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Cover eight

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  5. Ugliest Mage Alive
  6. This Month in the Anime
  7. This Month in the Manga
  8. The Earth Land Chronicles
  9. Fighting Festival
  10. Real Tail
  11. Nostalgic Magic
  12. Jakuho's Corner
  13. Free
  14. Fairy Advice
  15. Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
  16. The Last Pollbender
  17. Ish's Shop

Cover eight

Garyness Technical Updates
Garyness | Writer


Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki:

Recent Wiki Changes

Ongoing discussions and votes:

Announcements and discussion results:

Character Profile Image Changes

  • Hoteye's profile image was changed.
  • Katja's profile image was changed.
  • Michelle's profile image was changed.
  • Racer's profile image was changed.
  • Caelum's profile image was not changed.
  • Klodoa's profile image was not changed.


IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Hibiki naked

Hibiki Lates SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is "Hundred Night" Hibiki Lates. He's a 27 year old Mage of Blue Pegasus that employs Archive as his main form of Magic and is a member of The Trimens. Hibiki likes all females and dislikes bugs. His handsome features consistently places him fairly high in the Weekly Sorcerer's "Mage I'd Like as a Boyfriend" ranking, and maybe why so many girls sign up for the Guild he is affiliated with. He apparently has no personal preference in any particular lady.

Quote August

(Hibiki Lates to Lucy Heartfilia)"...I almost fell into darkness, but the bonds you have with your spirits wrapped me in the light."

Who do you think should be September's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 18:40 on September 1, 2012, and so far 425 people voted.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Ugliest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor



Bluenote Stinger UMA
This month's Ugliest Mage Alive is a man whose face can make any woman... or man... scream in horror. Bluenote Stinger. He's the Guild Ace of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart that employs Gravity Magic as his main form of Magic. He is an old man with the face of an ugly monkey.

Quote August 2

(Bluenote Stinger to Natsu Dragneel) "I wonder if you can fly?... Nope... still can't fly... Fall."

Who do you think should be July's Ugliest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 18:37 on September 1, 2012, and so far 266 people voted.

Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA - Ep142

The newly formed Fairy Tail teams head out to find the Infinity Clock, but despite Cana having stated that the teams would be compatible, rifts begin to form between the light Mages when they encounter members of the Reborn Oración Seis and struggle to fight them. Meanwhile, Gildarts and Laki arrive at an abbey near the Lobster residence, where they discover some odd inhabitants.


It's raining cows!

Sigh what a disappointment. I actually thought the animators wouldn't be complete idiots and give Bickslow the spotlight for once... but they failed me badly. They suck. Even though I hated that Bickslow ended up being buried in a pile of cows, I also laughed after seeing this gif. Only Bickslow can make something so stupid look so epic. Well, what else is there? Oh, yeah. *clears throat* Got Milk?

TMITA - Ep143

Doranbolt and Lahar head to a Zentopia cathedral, where they meet the Celestial Spirit Mage, Katja. They are attacked by Racer, who plans to use Anti-Link on Katja. At the same time, Fairy Tail continues clashing with all members of the Reborn Oración Seis, save for Brain II, who instead searches for Will Neville's corpse. Additionally, Gildarts and Laki find a comatose young girl who appears to be the true Michelle Lobster.

Real Michelle

Is this Michelle?...

The only interesting part is that Michelle isn't Michelle. The other Michelle is the real Michelle because Michelle isn't really Michelle. Get it?

TMITA - Ep144
Imitatia Full Body

...or is this Michelle?

Fights between Reborn Oración Seis, Fairy Tail and Legion Corps are continued. Erza's team is defenseless against the new, powerful Cobra, who is still looking for Cuberos. Meanwhile Gajeel and Juvia, thanks to their cooperation, win against Guttman Kubrick. Bisca and Alzack try to save Kardia Cathedral from Midnight, but they fail. The true identity of "Michelle" is revealed: she is also a member of Reborn Oración Seis, known under the name Imitatia. Unfortunately, all members of this Dark Guild fulfill their mission, and Anti-Link is released, with the Infinity Clock appearing in its true form!

What kind of a shitty name is Imitatia? The Infinity Clock's true form is of a fish-shaped ship. Kinda stupid. Jackpot actually being Klodoa in a suit is the most retarded thing I have ever seen. I liked Bisca's and Alzack's improved Magic and I want to see more!

TMITA - Ep145

Whilst Natsu and the Jiggle Butt Gang try to figure out a way to escape their prison cell, the Fairy Tail guild is visited by Jean-Luc, Will Neville's grandson, who explains the true nature of the Infinity Clock and what it can do. Vowing to stop such an outcome, the guild boards Christina to fly up to the clock, with Mirajane confronting Racer alone when he tries to stop them. However, any hope of victory seems futile, as Brain II and Imitatia use Anti-Link on Lucy, claiming control of the clock and the destruction it causes for themselves.

Mirajane vs. Racer

Mirajane vs Racer

The only good thing about this episode is that we finally, after many weeks, we finally have a suitable profile picture of creepy Racer in X791. anyway, so the Jiggly Butt Gang appears yet again. Now I see ehat's wrong with this filler arc, it's that the animators are complete idiots. But I may be wrong. Maybe Japanese people like old men with huge buts wearing skin-tight black suits. I'll ask my Japanese teacher... sigh Anyway, Racer has started fighting Mirajane. You know what this means? That more spotlight will be give to the same characters that fought the Zentopia Church. Yay! -___-

Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - August12
This Month in the Manga

August 2012

Alright folks, this issue will revolve around three chapters instead of five, seeing as we got no chapter one week and the last one came out too late to be inserted. This month's focus and main theme is the long-awaited battle pitting Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers against Sabertooth's... This issue is about Natsu & Gajeel vs Sting & Rogue, at long last.


