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  5. This Month in the Anime
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  7. The Earth Land Chronicles
  8. Fighting Festival
  9. Real Tail
  10. Nostalgic Magic
  11. Gate of the Horoscope
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  15. Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
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Garyness Technical Updates
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Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Ongoing discussions and votes:
  • There is a discussion about Relationship pages link here.

Announcements and discussion results:


IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Mirajane beach 1

Mirajane Strauss SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is the Transformation specialist herself, Mirajane Strauss, also known as The Demon. She's a 19 year old Mage of Fairy Tail that employs Take Over as her main form of Magic. She's an extremely kind young woman who, quite often, poses as a model for the Sorcerer Magazine. She's renown for her beauty and immense strength.

Quote May

(Mirajane Strauss to Freed Justine)"When people realize how lonely it is being on their own, they will become kind."

Who do you think should be June's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 21:24 on May 31, 2012, and so far 441 people voted.

Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA - Ep129

Raging Showdown! Natsu vs. Laxus was such a boring episode... So Laxus fights a Gorian and Natsu and Gajeel find him and challenge him, the guild makes a festival out of it, the next day they fight, Laxus beats Natsu with one punch and Gajeel runs away. Waste of an episode. The only thing I liked about this episode though was Gray fighting the Vanish Brothers. I'm getting tired of This Month in the Anime.

TMITA - Ep130
Aaaa Targeted Lucy was the start of the fighting of this filler arc. So the Earth Land counterparts of Sugarboy, Hughes and Coco arrive at the guild to capture Lucy but they don't know what she looks like so they fight the entire guild.
EL Sugarboy Hughes Coco
Really animators? I kinda like the idea of using the counterparts of the villains of the Edolas arc but did you guys have to give them those Magics? Sugarboy's Slime Magic is disgusting how it comes out of his body or something, Hughes, who is now a girl, has yet another controlling Magic, making the super awesome Human Possession and Figure Eyes not seem as that rare/different/awesome. Other than fighting there wasn't much of anything else in this episode. I'm tired of writing so much for this article...
TMITA - Ep131
I'm getting tired of this filler arc with Legion's Fierceness. Everything is fighting, just fighting, we need transitions! or at least talk more about why they are attacking Fairy Tail!.
Legion Corps
Nothing happened this episode other than continuing their fights from last episode and then taking Lucy's "Key" thing. We are also revealed that they are from Zentopia Church and are in a "crusade". Earth Land Byro looks way better than his Edolas counterpart, that's where the animators made a mistake. You see, all arcs have to have a horrible-looking villain. For example:

So by taking out Byro's ugliness, the animators destroyed the filler arc. I also hated that he can fight Gildarts. Really, what the fuck?! Gildarts is the ace oh sorry, according to this, Gildarts is just the most powerful S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail. I'm done reviewing this episode. It's so tiring, I don't see how Aldarinor manages to write so much in This Month in the Manga

TMITA - Ep132
I actually liked Key of the Starry Heavens a lot more than I did the previous two episodes! So Team Natsu (+ Wendy + Carla) go to the Heartfilia Konzern to find a clue about Jude Heartfilia's memento for Lucy and after solving a puzzle and whatnot, they find a book called "Key of the Starry Heavens". When they find it, Samuel, the leader of the Legion Corps, and Dan Straight appear and try to steal it.
Dan falls in love for Lucy
They fight and Samuel memorizes everything in it and the two then leave. I'm not sure why I like this episode so much more than the other two about the Legion Corps, but maybe it's because the scene wasn't at night, or maybe it's because Dan's Ricochet's ability looks really cool animated, or maybe it's Dan's love for Lucy XD. I'm liking Dan a lot and I want to see more of him in the next episodes. I'm finally done with writing, it gets really boring. Hmm.. Should I... no, I shouldn't... maybe I should... a, what the heck, why not? Here we go:
Would you like me to add polls under each episode's review about what you think of the episode?

The poll was created at 20:55 on May 31, 2012, and so far 195 people voted.

Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - May12
This Month in the Manga

May 2012

Let's get going folks, chapters won't review themselves on their own!

Signature tune!

I - Chapter 281: Malice is Concealed by the Curtain of Night

TMITM - Ch 281

This first chapter of our review starts with Erza and an unmasked Jellal chatting under the night sky, following the end of the Grand Magic Games' second day. The former Wizard Saint makes several assumptions as to why the Magical energy his guild has tracked the years before is nowhere to be felt this year, and claims he'll keep the organizers under watch. The two split up, happy that they can finally have peaceful conversations and that May's issue of Real Tail is out, check it out!. Shortly afterwards, Erza's approached by that mysterious hooded girl from Mermaid Heel, who reveals herself as...

... Millianna!!!

Millianna X791

Hey, Er-chan! It's been some time! Say... Could you lend me a T-shirt?

Hell, who would have said that? Such a surprise it was, no rumors about an happening like this had been heard. Anyhow, the two chitchat a bit about the past and stuff. Something more interesting is going on elsewhere... In Sabertooth's lodging, Fiore's #1 guild is gathered in front of its Master, Jiemma, the illegitimate product of Roubaul and Jinpachi Mishima's union, who scolds them for scoring no points on the Games' second day. Sting is warned not to do a pathetic scene again, while Yukino gets struck by some thrown grapes. In order for her not to stain her clothes, Jiemma orders the young girl to take them off, and, since he's at it, decides to excommunicate her to make it so that grapes will no longer threaten her life, ordering her to remove her guild mark. Such a caring master he is, right? Following this humiliating ritual, Sting, despite having been warned himself, is shown to be the usual asshole, while Rogue displays what might look like an heart, showing affection for his Exceed Frosch.

