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Wrath022 Technical Updates
Wrath022 | Writer


Hi guys, May went by pretty quickly. To be quite frank, all my days blend together so much that I could've sworn it was April, like, yesterday. Oh well, another typical month on Fairy Tail. Also, happy belated birthday to Hiro, and in a couple months it'll be the series' birthday; it's been in publications for 8 years, going on 9 this August. Oh, and last month, Choko got the puzzle, so congrats to him and good luck to you guys for this month.

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Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • The status of Motherglare's hatchlings was discussed, and we agreed to use their name from the game Fairy Tail: Brave Saga, Miniature Dragon, and list them as a subspecies of dragon, as well as remove Egg Magic and Hatchling from the M&A section of ever chapter and episode they appeared in, save for the chapter/episode in which they first appeared.
  • Unison Raid is now an ability, not a spell.
  • Tartarus, Kyouka, Chelia Blendy, Yukino Aguria and Keith will now be referred to as Tartaros, Kyôka, Sherria Blendy, Yukino Agria and Keyes.

Image Changes:

  • Makarov's profile image was changed.
  • Minerva's was brought up but ultimately remained the same.
  • The poster for the Tartaros arc was changed to a more fitting one from the Fairy Tail anime website.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Erza Scarlet SMA2.png
Biography May's Sexiest Mage Alive is the female knight, Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania (Queen of the Fairies). She's a 19 year old Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that employs Requip as her main form of Magic. She's a strict woman who doesn't tolerate slackers, always wears armor, enjoys strawberry cake and erotic novels.
Interesting Trait Has terrible stage fright
Guild Fairy Tail
Best Quote "Even if Master forgives you, I won't." (To Fairy Tail members)
Sexiness 10/10 stars

Real Godisme This Month in One Shots
Real Godisme | Writer

TMITM Header - May15.png
This Month in One Shots

May 2015

Bitches! Wassup! Are you ready for another This Month in One Shots? I know I am! Lets see what Natsu one shot this month. Also, Jakuwhore has ordered that all of us mention that it is Mashima's birthday this month. So yeah, there you go Jakuwhore.

TMITM Ch 433.png

Sexy Juvia cover is sexy. So Natsu confronts Arlock and the two have a stare down. Natsu tells him that he has no chance and to give up but Arlock says Natsu is young and doesn't understand despair. Arlock fires a blast at Natsu but Natsu deflects and one sho- Hold on a second, Natsu didn't one shot him yet. May the story continue! So Arlock creates a barrier spell that pushes Natsu back and puts him on the defensive as he dodges Arlock's attacks. However, Natsu quickly breaks the barrier though and bam! One shots Arlock! Yayyyy! But, Arlock, having planned to be beaten, reveals he burned off his own face as a sacrifice and summons Ikutsu-tsunagi or however you spell that damn name. Everyone then looks to the sky as the giant is summoned forth. Its foot steps down, crushing and killing all those beneath it. Natsu tells him to call it off but Arlock says everyone of his men was willing to die as this was the plan all along. The souls of those who die believing in Zeref will summon forth Zeref according to him. Hearing this however, greatly angers Natsu. As the war god descends, everyone is thrown into a panic, but Natsu resolves to stop it.

Hooray! One shot! Everything we wanted! Such a great chapter. Natsu is so OP now that he can take out anything in one hit. Amazing chapter.

TMITM Ch 434.png

With the War God now out in full force, he swings his sword forth, splitting the ground in 2. Natsu, being Natsu though, takes the opportunity to climb the sword and get on the deity. Arlock however, says it is pointless and calls to the other members of Avatar, telling them they must die for Zeref. Natsu then starts his typical nakama speech and bla bla bla Arlock doesnt agree, bla bla bla you all know the routine by now. But then! Natsu gets on the War God's head and...ONE SHOTS HIM! YAY!

OMG ONE SHOT! YESSS! Couldn't be better.

