SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Ok now that i have your attention, I am here to announce that I and a couple other users on this wikia who you dont need to know about( Umnei and Ultra) will be starting a weekly FT Podcast for this wikia!

Yes yes thank you very much for the completely deserved applause.....NOW! This is how its going to work, so sit down and stfu! Every Saturday from now on, Umnei,Ultra,and I will be taking an hr to talk about FT in general topics. This is the schedule of the show:

First 20 min: Discussion and review of recent chapter.

Next 20 min: Fairy Tail theory and predictions.

Final 20 min: Answering fan mail questions.

Got it? Simple enough? Now, about the fan mail questions; Any one from this wikia can send in a question via Email to our exclusive podcast created email. It is: This is a 1 question per user deal. Each person can only send one question at a time. In the email, please state your username on the Wikia so we know who is asking the question. I cannot promise we will get to all the questions in time, but we could possibly extend the show just a little bit more to answer more questions.

Finally, each podcast will be started via blog each week. For example: "FT Wikia Podcast 6/1/13". All you have to do is open the blog and the stream will be right there ready for you to listen to. Also, we will have guests on the show from time to time who would be considered the...."VIPs" of the wikia....*rolls eyes* So it wont be just me,ultra,and umnei all the time........Well thats it....are you excited?!?!?! HMM!? ARE YOU FUCKING EXCITED!?!?!?!?!? The podcast will debut next Saturday June 1,2013. get your questions in everybody to the email provided and stay frosty!

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