Meanwhile Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla are returning to the lodgings, with Gray busy with his threesome love triangle alongside Juvia and Lyon, and Erza still delighted about the publishing of Real Tail, and are struck by the sight of an unexpected visitor... Standing before the londging's entrance is Yukino, who has gotten herself new clothes, having sent the grapes-stained ones to the laundry. What is the former Sabertooth Mage up to? As we're left to wonder about that, Erza and Millianna are chatting, and we are told something more about that sheathed blade Kagura Mikazuchi, Millianna's guildmate, carries around... With its name, Archenemy, stemming from Kagura's will to only draw it when pitted against the one who "stole everything away from her"... Jellal.


Seriously mate, you really can't avoid being the target of every girl in the series, can't you?

... And of girls outside it, for that matter...

Anyhow, Millianna hates the blue-haired guy as well, and that's why she joined Kagura's guild. Surprise! Erza is left to fight the psychological ghosts of her past just as the chapter ends.

What to say, a pretty nice chapter. No colored or double pages, only a nice Cover showing us the results of Elfman's wager with Bacchus, with the S-Class Mage laughing his ass off before the scoreboard reading "Quatro Puppy", much to the dismay of his fellow guildmates. Oh well. WILD!

II - Chapter 282: 10 Keys and 2 Keys

TMITM - Ch 282

Alright, this was merely a transition chapter coming with almost no interesting events, so I'll be basically skipping it. Know that Yukino tries to give Lucy her two Golden Keys for some sort of prophecy about Celestial Spirit Mages, which are getting smaller and smaller in number (Lucy and Yukino are likely the only two left? WTF?), and subsequently tells Natsu of her excommunication from Sabertooth... Something which prompts Natsu to attack the guild's lodgings and challenge none other than Master Jiemma. Oh hell. Guess that with next chapter's name being "Natsu vs Jiemma", we might be expecting something...

Oh, for those who might be interested in it, we get to see Carla without clothes (nothing weird, you furry-fans... It's just like Happy... But we're not used to it :S) and, much to someone else's joy, Wendy seems to have grown a bit... Just a little bit. Oh, and Arcadios' nose isn't squared this chapter. What is this about? A power-up or something? Will he get more evil and powerful as his nose gets less squared?

Aldarinor AAAAAAA!!!

Your writer learns the shocking news...

Oh, I almost forgot... The manga went on to mention a certain "Zentopia incident", which seems to have greatly diminished the number of Celestial Spirit Mages in Fiore. What will... Wait a moment... Wait a damn moment... Zentopia?! You're not meaning...?! No, it can't be... This must be a nightmare... What the hell is going on... Anime Crap... in... the manga???!!!



"Pant pant" Alright, I'm alright now... More or less...

Super-short review of Chapter 282, who had no special features, done. And if you're not alright with it, then jump off a cliff!

III - Chapter 283: Natsu vs Sabertooth

TMITM - Ch 283

Here comes the chapter! Which strangely enough seems to have been renamed like this, in spite of the previous "Natsu vs Jiemma"... Oh well. The title seems fitting, as Sabertooth's Master doesn't lend weight to Natsu's challenge, instead sending Dobengal, one of the guild's top ten members and Kakashi Hatake's nerd brother, so air-headed that he has to write Roman numbers on his fingers to keep a count of how many he has, to handle him... Only for the seeming ninja to be rocked by Natsu with a single blow. That was fast. Well, at least he hasn't lost any finger, so he'll count the usual amount when he wakes up... Sting offers to fight the pink-haired assailant, but Jiemma stops him, readying to fend off Natsu by himself...

The Dragon Slayer attacks the old man in melee, only for him to almost blast him away with some sort of shock wave attack. Natsu, however, doesn't back down, and assaults Jiemma with a barrage of fire-enhanced blows, finishing the combo off with a "Sigh" Lightning Flame Dragon move. Hell, when will you lose the ability to use them? This matter is getting annoying... Grrrr... Well, whatever. Natsu's attack destroys a nice part of the nearby wall... Only for the clearing smoke to reveal Jiemma unscathed, having been shielded by the appearance of a mysterious woman bearing a striking resemblance to a geisha... The last member of Sabertooth's strongest group of five, Minerva. C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Stopping the Two Rampaging Beasts

Happening to pass by... HEEEEEEY!

The gal's sudden appearance shocks everyone, and Minerva, true to her name, is revealed to be wise enough to know that fighting off-Games could cause troubles for both her guild and Fairy Tail. That's how, in order to force Natsu to leave, she reveals to have taken Happy hostage... Hell girl, that's a low blow. Many fans of that furry thing right now might be wishing you death, you know. The kitten is given back to its owner as Natsu resigns to leave in a remarkably mature way... Not before telling his opponents off for the way they treat their comrades, something which prompts Rogue to think... While Sting masturbates shivers, having seen Natsu's real strength... Not that sure the Dragon you killed wasn't a lizard now, aren't you Stingy?