TMITM Ch 435.png

The War God now defeated, the members of Avatar are shocked. Jerome, Mary and Briar are all in tears, so surprised over what has transpired. With Natsu victorious, the rest of Avatar tries to run away, but Gajeel arrives to arrest them all. Everyone is shocked to see Gajeel and Gray explains he became a member of the Council. Lucy then sees Levy and the two happily reunite. Natsu then sees Gajeel, but thinking there is no way that Gajeel would ever join the Council, Natsu says it is a guy who looks like Gajeel, pissing Gajeel off. Gajeel says he was approached by Warrod to join the council and took him up on the offer. Flash to Warrod and he says he was just joking. Gajeel then attempts to arrest all his former guild mates for felonious reasons before Erza knocks him over the head, wondering who the guy who looks like Gajeel is. Panther Lily then explains that that is actually Gajeel. Shocking Natsu and Erza. The group then rejoices in the fact that they have beaten Avatar. Meanwhile, above them, Sting and Rogue arrive to find they are too late. Lector then notices that Frosch is missing. Below, Frosch has joined the other Exceed when Gray notices him. Natsu, seeing this, is sent into shock that Rogue broke his promise to keep Frosch away from Gray. However, Gray simply picks Frosch up and hugs him, commenting it is quite nice.

So there was some nice character development and seeing Juvia mad at Frosch kind of made me laugh, but there were no one shots, so boring ass chapter.

TMITM Ch 436.png

Many years ago, a young Zeref is studying at the Mildia magic academy. He shocks the elders when he writes a paper studying the origins of life and death and is told that such research is taboo. Zeref awakens from his dream and begins to talk of his past. He had a brother once, but his brother died when he was only a few years old. Unable to cope, Zeref began researching life and death. Zeref invents many things during his time at the academy to bring back his brother, including Eclipse and the R-System, but is always told that such research is taboo. He is eventually expelled but Zeref is then cursed and kills everyone at the academy on accident. He explains that his curse is a contradiction. The more he valued life, the more things died. As such he needed to disregard life. With his curse came immortality though and he began to research the creation of demons powerful enough to kill him. Through all his creations though, not a one was powerful enough to kill him. As a final project, he created Etherious Natsu Dragneel. Using his brother's body, he succeeded at everything he had wanted, reviving his brother and creating a demon powerful enough to kill him. Zeref then reveals his full name, Zeref Dragneel, Natsu's brother. Back in the present, Zeref states there are stories left for another time but he has to go meet someone else. Traveling up a mountainside, Zeref meets with Acnologia who is revealed to be able to revert to human form. Zeref states he will make Acnologia fight at full power as they confrontation approaches.

So putting my sarcasm aside for a moment, I liked this chapter quite a bit for the history of things, but it really undercuts Zeref as a villain. In fact, I wouldn't even call Zeref a villain anymore. The only reason he wants to destroy everything is because if he didnt say that, he would kill everyone. He is a good guy, which means FT doesn't really have an overarching villain.

TMITM Ch 437.png

I'm just going to analyze this chapter rather than summarize because the summary is everyone meets up in Magnolia and they reunite and FT is reborn. So first off, no one shots, boo! What is this, a serious manga? Anyway, I am glad to see everyone back but before Avatar came in, I was really liking the premise of journeying around Fiore and finding all the important players in FT and seeing what they have been up to. This chapter did away with that and just immediately put everyone back together, which I didn't really like at all. So now the question is who becomes guild master of the new FT. Its hard to imagine FT without Makarov as the guild master but its going to come down to the three S-Class mages and right away, we can rule Erza out. She is a main character and Mashima would never leave her in the dust to be a side character as the new guild master. So that leaves Erza and Laxus. Laxus is the most obvious choice, as it was Makarov's wish for him to inherit the guild one day, but I think a lot of people are discrediting Mira. I have seen people say she is too nice or doesn't have the mentality of a guild master, but she was kind of the second in charge to Makarov. She was clearly more than just a member of the guild and Makarov seemed to rely on her at times. So yeah, probs Laxus, but it could be Mira.

Anyway, thats all for this month hoes. Only 1 person wished me a happy birthday last month e_e which leads me to believe none of you bitches read this article so I am going to test it. If you read the article, say armadillio in a comment. If you didn't, I cant make you do anything cause you know, you didnt read what I would be telling you to do.... So yeah!

Wrath022 This Month in the Anime
Wrath022 | Writer

TMITA Header - May15.png

May 2015

Le Sexy Me: So, from now on I will refer to Tartarus as Tartaros due to the wiki changing the name. But on that note, I am loving the anime. I don't know about you, but the color change was just so necessary for the Tartaros arc. Maybe not the Sun Village portion, but in Japan, Tartaros and Sun Village are packaged as being one in the same. Ah well, on with this shit we shall go!

