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Cover thirty eight

Ultraprime2 Avatar Technical Updates
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Hey guys. So, Wrath's computer is still down, so I'm doing this month's Technical Updates.

I don't know who won the trivia contest last month and I can't be bothered to search, so whoever you are, wait till next month for Wrath to tell you.

But this month was rather uneventful, and I wrote this article while at work, so here you go.

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • Eizi & Pandō was renamed.
  • There was a discussion about the name of the current arc, but they decided to wait before changing stuff.
  • There're also ongoing discussions going on about the future of the event pages and about dividing the anime episodes into appropriate arcs.

Image Changes:

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Warning! This article features a picture that some might consider N.S.F.W. Meaning if you're in a public place, it might be a bit awkward to read this. >_< Furthermore, if you're a little whiny bitch who can't see anything even remotely indecent, this article isn't for you. :D

-Sincerely, IamJakuhoRaikoben
Gray Waiter
Gray Fullbuster SMA
Biography February's Sexiest Mage Alive is none other than... Gray Fullbuster! He's a Mage of Fairy Tail that uses Ice-Make as his main form of Magic. He likes taking long walks on the beach, sipping pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, yoga, and making love at midnight.
Interesting Trait Exhibitionist
Guild Fairy Tail symbol
Best Quote "May I borrow your panties?" (Gray Fullbuster to Lucy Heartfilia)
Sexiness Full StarFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svg
Who should be March's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 09:05 on March 2, 2015, and so far 450 people voted.

God This Month in the Manga
Real Godisme | Writer

TMITM Header - February15
This Month in the Manga

February 2015

Late magazine this month but I was not the cause, I swear!

I swear!

TMITM Ch 418

One year after Fairy Tail disbanded, Lucy awakens and is it just me or are her boobs either bigger or perkier? They look great either way. So does her ass which we see a few panels down and then both on the next page again Perv . Lucy gets ready for work and heads off, meanwhile, a new Grand Magic Games is taking place. Jason, overlooking the games jumps excitedly before Lucy arrives, revealing that she is working as an editor at Sorcerer Magazine. After the guild disbanded she felt alone before Jason offered her a job: as an underwear model. However, after a time, Lucy asked for a job that allowed her to write and that is how she ended up there. Back at the games, Jason states the games just aren't the same since none of the major guilds are participating. Back home, Lucy strips once again before hopping in the bath and saying she hasn't kept in touch with everyone. She claims to have been too busy but says its a lie. She wants to see them but doesn't have the courage to. Queue more gratuitous Lucy naked as she leaves the bath and she says she became a reporter to gather information on everyone's whereabouts, revealing a wall dedicated to sightings of her former teammates. At the last day of the games, two no name guilds face off and one wins in an instant, revealing themselves to be much stronger than anyone had previously thought. However, before they can even celebrate, a mysterious cloaked man enters the arena. Lucy senses the man's power and yells at Jason to evacuate the arena but is stopped when the arena begins to melt. The man challenges the winning guild, blasting them away. The arena continues to melt as do everyone's clothes as Lucy's shirt conveniently begins to melt around her boobs. The man's hood then burns off, revealing it to be Natsu. Everyone in the crowd is excited to see Natsu as Happy appears behind Lucy asking her how she has been. Happy tells her that Natsu came to see the fighters but he has already defeated everyone. After melting half the arena, Natsu looks up and sees Lucy. Smiling, he asks her how she has been, causing Lucy to believe that Fairy Tail might not be over yet.

Pretty much sums up my reaction to this chapter. This chapter was 90% naked Lucy, 10% set up for the arc. As I am a fan of naked Lucy, I liked the chapter but for the kickoff of a new arc, it didn't have the bang that Tartarus arc first chapter did. Get it? Get it?

TMITM Ch 419

At the palace, The King passes judgement on Natsu and lets him go free of charge after he was arrested for his actions at the games. The guard is in disbelief but Hisui just giggles over Natsu's actions. Natsu is set free and told never to return but he just grins. Lucy comes to get him and Natsu asks why no one else from the guild came. She then reveals to him that the guild disbanded which causes Natsu and Happy great despair. Natsu angrily asks where Makarov is but Lucy says he is missing and everyone else went their separate ways. Natsu says the guild shouldn't have disbanded and Laxus could have taken over as master but Lucy says he doesn't have the right to say that when he up and left without even telling anyone. Lucy takes them back to her place and tells them they can stay with her as they don't have anywhere else to go. Natsu and Happy then praise their god Lucy for her generosity. She then summons Cancer to unfortunately cut Natsu's hair. At night, Natsu and Happy reflect on the situation before deciding the only thing they can do is draw on Lucy's face while she is asleep. As they sneak in to her room, they see her wall dedicated to stalking the members of Fairy Tail. Lucy awakes in the morning to find the police about to raid her house. Natsu is surprised they already found him and grabs Lucy as they jump out on to the street. As they run, Lucy asks what he did, to which Natsu reveals that he raised the beacon of Fairy Tail's revival, the words Fairy Tail written in fire across the palace. The King is in shock but says he forgives Natsu. Natsu tells Lucy she needs to believe and they will get everyone back to the guild. As they run, a single tear enters Lucy's eye.

