Since the art is like the only good thing about this chapter

Let me just spam some pictures and be done with this shit

Cover 537

Remember when people thought of this as FT's worst arc? Ha...

To die or not to die

*insert drama*

The final moments of Mavis and Zeref

Throwback to that Juvia double spread... Sad to see this is the conclusion we've reached

Makarov wakes up

"Jesus fuck, just let me die v_v"

Laxus cries

Tfw you did nothing all arc but carry an old grandpa

Mavis and Zeref, together

And not a single fuck was given about August that day

Totally looking forward to the "Natsu dying" drama in the next chapter. Tbf, Mavis and Zeref's final moments would've been beautiful if not for the current circumstances and the fact that nothing makes sense anymore. W/e

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