This chapter wasn't bad. The art was good as usual, and we got three nice double pages. The cover, in particular, was worth noting, showing us an excellent shot of Gray and Juvia together, delighting all Graya/Juray/Gjray Gray x Juvia shippers out there. Dobengal's design was appreciable, and even Minerva, in her own right, is something good to look at... Though I don't get why someone named like the Greek/Roman deity of wisdom is supposed to dress like a geisha. Oh well...

IV - Chapter 284: Pandemonium

TMITM - Ch 284

Oh, no. No no no no no no no. Oh crap. Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap


Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?! For real?! No way, I refuse to review this chapter. Blame Mashima for giving us first an unnecessary and almost useless Chapter 282, and now this... this monstrosity whose existence I want to forget. I'm not reviewing this. Go somewhere else if you want to be given proper information about this so-called "chapter". You should have deduced my opinion about it from those few lines. Over and out!


Still here? "Sigh" Fine, guess I can't just send you away like this.

Here, spend the time you would have devoted to reading the review by staring at Jenny's poster from the Grand Magic Games Special. It's by all means better than talking about that... Don't even have words. Anyhow, enjoy.

Jenny Realight Weekly Sorcerer Cover

While you're admiring the lady over here (in a purely philosophic way, of course... Platonic love, that is), I'll go write Mashima a little letter about his latest "work" which I refused to even mention...

Aldarinor GRRRRRR!!!

Your writer thinking about the letter... And about the fact that it is Rauleli's fault if a picture from this last monstrosity is the article's header...

Garyness The Earth Land Chronicles
Garyness | Writer


Welcome to another issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will be the discussion of related things in the Fairy Tail series, which will be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, all in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month (though once in a while two). So let's continue with the Lullaby arc.

Erza is introduced.

Oh damn...

The next story arc is the Lullaby arc. At the start of the Lullaby arc we get another crazy Fairy Tail fight, which are always enjoyable. The mood quickly changes though when our favourite badass heroine Erza shows up and puts everyone in their place. Already this gal is looking up to be a favourite. She's strong, hot, authoritative. I think I'm in luv! <3

Anyways, soon the guild gets a shock when Erza asks for help on a mission. Somehow Lucy got brought along... Gray, Natsu and Happy also come. The Fire vs. Ice rivalry continues to be funny, and Happy's commentary in between as well. The gang boards a train where Erza tells everyone about the mission, which is to find some weapon called Lullaby. So after the train ride heading towards Eisenwald, the gang forgets Natsu on the train. Incidentally, Eisenwald members are already there and have Natsu, but when Kageyama insults FT, Natsu gets all badass on him.

Eventually their fight is discontinued when Erza saves him thanks to a Magical Vehicle. Sucks that we really don't see them again in the series, as it's one of the distinct items I remember about the Fairy Tail world. :(

Shadow fist

Fighting Frenzy!

Soon our heroes run into the Eisenwald members again and there is a large showdown at here. We meet some pretty useless and unmemorable sidekicks. Only Kageyama and Erigor are really likeable (or hateable). We all get a surprise though when Kageyama gets stabbed in the back by his own nakama. Already we know nakama's are a big deal to the Fairy Tail guild, so Natsu gets all crazy again and cannot believe such a guild exists (It's a cruel world Natsu!)

After everyone defeats their baddies, (with Erza establishing herself as the most badass badass of all time), Natsu fights Erigor on train tracks (really loving the train theme here ^_^). This becomes a standard final battle, but nonetheless enjoyble because this is one of the VERY FEW fights where a strategy is actually used to defeat a main villain. Too bad Mashima says f*** creativity later on and just goes for crazy beat-em-up battles, which eventually leads to Natsu not being the most liked guy though.

FT running away

"Oh damn, we out this shit"

So now that the main baddie is down everything is over? Nope! This swine Kageyama still has Lullaby and goes to kill the Legal Guild Masters. He's quickly stopped by Makarov's kind words though. You gotta love that old man! Lullaby still awakens though in its full form, but luckily The Strongest Team (Natsu, Gray and Erza) are there to take care of the job!!! It all ends with them destroying the Guild Masters meeting place though and running away. Classic Fairy Tail ^_^

Well, next time is the Galuna Island arc. Until next month!

Best Quote of the Arc: "Impossible, Natsu. You can't win. Let's leave it to Gray"
Best Magic of the Arc: Requip
Best Moment of the Arc: Natsu vs. Erigor!
Best Chapter of the Arc: The Strongest Team
Best Episode of the Arc: Flame and Wind


Aldarinor Real Tail
Aldarinor | Writer

RT Header-Jan12


THERE... WE... GO... AGAIN! Real Tail time! Hell yeah! Kuru kuru kuru kuuuuuuuru!

Welcome back, dear readers, to another exciting, thrilling, mind-blowing issue of the article focusing on additional information, backstage, Junk Trivia and everything Rauleli doesn't want you to write down on pages!

This time, I'm gonna share with you a pair of the most interesting Trivia I came up with... Plus a suggestion from our usual contributor, Guilherme Abe. Keep the good work up, Abe! And you guys, follow his example and actively participate to REAL TAIL! LET'S GO!

Empyrean Real Tail
Let's start off with something noticed by Abe: I hadn't paid attention to such fact, but the "Empyrean" word in Gildarts Clive's Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Empyrean is the same as the one used to describe the highest part of the sky in Medieval cosmology, said to house the Christan deity itself.

