So, this will be my first time writing a blog on this wiki. HYPE! I'll try to keep it short.

  So far, I'm enjoying this sequel. We seem to be returning to the roots of what made us like Fairy tail, which was how lighthearted everything was, even in serious situations. Something that was lost in the later part of the series. I very much enjoyed this chapter, aside from the part where the fish stripped Lucy's swimsuit. I know Lucy's always been a comedic, fanservice character, but this got old a long time ago. But I highly enjoyed getting to see all of them having fun, swimming around underwater. It Reminded me so much of the first half of Fairy tail.  Also, like that this chapter leaves some suspense. What exactly is Touka, and how does she know briar? And now, how exactly are Team Natsu gonna find the Water Dragon?

 Overall, 9.5/10.