I was a little disappointed in this chapter. The obvious meaning of the message of fire was that Natsu writes a giant message in fire to bring the guild back together but I wanted it to be something else. This chapter was a little too happy go lucky for my tastes. Natsu has basically destroyed half of Crocus and he doesn't get any punishment? I don't know. It just felt like this chapter didn't offer much. Also, Natsu's long hair is gone, which sucks cause it was cool.

TMITM Ch 420

Traveling, Natsu sees a clock he once destroyed and wonder if he should destroy it again. Lucy smacks him and he says there is not enough action to take advantage of all the training he did. Natsu, looking for a challenge, challenges Lucy, who says she did her own training and accepts. However, before they can fight, Natsu unleashes a breathe of fire that knocks Lucy's skirt up before traveling some distance and stopping a robbery taking place. Afterwards, Natsu loses interest in fighting Lucy. They carry forward and Lucy says she doesn't know where everyone is but their first stop is to Lamia Scale. At Margarett town, Lamia Scale is having their thanksgiving day parade, showcasing the members of the guild. Lyon puts on a show with his ice before Toby takes the stage to do an imitation of himself crying, which leads Lyon to drag him away. Next, Ooba does a spinning act before declaring she will strip, causing Lyon to once again haul her off the stage. Then the announcer states that next is the guild's angel, the sky sisters, Wendy and Chelia. Natsu and Happy's mouths drop as well as mine cause I totally didn't expect that and thought Gray was the one that would be in Lamia scale.

Wendy and Chelia do a song and dance which stuns Natsu and Happy. Lucy says she isn't the only one to have joined another guild as others need work too. Seeing Wendy on stage, Natsu cries a bit and says he will get Wendy back from the dark side. Happy then asks where Carla is and is surprised suddenly when Carla appears before them only in human form.

....Human Carla. K. Elsewhere, some mysterious figures plot the destruction of Lamia Scale.

So some jaw dropping took place in this chapter but overall I really liked it. I like this idea of journeying around to put Fairy Tail back together. This is a nice throwback to the beginnings of FT when the guild as we know it was just forming. I am excited to see where everyone else ended up. My predictions: Gray and Juvia are together somewhere, not in a guild most likely. Erza is with Mermaid Heel, Cana is out drinking somewhere probably with Bacchus. Leave all your predictions in the comments.

TMITM Ch 421

Inside their guild, Wendy tells Chelia she never wants to do anything that embarrassing again. Lyon then tells Wendy she has visitors as Natsu, Lucy and Happy say hi. She runs over to see them and Natsu asks if she is taller but Wendy says she hasn't changed at all. To me, this line says something I am worried about. I don't think Wendy will ever change. I think her role in the story now is: the loli. She seems to be there just to appease the loli fans and even though it would be really cool to see a character actually age and go through changes such as Wendy should be considering her age, she will always just be exactly the same to appease the loli fans. Anyway, back to the story. Natsu then picks her up, flings her over his shoulder and starts walking off with her. After he learns he can't just walk away with her, he tells Wendy that they are reforming Fairy Tail. This discussion leads to the fact that Makarov is missing after he got in trouble with the council, now made of the Ten Wizard Saints. Natsu once again asks her to leave but Wendy says no and says she is a part of Lamia Scale now. Lyon tells her it is alright to go as the other members begin to cry at losing her. However, she still says she is staying as Carla arrives to say that that is her decision. Everyone's jaws drop once again over her human form to which she reveals is transformation magic she learned to strengthen her magic and psychic powers. Carla taunts Happy who says he trained to...and learned to eat less fish. Cause that's totally the training he needs right? Now that he eats less fish, Ultra will love him, right? Carla then goes back to her normal form, which Happy remarks is much cuter. Wendy resolves once more to stay before Natsu and Lucy go back to their inn. While Lucy sleeps, Natsu decides to spend his time tickling her feet with Happy's tail, which causes her to awaken and smack the both of them. Reflecting on Wendy, wondering if everyone else feels like her. Natsu then resolves to just kidnap her.