More >>>

Rufus/Rhapsode Real Tail
Alright, here goes the first of the two hot topics I promised you... Remember Rufus Lohr, that Mage from Sabertooth dressed in a fancy way? Well, if you do, you'll likely realize that what I just came up with is a pun. Did you get it? Remember... Rufus! Rufus... Who uses Memory-Make Magic! Eheheh... Got that one? No...? Not laughing...? THEN YOU COME UP WITH JOKES, BAKA! GRRR!!!

Anyhow, you guys might have realized that Rufus is based off a bard, as evident of his epithet... "So... Is this your Junk Trivia? Over already?". If someone came up with this question, then, my dear reader, know that you won't be disappointed. The Trivia doesn't end here.

More >>>

DaRinor's Notes It's DaRinor Time

The following, finishing Trivia gives out information about a character from Hiro Mashima's previous work, Rave Master. In case you hadn't read this manga and didn't want to spoil yourself anything, read no further!

Golden Shield Real Tail
Alright, here comes the finishing Trivia... Which, to tell it all, is by no means special like the previous one. It's merely a parallelism between Fairy Tail and Mashima-san' previous series, Rave Master. A nice parallelism, if you ask me, but most likely one which isn't certain enough to be inserted in our page related to Mashima's previous work... And that's specifically why I'll be mentioning it here!

More >>>

Rave Ogre colored by Remnant13

Garyness Nostalgic Magic
Garyness | Writer


Hi. This is the first of the (hopefully) many monthly shots of nostalgia I can provide for you Fairy Tail fans and wiki readers out there. With the quick progress of the series, we've been slowly forgetting the awesome moments of Fairy Tail's past, and so Nostalgic Magic aims to prevent memory loss by reminding you of the Fairies' history as well as stab you a hundred times over with a bayonet while screaming "ARE YOU NOSTALGIC YET?!?!?"

This Month's Feature:


This month we look back on a character who has evolved considerably lately. No, not Jellal. Instead I'm talking about the all important character, Happy! Instead of doing a long history of his best moments, I have decided to create a picture montague of his greatest, funniest, whackiest, and cutest moments. FEEL THE NOSTALGIA!

Relikz Gate of the Horoscope
Relikz | Writer

Gate of the Horoscope Header
Want to see your future? Then read on!
Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)
I'm sorry my dear Arieses, but this month, just like in the anime and the manga, you will be completely and utterly ignored. It's like you don't exist. Not even the anime, that is known for making the spirits appear all the time, hasn't shown you. Too bad, so sad. But don't worry, many other spirits were ignored too. I advise you try and stand out this month. Speak loud, talk to everybody, join any activities, anything! Just get out there let the whole world know who you are! If not, you can just rot alone in your bed while masturbating at innocent, cute, fluffy Aries.

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem
You have just recently been the star of the show, one of the main points of attraction because of the new fresh look you got yourself. But don't let that get to your head. Don't get carried away by the new things and forget about the old stuff that everyone loves. Try to remember what's good in life and don't just follow vanity around like a bitch, because that will get you nowhere happy.

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)
Well, my dear Geminis. You guys are so lucky to have such cuties as your spirits. But remember to not always trust your eyes as they may deceive in very unexpected ways. Try to see things for what they really are, not just for what your first impression of them are. However, don't start mistrusting everything, or everyone, because you are afraid of what you might find. Take a step back and consider the possibilities, but don't be Juvia and imagine things that aren't really there, or you might just never get your Gray to notice you.

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem
I'm sorry to all the people who have Cancer as their zodiac symbol because you all have to share it with this asshole. Anyway, the aligning of the stars tell me that if you get a haircut like this then things will go your way. Getting a haircut like that is the key to happiness in this coming month until the next issue of the Gate of the Horoscope. Also, if you don't get a haircut like this, then you can expect a visit from this guy.

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)
Hey there all you playboys and slutty girls! Well, I'm just going with Loke's playboy personality for this and just decided to give you your future in a clear manner. *clears throat* Your future for this month:
68% chance of Chlamydia
79% chance of Gonorrhea
93% chance of Syphilis
83% chance of Herpes
99.9% chance of AIDS

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem
The future is a little unclear to me at the moment you Virgos but it's very probable that this month will be the month of punishment. That's right. All the people you've hurt, all the people you've stepped on, everyone you have betrayed, all the little kids you've raped while being manipulated by him, they will all come back to take their revenge. Are you scared? Why? This Virgo actually seems pleased about it, like she has been waiting for it for a while. You should all be just as excited as her!

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)
Unwanted. That's the word to describe you future. Unwanted. Just like Lucy didn't want your ugly Arab-clothing ass for her collection of slaves spirits. Unwanted. "What can I do to change my future, oh great Relikz?" you ask? Well, there is only one way to change it. Pay tribute to The Dark Tyrant by leaving a message on his talk page asking for mercy. If you do this, then you will have a slight chance to not be unwanted. But hey, a slight chance is better than no chance.

