Guys, now that we know that we are 10 chapters from the end of the series, there's one thing I'd like to ask you all:

When did Fairy Tail stopped being a nice manga and started being a crap one?

When I say "nice", I mean when we actually good things to talk about the chapters, and not just bad things, like complaining about the bad fights, the bad motives etc. If you think that Fairy Tail is fantastic from the beginning to the end... Well, then ignore the question!

I, personally, think that Fairy Tail was A GREAT manga until Tenrou Island Arc. Tenrou Arc is the last perfect arc for me. X791, GMG and Sun Village were... okay. Not very good neither very bad. From Tartaros on... Only crap and bullshit, I just keep reading because I'm used to it and, of course, I still have hope that I'll find some peace in the end of FT. So... What about you guys??

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