Episode 231

^^^^^^^^ My indifference levels

Ignoring all the assloads of recaps that the anime seems to be putting forward...what happened here is that Gray makes use of his child-like mind to utilize his Ice-Make more efficiently, as since his Magic Power is reduced, the damage he can deliver is pretty nonexistent. During the course of this, Gray sends Doriate spiraling down the cliff they are on and he lands on some of the strange, pink/purple/magenta/lavender/whatever-the-fuck-colored ice. Doriate manages to climb back up and falls for more of Gray's tricks, after which Gray pours shaved ice on Doriate's head, which angers him to the point of entering a demonic state. At this point, Gray and everyone else affected by Doriate's magic become their normal ages again, however this is short lived because Doriate decides to initiate Super Asshole Demon Mode and uses a super-enhanced Law of Retrogression to make every single person, including the Exceeds, children, or toddlers, in Wendy's case, including Gray yet again. :P Gray almost dies at Doriate's hands, but Happy and Carla save him, and after a whole lot of me not caring (srsly, this fight was cool, but not interesting in the least), Gray figures out that Doriate is weak to the Sun Village's ice and redirects the magical energy of the ice into Doriate and defeats him, which also turns Flare, Lucy, Minerva and Erza from lolicon bait back into busty teenagers/adults. Seriously, at this point has anyone remembered that Lucy is only roughly 18? Or that Erza is only 19-ish? No? Me neither, because fuck making people look their age! However, poor Wendy just gets turned back into a real loli, you know, from an even worse, less jack-off-able and more "be ashamed of yourself" kind of loli, aka a 4 year old. And when you read this sentence, please

*insert weird yaoi hentai version of this episode here*

After this, Doriate starts, for some reason now animated better than he has been for the last 4 episodes, dealing out the most ominous shit about Fairy Tail standing Hell's gates (come on, Tartaros euphemisms if you haven't figured this one out >_>), but then gets eaten by that giant chicken-cyclops-rat-eagle-Buckbeak-thing. Also, during all this, Natsu manages to make it to the giant ice mountain, finally deducing that the voice he's been hearing has been coming from it, and following him are Lucy, Wendy and Flare. Natsu sees Flare and he too begins to go Super Asshole Demon (haha!) Mode and begins to talk shit to Flare, but Lucy defends her, and then Natsu goes Stereotypical Heartfelt Protagonist Mode and promises Flare, who at this point has revealed that the giant ice mountain is the Eternal Flame! Gray also then shows up with Happy and Carla, however they have been followed by that giant cyclops bird, so Natsu and Gray do a high five thing, where Natsu promises to kill the cyclops bird while Gray works on unfreezing the Eternal Flame, which they believe should be able to unfreeze the village as whole.

All in all, pretty good episode. From now on, I'm going to be using a scale from 1 to 10 to describe these episodes at the end. 1 is considered the worst thing to have ever arrived on this earth since Ronald Reagan, 5 is considered absolutely average (nothing good about it, nothing bad about it), and 10 is considered to have been touched by King Midas himself. If it's close to 1, it has problems up the ass. If it's around 4 or 6, then it's either just subpar or had a couple redeeming features. If it's 8, then it's very well above average. 9 is nearly perfect with a couple flaws. 3 and 7 are respectively closer to 1 and 5, so those scores mean that it was either pretty bad all around or that it was just very good and enjoyable.

Anyhow, this episode was a 6/10.

Episode 232

Yup, this is pretty much my reaction

Still ignoring any and all recaps, this episode was muoy bitchin'. Natsu starts off by attacking the bird while Gray tries to melt the Eternal Flame below, which he does, only to find that...he kind of crippled the flame. At first they all believe that nothing is there and that they have destroyed an ancient object of worship, but then we find out that the giant Eternal Flame has actually been reduced to the size of a backyard s'mores fire. To reignite the flame, we get some of the best animation Fairy Tail has ever seen with Natsu vs. Rai's ass (what I shall be referring the Cyclops Monster to as of now =D). It was just... I melted, jizzed, vomited rainbows and cried all at the same time. No lies. Natsu pulverizes Rai's ass into the pedestal for the flame and then releases an a literal fuck-ton of Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flames onto the flame and the ass before using Exploding Flame Blade to completely ignite the flame and leave Rai's ass unrecognizably burnt. From here, Lolicon Bait (what I will also refer to Wendy as of now! ;D) uses Milky Way, revealing that the Eternal Flame was... ...Atlas Flame. What the hell. .__.