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem
We are! Well, all you Scorpios and scorpions, you guys are lucky that I love Scorpio so I won't bang on you too hard. Anyway, by looking at the aligning of the constellation and seeing that the (name of star) star is very... uh... shiny. Yes, the ____ star is very shiny so it seems this month you will be shiny! It may be metaphorical shiny, like good luck and stuff. But be careful, because it might mean literal and a meteor might fall on you, or you might be struck by thunder, or you may just simply catch on flame... what are the chances of that happening right... ^.^ (smiles while lighting a cigarette very close to you)

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)
Before starting, let's have a moment of silence to all the people that have such an ugly, useless, weak and horrible spirit as their Celestial Spirit.
... *tear rolls down cheek*
Thank you. All you Sagittariuses have enough to deal with so I'll give you good future. If you shoot an abnormally big arrow at the sky, there is a chance that it will fall straight on top of you and kill you. Salvation from your misery! Your welcome! :)

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem
Ah, finally the best Zodiac sign of them all. Is it because it's my Zodiac sign? No, no, no. It's because it's Aldarinor's Zodiac sign! Anyway, this month I see a very good future ahead of you. Like the awesome Capricorn you will literally kick ass! You are a pacifist and don't want to kick ass? Then you don't deserve to have Capricorn as your Zodiac! Now strip in front of everyone, bend down, ask for forgiveness and then erase your own sign from your body! No! I'm still not satisfied! Go to McDonalds and eat there everyday until you become the fattest person on Earth, then go to the next World Cup and have them use you as a ball, then shoot yourself, then jump off a bridge, then hang yourself, then jump in front of a truck and then get up and make sure you are dead. I'm still not satisfied but I think it's enough punishment for now. Go Capricorn!

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)
Are there any male Aquarius users on this site? If so, you should go and get your penis removed and get a vagina instead! Why? Because Aquarius already has a boyfriend and she ordered kindly asked me to have all males stay away from her because they won't be able to resist her. Her Bitchness also decreed that this month's future for Aquariuses is that all females like Lucy won't get boyfriends and all males... well, there won't be males no more. Also, I was ordered want to point out that this is a real Horoscope because the stars tell me that and it wasn't something I was forced to say.

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem
Well, just like the Libras, you guys will be unwanted because Lucy-sama doesn't want you. The only difference is that you guys will be double unwanted because Pisces is two spirits! Yes, it must suck to be unwanted but you also have the same way to change it! You just have to pay tribute to The Dark Tyrant by leaving a message on his talk page asking for mercy. If you do this, then you will have a slight chance to not be unwanted! However, your chances are also greater than the Libras because you have two spirits! Oh, and by the way, just wanted to let you know that I ran out of imagination at this point so I had to write this explanation to make the future for Pisceses seem longer.

Garyness Crocus Pocus
Garyness | Writer



Welcome to Crocus Pocus! Fond of quizzes, puzzles or some other random game that would help you pass the time? Then this is the place to go! Each month, this article will feature a different set of games (that is, if I don't fall victim to laziness that I fail to be innovative with this). No, not flash games that would lead you to endlessly waste your time relentlessly playing like Cubefield or Robot Unicorn Attack (though if I figure out how, I might...). Just games that I can conjure up with a little bit of imagination, my love for Fairy Tail and the trusty Photoshop.

  • Secret Message - This month will be a secret message puzzle. How do you complete one? Simple! Below are hints about characters or places in Fairy Tail. All you have to do is fill in the answers for each box. The questions and boxes are numbered, and the answers should be able to fit within the yellow box for that number. At the end, there will be a delightful message for you in the green column. Good luck, and most of all enjoy!
Answer keys will be found in next month's issue.


1.Is the only known "Master's Advisor".

3. This man is the ex-boyfriend of Juvia Lockser.

5. This man has kidnapped Mirajane and Lucy before.


2. The location where Lucy Heartfilia was sent by Hilda to find a treasure.

4. Wendy Marvell's "chaperone"

6. Explanation point!


IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Jakuho&#039;s Corner


IamJakuhoRaikoben is the founder of Jakuho's Corner, as well as its sole editor. His goal in its founding was to keep editors and viewers of the Fairy Tail Wiki informed on the latest rumors, gossip, and facts about the Fairy Tail Series.

Welcome to "Jakuho's Corner", your source for Fairy Tail rumors, chapter info, interviews, and more!

Note: Do not assume the following are definitely true. These are all rumors that I got from one of my many sources:
  • Some good news for Fairy Tail fans from Mashima in the 50th issue of Shonen Magazine. (It's about the movie.)
  • Hades may not be dead.

More >>>


Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing with one of the two oldest Administrators on the site, ChaosKnight .

