Episode 143: Anti-link

Yay! Plot progression!! X3 It's all getting verrry interesting now ;) We had all kind of established that Michelle was an imposter, but now that its confirmed; WHO ARE YOU??
Celestial Spirit? (She disappears in the OPs and EDs) But then who does she belong to? A rouge Neville disciple?
Which team is she on? The evil part of Zentopia? (With "Rapowant" *cough*Brain*cough*) Or Reborn Oración Seis?
The real Michelle needs to be kept in a coma so that fake Michelle can get close to Lucy? But WHY??? DX Answer the damn questions anime! And do it soon!! >.<

On a seperate note; me thinks a lot of Katja x Mest/Doranbolt is gonna start ;) <3 Well, in the fanbase anyway, we can only hope for it in the anime :/ And for the love of all that is good, PICK A NAME ALREADY! Dayum, that guy just can't make his mind up O_o So it's Doranbolt again, yeah? Officially? Final answer? Good. Then stick with it for a change...

That little moment when Bickslow patted Wendy's head to reassure her was so cute X3 He's like her big brother now, it's sho adowable :) And Erigor was defeated by the power of nakama and healing? O_o ...Good ol' Fairy Tail! :D Haha

Okay okay okay. Cobra searching for his "best friend" has got to be the cutest evil thing I've ever seen X3 He's really cut up about losing her--I mean him--I mean it--Oh for the love of -_-' IT'S KINANA EVERYONE! There. If you consider that a spoiler, re-watch the opening then you'll see that it really isn't...I'm not sure if there's anyone left that doesn't know, but there you go, now you do ;P
I'm looking forward to seeing how Erza defeats him, she always has great battle perception and picks up on stuff I didn't even think about, so it'll be good to see his (new) weakness revealed ^_^

All of this "Anti-Link" stuff is giving me a sore head *_* Hopefully it'll all make sense further on in the plot, but for now; eh? O_o


This was much better than last week's; a lot more interesting, plot progression, cliff hangers and OMG! SQUEE! moments ;) I liked it. Nuff said ^_^

Notice: I'm gonna be away overnight next Friday/Saturday so I won't be able to do next week's review. Yes. Of the MOVIEUpset

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