I melted here

Atlas Flame reveals that he is the Fire Dragon and the guardian of the Eternal Flame, but also reveals that he remembers absolutely nothing except Natsu, whom is referred to as the Son if Igneel. After a whole lot of me not caring, it is theorized that Atlas' memories were affected by the ice, though he does remember one crucial thing: the one who froze the village was...a Devil Slayer! This Devil Slayer believed that Atlas Flame was demonic in nature, and as such tried to destroy him and the whole village. After Flare decides to be even more bangable towards him, Atlas Flame remembers everything: that he created the village and whatnot; he then thaws out the whole village and begins talking about Zeref, the Dragon King Festival and Acnologia. His life force begins to fade at this point, and probably one of the coolest dragons in the series tells Natsu about Zeref's ultimate masterpiece, dubbed E.N.D., did battle with Igneel 400 years ago, but that Igneel failed to destroy him. Ominous, right? Meanwhile, Minerva tells Erza to essentially fuck off after a giant notices them and bails. With that done, everyone expresses gratitude towards Atlas Flame except for Gray, who wonders about the Devil Slayer of ice. Concurrently, at some frozen wreckage of a town, the Devil Slayer appears to be visiting a grave. During his visit, a messenger greets him, obviously scared out of his wits, but the Devil Slayer tells him not to fret, as he only eats demons. Turning around, this Devil Slayer is called Silver of the Absolute Zero. And he is a member of Tartaros and their group within: the Nine Demon Gates!

This episode ranks as 9/10, mostly for Silver and the superb animation during the fight between Natsu and Rai's ass. ;)

Episode 233

Gonna start off by saying that, also ignoring the recaps, this episode was weird. Mostly because it had the living crap censored out of it from its source material adaptation.

Continued from last month: Yup, gonna do things to you =D

Okay, so we open up with the FT Mages talking and partying with the unfrozen giants whilst also pondering the involvement of Tartaros and what the Devil Slayer and E.N.D. could have had to do with all of this, while also thinking that the village was possibly frozen for a reason unknown to them. Flare also overcomes her shame of running away from home thanks to Lucy, and she is welcomed back with open arms by her giant (literally) family members.

While this transpires, Minerva returns to Succubus Eye's headquarters, only to find that everyone has been killed via being transformed into black, paper dolls. The culprit then reveals themselves to be Kyôka, also of Tartaros and the Nine Demon Gates! She says that her power is the ability to "enhance" (also pronounced "Kyôka") others, and that if they don't withstand the enhancement, that is the result. Minerva at first thinks that their predicament is due to failing Silver's request to prevent the Sun Village from being thawed, however Kyôka reveals to have no knowledge of this at all, leading Minerva to realize that it was Silver's personal request and not one from Tartaros itself. Kyôka then gets extremely menacing and asks Minerva if she can withstand her enhancement, which is said to be being performed to enhance Tartaros' battle capabilities for upcoming war, and assaults Minerva in a...flash of green light. Harry Potter, much? >_>

The next day, Team Natsu + Lolicon Bait and her as-of-now worthless cat trek back to Warrod's house where they tell him of the mission's completion and are rewarded with a potato. Yes, a potato. I'm sure if Glass watched this episode she'd have desired to very much suck the shit out of this potato, but oh well.

Since there are no images of naked Lucy and Erza on the wiki, we'll all settle for this

Here is where things get censored. The girls go to Warrod's hotspring, and everything that transpires is supposed to occur here, but it instead gets redirected to a barbecue outside Warrod's house. Anyway, while they're there Warrod gives them tea (Happy's has a foreshadowing mushroom which Carla claims could "one day grow on his head"), and Warrod reveals to them that he was one of Fairy Tail's founding members, which they realize is how he knew to ask for Natsu and Gray specifically, and is the reason why Makarov was so insistent that they complete the mission and be respectful. They also talk about Tartaros and E.N.D., the latter of which Warrod says he has no idea about, though he does mention that Tartaros is completely shrouded in mystery and that they worship demons, as well as that they may have a powerful demon from Zeref's books in their possession, which they all speculate could be E.N.D. After this, Natsu starts going wild and ends up hitting the shit out of Erza...which as we know doesn't end well for him. XP

This episode ranks as 7/10. It was mostly for Kyôka's part in it all. The censoring, though understandable, made it worse for me. I wanted my weekly dose of Erza ass and Lucy boobs, but like, as actual uncovered ass and boobs!