At Wendy and Chelia's place, Wendy says she wont leave Chelia since Sherry will be getting married soon, Chelia would be all alone. Chelia says she still has the other members of the guild and a friend wouldn't make another stay out of pity. Suddenly, the guild is attacked by large monsters and Lyon defends what he can. Chelia reveals they have a rival guild called Orochi which is behind this attack and they are using Jura's absence to attack. Though they take out the monsters, Toby says there are a hundred thousand more coming. From a distance, Orochi plans their attack while Ooba wonders if they would really go that far. They devise that Orochi must have a monster tamer and if they can take him out, they will stop the attack. Natsu gets ready to fight but before he does so Chelia, having grabbed on to Happy, kicks Natsu in the face as she and Wendy fly off to save the guild themselves.

Solid chapter. I don't really care about the Lamia Scale character so I was a little bored. Some funny moments but I am excited to see if Wendy can actually accomplish something.

So that is it for this month. Wrath will be back next month so you guys can all have your TMITM along with your TMITA which will never be as good as my article. Until next time.

IamJakuhoRaikoben This Month in the Anime
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

TMITA Header - February15

February 2015

What's up everybody? So, in case you haven't heard, Wrath died. So I'm taking over TMITA until his ghost can come back and start writing for us again. The only problem is.... I don't watch the anime. ( .___.) So, instead of actually doing any reviewing, I thought you guys might like to see some headers that Reli threw together.

TMITA - Ep219

TMITA - Ep220

TMITA - Ep221

TMITA - Ep222

Fairy Raven Avatar Raven's Coven
FairyRaven | Writer

Raven&#039;s Coven

Greetings, Wikians. Welcome to another Coven! This month's requested guest is none other than the Fairy Queen herself, Erza Scarlet! Sadly, we don't have her with us in the flesh, because she doesn't want to reveal her location and appearance (blame her contract with Mashima ಠ_ಠ) so we'll just have to do it ourselves! *puts on "Erza's theme" on infinite loop for the purposes of the article*

Erza, despite popular belief, is not just one of the main characters of Fairy Tail. She is Mashima's waifu, and to honor her, he raised her status to godhood pretty early in the series. Now she is one of the most powerful and magnificent fictional beings, but more about this in the appropriate "Abilities" section. Let's start the analysis, shall we?




I love Erza's design in her "custom" costume and it's perfect for her character. Her armor really gives the feel that she's someone intimidating but beautiful, and someone who would make a great friend but also a lethal enemy. Don't misunderstand tho. Erza's not the typical tomboy; she's referred to as a rare beauty, and she proudly shows off her body given the chance.

That said, even though her custom armor is cool in its simplicity and all, Erza's Magic allows her to use many, many different armors, each one with different properties and appearance. The most significant ones are:

Heaven&#039;s Wheel Armor


Seduction Armor


Purgatory Armor - Close


Clothe Erza


Erza&#039;s Nakagami Armor


Erza as a dominantrix


And though I don't agree with the designs of each and every one of them armors, I'd say Mashima has done a pretty good job in this area. He can literally come up with hundreds more, but at this point I would be satisfied if we got 2 or 3 more used in battle, and less of the ones already overused (see ERZA NO).

8/10 You can leave your armor on


I'm not big on Erza's personality to be brutally honest. She always looked like a Mary Sue with armor: someone perfect, never making bad choices, or being tempted to get her hands dirty to do something, and she does everything perfectly, looking good while doing so. I mean, being a slave for most of her childhood, I'd expect her to have a darker side as well, but she's not demonstrated something like this so far.

Let's see her from the beginning til now: <MASSIVE UNFUNNY RANT ALERT> She wore armor because she wanted to keep people away. She also served as a disciplinary committee member of sorts in Fairy Tail, ordering and bullying everyone around(this only lasted the first few chapters). Cool, so far. I also loved her badass moment in the fighting festival, when she told Evergreen that she was intending to let the girls die if it meant bringing justice, and a part of me hoped she meant it, because she was really badass in it!

What destroyed her for me was the Jellal romance(as it happens with many characters); Putting my life in danger, I say that I think Jellal surviving was bad for Erza's character. Why?
Oracion Seis arc-Erza has little development other than urging Jellal to live.
Edolas: spends most of her time fighting herself.
Tenrou Island: The moment when the BS period officially begins for Erza. The Asuma fight was really cool, up until she has a telepathic connection with Jellal kind of thing and gets up on her feet and wins.
Grand Magic Games: She's pissed for her friends, stabs a bitch or two, then fights some Dragon fodder and gets saved by Jellal.
Tartarus: She gets tortured, has trauma after, and guess who's there to bring her back up on her feet: That's right, Jellal!