Fairy Tail Wiki: Hey Chaos, you are our guest for Jakuho's Corner this month, would you mind doing an interview?
ChaosKnight: ZzzZzz...
Fairy Tail Wiki: Umm... Chaos?
ChaosKnight: ZzzZzz... Cola gummies...
Fairy Tail Wiki: Huh?
ChaosKnight: ZzzZzz... Seafood Pizza...
Fairy Tail Wiki: Umm... Are you sleeping?
ChaosKnight: ZzzZzz... Ehehehe... Shaved ice topped with tapioca balls, fruit-flavored coconut jellies, sweetened taro, candies, sweet potato tapioca squares, fresh fruits, with brown sugar syrup and condensed milk... Ehehehe...
Fairy Tail Wiki: Earth Land to Chaos!! We need you to be awake to do the interview!!
ChaosKnight: Whoa!! What happened?!
Fairy Tail Wiki: You, umm, fell asleep...
ChaosKnight: Oh... then why did you wake me up for?
Fairy Tail Wiki: ...Sigh, anyways; tell us a little about yourself.
ChaosKnight: What for?
Fairy Tail Wiki: For the interview, you know, the one that you promised to give for Jakuho's Corner?
ChaosKnight: I did?
Fairy Tail Wiki: ...Just tell us a little bit about yourself.
ChaosKnight: Well, I am ChaosKnight. Feel free to call me Chaos. I am currently the o-...o-... oldest active member in both a-...a-...actual age and time of contribution.*huff huff* My main work on the wiki is to provide the newest and latest information, manga images cleaned from raw, and translations regarding Fairy Tail. I am on the chat quite often, so feel free to drop by and say hi. I am genderless. My favorite character in Fairy Tail is Wendy Marvell.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
ChaosKnight: Sigh... how nostalgic... It was October 6, 2009, just a few days before Fairy Tail anime was scheduled to debut. I wanted to find out more on the anime, and on Google, it showed a link to Fairy Tail Wiki. I clicked on it, and I have been contributing ever since.
Fairy Tail Wiki: But your profile said that you joined on January 22, 2010.
ChaosKnight: I joined with a username on that date. I have actually been contributing as an anon, but images required me to have a user account to upload, so I did as.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?
ChaosKnight: 5 tips, huh? Let's see... *Pulls money from pocket* I have US Dollars, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Bison Dollar, and Chaos Currency.
Fairy Tail Wiki: Umm, Chaos, tip as in advice...
ChaosKnight: Oh, that kind of tip. Let me start over:

  • Tip#1: Do not feel intimidated just because you are not a native English speaker, or afraid to contribute just because you believe you won't do as well as the people already on the site. Fairy Tail Wiki welcomes all types of people, especially if you have the desire to improve the site. As long as you are willing to follow the rules, and provide good quality materials, you will do just fine.
  • Tip#2: If you see a page that does not have Kanji and/or romaji in it, if you do not have the raw or it says unnamed, please don't be a smart<censored> and fill in your translations. Articles without kanji and romaji often have reasons why it doesn't have them. Usually is because Chaos forgot about it or is too lazy to add.
  • Tip#3: Please do not intentionally vandalize the site. Members worked hard to provide quality materials for people to enjoy, and vandalizing it is utterly meaningless because it won't provide any long term satisfactions. You'll just laugh for a minute before thinking "Well, that was boring" in your mind.
  • Tip#4: If you are ever on the chat, be aware of the following three users: Imhungry4444, Remnant13, and ChaosKnight. They will mess with your head badly in the order of severity.
  • Tip#5: The most important tip of them all, give Chaos candies! I mean, umm... Have fun on the site. Seriously, we want the people that comes to the site to enjoy themselves, chatting on chat, commenting on the blogs, and so much more. If you're just here to read, and not interacting with other members, you are missing out so much.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Alright now, my sources confirm that you are our site's only Genderless Creature would you mind telling the site how exactly you came into existence?
ChaosKnight: I wasn't there to record my existence into my memory, so I don't know how I was conceived.
Fairy Tail Wiki: .....
ChaosKnight: But if you are asking why I am genderless, that's a different story.
Fairy Tail Wiki: ...Then would you mind telling us that?
ChaosKnight: Sure, I guess. In short, I have no interest in being in an intimacy relationship between people, whether it's heterosexual or homosexual. While I find the subject of intimacy relationship to be interesting, and have studied about it, for some odd reason, I don't want to experience it. Maybe it's because of knowing too much of the negative aspects that I am no longer able to appreciate the positives, perhaps I wanted freedom over being restraint by someone. In either case, I know I don't have the ability to love a person, or desires to be loved the way couples could love each other... I chose genderless not because I have gender identity crisis. I chose genderless because I know who I am.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Now, my sources also confirm that you are the Mapa (Mama/Papa) of a certain user on the site. How does it feel to be the creator of that user? (Tread carefully with your answer)
ChaosKnight: Well, he came in at the absolute right time, right when Fairy Tail Wiki was at its darkest hour. There was barely any progressing during that period; vandalism was also running high around that time. Even though there were 4 admins, I was the only one active. Retro7 and ShockDragoon were barely on the site to help out; Ishthak was buried under the snow, and got hit with a serious disease. At the time I thought that she left like many other hardworking members, whom suddenly left the site without warning. I really was depressed because I was essentially left alone to guide the new members, and most of them weren't really helpful, either. And then he came. He truly surprised me with how much he wants to improve the site. I showed him a bit of how the site works, taught him how to improve some of the things on the site, and he surpassed what I expected to get out of the result. There's no doubt that he was one of the key members pulling Fairy Tail Wiki out of its darkest hour. And about creating him, well, I definitely reg, I mean, I feel really honored to have created him to help making the site even better.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Now, with the demotion of Retro7 and ShockDragoon, you and Ishthak are the longest running Administrators of the site, how does that feel?
ChaosKnight: *Murmurs*WerenotthatoldyetWerenotthatoldyetWerenotthatoldyet*Murmurs*
Fairy Tail Wiki: Umm... Chaos?
ChaosKnight: Oh, sorry, spaced out a bit. Anyways, I really am surprised with how much it has grown in just 2.5 years that I have been on the site. In fact, I never thought the site would have over 2,000 pages already. I was expecting around 1,500 by this time. I am really happy with how the site turned out, and I hope that we'll reach an even higher plateau, and make Fairy Tail Wiki the ultimate site for everything related to Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail Wiki: If you can remember, what was the worst case of vandalism you had to deal with?
ChaosKnight: Would you believe the worst vandalism I have faced is not true vandalism at all?
Fairy Tail Wiki: Hmm?
ChaosKnight: Intentional vandalisms are something that you expect to happen when you're on any website, and can be dealt with easily with a ban and/or IP block. It's those that are unintentional that truly gives us admins a hard time. I believe it was with an anon who believed it was doing the right thing by adding Kanji and Romaji into articles that don't have one, even if it said "unnamed" in the articles. What made it more difficult is that because other admins had no way to really deal with the situation because they don't understand the language. There are still traces of its work if you check some the articles. I'm certain that it was only trying to help out by providing Japanese, but just because it is a good intention does not mean it is good for others. If you want to provide good intentions, don't look from your point of view, but what other people are looking for.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Okay, thank you for coming in to-