Episode 234

Holy shit ( o__o)

In addition to the minimal recaps, we start off with Silver approaching what he dubs to be Tartaros' guild building: an ominous castle surrounded by a red-tinted sky. We then cut to Era, the Magic Council's headquarters, where they discuss the recent disappearance of all of Tartaros' sub-guilds, which are others like Succubus Eye. Some say that it could be Jellal and Crime Sorciere, while others say it's Fairy Tail exercising some ultimate form of hubris, all while Doranbolt and Lahar watch. Org sticks up for Fairy Tail, saying that Tartaros could be the culprit and that they could also be preparing for a war of some kind. Seven of the councilors laugh, however Gran Doma has some sort of redeeming character moment and agrees with Org's proposition, saying that they must eliminate Tartaros before things get out of hand. Just then, a messenger comes in trying to tell them about an intruder, but then Era explodes. ...Wait. What? Era explodes? Like, blows the fuck up? What? What?! WHAT?! Yeah, and what's more, Doranbolt survives the explosion and he picks up a...dead Lahar. ...What, yet again? And then we get a pan shot of the wreckage, and every single of the nine councilors is...dead. Holy f- Wait! Org is alive!

Well this can't end well

Well, Org was alive, because a member of Tartaros' Nine Demon Gates reveals himself, and his name is Jackal! His mission is to leave no member of the Magic Council's nine senators alive, and after much pleading, Org convinces Doranbolt to leave the area and avenge them all. A bigger explosion then occurs, leaving all the citizens below watching this concerned, and Org very much dead. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tail guild, the FT members are acting like typical FT members while Levy and some others try and research E.N.D., but don't get much out of it. Before long, Jet and Droy run into the guild with some terrible news.

Now we cut back to Doranbolt, who is visiting Cobra in his prison cell, demanding that he spill everything he knows about Tartaros. Cobra says he'll do so only if he and the other members of the OS are freed, but Doranbolt says he doesn't have that authority. Cobra demands that he go ask those that do have that power, but Doranbolt replies that they're all dead. Cobra at first expresses surprise, but then adds a touch of sarcasm when he jokingly says that they really went balls to the wall. Doranbolt gets super pissed at this and teleports into the cell and threatens to slit Cobra's throat if he doesn't tell him what he desires, though Cobra does not relent and says that his and his friends' release is non-negotiable, but does offer Doranbolt one bit of info. From here, Silver rendezvouses with Kyôka and five other of the Nine Demon Gates. They march forward into their meeting quarters while Doranbolt is told by Cobra that not a single one of Tartaros is human: they are all (at this point, anyway) demons from Zeref's books and that their master is none other than E.N.D.: Zeref's strongest demon.

The Demon Gates enter their quarters, where they discuss the start of their operation. We get some insight into the personalities of members Seilah, Keyes, Franmalth and Torafuzar, though it is pointed out that Jackal is out on his mission, as is their last member, Tempester. They end their meeting by declaring that everything they're doing is for Zeref, however Silver noticeably looks less than enthused by whatever their master plan appears to be.

Now we end up cutting to Yajima's restaurant, 8-Island, where the Thunder God Tribe are working. They talk about the assassination of the Magic Council, citing Yajima to be lucky, but Yajima demands some kind of respect for his dead peers and says that when he left the Magic Council, it was like a weight being lifted from his shoulders. After a bit of banter, a strange, lion-faced individual walks into the restaurant and blows it to high heaven. Literally. He creates a tornado and quickly overwhelms the Thunder God Tribe with his command over natural disasters, such as tornadoes, firestorms and earthquakes. He then prepares to kill Yajima after neutralizing the Thunder God Tribe, but then Laxus shows up and prepares to kick some ass!

This episode was 10/10. The manga chapter associated with it was the same, and so it only makes sense for this episode to get it too! My only real gripe is that Freed can't seem to be animated by Bridge. Like, at all, but that one quirk is overshadowed by every other single thing in this episode tenfold.

Overall, the anime this month receives a combined score of 8/10! Pretty good month, and I'm stoked for what's to come. Even though I think a lot of the chapters that follow these occurrences are bullshit, the anime is supposed to be adding stuff that Mashima was forced to cut out from the Tartaros arc. Essentially, this is one of those few instances where we're getting canon material in anime-only format. Oh well, see you guys next month!

FairyRaven Raven's Coven
FairyRaven | Writer

Raven's Coven.png

Hey guys. After 1 month of sickness, I'm back for another coven! We celebrate the end of Spring and the coming of Summer by analyzing....

THE RAIN WOMAN!!! Because fuck the seasons and the weather, am I right?