Don't get me wrong, romance is not bad itself, but right now and for a while now Erza has only 1 character trait, as opposed to when she first appeared: Being Jellal's "light". Making the right choices, forgiving and forgetting, slicing stuff with Nakamagic(we'll get to that), and half the time it has to do with Jellal, while the other half of the time it has to do with someone hurting a friend of hers. I just don't want her to be so bland.</MASSIVE UNFUNNY RANT ALERT>

4/10 Her boobs are still great tho


Erza defeats Ikaruga


The concept of Erza's abilities is really cool: It's called-or used to be called- Requip-The Knight. She has a limited arsenal of over 100 armors in her magic dimension and she can switch those armors she wears at will, each time gaining new abilities.

Erza as a nurse


The reason this ability is one of the best is that, if her opponent overpowers her, she just has to switch models until she finds the one that is his weakness: Is it fire? Lightning? Defence? Strength? Speed? You name it, Erza has it all!

While the possibilities with that kind of ability are endless, Erza doesn't use that ability to the fullest: she prefers to always use her stronger armor instead, when shit gets real: HER FLAME PANTS!

Flame Pants(let's call it FP from now on) is an entity on its own. It rules the FTverse. When FP bestows Erza with its magnificence, there's not an enemy Erza can't defeat. I'm pretty sure by now that FP + Erza > Acnologia, easily.

According to recent data, despite its immense strength, FP is also a substitute for the 5 senses. As a side effect, you may get a condition known as Crying Punches. It involves punching to oblivion stronger than you, when you're right and they're wrong.

In all seriousness, though, FP has turned Erza's battles into a joke. It was cool when she used it on Ikaruga, because it was how most classic samurai duels end. However, every time used since then has been a joke. Asuma, Kagura, Minerva, Kyouka, they've all been victims of FP, and it's so BS that it's just painful whenever I watch Erza switch to that "armor". I wish someone would just burn it >__>

And now that I mentioned BS, how BS is her "magic-bending" armor? It literally negates all Magic. Erza be like

So, all in all, Erza's abilities had so much potential, but they are infuriatingly underused. She's almost stopped using new armors and her battles are deprived of any logic(and we're talking about a series with flying cats so that says a lot).


SIGNIFICANCE TO PLOT I'm not sure if Erza has any significance in the long-term plot... if the theory about her joining the Council or becoming a Wizard Saint is true, I can see her affecting the FTverse, but right now, just by being romantically involved with Jellal, or friendly involved with Natsu and Lucy, it doesn't make her very attached to the plot. Perhaps if her TOH buddies or Kagura get more significant role in the plot, Erza will too. So far though, if you remove her from the equation nothing really changes(plot-wise).

5/10 Moar Erza'centric stuff pls

ROLE IN THE MANGA So far, Erza's role is to be a female Natsu, but stronger(?). However, since that's a shounen manga, Natsu still gets to fight the big bad of the arc, most of the time. She is also kind of pushing the rest of team Natsu to keep up with her(especially Natsu), and sometimes she also acts as second-in-command after Makarov, though she shares that place with Mirajane and Laxus.

Despite not affecting the bigger picture plot-wise as significantly as Natsu or Lucy, she's strong, she's a leader, and she's someone many people look up to and respect, which I think was always supposed to be her role, so Mashima accomplished his mission on that one. She has strong ties with many people in the FT-verse and she's an important part of many people's life.

8/10 She's great for what she is

Overall, Erza's score as a character is... 5.8/10!!!! This places her better than Natsu and Santa, but worse than Lucy in my list, which, for me, is accurate.

But don't take my word for it. Let's see what the rest of the SM staff has to say about her:


Screwable but overrated.

Agreed ( ._.)/


Invincible. Radiant. Goddess

Such a fanboy... >_>

Ultraprime2 Avatar

Beauty with guts

Something 99% of FT females have in common :P


SHE IS KEWL(in fear of Jess)

...Poor thing.


Dominant Redhead Penetrated(by swords)

Not sure if turned on by the first half, or repulsed by the second >_>


There you have it, this month's Coven! Unless the Jerza fangirls end me, choose who you want to talk about next month:

Who shall be in the Coven next?

The poll was created at 11:42 on February 28, 2015, and so far 175 people voted.

See you all in March!

Ultraprime2 Avatar Family Tree
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Family Tree Logo

Welcome back, readers! It seems you guys liked the last issue of Family Tree so now I bring you the next.

For those who are reading this for the first time, our least favorite rapper IamJakuhoRaikoben once made a family tree blog on the wiki to depict how our "family" was born. Beginning with him (and not the founder Retro7) and ending with the generation of Mega (among others), we saw how this wiki's weird and perverted nature began.

Rai even once made a subsequent blog for registration to a larger family tree, and at first, many people signed up to be on it. However, like most of Rai's projects, and his life in general, it stalled for a long time before it completely and utterly failed, going nowhere at all.

