And so, the explanation for Natsu's disappearance comes as swiftly as ironic it is: Acno's sucked him into his personal dimension and Lucy and co. didn't notice, thinking he got END'ed. How awkward. ( ._.)

Missed me?

To those claiming last week that the crack in the sky definitely didn't mean Acnologia's return, looks like you weren't right after all and I'm kind of glad. I mean, there's an obvious conflict of - wow, the action in this chapter looked epic - and - jeez, now Acno's gonna get trolled even harder - feelings, but for now, this chappie's been pretty cool looking, art-wise especially. That double spread with Acno nuking everything was +1.

Pew pew

So in the end, the last few chapters are gonna be spent on all the Dragon Slayers fighting Acnologia in another dimension. What a Rave tea. Or Kaguya tea? Pick yourself.

Oh lords

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