Juvia's one of the main supporting female characters of the series, along with Mirajane or Cana, although her importance is more like Levy-level or Lisanna-level. But we'll talk about that later.

So Juvia's this series' yandere stalker-ish lovesick ex-villain girl turned good by a male main character.

Oh, how original!

Her powers revolve around water which is cool(pun intended maybe), she has blue hair and an interesting sense of fashion. Alright, now that the summary is over, let's move to the interesting stuff!


My favorite design for Juvia probably(if she didn't lack a nose)

I'd say Mashima-sensei is at his most creative when it comes to Juvia's design. She is of medium build(certainly not over the breast area though), has black eyes(deep blue in anime) and blue hair. Over the series, she's had many hairstyles and attires, and we've had some pretty interesting combinations of those. She prefers cool colors, particularly blue, so that it matches with her powers (and initial personality). Overall I love how she looks and the color diversity she offers in the series, with Lucy's light colors and Natsu's warm colors, so I'd rate her appearance pretty high, if there was not THAT ONE CHANGE.


Juvia's eyes were unique. She was this slanted-eyed beauty, unique to the cast, and ended up with boring generic eyes like all the other girls in the series. Don't remember? Check for yourself!



I get it, she became good so some things had to change, but why would that involve her awesome eyes too? Does having round eyes make you more of a hero? I honestly don't know.


Here lies what could have been for Juvia's personality

Juvia is a moving Japanese anime trope. She's a villain, then she meets a guy that she feels a connection to, she becomes good for said guy, is jealous of other females near him(occasionally going yandere), is obsessed with guy and whole personality=love for said guy. We've seen that many times in many animanga. There's nothing really standing out here.

But then I noticed it. Mashima uses Juvia to satirize and make fun of said trope. Characters like Hinata from Naruto are essentially the same as Juvia, only their obsession is seen as romantic and cute and true wuv as opposed to extreme and unhealthy, which is Juvia's case :P Though admittedly Juvia is more extreme, but it is a technique used by many, when you want to make fun of something, just push it to the extremes.

That's how it started out, anyway. Now Juvia's is seen as romantic as well, and this bugs me. I cheered when Gray rejected Juvia after the Grand Magic Games, telling her to back off, and thought that this would make her realize how possessive and clingy she can be, and act more normal. However, it only got worse and suddenly the feelings start to become mutual? WTF?

I get it, I get it. She has childhood trauma because no one wanted to approach her when she was a child and "Gray showed her the light". However, if you squint your eyes you'll notice that her character can be incosistent. After she joined, Gray never really gave a fuck for Juvia while others actively tried to approach her(i.e. Lucy) but she dissed them to go back to Gray stalking which realistically someone who was devoid of love all their life would never do. That only makes you look like an ungrateful jerk, not a complex character(which probably was not Mashima's intention anyway). However, I still appreciate all Juvia-related content because it's usually funny as hell(like, most recently, her considering Frosch a love rival).

That's why I love Juvia whenever she has nothing to do with Gray. In ToH, we saw a friendship beginning to develop between her and Lucy. In Fighting Festival arc, it was awesome seeing her sacrificing herself to save Cana. It may be one of my favorite FT moments ever. Then in the S-Class Trial, she formed bonds with Lisanna, Erza, and particularly Meredy. After the timeskip and a brief Juvia-Meredy moment though, Juvia 2.0, as she likes to call herself, has been all about Gray. Her dilemma in Tartarus arc was a bit compelling, but again it had to be about Gray, but the good thing is she actually fought a serious fight herself, something she last did before the timeskip.

She is still plenty of fun, bubbly, easygoing(when she's with Gray), but usually more of a caricature rather than a complex character.

Whenever she shows up with characters who are not Gray:

Whenever she shows up with Gray:

4/10 Good for laughs only


Again, I have my issues here, and it's hard to do this section from the personality one, because her abilities stem from exactly that.

Juvia is a water woman, presumably being naturally born with Magic. Whenever she's sad, it rains around her, and the sadder she gets, the more it rains. However, it probably has to do with every negative emotion and not sadness only, because when she's mad:

we get THIS!

and THIS!