We got an issue depicting the generations of the wiki from Chaos to Jakuho last month, so now we take a look at the next generation, which can be described as the Worst Generation of Fairy Tail Wiki.

Before anyone whines about not being on the tree, please note that not everyone can be on it, and even those that can will not be on it immediately. It's a
monthly article till further notice, so there are gonna be a lot of generations featured. As such, do kindly shut up and read =)

So now,

Generation Three Logo

With his rebellious phase having begun, Rai began disobeying his mapa more and more with each passing day. He resenting having to take orders, believing his mapa should be more than capable of massaging its own feet. However, Chaos had enough of its child's disobedience and arranged with Ishthak a plan to have Jakuho and Ishthak's son Rauleli thrown in jail. The plan was to lure them willingly with their favorite foods: fried chicken and quesadillas, respectively. The plan was a success and the two were trapped in a cell while Chaos and Ishthak returned to work.

Bored and incredibly horny, Rai forced himself upon Rauleli and penetrated the young macarena-dancer in places he never knew he had. Their intercourse sessions were consistently long, painful and shockingly loud. So loud, in fact, that the shockwaves created from their violent intercourse began slowly destabilizing the structure upon which Chaos' prison was built. Over the course of a week, the prison slowly crumbled and with one final thrust, Jakuho was able to break out of the prison, while also satisfying Reli in a way that the latter believed nobody could ever do so again.

Free, the two returned to Fairy Tail Wiki to resume their work and to also take revenge upon their parents. However, their time in prison left Jakuho with more than he bargained for, as he learned one morning that Rauleli had somehow impregnated him. Chaos was similarly bewildered but laughed for the first time in its life, as it began thinking about the pain Jakuho would endure when giving birth to his baby as Chaos did when it gave birth to Ishthak. However, much to Chaos' dismay, Jakuho gave birth one week later in an entirely pain-free procedure. Assisted by his mid-wife Rauleli, Jakuho gave birth to a similar looking Hispanic whom he chose to name Omega natsu2

Omega natsu2, whom he nicknamed "Mega", appeared to be something different from his parents in certain ways. While he was a competent worker when asked to perform his jobs for Fairy Tail Wiki, he also appeared somewhat retarded. His lack of reading abilities, coupled with his impulsive nature, worried Jakuho as he believed his son might one day fail when it came to work. However, Mega proved soon after that no such thing would happen and so the two moved into an apartment together, sharing the same bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, as Jakuho could not afford anything bigger.

In one bizarre incident, Jakuho planned to cook dinner but Mega, fed up of the fried chicken, insisted upon purchasing pasta and sauce for Jakuho to cook. However, due to his retarded mind, he did not check the expiration date on the sauce. As such, Jakuho was forced to whip up his own sauce using methods which are currently considered classified. While Jakuho was cooking, Mega barged into the kitchen, demanding that his father return the watermelon that he took from Mega's personal fridge. As the two began fighting, and the sauce was boiling, the young men crashed into the stove and spilled the sauce upon themselves, subsequently slipping on the floor and knocking themselves out. Upon awakening, they located a strange manifestation nearby. A young man had somehow appeared in all the mess, willing to help out. The two named the young man Aldarinor, nicknamed DaRinor, whose first mission was to convince Jakuho never to make his own pasta sauce again.

Meanwhile, Tutles was once again suffering from an identity crisis. To cope with this, he invented a new personality for himself. This one was called -jabberjay and was classified as female. Though he attempted to hide his identity in an attempt to truly be "-jabberjay", Rauleli knew the truth and frequently spread rumors about her in an attempt to discredit her. Among these rumors was one that "she" had been brutally raped at a rave party by Mega, who was then contemplating suicide when he found out about "her" dual identity as Tutles. However, nobody seemed to believe Rauleli, much to his dismay. Rumors then sprouted soon after about Rauleli himself, including one that he had been beating up pregnant women and worshiping the Devil in his spare time.

While taking a walk in order to come up with a plan to get people to believe him, Rauleli discovered a stand-up comedian telling jokes in the park. However, nobody cared for his man's jokes, as they were all incredibly lame, such that even the television show Full House looked funny by comparison. Rauleli approached the comedian and offered to tutor him on how to drop his lame behavior and improve his career as a comedian. Gratefully, the comedian accepted, introducing himself as Guilherme Abe, whom Reli would nickname "Abe". With that, the two decided that Rauleli could adopt the struggling comedian. The two departed from the park soon after, but not before Abe collected his belongings in a large cardboard box, which had been his only companion since the FIFA World Cup.

However, this would prove to be a mistake, as later that night, while Abe was in his bed, a pack of feral pedobears suddenly appeared in his bedroom, having some kind of interest in the cardboard box. One by one they latched on to the box and took it away with them. Though tired, Abe attempted to go after the horde of pedobears running off with his box, but found himself unable to. He cried for Rauleli to help him out, and Rauleli did hear his screams and chased the pedobears into the forest, but the elusive bears escaped him in the pitch black of the night.

