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This is a review for Fairy Tail Episode 181: Fairy Tail vs. Executioners.

The episode starts off with the Knights fighting the Fairies. And just like the previous episode, both sides seem to be evenly matched! Mirajane tells Lily that she will take care of Wendy, who is trapped within Cosmos' flytrap thingy, which she does. After that our creepy Cosmos-chan uses her Magic in combination with Kamika's to capture the Fairies. But Natsu and the others counter just in time. But this only makes things worse! As our heroes are separated. Meanwhile, Hisui thinks to herself that she is a tots failure. Natsu fights the masked man, who tells him that he is a criminal. Wendy confronts Cosmos, Lily fights Acid guy and Mira gets ready to kick some paper ass. And our Magic-less ladies end up together with the Exceed and Pinocchio. While Uosuke looks like an easy opponent, Arcadios warns them not to judge a book by its cover.

At the GMG, Makarov suddenly gets a lil feeling of guilt over the tons of apology letters he's written. Then we get some filler talk between lolis. Nothing interesting... But anyway, something interesting is Minerva closing in on Millianna! I found that to be a nice add. Back in Hell's Palace, FT fights the executioners. I loveeeee how the anime did Cosmos' Magic here...not so much her Grow Flow, but the trees were nice! Anyway, we get to know that Wendy dislikes sour food. Hahaha.

The episode ends with a lava filled room and Lucy and Yukino clinging to a rock for their lives. Meanwhile, crazy Pinocchio enters the lava and walks on... FIYYYAAA. This man is on...FIYAAAA. Ohhh, he's walking on fiyaaahh.

Overall, this episode was okay. I liked the animation and all, but the adds are getting pretty annoying. I was really looking forward to Grow Flow, but they fucked it up imo. And I hate the awkward explanations. Like Mavis' body. Like, who's going to "start" watching an anime from episode 176 and not watch the previous 175 episodes? >___>

I want to try and make my reviews more fancy and appealing to the eye. I don't have any idea as to what I want to change/add, but we'll see.

Review Scores
Category Rating Chibi Sting.png
Animation 8/10 stars
Story 7/10 stars
Fight 9/10 stars
Overall Episode 8.5/10 stars

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