And if you're wondering, that's not a good thing. IT'S NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!

Sigh... Signature tune.

I - Chapter 294: Battle of Dragon Slayers

TMITM - Ch 294

Time to start. The two team stare each other down as their respective Masters encourage them in different ways (Jiemma goes for his renowed "Style of the Asshole Mustache", while Makarov chooses to adopt the usual "Mustache of Nakama-ness"). The gong is played, and confrontation finally ensues.

Before Sting and Rogue have a chance to do anything, Natsu and Rogue are in front of them, their faces some inches away from the opposing Dragon Slayers'. Oh, come on guys, to do that you at least have to offer them a drink. Gentlemen don't go for a kiss before...

Oh no, wait. That's a fight.

Sigh, what a relief.

Sting and Rogue get struck pretty badly in a moment, being sent flying backwards and then suffering more melee strikes from their foes before they can react, much to the audience's dismay. Sting seems to enjoy the whole thing, and decides to reciprocate by firing his White Dragon's Roar against Natsu, who rapidly dodges it, noting how it resembles a laser. A masochistic, sadistic, likely homosexual Dragon Slayer firing lasers from his mouth?! WUT?!

The whole thing's pretty suspicious... Mhm...

Sting firing laser

Sting's lazor.

He's firin' it.


I'm betting his power level was over 9,000 when he used that.

Oh well.

Looking at the lazor

Gajeel was looking at the lazor

While Gajeel is distracted by Sting's WHOOP, Rogue tries to assault him with his so-called Shadow Dragon's Slash, supposed to be an attack based on shadows, but looking like a cheap ripoff of Zancrow's God Slayer Magic. Annoyed at the opponent getting in the way while he beholds Sting's lazor, he sends him flying away with his Iron Dragon's Sword. Natsu appears out of nowhere, grabs the flying Dragon Slayer from his face and then rushes towards the first base Sting, assaulting both foes with his Fire Dragon's Wing Attack, with everyone in the audience going "Ooooooooh".

Natsu wonders whether the two foes really did beat Dragons with their level of power, with Sting replying they killed the reptilians with their own hands. Black and White then proceed to activate some power up, Shadow Drive and White Drive respectively, subsequently attacking the opposing Slayers.

While in such state, Rogue is seemingly intangible like a shadow, and can sneak-attack Gajeel several times. As for Sting... Well, he's covered in an aura of light and fires light beams. As simple as that. Guess it's a "Who's brighter beats the other up" sort of battle, as Natsu is struck by a barrage of blows. The White Dragon Slayer spits some bullshit about "holiness" and "judgement" before reducing Natsu's movement by firing a stigma on his body. Wait a minute. You're telling me we're dealing with a masochistic, sadistic, likely homosexual Dragon Slayer firing lasers from his mouth and acting as a freelance pope boy?! DOUBLE WUT?!

Holy Nova

Falcon Punch!

Anyhow, Sabertooth's Dragon Slayers don't get to enjoy glory for long: Gajeel casually ignores Rogue's intangibility by grabbing his attacking hand and then happily elbowing him in the face, while Natsu burns away Sting's stigma with his dark fire of Satan from the depths of Hell and gives the opponent a similar treatment. The White Dragon Slayer resolves to use his Dragon Slayer's Secret Arts against the enemy, attacking him with his Holy Nova... which Natsu carelessly parries with one hand.

... Why did you bother trying?

Anyhow, the two Mages from Sabertooth keep getting hammered, with Yajima remarking how Natsu and Gajeel's level of strength is too much different from theirs.

Sting and Rogue stand back on their feet with difficulty, resolving to finally fight at full power, with the former wanting to respect a promise he made Lector and the latter hoping to screw an unconscious Gajeel for good after the battle. Scales, or rather fancy tattoos supposed to be scales, partially cover their bodies as the two Dragon Slayers, much to everyone's shock, enter Dragon Force mode without the need to consume any external source of power. And the marmot wraps the chocolate.

This rather fuddled chapter came with over 30 pages, three of which were colored: a starting page showing Fairy Tail cheering the two competitors on, and a two-pages panel with some of the guild's most prominent members. Laxus was in both, so, as far as colors go, I'm pretty satisfied. Aside from this, a pair of two-pages drawings showed Sabertooth's Mages getting rocked by the two guys from Fairy Tail, and another one the above mentioned Fairy Slayers standing idly while looking cool... after rocking the Sabertooth Mages. Oh well.

II - Chapter 295: Sting and Lector

TMITM - Ch 295

Another outstanding amount of pages waiting for us in this chapter. Guess Mashima wants to make up for its lack of notable contents, good sense, creativity and... Oh, well.

Sabertooth Banner

This is Sabertooth...

Everyone is still going "Oooooohhh, Dragon Force!", "Ooooh, they activated it without the need to consume anything!", "Ooooohh, look at the boobs on that gal in the second row!" as Sting steps forward and tells Rogue he'll handle their foes himself, as "he is enough". He starts attacking Natsu and Gajeel, at the same time ducking their blows, and ultimately destroys the arena's floor with his White Dragon's Holy Breath (initially translated by some scanlators as White Dragon's White Dragon's... Great, really), revealing a series of underground structures resting in a cave below it. Do you think someone will spend a minute to notice these vaguely mysterious buildings, wondering what they're doing below the Domus Flau, or try and sospend the match or something?

