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    Episode 145: Real Nightmare

    FINALLY! The plot is starting to make sense! Thank you "actually" guy (*mumbles*Even if you are really irritating >_>)
    Natsu to the rescue! X3 Go save Lucy/the guild/the WORLD!! Whoop whoop!...But why, why did it have to be the Jiggle Butt Gang?? T_T Everytime you think they're gone for good they return, like a bad flu -_-' I am so not their biggest fan...

    That was some kick ass weapon the archeologists gave Erza O_O I can't wait to see her kick ass with it =D Haha. Speaking of kicking ass; Racer v Mira. That is gonna be one awesome fight, especially with Satan Soul: Halphas back in the game ;P

    Imitatia is gonna crack, we all know it =/ At the last moment she'll have a change of heart for her Nee-san and she'll help h…

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  • Otaku Chick

    Episode 143: Anti-link

    Yay! Plot progression!! X3 It's all getting verrry interesting now ;) We had all kind of established that Michelle was an imposter, but now that its confirmed; WHO ARE YOU??
    Celestial Spirit? (She disappears in the OPs and EDs) But then who does she belong to? A rouge Neville disciple?
    Which team is she on? The evil part of Zentopia? (With "Rapowant" *cough*Brain*cough*) Or Reborn Oración Seis?
    The real Michelle needs to be kept in a coma so that fake Michelle can get close to Lucy? But WHY??? DX Answer the damn questions anime! And do it soon!! >.<

    On a seperate note; me thinks a lot of Katja x Mest/Doranbolt is gonna start ;)

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    I know I keep apologising for this being late all the time or me not being very active...Gomen ='( But I've actually been given homework. HOMEWORK! In SUMMER! DX And I may have procrastinated on it completely on it (I'm a month behind O_o) So that's what keeps eating up my time =/...Gomen again =(

    Episode 142: The Dissonance of Battle

    Hmmm...I'm not too sure about this episode :/ It didn't 'dazzle' me to be honest...But! Love or not, it needs to be reviewed. So we'll start off with Doranbolt's-- *Doranbolt slaps across head* Ow >.< I-I mean Mest's new look (he's touchy about that name)...He looks aweeeeesome =D Less creepy, more lone wolfy =P It's a thing.

    The battles were boring =/ And I use the term 'battles' loosely...Bickslow was defeated …

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    It feels like ages since I've done a review ='( Gomen ne minna...

    Episode 140: Reborn Oración Seis Appears!
    First thing's first; the Seis look AWESOME 8D
    Angel: Awesome appearance
    Midnight: Awesome appearance
    Cobra: Awesome appearance
    Racer: Creepy appearance
    Jackpot: Well, he was creepy to begin with
    Erigor: O_O Beyond creepy *shudder*

    Kinana's story is finally being revealed! X3 YAY! I can't wait until she and Cobra finally meet, it shall be epic =D I rrrrreeeeaaaallllyyyyyy can't wait for the all out Seis battle either _> I hope it's revealed soon, the waiting is killing me DX

    On a side note: Bob. Natsu is MINE! Hands off very very scary creepy bald transvesite man!!

    Overall: 8/10

    The music was even better than normal for some reason, I noticed and …

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    .*Sigh* *Double Sigh* *Super Sigh*.....*Facepalm* Once again I'm not going to be here to catch the episode/review on time (everyone keeps making plans for Saturdays! They won't stop and consider the needs of an Otaku!! D,X)

    So rather than miss it out completely Imma post this now and see how it goes T_T This time I might be able to catch the episode and review at about 2:00am Sunday morning -_-" So it'll be super late, but not days late (hopefully)

    Gomen nasai, but it's out of my control =/ So s'laters for now, I'll give my actual review of the episode later (waaayyy later) on ;)

    TTFN!! X3

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