And so, the explanation for Natsu's disappearance comes as swiftly as ironic it is: Acno's sucked him into his personal dimension and Lucy and co. didn't notice, thinking he got END'ed. How awkward. ( ._.)

Acnologia returns

Missed me?

To those claiming last week that the crack in the sky definitely didn't mean Acnologia's return, looks like you weren't right after all and I'm kind of glad. I mean, there's an obvious conflict of - wow, the action in this chapter looked epic - and - jeez, now Acno's gonna get trolled even harder - feelings, but for now, this chappie's been pretty cool looking, art-wise especially. That double spread with Acno nuking everything was +1.

Eternal Flare's effects

Pew pew

So in the end, the last few chapters are gonna be spent on all the Dragon Slayers fighting Acnologia in another dimension. What a Rave tea. Or Kaguya tea? Pick yourself.

Acnologia faces Natsu

Oh lords

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