The fuck, this is Fairy Tail! Let the battle continue, and screw archaeology and common sense! If the ring breaks, the fighters will merely get hurt badlier, much to the audience's joy!



Sting continues beating his foes both in midair and on the ground, even using his (ATTENTION! Possible Naruto spoiler!) Laser Circus Holy Ray technique, and then goes on to remember a promise he made Lector...

"Screen fades in flashback style"

... to one day beat Natsu, in order to prevent others from bullying Lector due to his claim that Sting himself had beaten a Dragon being considered a lie.

"Screen returns to normal"

So... This is it? No troubled childhood? No destruction, or orphanages, or bandits or anything? "Slowly starts crying" Just a bratty Exceed "Sigh" bragging about his friend "Sigh" and not being believed "Sigh" by others? That's tragic "Returns dead serious" sh.

Skyrim Sabre Cat

... but this is Sabertooth, too...

Anyhow, as Sting and Rogue (who did much, right?) brag about their Third Generation, Natsu and Gajeel stand back up on their feet, revealing that they've studied Sting's fighting habits while getting badly beaten up. And then... Natsu pushes Gajeel in a minecart and, taking advantage of his motion sickness, sends him away on the rails... in order to fight Sting and Rogue by himself.


I really don't know what to say. This is wrong under SO many aspects. Hope Gajeel finds some diamonds and doesn't run into a Creeper, or I'll fucking kill you, stupid pink hedgehog.

As I said, another extra-long chapter, coming with two colored pages: a single one showing Sting and Rogue in their Dragon Force mode before Natsu and Gajeel, and a double one with all of the series' characters present in this last arc, portrayed in a Chibi style. A black and white (no, not that again) two-pages panel is focused around Natsu and Gajeel falling in the arena's underground. I think I've said enough. Oh, no, wait. Mashima proved us again (after pulling Quatro Cerberus back) how much he remembers about the first chapters in the series, making Natsu make a certain gesture again. Or had he forgotten and wanted to be original?

COME ON! Natsu and Come On Renew

Mashima: "Ahah, that's what I call original! I can't possibly have had such a genial idea in the past... Can't I?"

III - Chapter 296: Natsu vs. the Twin Dragons

TMITM - Ch 296

... or it it the Two Dragons? Aaahhh, whatever.

"Sigh" Here we are, the final chapter of the battle of Dragon Slayers. Are you wondering why I'm sighing, and if it's because this battle is coming to an end? No, my dear readers. I'm crying because this battle is pure shit, and the simple fact that Mashima ever thought of it like this sends chills down my spine. He must think he writes his manga for an audience under 4 years.


Diego Ice Age

... as is this.

Let's get started. Natsu's back on his feet and ready to fight the two opponents by himself. Knowing what an astounding amount of Plot Armor he has at his disposal, we're not the only ones crying, for a stranger with his/her face obscured by a cape sheds tears while observing the whole thing. In the meantime... Jellal senses the dark energy again. Uuuuuuuuuh, what a surprise, really. You felt it like 20 times already these Games, and every time you got nothing. Right now it almost seems like Mashima wants to cover some pages and has nothing better to put in them. This is getting pathetic.

Anyhow, the ones facing in the arena chitchat a bit, Natsu spits some Nakama Crap and the three resume their battle, with the Fire Dragon Slayer beating up the one who was weeeping the floor with his head just moment before, plus someone he didn't have a chance to "analyze" by getting beaten, and who, as a result, he shouldn't be able to match. With both opponents in Dragon Force mode, that is. And with Natsu rarely ever using his Magic attacks, going melee for most of the time, countering and overwhelming Rogue's Shadow Dragon's Roar with his own breath spell and ultimately clashing with the opposing Holy Shadow Dragon's Flash Fang (yeah, Unison Raid. Remember, that spell supposed to be extremely rare; so rare, in fact, that some people searched for it for their entire lives... Hell, they might have just read Fairy Tail until now, and they'd had three nice instances already) through his Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade.

Anything else before I give you the results of such confrontation? Everyone becomes increasingly confident as Sabertooth becomes increasingly baffled and left "Lol WTF?", and Lector is revealed to have been Sting's apprentice, who, not managing to become any stronger than he already is, simply resolved to rejoice in Sting's own power.


Ahem, I meant pathetic, sorry.

And now to the results...


This ISN'T Sabertooth.

The fuck, do I really need to tell you? Natsu rocks the Twin Dragons' asses. Victory goes to Fairy Tail. A good part of the Domus Flau's underground is reduced to pieces. Screw you, funky guys, I hope the archaeological society comes for you asses. Fairy Tail on top with 45 points, and Sabertooth one step below with 44. Say Sting, does this remind you of something? Does it ring a bell? A certain Chariot event, maybe? Nothing?


Now seriously, who gives a fuck about art and double pages this time. This chapter is merely the topping, the vaulted ceiling of the shit tower Mashima built with this battle, one chapter after the other. 294, 295 and now 296. Behold, the tower is finally complete! Now we guys are free to climb to its top and start throwing shit at one another! Yaaaaaaaayyyy!


That's all. I refuse to say anything else. August's issue ends here... luckily enough.

Garyness The Earth Land Chronicles
Garyness | Writer


Welcome to another issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will be the discussion of related things in the Fairy Tail series, which will be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, all in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month (though once in a while two). So let's continue with the Loke arc.

