Alright then, I'm going to say that in spite of the bad taste left in my mouth after the last dozen chapters or so, this one was actually fairly enjoyable. Bear with me though, because I'm in a mood to type a paragraph or two - unlike the last few reviews aha...

As I've expected, there is pretty much no effect left on Lucy as far as rewriting the book goes - Gray's only purpose for the ending of the series is to be a personal air conditioning for Lucy and so he immediately fixes whatever was wrong as soon as Lucy touched the book. Which I'm honestly glad for, since I don't think I have any stomach left for Lucy drama. Because we're getting Natsu drama. Ayyyy. As that happens, the group watches the book disappear, concluding that Zeref has been defeated, both Lucy and Happy know that this should mean Natsu's gonna vanish as well. And I gotta say that the following reunion is pretty touching,

Gray removes the demonic effects

Could you switch off the goddamn heating, Gray?

The thing is, Mashima is really good at writing emotional scenes, at least IMO. The biggest issue is that in many cases, the effect of them is undone within a few chapters, but after all this time, I don't even find it in me to complain about that. Natsu casually walking to Lucy, Happy and Gray was pretty sweet, as well as their subsequent talk about future plans. We know that Natsu and Happy had -something- they wanted to do after the war was over, but as they're about to announce it, Natsu is gone.

Natsu joins his friends

'Sup bitches

Damn, I gotta say that was well done. No slow vanishing in front of everyone, they're just talking, they turn back and poof. I would lie if I wasn't disappointed in the fact that Natsu's final fate is basically a Haru copy-paste, but the way it was presented in this chapter actually made me like it. Hey, maybe Natsu just walked away because he felt... a motherfuckin' Acnologia breaking out of another dimension. (/ ._.)/ Or maybe it's just Ichiya coming back lul

Natsu vanishes

Hide'n'Seek time

Either way, I knew that 8 chapters were too many for an epilogue, so Acnologia's return makes sense, in one way or another. On the other hand, I also feel that 8 chapters is way too little to deal with him, some kinda epilogue included too, unless he's severely weakened by the time-space thingy. Well, we shall see. Perhaps we will get a real battle between Acno and the Slayers.

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