I'm gonna make this short because I kind of have to take a test in 3 hours...

  • The whole Natsu-Lucy-Happy-Brandish scene was HILARIOUS, starting with Brandish, a giant Happy and ending with Natsu wanting Brandish to make him "big" too. ಠ◡ಠ

Attack on Happy!

  • Next we have the basement of Fairy Tail... Damn, so Cana has been hitting Mavis with Fairy Glitter all this time? She looks so beat up. That's rough. And unusual, since everything gets accomplished in one try these days. <_<
  • I also liked the mention of Zera. Since many made theories about how Zera is Cana's something something mother. R.I.P. Mavis' imagination though. xD
  • Meanwhile in the north, Yukino stops Sting from being a pussy. That was good.


  • I'm actually pretty happy that Sabertooth's back in action...


  • ... even though they're just taking care of fodder now. ( ._.) *looks at Gray*

Why did he go back to his old hairstyle though?

Waaah she mad

  • Gajeel remembering what he did to Levy and co. was a nice touch, although he may be making a little bit too much of a big deal outta it. I mean, everyone's cool already, so "Waaah, you made me remember that" seems a bit stretched out. Regardless, looks like we have one fight already: Gajeel vs. Bradman!

My face when finishing a project 10 minutes before the deadline

All in all it was an okay chapter, mostly transition, showing a lot of characters and what not.

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