...Of course, that happens like, once every 200 chapters or less. Usually, Juvia is a pushover in a fight, no matter how high the stakes are (as seen during early S-Class Trial, or the GMG or the Dragon invasion). She only gets mad and lets her true strength show when it is about Gray, as noted by Erza during her fight with Meredy. That makes both her character and her fights suffer greatly, and we get crap like this:

My cats would offer a more entertaining catfight than this

Her Magic is really fluid though(once again pun intended). Not only does she control the water at will, but she can also turn her body to water. She is practically invulnerable except from some rare cases, but when plot demands it, she suddenly forgets all about it. Finally, she can destroy things from the inside, like she did to Keith. How BADASS is this? That's why I'm mad that she rarely uses her awesome skills in a fight. She could be an awesome water warrior lady but is reduced to a joke instead.



Well...she is not a Dragon Slayer, has no known affiliation to Zeref or Acnologia, and is mainly involved in Gray's storyline. One could argue that she could be the driving force preventing Gray from going full Sasuke when he learns that Natsu is E.N.D.,but I don't really see her doing much other than that and other than being a regular Fairy Tail member.

2/10 Lol nope


I've already said what I wanted to say more or less. She's this series' yandere stalker previously villain now in love with a main character girl. She offers a lot of humor, romance(for some) and fanservice to the plot, and sometimes she has her badass moments as well. She'll probably be used at one point to increase Gray's angst. Maybe she is hurt by E.N.D. or Acno or Zeref for that. Anyway, her role is pretty important, but not anything Lucy or other females couldn't provide, I think. However, the unique humor she brings to the table definitely makes her a pretty likeable and interesting character for me.

6/10 Not much of a role, but I guess she's good?

Overall, Juvia's score as a character is...4.6/10... making her the all-time lowest rated character so far. Wow, that's even lower than Santa! I'm sorry to all you Juvia fans' disappointment. Of course, that's my own very personal evaluation. Let's see what the rest of the staff has to say about her:


Definitely would bang

Unless your name starts with "Gray" and ends with "sama" I can't see it happening ;D


Gorgeous. Wet. WouldBeSoMuchBetterWithoutGray

Y'all bitches need to learn what 3 words means.

Ultraprime2 Avatar.jpg

Needs to change

Clothes? :P


Very underrated hottie

It's sad because it's true.


Drip drip drop.



Passionate water Mage.

Huh ( ._.) You're her biggest fan, try to get more creative!

Well, that's it for this month's coven! Also, Happy Birthday to Hiro Mashima-sensei! Let's all wish him health, happiness and more Juvia in his next chapters(Minerva too, pretty please!). Now, as usual, you guys vote on the character you want to see in the next coven. See you next issue!

IamJakuhoRaikoben SuperNatural
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Hello, everyone! Last month I featured Zeref and I created a poll to ask you guys' opinion on who I chose to portray him (Avan Jogia). I posted the results of that poll below. 10.3% of you thought it was a good choice. 56.8% of you thought it was okay. And 32.9% of you thought it was bad. My choice for Zeref got mixed reception. I figured it would. :P Let's hope my choice for Juvia gets better reception. :D To the 32.9% of you who didn't like my incredible choice... you can go fuck yourself. ಠ_ಠ
Super Natural
Juvia in a blue dress.jpg Amanda Seyfried.jpg
Juvia Lockser Amanda Seyfried

The person I picked to portray Juvia is an actress named Amanda Seyfried. I think Amanda is a phenomenal match for Juvia. Much like Juvia, she's gorgeous and I think she'd look pretty badass with blue hair. Plus, in Mean Girls (if you don't know this movie, then shoot yourself) she plays a complete imbecile, so I know she can capture Juvia's silly, bubbly, insane personality. She is a little bit older than Juvia, but considering how many thirty year olds play teenagers in Hollywood, I don't think their age difference would be noticeable or matter at all. So, what do you guys think? Is she a good match for Juvia? Do you know an actress who'd fit better? If so tell me in the comments! ^__^ And if you don't think Amanda is a good choice, I'd really like to know why. And even if you do think it's a good choice, I'd like to know why in the comments.

Ultraprime2 Family Tree
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Family Tree Logo.png

Hey guys!

I am back now and this month, we take a look at our efforts to stop Hungry's takeover.

Before anyone whines about not being on the tree, please note that not everyone can be on it, and even those that can will not be on it immediately. It's a
monthly article till further notice, so there are gonna be a lot of generations featured. As such, kindly shut up and read.

So now,

Eager to retrieve his restaurant from Reli, Hungry soon began his plan with his new Indian business partner, MDM. Their first order of business was invading Rai's house and trapping all the mice they could find. Given Rai's very poor hygiene, this was little to no problem for the two of them, and soon they filled a number of bags with live mice. The next night, just after Reli and his employees left the nightclub that was soon to become an orgy house, MDM snuck in through an air vent and unleashed his bags into the building. Escaping in Hungry's white van before any passersby could see him, MDM snickered enthusiastically as they drove off.