"My box!" Abe cried in horror, as he knew the pedobears ran off with his precious cardboard box. The only life partner he had ever had was now gone, and he was alone, with only Rauleli to be there for him, and what use would he be when Abe was horny?

Deep in the forest, the pedobears placed the box on a tree stump and gathered around it. Before the stump was a massive tree, where the king of the pedobears resided. Praying to him, the pedobears offered the box as a "virgin" sacrifice, hoping their king would grace them with his presence. After four hours of prayer, the bears were finally heard, as a cackling laughter came from the trees around.

Suddenly, a large beast-like creature jumped from the massive tree. Wearing sunglasses and a pink boa, the king of the pedobears had finally made himself known, and was now ready to shake up the Fairy Tail Wiki. Looking at his loyal followers, the king said only one thing to them.

"Wassup, Faggots!?"

The next generation is lead by the king of pedobears. What would this generation be called?

The poll was created at 08:57 on March 2, 2015, and so far 59 people voted.

Umnei Umneilicious
Umnei | Writer


Hello everyone! Sorry for the hiatus! It's just been real hectic around here and I've also been tres uninspired :P

I've been trying out some newer tools in Photoshop and Illustrator and stuff, I hope you guys like it! Could definitely use some work but thats life. Anyways, since FT disbanded, how would the FT girls approach their packing? Levy did have ALOT of books. Heavy ones, too. Evergreen and her statues don't exactly look fun to transport either.

Anyways, until next time! Be safe!!

IamJakuhoRaikoben SuperNatural
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Hello, everyone! Last month I featured Mirajane and I created a poll to ask you guys' opinion on who I chose to portray her (Kate Upton). I posted the results of that poll below. 78% of you thought it was a good choice. 11% of you thought it was okay. And 11% of you thought it was bad. My choice for Mirajane got GREAT reception. Yay!! Let's hope the good reception continues. :D To the 11% of you who didn't like my incredible choice... you can go fuck yourself. ಠ_ಠ
Super Natural
Laxus half naked Trevor Donovan
Laxus Dreyar Trevor Donovan

The person I picked to portray Laxus is an actor named Trevor Donovan. I think Trevor is the perfect fit for Laxus!!! Literally, I don't think there's anyone else who'd fit better than him. ( .___.) Trevor is 6'2 so he's the perfect height for Laxus who is very tall himself. He's extremely muscular like Laxus. He has natural blonde hair like Laxus. And he even has a big chin like Laxus! :D Normally, I'd list what I think are potential issues with the real world candidate, but with Trevor there are none. Him and Laxus were made for each other! So, what do you guys think? Is he a good match for Laxus? Do you know an actor who'd fit Laxus better? I seriously doubt it, but if so tell me in the comments! ^__^ And if by some chance you're mentally ill and think Trevor isn't a good choice, I'd really like to know why - for curiosity's sake. >:D

Is Trevor Donovan a good match for Laxus?

The poll was created at 09:05 on March 2, 2015, and so far 190 people voted.
Who should I feature next month?

The poll was created at 09:05 on March 2, 2015, and so far 226 people voted.

Sorcerer Logo 2 React!!
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

React - Logo
Logo Fairy Tail right

An article where the Sorcerer Magazine Staff is shown a video and asked various questions about it. Each month features a different video and all available staff members will provide their reactions to it.

If you have any suggestions for future videos that should be watched, please keep them to yourselves ;)

This month's video is:

Friday The 13th Prank!

Friday The 13th Prank!

