(Looks left)

(Looks right)

MDM: *Whispering* Ok, the coast is clear .. Yo All, MDM here ..

Mega: Bro, if you are trying to be a Ninja .. then sorry to break this to you but YOU FAILED!!

MDM: *Still Whispering* QUITE FOOL!!(ノಠ益ಠ)

Mega: (ಠ_ಠ) *Hovers his cursor over MDM's BAN BUTTON* what did you say? ..

MDM: *Still Whispering* I said .. QUITE my Handsome Dashing Generous Brother (¬_¬)

Mega: (ಠ⌣ಠ) Good boy .. now tell us why you are Whispering?

MDM: I am Whispering cause I have something SERIOUS to talk about .. its matter of Life and Death!!

Mega: WHAT?! What happened to Kagura-sama?

Minty: Did something happen Sting-sama?

Jess: What happened to Jellal-kun?

Rai: Did something happened to Rem-kun?

MDM: I am surrounded by Idiots (;一_一) well what I meant by "Life and Death" is the matter of our lives on this wiki ..

Toshi: What? there is nothing wrong with our lives here .. everything is normal and perfect like Laxus's abs *starts drooling* ..

MDM: No no no .. ok let me get to the point .. this has been bothering me for little while >_>

Reli: Son, *gives MDM a card* this is card of the Doctor .. whatever the problem is .. (¬_¬) he can fix it .. its normal .. you don't have to be shy-

MDM: *raging* (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ RAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! ( ._.) ok listen to me for a sec .. I just had this thought .. not sure if I am the only one or if anyone else feel the same so I decided to share and see how everyone else feels about it ..


MDM: .. ok .. just Imagine .. imagine that you have been having all kinda fun on this wiki .. living your normal e-days among your friends and e-family on this wiki .. expressing your opinions and everything .. Now just imagine .. ..

What if someone from your family or one of your friends knew that you are member on this wiki. What if they knew who you are on this wiki. What if they are already on this wiki and you don't know O_O what id they are watching you and all your comments and what you do on this wiki (ಥ_ಥ) what if ..

What if Rem's parents find out that he is LOLI-HUNTER???

What if Rai's parents find out that he is a wife and dozen colorful kids???

What if Chaos's friends find out that she is in love with someone called "Saurin" ??

What if Minty's friends find out about her R-Rated fetishes???

What if, my parents find out that I feel in love with a Swedish girl and planned my wedding in coming Spring?



Grimmy: (hits MDM in head with a bat and knocked him unconscious) ok show is over ..

(Minty and Toshi drag MDM off the stage)

Aura: This paranoid, waste of time and complete piece of pathetic blog is over and we are out >_>

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