• Monét

    Monét's Summer Plans

    April 21, 2013 by Monét

    Alright, I am sorry to have to tell all of my fans this, but I will be away for a while starting in May. In June I have final exams so I will need a very long time to study for. I am aiming to get all A's this time around so that will be a guaranteed period of hiatus.

    Also, after deciding that I need to change everything about myself I have become my best friends's "Summer Project" therefore I will be away for the month of August. I will be visiting relatives in Canada for all of July and so you will start to see me frequently in September.

    Thanks for understanding and I thought I should just let everyone know before I forget and just in case you guys wondered where I had disappeared to for that whole time. That is a total of four months of a hiat…

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  • Monét

    Yah-tah!!!!! Minerva is dea- defeated! Yayyy! I made this blog post so we can all celebrate to the death of the wicked witch!

    *throws buckets of water at a picture of Minerva* Start. Melting. *^*

    I also came to let you know that in a few months time I will have to leave for exams... Other than that, all of you fellow haters, comment! I want to see how happy some of you others are.

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  • Monét

    Theories of Grand Magic Games

    February 22, 2013 by Monét

    Hello There~. Welcome to my newest blog post! I thought about how mine got such a good feed back I would make a new blog post to see what feed back I would get.

    As you may have noticed, this will be about my theories on the Grand Magic Games, not the arc, but some of the fights currently going on. Feel free to comment some things that you think I haven't properly covered, or if you disagree/agree with some of my points~ ^_^

    My first point, Sabertooth's Leader. As you may have noticed, one regular remember and the leader still remain in the final day. My prediction is Erza will eventually figure out the weakness of War God Magic and kick Minerva's butt. >:3. Once the evil meanie dies at Erza's hand, Fairy Tail will only gain one point and Sti…

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  • Monét

    As this being my first blog I had wanted it to be special and have some sort of comment shattering wave, which involves the infinite question; who is better, Erza or Mira?

    Now, boys before you get hyped up about cup sizes I am talking power wise, as in who do you think would win in a battle between each other, and if the other were to fight someone the other lost what do you think the outcome of the battle would be?

    Now for a third kind of portion I now will be drawing your attention back, boys. Who is hotter? Honestly, I think this portion may have a lot of Erza supporters, after all many of you like them.

    Finally I ask you, who's magic is best! I am always debating between the two, the magic of Erza, involving the changing of your clothes o…

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