  • Door Opens*

ChaosKnight: Hello! Sorry for being late for the interview.
Fairy Tail Wiki: Hel-... Wait, 2 Chaos?
ChaosKnight(?): Hiiii-
ChaosKnight: ...Gemini, what are you doing?
Gemini: Umm...
ChaosKnight: I only told you to tell them that I'll be a bit late, right?
Fairy Tail Wiki: What's going on here?!
ChaosKnight: Apparently a certain playful Celestial Spirit decided to take my spot for the interview.
Fairy Tail Wiki: Then... should we reschedule interview?
Gemini: *Whispers Whispers*
ChaosKnight: ...I see. No, I think it will be sufficient. They didn't really go off too much of what I planned to say. All right, let's go home.
Fairy Tail Wiki: One question?
ChaosKnight: Hmm?
Fairy Tail Wiki: Why do you have Gemini?
ChaosKnight: Why? That's a funny way to put it. It's more like they're a part of me.
Fairy Tail Wiki: What?
ChaosKnight: Think about what I meant by that.

Well folks, that's all the time we have this week. Tune in next month for the next addition of Jakuho's Corner. We'll be interviewing an old friend traitor.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
  • What is your future dream?
  • Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
  • If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Laki Olietta
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: It took me exactly 1 year, 2 months, 3 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes and 6 seconds. What? You don't believe me?
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: I love it because it's making me look good!
What is your future dream?
A: To own a bondage whore company for females' entertainment. Some people have already applied to work for me (even some females)
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: If my higher up would allow me to have "fun" with them first, then yes. ^.^
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: I'd put it in my palm. So that when I slap perverts they'll see exactly where to find me for another beating.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: It took about 10 and my teacher's uh extracurricular activities kept us from doing much.
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: Is that the arc where Lucy and her cousin Michelle have a Ménage à trois with me?
  • Lucy: Close, Gate of the Lion!!
  • Loke: WAIT, I'm not finished with the int- *poof*
What is your future dream?
A: To be a porn star!
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: *flirting with a random girl on the street* Huh? Repeat the question??
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: On my ass. It would be my trademark when my dream came true.
Ishthak Avatar Ishthak | Graphic Designer
Gajeel Redfox
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: Faster then that bastard Salamander.
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: It's a shitty little lie!!! *blush of fury* My?! Running away! Show me that asshole who would even THINK of doing it and I will give him a punishment he will never forget! Or rather I will KILL him! Instantly! *roar of anger*
Pantherlily: Here we go again...
Levy: So noisy...
What is your future dream?
A: It's obvious! After I kill/punish the bastard from the Key arc, I will beat Salamander and Erza, and Laxus, and that Sting-guy.
Gajeel: Become stronger, and maybe I will add you to the list...
Levy: Gajeel, you're an idiot! *Solid Script: Lightning*
Gajeel:*out of order*
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: Lame, he's a puppet nothing else. Beating is ok, killing? No thanks, Master Makarov is already angry at me, because of one thing. And his punishments are hard to bite.
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: Give me a break, why would I?
Garyness Garyness | Writer
Wendy Marvell
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: It didn't take me too long. Grandeeneey was such a great teacher
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: The villains we have to face are so creepy! Especially Sugarboy. But then again so was his counterpart...
What is your future dream?
A: Don't tell anyone but I really want to rival Lucy-san's boobs one day. Shhh!
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: Of course not! Everyone in Fairy Tail is a friend! Even if it meant the end of the world I would never betray my guild!
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: My lower back. So people will have more to look at when when I walk by. Wait... don't tell anyone that either!!
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: I don't use Magic. Moshi Moshi.
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: I'm hoping to like it because it gives me a chance to appear since I don't appear that often. It's probably because I look so lame in a horse suit!
What is your future dream?
A: To be a real horse since I want to take off this stupid costume already.
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: If Lucy-sama ordered me to, then I would. I've done it countless times for previous owners of mine.
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: I don't have a guild mark but I would want one shaved into my hair.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Romeo Conbolt
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: About 4 years.
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: It's awesome. I wonder how the story will play out?
What is your future dream?
A: I wanna be a strong a Mage like Natsu-nii!!
  • Laxus: Dream on bitch!
  • Erza: Ha!
  • Mirajane: It's not happening.

