And so, the end screw those dumb E.N.D. puns tho is here. I fully expected this to be my last blog (review), but alas...

Mashima announces Fairy Tail 2018

We're still not free, Wrath...

Mashima has blessed us with the news of the anime returning for its third series in 2018. In a way, I'm glad that the manga will get a complete adapation in the end, but I still fear the way it's gonna be done. Those of you who were around the announcement of the second series and the subsequent material release surely remember the hype surrounding the S2... just to reach a complete and utter disappointment in Episode 2. :'D We shall see though. There are some parts that may just look better animated and if Mashima's gonna work with the anime team once more, perhaps we can look forward to some cool extensions, backstory-wise especially. Looking at you, Acnologia.

Lucy's prize

You go girl

As for the chapter, well, it was a finale that was nothing out of usual, so to speak. However, from a certain point of view, that's actually a good thing. An inevitable comparison with Naruto and/or Bleach that I'm going to draw from a get-go, I feel that Fairy Tail chose to go the mild way. You see, there is no "what the fuck, why/how are these characters together" feeling, unlike Naruto and Bleach, who had a forced time skip for the final chapter just to pair up everyone and their grandma. However, one may also call Fairy Tail's version somewhat... boring.

In spite of that, Fairy Tail's finale does have a time skip, albeit a short one just to move things nicely. Is that a third time skip of the series...? Anyways, pretty much everyone's getting their happy endings.

  • Lucy has won an award for her novel. Good for her!
  • Anna is still there. That's kind of awkward. And Natsu likes her because she smells like Lucy. Double awkward
  • Looks like GajeelLevy twins are on their way...
  • GrayJuvia has ascended to the new level of creepy
  • Laxus has a harem now
  • Erza is brushing her hair now...


Jellal is pardoned by Hisui

"I wonder how many of my lookalikes will be in Mashima's next work"

... oi, wait a second, lmao. On one hand, I'm glad there really wasn't anything forced between Erza and Jellal towards the end, but they didn't even get to interact. All my keks. Cool points for Hisui though. And Erik x Kinana +1.

Arius and Mio

Now that's a new level of fake deaths

Might Guy Makarov is truly the one under the Curse of Contradiction because he's definitely immortal at this point. However, the mindfucky part was... the goddamn reincarnation of Mavis and Zeref. Apparently, Arius means immortal. Dammit, Mashima... What really killed me though was the following line:

It's really hot this August...

—Zeref wannabe to Mavis wannabe

... because I'm not even sure if Mashima's trying to piss on August's character even more - it was already sad that Mavis and Zeref never learnt about him, let alone him appearing with Mavis and Zeref in that 'afterlife' scene, or August is about to be created once more...

The final intrusion

This never gets old

Oh, and Natsu is dumb as bricks. At the very least, Haru had his shit together. This amused me greatly, because I don't even need to open Tumblr to know what kinda ragefest is going on there, and also because I'm not sure what's creepier: Gruvia's fucked up relations or the fact that a part of Nalu is an artificially created demon from 400 years ago. *thinking emoji* Maybe Zeref made him asexual. Or brosexual. Lucy's part was very sweet though. All the sugar income.

Lucy is grateful to Natsu

The ship is sailingggg...

And finally, the 100 year quests! It all makes sense now, doesn't it? It's a quest to find fairies, am I right? It's something that no one, even Gildarts, could complete in 100 years. The guild was made 100 years ago and it was the very first quest, the first adventure that Mavis and co. undertook, right after building the guild. That's actually very cool. Oh and it looks like fairies don't have tails after all. Rip.

100 year quest

... neeeverminddd...

Well, that's it. See you guys once the anime starts releasing some info, I guess...

The end

It's over, guys

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