make me nauseous *_*) Next week is sure to be good though, with the rescue operations going full throttle and the drama building; can't wait!! X3

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