The Tower of Heaven arc is next! (One of my favourites!). It's packed with action, drama, and has a gripping conclusion! So the arc begins with the gang going to a casino. Already Erza is feeling uneasy about herself, and worse nightmares come true when her former prison friends return and attack Team Natsu. Erza & Happy are kidnapped and it's up to everyone else (plus Juvia) to save them. The addition of Juvia was awesome! She was definitely a standout character in the Phantom Lord arc, and seeing the Gray-obsessed girl again was a treat (especially since she can kick ass). And she brings comedy too. (making Lucy's water bubble smaller than everyone else).

So after the gang gets into the tower, Erza reveals her very tragic past. Mashima usually blows at flashbacks, but for once her did a full, well-thought-out story for this one. Erza's rough past defintely makes her character even cooler. So the gang spreads out after teaming up with Erza's former prison friends to take down Jellal, one of the main characters/villains in the series. He sends assassins after the gang, and we get some awesome battles out of it. We see the epic Unison Raid used for the first time, Natsu being saved by Gray, and a battle to the death against Erza and Ikaruga. Erza is able to beat Ikaruga in a rather thrilling battle. Downside is that this battle is severely toned down in the anime. Curse this bloodless anime!!!

Anyways the final battle between Erza and Jellal takes place. The tension at this point is high, and some of the most dramatic and best battling takes place here. Erza faces Jellal with no armour believing she is stronger in this way, but is not able to overcome his Magic. She is able to pin him down, but being the sneaky man he is, Jellal tricks Erza into believing he was only a tool used by the ghost of Zeref. The beyond idiotic Magic Council decides to use the Etherion to destroy Jellal's tower, but instead it adds to his plan of resurrecting Zeref. All hope seems lost until... Natsu arrives!

Natsu saves Erza from being a sacrifice really quickly, and then goes to battle Jellal solo. He is also no match until he goes into Dragon Force for the first time by eating. Now as a semi-Natsu hater myself I hate seeing Natsu win like this, but somebody tell me it wasn't awesome watching Natsu whoops Jellal's ass in Dragon Force :)! After Jellal's defeat though, there seems to be no time before the tower explodes. Erza decides to sacrifice herself to the tower, knowing it would make Natsu see another day. After she does we are led to believe our favourite heroin is dead...

She lives though and is saved by Natsu (and possibly Jellal). The Tower of Heaven arc follows a very linear and classic path. Defeat baddies, face final boss, dramatic conclusion. But due to the likeability of (most) of these characters, the arc turns out to be one of the best in the series in my opinion, and definitely makes Erza more popular than she already was. Now I go re-read it!!

Oh yeah, and Happy was saved... but who cares.

Best Quote of the Arc: "I cannot live without Fairy Tail. I cannot even imagine a world without my nakama. That;s how much all of you mean to me. If doing this can save all of you I have no regrets. This one measly body... Take it!"
Best Magic of the Arc: Re-equip
Best Moment of the Arc: Magic Council dying!!! Oh wait... that didn't happen.
Best Chapter of the Arc: To Tomorrow
Best Episode of the Arc: A Prayer Under the Holy Light

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fighting Festival
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

FF headline
DS Generation Punch
Natsu Gajeel vs Sting Rogue

Okay, we only had one fight this month and it had potential to be one of the greatest fights we've had this did not live up to this potential. Here's how the fight went: Sting and Rogue get their asses beat, Natsu and Gajeel get their asses beat briefly, Natsu sends Gajeel away, Sting and Rogue get their asses beat, Natsu wins. WTF?! Sting and Rogue were hyped up to be very powerful and then they get beat by Natsu who isn't using ANY of his special abilities?? Mashima was obviously just tired of the GMG and wanted to move on to whatever story plot he has waiting for us. And although I'm excited to see it, it still doesn't excuse this piss poor fight. I give it a 5/10 and that's being extremely generous.

Aldarinor Real Tail
Aldarinor | Writer

RT Header-Jan12


... dear readers, to August's issue of Real Tail. This time we'll be dealing with something specila, even more special than last month, especially due to such article not focuding around Junk Trivia... Sort of.

Let me explain things.


Ever since I created Real Tail, I've been wondering whether people like it, whether the trivial facts seemingly standing in the backstage of a famous production such as Fairy Tail interest you, and, most importantly, whether I'm not losing my time any month for something none likes or finds even a little bit catching.

So, now it's you guys' turn to speak, to let me know what you think about this project which popped in my mind many months ago, when someone asked me what I wanted to write aside from my more renowed (or, at least, less notorious) This Month in the Manga, and my first answer would have been "Ahem... Waffle?".

Up to you, guys.

What do you think of Aldarinor's Raven Tail? Do you like it? Does such article interest you?

The poll was created at 19:32 on September 1, 2012, and so far 79 people voted.


So, how's the poll going?

"Someone from the backstage whispers something in his ears"

Really? Oh, right.

Sorry folks, I'd forgotten you guys can't speak the language of rodents... Yeah. For any of you who gave the poll above a try, congratulations for the effort.

In any case, here comes a second poll, this time in English. The order of its answers doesn't necessarily reflect the one from the previous poll.

Your turn again, people.

What do you think of Aldarinor's Raven Tail? Do you like it? Does such article interest you?

The poll was created at 19:32 on September 1, 2012, and so far 63 people voted.

The one above ought to be more comprehensible.

Hope to receive many answers from you, people! Give me some feedback, and let me know what you think of this green thing I fob you off with every month.

See you guys! Bye!

