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Anyways, so I'm sitting here, anxiously waiting for the results of my exam (fuck Calculus) and since the chapter is out, I wanted to kill some time and what's a better way than a review? The irony, as I've quit anime reviews... So for the chapter!

Not bad

  • Laxus fights Genos 2.0
    • So Laxus has no organs or what? I'm not sure I understand Wahl's x-ray. Either way, that's quite the nerf to Laxus. But hey, he's got it in the family. *looks at Makarov's constant heart attacks*
  • Can't tell if Gray's become a meteorologist or Mangastream's just being fancy again
  • So it's really Wendy, Sherria and Carla vs. Dimaria; Kagura and Erza are heading for Neinhart if I understood correctly. Interesting.
    • I hope we can finally see what's up with Dimaria, no more stripping pls
  • Wahl's real ability is Alchemy, thank god, because having his Missiles under Weakness Creation is rather dumb.
  • Wahl's transformation used fire? Red Lightning is the next chapter title? *Dual Mode intensifies*

Click click?

And that's basically it. Honestly, it was a pretty good chapter. Given the history of "x vs. y" chapters - yes, they are usually anticlimactic and terrible - this is even better. I'm really curious to see where Mashima's going with Laxus' injury/illness, is it really just a nerf or an actual consequence? As it was mentioned by Rai and other people in previous reviews, it's good that them being reckless for 400 chapters is showing its price.

Honestly, I just hope that the fight doesn't end in the next chapter.

Overall, the chapter gets 8/10 from me. The fight - and the action - were pretty cool, no one shots yet, we've gotten a bit of insight into Wahl's ability and it seems like Neinhart will soon make an appearance. Hype?

Dream team!

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