Well, I suppose it's not looking as bad as it could've been, well, for now. My only real gripe is the nonstop jumping from scene to scene and as a result, virtually nothing happens in the chapter. Some action from the Dragon Slayers and their moves have no effect whatsoever, I can only wonder about the way they'll use to eventually pew pew Acnologia's human version...

Sting and Rogue follow Gajeel's attack.png

... Meanwhile, they want to seal Acno's dragon body inside of Fairy Sphere. ... I mean, I suppose that's nice enough of a plan, I'm actually surprised that they've come up with a legit meth- wait a second, if he could eat the goddamn time-space magic, what stops him from eating Fairy Sphere?

Acnologia shows off.png

Oh well. 545 confirmed to be the final chapter so I can't even imagine Acnologia's defeat to be satisfying in any way.

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