Oh, and before I forget... To tell it all, some Trivia could rightfully deserve its place in such article...


  • The poll in August's issue of Real Tail revealed that X people enjoy said article very much, Y people like it, Z people are neutral to it, K people don't like it and W people hate it.

... Where the various letters are still unknown quantities. What can I say... Hope the ones with the higher values are the first two!

Garyness Nostalgic Magic
Garyness | Writer


Hi. This is the first of the (hopefully) many monthly shots of nostalgia I can provide for you Fairy Tail fans and wiki readers out there. With the quick progress of the series, we've been slowly forgetting the awesome moments of Fairy Tail's past, and so Nostalgic Magic aims to prevent memory loss by reminding you of the Fairies' history as well as stab you a hundred times over with a bayonet while screaming "ARE YOU NOSTALGIC YET?!?!?"

This Month's Feature:

God Slayer power

This month we reflect back at the semi-awesome, somewhat corny Magic, God Slayer Magic! Now everyone asked the same question when they heard it was like Dragon Slayer Magic, which was if it had been taught to the users by gods. While it seems Zancrow just learned it from his troll master, Hades. We don't know about this other small girl Chelia. Either way, there is no doubt it's powerful, and even though it should be more powerful than Dragon Slayer's not...cuz that's the main characters Magic.

Disreguarding that, the Magic was able to give both Wendy and Natsu a very hard time. So first Natsu faces Zancrow. A somehow fan-favourite weirdo who uses Flame God Slayer Magic. This obviously poses a problem, and Natsu get's his butt whooped all around Tenrou Island. What saves Natsu though? Mashima! By creating complete bullshit, Natsu was able to eat the uneatable flames and defeat Zancrow... Bad debut for what seemed awesome.

The next encounter is at the Grand Magic Games. Wendy faces Chelia, the Wind God Slayer (how coincidental...again), and again she seems like no match. Its overall unexplained, but Wendy is just able to match her power... Wow this was less fun to talk about than I thought... Join me next month for another issue of Nostalgic Magic!!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Jakuho's Corner


IamJakuhoRaikoben is the founder of Jakuho's Corner, as well as its sole editor. His goal in its founding was to keep editors and viewers of the Fairy Tail Wiki informed on the latest rumors, gossip, and facts about the Fairy Tail Series.

Welcome to "Jakuho's Corner", your source for Fairy Tail rumors, chapter info, interviews, and more!

Note: Do not assume the following are definitely true. These are all rumors that I got from one of my many sources:
  • NO NEW RUMORS THIS MONTH. Although, if you so chose, you can read the rumors from last month that have yet to be confirmed or denied. Like always, they are posted below.

Last Month's Rumors >>>


Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing Glass Heart , my bitchiest wife!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us a little about yourself.
Glass Heart: I'm just a regular, teenage Asian-American female living in the USA with a strong passion for various forms of culture art, particularly literature and anime/manga. Additionally, I'm an aspiring writer currently in the working of a 10-part novel series, which, in the future, I dearly hope to publish under my name. Stalkers, don't think you'll be getting my true identity out from it.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
Glass Heart: I was recommended Fairy Tail by a good friend of mine somewhere during the summer of 2011. Though I wasn't too eager on editing as an anonymous user, often I would check out various wikis and so I did the same with the Fairy Tail Wiki.

Remnant13: Who?
Glass Heart: Not telling.
Remnant13: Why not!
ChaosKnight: Do not continue to be a pervert, Remnant.
Glass Heart: Indeed.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?
Glass Heart:

  1. Don't spend all your time socializing. Wikia is not a social network, it's an encyclopedic website. Things you should focus more on is editing and improving the content of the site rather than just blogging or chatting. You can do both but keep a good mix.
  2. Don't feel the trolls.
  3. Don't piss me off. Don't piss anyone off.
  4. Don't spam or vandalize.
  5. Don't bother reading this part of Sorcerer's Magazine. The ones on Community Central are far more worth your time, trust me. In fact, this interview of Jakuho's Corner is just a blatant rip-off from theirs in terms of questions and all.
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Screw you, Glass! I'm going to ignore you now!
Omega natsu2: Hey! Only I can say that!
IamJakuhoRaikoben: You have no right, disowned whore of son!
Glass Heart: Both of you... shut the hell up.
IamJakuhoRaikoben & Omega natsu2: No!
Glass Heart: Then instead of shutting it, just leave. Do us all some good.

Fairy Tail Wiki: So word on the street is (mostly on chat) that you are a complete bitch. Would you care to respond to this statement?
Glass Heart: I am a complete, brutally-honest bitch. Deal with it.

Lizzy435: Good point. Well said!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Do you think anyone would want to marry someone as bitchy as you?
Glass Heart: Sure, why not?

Fairy Tail Wiki: Surprisingly, IamJakuhoRaikoben married you, even though you are a bitch. Why do you think he married you?
Glass Heart: Because I'm awesome. 'Nuff said.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: That's not why I married you!
Glass Heart: Then why?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Because... I... I...
Glass Heart: ...Think I'm awesome? I just said that. No need to repeat.
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Screw you!
Imhungry4444: Hey, Glass...
Glass Heart: What?
Glass Heart: So... cute.

Fairy Tail Wiki: However, you are Rai's second wife, with RedFemaleKnight being the first. Is there anything you'd like to say to her?
Glass Heart: Well, firstly, it's my fault for letting her get into that marriage in the first place not really, since she did actually say she would marry him. Then... after several months... I got her out of it. I just said one word, plus an angry emoticon, which did the trick.