God Real Godisme | Writer
Real Godisme
How would you describe what you just watched?
A: I would describe it as a dumb prank of a guy pretending to be Jason Vorhees that Im shocked didn't get him killed.
Did you find it funny?
A: I admit I chuckled a bit but eh, I've seen funnier.
Will you pass on the video to any friends?
A: Naw, Im not much of a video sharer and nothing in this worth sharing.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
How would you describe what you just watched?
A: Mean and beyond ignorant. It seems funny to watch these people's reactions on Youtube, but think of how terrifying this had to have been for some of them in the moment. They didn't know that it was a prank like we do.
A lot of people were scared when they did this. What would you have done if you'd been pranked by this guy?
A: Yes!! I would've been scared out of my mind.
Would you do ever something like this?
A: Hell no. Only a retard would do something like this. Not only is it mean, but it's dangerous. He was lucky no one was carrying a gun, and that the person in the car didn't run him over - I certainly would've.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Do you consider what he did to be mean spirited?
A: Mean spirited? I wouldn't think so since it is Friday the 13th. However, if any one of his prank victims were potentially able to fight back, such as the driver, it's all his own fault hehe.
How would you react if this had happened to you late at night?
A: Gosh... watching these videos, I'm all like "Oh, I could totally take him on", but I'm sure if I were put in that position, I'd flee like the devil at my heels :P
Would you ever do something like this?
A: Oh my lordie, no way! I'd probably creep myself out or even forget that I'm trying to pull a prank and totally lose my sense of character. Plus, I wouldn't want to enrage the wrong people and get whooped back xD
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Did this video turn you on?
A: I don't literally laugh out loud at many things, but this video did and it got me so horny right now. Time to make some babies. brb.
Are there any wiki users you'd want to pull this prank on?
A: Yes. EVERYONE. I'd scare the shit out of all of them and for the slow people like some in the video they deserve to die if they are going to suck ass so much.
If so, who would you have help you pull off this prank?
A: I guess I'd choose Rai since he's been my partner in crime for the past 4 years.
Wiki: "Awwwwwww <3" .
On second thought, I want Rai to be the victim. Oh yes, I'll have Mega pin him down while I buzz saw his limbs.
Wiki: "ಠ_ಠ you sicken me"
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Would you be scared if this happened to you?
A: Hell yeah. I'd dial 911 and get my ass out of there as fast as possible.
Are there any wiki users you'd want to pull this prank on?
A: There are actually pranks I'd love to pull on wiki users, but I wouldn't pull this particular prank on anyone.
What's your favorite part of the video?
A: Probably either the three guys who kept falling over one another in the beginning or that couple near the end who stood there for a moment when he walked out before high-tailing it out of there. Though that last part with the car was pretty funny too.
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
Did you enjoy the video?
A: Hmm, I would have to yes, I did, but the entire time I was thinking about how colossally fucked up in the head this guy was. I mean, what if there was a fucking policeman around any of the corners? Jesus Christ, this guy was a straight-up ignorant prick. He could've found himself in jail for quite some time. I'm pretty sure this counts as domestic terrorism. >_>
How badly would you beat someone up if they pulled this one you?
A: If someone ever did this to me I would hit them so hard that their balls would come out their ass and blood would shoot out of their nipples.
Are there any wiki users you'd want to pull this prank on?
A: Like everyone else, I can be a giant douche, and I do like to do stupid things from time to time, but this is just extreme. Hell to the fucking no. D:
Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Would you be scared if this happened to you?
A: Normally I'd say that you can't judge just by watching, but I've been scare-pranked before, so I'll say it depends. If it's late at night and I'm all alone in a dark alley, then hell yeah, and I'll make a run for it. If I'm in a car or with friends like some people in the video, then probably not :/
What's your favorite part of the video?
A: I guess I'll say the 3 guys near the beginning. They were so scared out of their minds that they kept slipping and falling.
Will you pass on the video to any friends?
A: No offense but no :P this prank's just mediocre compared to the ghost girl in the elevator, or the Anabelle prank, which I did share with friends.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Managing Editor
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
  • What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
  • What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
  • If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Mirajane Strauss
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: Well, there's Macao, Wakaba, Loke, Master Makarov, Jason, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren... You know what? It might be easier to ask who hasn't asked me to marry them. ^___^
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: Well, once, when I was young, I stole a piece of bubble gum!
Interviewer: That's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done? -___-
Mirajane: I know. It's terrible! I was so wild in my youth.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: I stabbed a guy thirty times in the chest for calling me flat chested. He nearly died.
Interviewer: O___O
Mirajane: I told you I was wild in my youth. ^___^
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: What an embarrassing question! I don't know! *blushes*
What is One Piece?
A: Isn't that a bikini for fat women?
Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Gildarts Clive
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: lol, do you realize who you're talking to?
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: Too many to pick one.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: Revenge is not cool, man. Unless you hurt a friend of mine, that is.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: That bartender Makino. We had a thing going on when I last visited Foosha village, and she's the best I've had since.
What is One Piece?
A: Nice try, Luffy, but you have to find it for yourself. There are no shortcuts in being a pirate!
Interviewer:....Who are you?
A: Can't you tell? I'm one of the 4 Emperors, Shanks!
Interviewer: .... Dammit, wrong red-haired womanizing drunk man without his left arm serving as a mentor to the main protagonist and being absent for most of the storyline.
A: Wut
Interviewer: Just go away.
