Yo Everyone, ..

(Everyone is bored sulking in corner cause there is no chapter this week)

MDM: Where is Redbull when you need it? (;¬_¬)

OK LISTEN UP Fairytarts and Applepies .. .. also Genderless .. o(>< )o THEY HAVE THEIR RIGHTS!

This is a blog requires full power of your imagination .. Absolute creativity and fun is the Goal.

As the title states .. TITAN HIGH SCHOOL!! (*^*)

Minty: Why "TITAN"? why not "TITANIA"?? .. you sick-excuse of sexist!!

Oi oi oi I would love to change it to Titania but it will just create conflicts when searching for activities related to Titania and this blog might show up and it will make the whole editing process complicated .. get it?

Minty: .. .. (-_-) .. NO WE DON'T! BURN THE SEXIST!!

(Angry Mob of female members approaches with torches and spikes)


Ok that would keep them busy :P back to explaining this blog .. If you had seen my blog Good Morning Class on One Piece wiki ..

Mega: BOO ONE PIECE WIKI!! (throws rotten tomato and eggs at MDM)

OK, so it was a great success and it lasted for almost a year ( ._.) the comment count went over 1000 .. so I assume everyone enjoyed it!

So let me explain the TITAN HIGH SCHOOL concept .. its simple .. Fairy Tail characters are the School Staff while Fairy Tail Wiki members are the Students that study at that school.

Get it? for example ..

Current Teacher and School Staff Members List Erza Scarlet - English Teacher Mira-sensei - French Teacher Wendy-sensei - Dunno ( _ _)

.. so you get the idea, right?

.. use your creativity ..

  • What kinda teachers or staff members would Fairy Tail characters be if they were running a School?
  • What would be Your role in that school as student?
  • If you Lived on Campus, which FT wiki member would you share your Dorm room with? THE LIMIT IS 3!
  • What kinda daily life can you imagine as student of a school where Fairy Tail characters teach?


Rai: Mira-sensai is my Private Tutor .. don't dare to get close to her o(-`д´- 。)

Prime: I am MOD therefore I am CLASS PRESIDENT ... BOW BEFORE ME!!

YumYum: Relationship between Teachers and Students is normal ..

MDM: No, thats not alright YumYum-ch-

YumYum: .. Erza-scary.gif I am not asking ..



Your choice (━┳━◇━┳━)

.. ok then .. this is what I planned so far .. if we can put together a nice list of Fairy Tail School Staff .. then you have no idea the fun that we can have when making fanfic of those "Life on Titan High School" (*^*)

.. ok I have after-school detention with Erza-sensei so I am off, Best of Luck and don't burn your brains out ( ._.)

MDM out for now ( ._.)

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