Fairy Tail Wiki: That doesn't answer the question...
Glass Heart: What was your question then?
Fairy Tail Wiki: Is there anything you have to say for RedFemaleKnight?
Glass Heart: Oh. You're welcome, Red!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Recently, you've become a staff member of Wiki Tail. Would you like to say anything to the readers of the series?
Glass Heart: I quit Wiki Tail.

Fairy Tail Wiki: ...What the hell?
Glass Heart: Deal with it.
Fairy Tail Wiki: No, I won't! Do you know how much time and effort that Wikia Staff put into creating the Wiki Tail namespace on me?! It was hell! Now all of that is just for nothing? I will not accept that.
Glass Heart: But you're just... Fairy Tail Wiki. Why should you care?
Fairy Tail Wiki: Because—
Glass Heart: And actually, come to think of it, how can you? You're just the Fairy Tail Wiki. You're not a living, sentimental creature. The fact I'm being interviewed by you shouldn't even be real. Come to think of it... it's creepy.
Fairy Tail Wiki: Good point. Well, now you readers have some rumor to look forward to.
Glass Heart: What rumor?
Fairy Tail Wiki: That I'm actually a person pretending to be a wiki. Now, this interview is over.
Glass Heart: Good.

Well, there you have it folks. Right here on Jakuho's Corner, Glass admitted to being a bitch. Not like it's a big surprise or anything. And for all of you that are wondering, yes, Wiki Tail is no more. It was destroyed. Gone, never to be seen again! We all just....quit. Rem quit, then Reli, then me, then Herme, then Glassy. More info on that on the next page! Anyhow, next month's interview will be with a user with a dangerous reputation on the wiki. Look forward to it! See you guys next time!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Free
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Ain't No Feeling Like Being Free!

"Ain't no feeling like being free
When your mind's made up
And your hearts in the right place, yeah
Ain't no feeling like being free
When you've done all you could
But was misunderstood
(It's all good, it's all good)
Ain't no feeling like being free
I'm like an eagle set free
And finally I'm looking out for me
Ain't no feeling like being free
Cause my mind's made up
And my heart is in the right place, yeah"

Okay you guys. So as you may or may not have known. Wiki Tail has been cancelled. I know, I know. We gave you guys two chapters and then we just quit. Well, believe it or not, this was actually for the best. If you guys only knew how much trouble it was causing…well actually, you will know. Soon. Very soon. Because this one shot article is meant to explain just why we closed off Wiki Tail so bear with me.


None of us were professional writers or even frequent fanfiction writers so there was no way we could tell a decent story. Now, I know some of you may say, “then why the hell did you guys chose to write a story in the first place?” And the answer to that is….we didn’t. Wiki Tail was initially supposed to be a small mini web comic that had no heavy plot, just funny situations. But then Rem joined us and created these awesome character concepts and we decided that we couldn’t have characters as awesome as that and just have “funny situations” so we decided to make a “real” manga. However, Rem soon informed us that he didn’t have the time to be a full manga illustrator for us and that he’d only be able to do character concepts. So we all decided we’d just write the story and have character concepts at the end of the chapter, and that, my friends, is where the trouble began.


We were literally able to get little to nothing done because of arguments. We had four people, then five, then eventually six people working on the series and we all had differing opinions. We argued constantly and were unable to get even the simplest tasks done. We’d argue and argue and argue and then we’d start discussions inside of discussions. Creating several “discussion” pages to help organize ourselves didn’t help either, I might add.


Yes, I mean the five (or six) of us that were a part of Wiki Tai’s team. We were all responsible for its demise. I have a little game I want you all to play. I'm going to describe a person and their faults and I want you guys to guess who is who.

  • Here are your choices:
    • IamJakuhoRaikoben
    • Guilherme Abe
    • Rauleli
    • Remnant
    • Glass Heart
    • Gwenini
  • Figure out which description matches each person.
  • Person 1: This person was the kiss of death for this doomed series. This person is bossy and controlling and created a lot of strife among the team and, eventually, lead the series to its inevitable demise. This person is like cancer, but, this person is my cancer. :3
  • Person 2: This person is perhaps the laziest illustrator in history. He/She could never get anything done on time! And was too much of a little girl to say what was on his/her mind. It was he/she who first quit the series.
  • Person 3: Ah, sweet, sweet person number 3. Well, at least he/she appears sweet. Deep within this seemingly harmless little person is a beast. A beast waiting to claim its prey. 3 was never officially voted in as a member. 3's husband, ???, and 3's friend, ???, just decided 3 was a member while Jak was inactive. 3 unofficially joining our ranks created plenty of strife among us. And even worse than this, was 3's spell over another person. What do I mean? Simple. This other person is completely and utterly unable to disagree with 3. Anything she says, he’ll agree with. Why? Because she’s a seductress and once she has hold of a man, it is nearly impossible for him to be released from her clutches. Men be warned! She may come after you. O_O
  • Person 4: As stated earlier, once 3 “joined”, this man forgot that he had a brain of his own. His words consisted of “yes ma’am” “no ma’am” and “I’ll do whatever Gwen wants me to do.” His inability to disagree with 3 was a key factor in the demise of the series.
  • Person 5: Person 5 was flawless. :)
  • Person 6: 6 was a bit bitchy at times…okay, most of the time. And 6's bitching got annoying, but 6 wasn’t that bad. 6 & 5 were perfect team members, who wanted nothing more than teamwork, but they were unfortunately brought down by the errors of their teammates.
Ain't No Feeling Like Being Free!