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
Elfman Strauss
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: As a man, it is my job to ask a woman to marry me!
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: a man, I cannot say!
Interviewer: So uncooperative...
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: Men don't seek revenge! A real man fights fair and square!
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: A real man never kisses and tells!
Interviewer: it Evergreen?
A: N-no! I told you, a real man-
Evergreen: Bullshit.
What is One Piece?
A: Me! I'm one piece of fine man!
Interviewer: You are so completely stale and boring. Why did I even bother?
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Erza Scarlet
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: I can't recall but even if I were asked to, I don't think I can accept. My life is on a constant move.
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: Every moment we live can never be considered embarrassing, for every moment in totality equals the lives we hold precious to us.
Interviewer: Then what about that time you were dressed like the Jiggle Butt Ga-
Erza: L-let's proceed with the interview.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: I cannot say I'm proud of it.. but I requested a rematch when I was supposed to humbly accept my loss! -breaks out in tears-
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: S-sex?! -turns bright red- I'm still blushing over the marriage question... Drat, this interview seems to be escalating quickly.. Well, the answer to this question cannot be answered just yet. I need to meet him once more under different pretenses before we can settle down..
What is One Piece?
A: -eyes light up- One Piece of Cake, please!!!
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Juvia Lockser
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: Gray asked Juvia and we got married a few months ago! it was so cute ~<3
Gray: Lies.
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: Well this one time Gray wanted to kiss Juvia but Juvia got excited and bit him ( >////< )
Gray: Lies.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: Gray once touched Juvia's boobs without asking and Juvia got angry so for revenge we had make up sex. :3
Gray: Lies.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: Lyon
Gray: Lies.
Juvia: Gray-sama knows Juvia so well! XD Come have Juvia's babies!
What is One Piece?
A: Gray-sama!! Gray-sama is life, Gray-sama is EVERYTHING.
Gray: :) Hmph suck that Lyon. ┌∩┐(◣◡◢)┌∩┐
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Natsu Dragneel
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: Well, there was Lisanna way back when, but she hasn't exactly brought it up again.
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: I once stole Lucy's panties and sold them to Loke.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: I once trashed a guy's guitar since he sucked so bad. I don't think he ever found out.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: I'm sorry...I don't understand that question. "Sex" is just male or female, right?
What is One Piece?
A: Probably food. Yeah, it's gotta be food! One huge piece of fried chicken!
God Real Godisme | Writer
Laxus Dreyar
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: Freed asks just about every day.
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: I lost to that stupid punk Natsu.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: I once ripped the tongue off of one of Bickslow's dolls. He cried for days.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: Not Freed
Freed Oh come on!
What is One Piece?
A: *ignores the question*
Interviewer: Umm, Laxus, can you turn your music down.
A: *starts humming*
Interviewer: Okay we're done here apparently.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: How dare you even ask a woman of my caliber! It would be much safer for you if you would simply understand that I get requested for marriage almost everyday by my adoring fans! I have to beat them off with sticks after I complete my jobs!
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: I grace a level of poise where anything I do can never be embarrassing... If anything, you asking me such a question is embarrassing as is! FAIRY LEPRECHAUN!!
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: There is no such thing as a "worst" thing when revenge is involved! Everything is just in a woman's world! That includes pilfering their undergarments while they bathe.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: N-Now... why would you ask such a question? It's classless-! h-humiliating-! And if I HAD to answer that question.. Let's just say I'd sleep with a Man.
What is One Piece?
A: Sounds like a mobile Guild based out at sea, constantly wandering through the oceans. They've been established quite a time ago and may have garnered some popularity, but Fairy Tail is still number One.. and THAT is a Piece of truth.
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: ...
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: ...
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: ...
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: ...
What is One Piece?
A: ...
Interviewer: Holy shit, what's your excuse? HUH?! >:C
A: *whispers* I'm a doll you asshole. >_>
Interviewer: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Gajeel Redfox
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
A: Ha! Like anyone has the nerve to get rejected by me.
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: Probably back in Phantom Lord when I got super drunk and exposed my iron rod.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: I found out that Salamander trashed my guitar once, so I broke into his house and stole some of his stuff after we got back from Tenrou Island.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: If the world was ending, I'd be out on the rooftop singing and drinking!
What is One Piece?
A: Probably the dude's porn collection. Or his girlfriend's swimsuit. Maybe both.
Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Has anyone ever asked you to marry them?
Interviewer: *wears dragon mask*
A: Of course, if I say so myself. I don't blame them-as a human I used to be a hot piece of ass!
What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?
A: Be born as a human.
What's the worst thing you ever did for revenge?
A: Revenge is for petty little people. If you're gonna massacre or slaughter entire civilizations, at least do it for the hell of it, amirite.
Interviewer: What kind of sociopath are you?
A: The kind that don't give a shit.
If the world was ending, who would you have sex with for the last time ever?
A: Noone, I'd be too busy bringing the world's end.
What is One Piece?
A: Certainly NOT IGNEEL! *bam dum ts*
Interviewer:...Thank you for your time *takes off dragon mask*

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