Greetings Fairy Tail Wiki, I am Allora! I am an aspiring artist and writer so if it's okay, I may make a blog of my art or fanfictions. I also love to roleplay so if that's allowed you'll see me in that section quite often. Though chances are since this is the canon wiki, it is not allowed. Oh well!
Since this is about Fairy Tail, I will share my opinions and knowledge on the topic! Do note I'm a tad bit new to the fandom (rather sad since the final season is just coming out) so please excuse any lack of information I may have. I do not mind spoilers. I also may or may not have a million questions about the rules and the way this community works so please bear with me.
My favorite character is Lucy Heartfilia, one of the main protagonists of the series. I like her for many reasons. She is very relatable in how she acts, her designs are very pleasing to me, and I feel like she's quite underrated. For example; she is considered useless whereas she has saved Loke's life all by herself among other countless events. She is hated for the excessive amounts of fan service she is in when it isn't even her fault she's portrayed like that. Nothing is wrong with fan service though. The final reason I see her being hated for involves the controversial topic of ships, where I do not plan on diving into. Apologies for that small tangent.
My favorite arc so far is definitely the Tower of Heaven arc. I found it to be the most interesting of all the arcs, and Simon was a pretty neat character despite how it ended for him. My least favorite arc is the mini-arc with Daphne. I found it so disgusting and it broke my heart with Gray. Daphne was a decently funny character though I suppose.
I'd love to mention the ships I like but I know how touchy the subject is. Not to mention my ships aren't the average, NaLu, GruVia, and Jerza. So if you want to know my ships, I'd love to talk, just with people who won't judge me for what I like.
One last opinion before I end this. Laxus is by far my favorite male character. I know fangirling over anyone fictional isn't good but oh my god he needs love!
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a few things about me! I can't wait to meet you all and learn a thing or two while I share my art!

LucyLuce16 (talk) 20:12, March 9, 2019 (UTC)

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