Despite Wiki Tail ending after over 7 months of hard work on it, I’m not sad one bit! Why? Because AIN’T NO FEELING LIKE BEING FREE!!! Wiki Tail took up SO much of my time and I was unable to do hardly anything for the wiki because I was always so caught up in that damn series, but now, I have no obligations to it and I can focus on my wiki work which should have been my number one priority from the start. And to be honest, I’ve been wanting to quit the series for a while. I think we all have. The problem is, no one wanted to say it. No more pointless arguments, no more time trying to figure out what is good or bad about the series, no more over working myself (Jk. I’m still overworked ), and NO MORE WIKI TAIL!! Herme is supposed to be creating a blog sooner or later to tell you guys some different things we had planned for the series and to release all character designs/bios that we didn’t release, so anyone who actually cared about the series can look forward to that.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • What is your favorite weapon?
  • What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
  • How are you like the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
What is your favorite weapon?
A: My babies! They are the best weapons that would never failed me!
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
A: Hmm... It's name would be "Fuck Yourself" and it's relase command would be "Stick your tongue out!".
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
A: Who the hell cares? *grins*
How are you like the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
A: It's completely fucked up. The animators suck. They buried me in a pile of cows. Me and my babies are gonna have to pay the a visit. *Eyes glow*
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
A: Meh, it's just another one of Rai's fail projects... or at least it will be soon.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Erza Scarlet
What is your favorite weapon?
A: I have so many. There's no way I could possibly choose.
Interviewer: Just pick one.
Erza Scarlet: It's impossible.
Interviewer:-___- You're being difficult.
Erza Scarlet: You're right. Forgive me. I'll give you the name of each one and you can help me choose.
Interviewer:On second thought, just forget that question. (_ _)
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
A: It would be named "Bringer of Truth, Justice, and All That Is Right In This World" and it's release command would be "Go forth, Bringer of Truth, Justice, and All That Is Right In This World!".
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
A: What a silly question. Fairy Tail will crush its enemies and emerge victorious.
How are you liking (you made a typo whore) the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
A: It's garbage. There's nothing else to say.
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
A: I think you are all awful for begging poor little Jak to open it, knowing that he didn't want to, and then not participating. ಠ_ಠ
Aldarinor Aldarinor | Writer
Cana Alberona
What is your favorite weapon?
Cana: Weapons? I'm not fond of weapons, I'm a pacifist. Make love,* not war! "Toasts"
... Though I can always send annoying people flying away with explosive cards.
Interviewer: What kind of pacifist attitude is that...???
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
Cana: Mhm... It would likely be named "Sake" (酒), "Booze", and its release command would be "Fill me with alcohol", hehe...
Interviewer: And what about your full release, Bankai?
Cana: WHAT?! There's a full release?! That means EVEN MORE ALCOHOL! Where is that Gotei 13 place, I want to join in!
Even though those black uniforms are kind of lame... Guess I could try and steal a certain someone's look after stuffing her in a closet, hihi...
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
Cana: Don’t know… Celebrations and booze for everyone? Sigh, I’d like it to be like that, but I hardly think it’s possible…
How are you like the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
Cana: Gulp… Hey, it’s not my fault if the pairings came out wrong! I was manipulated while sleeping, right? Hey, wait a moment… someone did something to me… while I was sleeping… WITHOUT OFFERING ME A DRINK? FILTHY LITTLE …
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
Cana: Man, that’s really weird. There’s a girl whose name I can’t remember who came up with an ultra-lengthy thing… I mean, that’s LONG for real! Who’d spend so much time designing a fictional character?
Interviewer: Well, you’re a fictional character yourself, so you ought to know…
Cana: Hey, who is it you’re calling a fictional character?
Interviewer: You, of course.

The interviewer draws a pencil and uses its rubber edge to partially erase Cana’s right forearm.

Cana “Drawing a card to attack”: What the hell are you doing, you damn…?!

The interviewer erases all of Cana’s body, leaving only her head behind.

Cana: WHAT?! Give my body back, you son of a…!

The interviewer erases Cana’s mouth.

Aldarinor “Appearing out of the blue”: NOOOOOO!!! Cana, what did he do to you???!!! Your body…!!! Your lips…!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! “Takes the pencil away from the interviewer” Erase my heart as well, there’s no reason for it to beat any longer! “Brushes the rubber against his chest, to no avail”
Interviewer: Sheeesh…
Hiro Mashima “Appearing out of the blue as well, with a sparkle in his eyes ”: Should I draw her again with even ampler curves?
Aldarinor "With his eyes sparkling too": YES PLEASE!!!
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Vidaldus Taka (coming out of Natsu's nose hairs)
What is your favorite weapon?
A: Go to hell
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
A: "Go to hell!" Hell!
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
A: Go to hell
How are you like the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
A: Go to hell
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
A: Go to hell
Interviewer: Well, since you asked nicely, I will. Creepy Smile
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Lucy Heartfilia
What is your favorite weapon?
A: My sex appeal *strikes pose*
Interview: *blank stare* That's it?
Lucy: Not again...
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
A: Umm it's name would be Urano Metria and its release command would be "survey the heavens."
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
A: I think I'll finally be useful!
Hiro Mashima: Pffffft.
How are you liking the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
A: M-Michelle's a traitor.Cry
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
A: I think you are all awful for begging poor little Jak to open it, knowing that he didn't want to, and then not participating. ಠ_ಠ
Aldarinor Aldarinor | Writer
Orga Nanagear (Mistaken for Elfman)
What is your favorite weapon?
Orga "Staring on with a scowl on his face and his teeth clenched": ...
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
Orga "Staring on with a scowl on his face and his teeth clenched": ...
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
Orga "Staring on with a scowl on his face and his teeth clenched": ...
How are you like the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
Orga "Staring on with a scowl on his face and his teeth clenched": ...
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
Orga "Staring on with a scowl on his face and his teeth clenched": ...
Interviewer: Sigh... You're not a chatty guy, aren't you?
Orga: Nope.
Interviewer: Right...
Orga: Want to hear a song?
Interviewer: Sure!
Interviewer: A-alright...
Elfman "Appearing out of nowhere to scold some of his guildmates": See? That's a MAN for you! MAN!
Interviewer: Sigh, now there are tow Elfmans... Or is it Elfmen? Same thing, the interview can't get any worse anyway...
Risley Law: Don't underestimate interviews!
Interviewer: I spoke too soon...

