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Episode 132: Key of the Starry Sky
It was a good episode! ^_^ I really liked it! Good to see new characters come into the mix ;) All except one very creepy insane...thing, by the name of 'Jackpot' O_o No me gusta... Samuel was good though, I liked his apathetic attitude ;P And Dan's magic was good, though his strange love at first sight thing was creepy...I loved Lucy's reaction to it XD

Erza's scream was shuper adowable X3 But what was even cuter was tiny Natsu!! 8D Gidarts looked completely different, all lovey-dovey for Cana, but it too was cute ;P I dunno why she gives him such a hard time to be honest...

I am intrigued by the story progression >_> I don't know where it's heading (for a change) but that's a good thing ^_^

Overall: 9/10

I really liked this episode! It was funny and intriguing and the animation was above regular standard, which made me love it more ;)

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