*Romeo runs away crying*

Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: Never! Your nakama-
  • IamJakuhoRaikoben: Excuse me, but any speech with the word nakama in it is bound to be garbage so please just shut the fuck up. Thanks!
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: I would put it on my heart, to signalize my love for my guild.
  • Natsu: Seriously Romeo, just go die.
Ishthak Avatar Ishthak | Graphic Designer
Erza Scarlet
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
Erza: Hmm... My magic was born in me when the fury runs into my veins. The fury after I lost my dear grandpa Rob *nostalgic smile*.
Laxus: Go and make that your shitty face somewhere else... So lame.
Erza: *Lightning Empress Armor* If you want me, come and claim me...
Laxus: I will eat you alive *Raging Bolt*

The interview has been moved to another date
Few days later...

What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
Erza: *Cover in bandages* This arc is kinda irritating me. My and Gildarts together? It's obvious I could take this guy alone. Gildarts is getting old, if you know what I mean...
Gildarts: Erza can I talk with you for a second?

The interview has been moved to another date
Few days later...

What is your future dream?
Erza: To make Fairy Tail on the place when it belongs. And make some people know their pla... *mouth covered by Makarov*
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
Erza: I will always fulfill my Master orders.
Makarov: *smile*
Laxus: EVERY order? *perv mode on*
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
Erza: I will put it on my left chest to show that my heart belongs to the guild.

FT Males: Need a help?'

Garyness Garyness | Writer
Mickey Chickentiger
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: Does anyone actually care about me to begin with?
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: It's pretty good. Everyone seems to be kicking butt!
What is your future dream?
A: My future dream is to be a bird.
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: Well they always ignore me anyways so I doubt they would even know their own guildmate was killing them.
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: Up your ass! Sorry... I'm just very emotional right now. I like my guild mark right where it is.
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: Are you talking about my Stone Eyes or my Fairy Magic?
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: What? You didn't answer my previous question! Anyway, I haven't appeared yet so it isn't beautiful yet.
What is your future dream?
A: To be a real fairy!
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: Of course. I'd do anything Laxus ordered me to.
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: In my eyes! Want to see my eyes? *Interviewer turns to stone*
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Wakaba's Wife
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: O honey, I don't know any Magic.
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: Is my dick of a husband in it? If so, I hate it!!
What is your future dream?
A: To have a husband that doesn't constantly chase after barely legal young women!! Like seriously, do none of you see an issue in that!
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: If that guildmate was Wakaba, then yes.
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: I have no guild mark, but if I did, I would place it on my right breast. Then I would cut that breast off, throw it in a blender, grind it up and put it in Wakaba's meal. That way, a part of me will always be inside of him. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Garyness Garyness | Writer
Jura Neekis (Visiting the Guild)
How long did it take you to learn your Magic?
A: Not too long. To get to the level I'm at though it took years
What's your opinion about the Key of the Starry Sky arc?
A: I think those Fairy Tail Mages are doing quite well so far. I would like to battle some of them soon.
What is your future dream?
A: My future dream is to one day actually make Ooba Babasaama proud.
Karacka tried to kill his guildmate because he was ordered to by his higher-ups. Would you do the same?
A: Never! I heard what that bastard Brain did to Cobra while I was on Light Team. Just distasteful.
If you could change the position of your guild mark, where would you put it?
A: I would put it on my forehead. I am proud my of guild!!!
Fan Mail

20:01, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Cana Alberona,,

Why do you always drink ??

is it because u want to imitate your father or that feeling came by itself ??

Sincerely, Trentmerser
Cana Alberona: Mhm... That's a nice question. Let me reply with another question: Why do you breathe? Well, know it's basically the same reason, ihih... It's just me and my liquid, purple best friend... Glug glug glug gluu...
"Having forgotten to breathe due to being too focused on drinking, a red-faced Cana collapses to the ground"
"Bacchus passes by and notices the unconscious Cana"

Bacchus: Dear diary, jackpot!

"Bacchus leaves with Cana's bra"
12:17, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

Dear Happy,

If you had one wish, what would it be?
Sincerely, Blue
Happy: My biggest wish is to see fishes raining in Magonlia! I also wish to see Igneel but I only say that when Natsu is around.

Have a question you want to ask a Fairy Tail member? Then send them a letter here! They'll be glad to answer your question.
Mirajane Hologram

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 5: May 2012

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

Poll results will be counted on the 26th of April and will be shown on the next issue.

The Wiki
Administrators Policy & Standards Council
How well a job do you think Admins do?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 186 people voted.
How well a job do you think Councilors do?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 164 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
Rai said: "Mashima has really pissed me off with his misogynistic themes lately. Cana's bra being stolen, Flare getting beaten, Yukino being forced to stripped down, like, really? WTF? That's not fanservice. It's just disgusting and not something I enjoy reading. He should be ashamed for writing it, though I can assure you he's not. He, along with a million other sick fucks, actually thought that was sexy... sigh Smdh at how screwed up the world is." What are your thoughts?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 205 people voted.
How are you liking the filler arc so far?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 243 people voted.
The Zodiac Millianna
What is the "Gate to Changing World"?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 208 people voted.
What will happen after Millianna revelation of Kagura?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 208 people voted.
Fairy Tail Music Celestial Spirits
Which is your favorite ending theme song?!

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 226 people voted.
Which is your favorite Zodiac Celestial Spirit?

The poll was created at 20:59 on May 31, 2012, and so far 287 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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