In the background Orga and Elfman are singing (or rather, yelling) together.

Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Sherry Blendy (Kindly invited... according to her)
What is your favorite weapon?
A: Love! Love is the best weapon!
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
A: It's name would be "Ren" and it's released command would be "I love you!"
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
A: As long as there is love, it doesn't matter.
How are you like the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
A: *frowns* It is not love!
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
A: The competition is love!
Interviewer: I don't get it. What does that mean?
Sherry: You know, love!
Interviewer: I still don't get it.
Sherry: You don't get love? Do you want some?
Interviewer: Perv

Yes! *throws himself on top of Sherry*

Ren: What the fuck is going on?!
Sherry: Threesome?
Ren: Ok.
Rauleli: What the fuck? WTF
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Rogue Cheney
What is your favorite weapon?
A: Gajeel.
If you were a Shinigami, what would the name of your Zanpakutō and its release command be?
A: Gajeel.
What do you think will happen in the Grand Magic Games' fifth day?
A: Gajeel.
How are you liking the Key of the Starry Sky filler arc?
A: Gajeel.
What do you think of the 2nd Official Fanon Competition of the wiki?
A: Gajeel.
Interviewer: Can't you say something besides Gajeel?!
Rogue: Gajeel... Redfox.
Fan Mail

16:09, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Laxus,

What was the hardest thing you've ever had to do and why?
Sincerely, TFG
Laxus: The hardest thing to do was admitting that I'm gay and that I love Freed more than Aldarinor .
Aldarinor : Don't worry. Laxus I still love you... because I'm gay too!
Rauleli: We all know you two are gay. Get out of public eyes' view now. Nobody wants to see you two doing... ugh...
02:33, August 1, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Sting,

Sincerely, TaniaDreyar (talk)
Sting Eucliffe: No.

20:03, August 1, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Midnight,

Hi Midnight I'm Rina a Fan of yours anyway Do you hate the fact that people call you gay *backs away so i don't get slapped* hehe no fights XD
Sincerely,   Rina1230 Talk  Wendy wektor
Midnight: Isn't it obvious? Of course I'm gay. You have bad eyes if you can't see it. My Magic is still super epic though...
Rina: NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

11:21, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Cobra,

I am thinking of a number between one and ten..
Sincerely, FALLEN  Email!  SHADOW
Cobra: Eleven. I'm good. [[File:Cool.gifCool]]

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Issue 8: August 2012

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The Wiki
Rai Periods
All his projects *cough*Guild Competition, Wiki Tail*cough* end up failing. Should Rai ever make another one of his projects, ever?

The poll was created at 19:06 on September 1, 2012, and so far 84 people voted.
Should there be periods at the end of sentences in image descriptions?

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Please define "Fairy Tail Animator"

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Grand Magic Games Chapter 297
What would you have liked for the 5th day?

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Who is that mysterious woman?

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Which Reborn Oración Seis member do you hate the most?!

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Hi Everyone! This is Ishthak once again! Today we will focus on FT clothes for cosplays... As you will see it's very hard to become your favorite member!
The best
This is a perfect choice to look good as a Erza - "Armor" is handmade with attention to details. It's made to look and feel hard. If you wanna become perfect Lucy, those clothes are obvious choose for you - shirt and skirt has a good colors, belt includes a place to put your personal whip or/and keys. It's not too infantile - looks like a good normal clothes and as we know - natural is not very popular theme on cosplays. Shame...
Price: from $80.19 (Lucy) to $120.95 (Erza)

Erza | Lucy

Erza Armor Good

The worst

Erza Scarlet | Lucy Heartfilia

Erza Armor Bad
In this beautiful armor you will present yourself as great and mighty Queen of Other Space Fairys! Just look at this perfectly wrinkly steel you can wear! It will give you realistic look of powerful The Knight magic user, no doubt. And obviously Lucy... If you wanna look as a perfect mix of high school student and playmate it's a costume for you! Still I'm little disappointed that it doesn't include the bunny's tail...
Price: from $49.90 (Lucy) to $78.00 (Erza and Gajeel)

The surprise
Well as we know details are important - they are make us look professional/realistic or... just lame. When I first saw this scarf I thought it was a joke... If this resembles a dragon scales, it means that my grandpa is retired Dragon Slayer or at least has some Dragon friends O_O ... To be honest I just NEED to say some cosplayer with those sandals - this <3 is sooooo cute ~(*^*)~ I would laugh so loud!
Price: $35.00 (scarf) to $68.00 (sandals)

Scarf | Sandals

Natsu Scarf1

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