The next morning, Reli was shocked as he looked through his window and saw the vermin infesting his nightclub. He immediately knew that Hungry had to be behind this. Knowing he could never open his business again until the problem was resolved, Reli hired Jakuho to perform a cleaning service, following which Jakuho brought his sons Aldarinor and Mega along and killed all the rats by feeding them his home-made fried chicken. Reli was thankful that this plan fixed his problem and within a few days he'd be able to reopen his nightclub, but Hungry, who had watched from afar, was angry that MDM's plan failed.

One night, MDM was walking in the streets as a white van began chasing him. It was Hungry driving, and he was mad that MDM's plan had failed and decided to punish him personally. Though he tried, MDM knew he could not outrun a van while on foot and quickly ducked into an alleyway that would be too small for it to enter. However, what he did not expect is that Hungry would exit the van personally and come into the alleyway. With no way to go, MDM had resigned himself to his fate. That was, until he was looped by a rope and pulled upwards as Hungry could only watch. Frightened, MDM began to look around and shake frantically, not knowing who was holding him as such. Upon reaching a rooftop, he opened his eyes to a sight of relief.

The King of Uncool had arrived as MDM had intended. Originally planning to help in Hungry's takeover, he instead got wind of what was going on with him and MDM and showed up to rescue the latter. Deciding to join the fight against Hungry, he immediately enlisted two friends of his. The first was Ota, a girl as cute as any you'd ever seen. The other was Kyo, a more mysterious girl than most. The first was to infiltrate Hungry's ranks as his "daughter" while the latter was to gather information on him.

Meanwhile, Rai was having his own problems. At any time of the day, he would be tricked into answering his doorbell as it was repeatedly pressed by someone Rai could never catch. To solve this problem, Aldarinor installed a security camera in front of the door and soon after, Mega caught the prankster. Miku was a young troublemaker in the neighborhood and decided to give Rai some trouble just for kicks. However, Rai took the girl into his house and began lecturing her about proper behavior. Listening in, Aldarinor and Mega both found his words true but incredibly hypocritical. However, Rai paid no attention to them and decided to adopt the girl as his own, much to her displeasure and disapproval.

At the same time, Ota was enjoying her time pretending to be Hungry's daughter. Surprisingly, he chose not to involve her with his plan to take back the establishment from Reli, which was curious to Ultra as he expected Hungry to use and abuse everyone whom he got the chance to do so. Rather, Ota was quite free and even started up her own business of selling custom-made speedboats for water travel. One night, Ota and Ultra took the boat out on the water but failed to foresee a storm that would rock their boat and cause them to lose their map. The night passed though, and the two soon wound up in their speedboat on an island with a single house on it.

"Damn it." Ultra cursed as he looked around and figured exactly which master's island it was.

Umnei Umneilicious
Umnei | Writer


Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay but here's this month's comic. It's more of an exaggerated observation but let me know if you can relate :D


So obviously, our wiki isnt always like that hehe and of course, I respect that unless something is confirmed, we won't have it on our wiki... but what are the chances that Sorano's last name isn't Agria?
Funny thing is, I almost drew Ur instead of Simon because I was going to draw Ultear instead of Kagura (with their name being Milkovich and all)... but luckily, I caught on before making any big mistakes. Plus, I think these chibis came out rather cute! Of course, I'm still trying to transition into digital art so bare with my silly little sketches and colors... Well, until next time!

Sorcerer Magazine Staff Battle Arena
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Welcome to Battle Arena, where every month we will be bringing you a new battle to vote on. Minerva vs. Angel, Gildarts vs. Hades. Every month will feature a new dream battle and staff members will be voicing their opinions on why they believe their proponent will win in the battle. It then falls on you, the readers to vote and decide. At the end of every month, the votes in the comments will be tallied and the winner will be announced in the next magazine issue.
Battle Arena.png
Minerva prop.png Vs. Laxus profile image.png
Time left
A battle of traitors who returned to their former guilds much more wholesome. If the two were to battle at full strength, who would win? WINNER!
Laxus Dreyar

Votes for Minerva

Laxus's fighting style is all about brute force and powerful blows. With Minerva's ability to pop in and out of the fight, as well as her very powerful magic, I feel she would have the edge here.
Laxus is extremely powerful. Extraordinarily so. However, unlike most of the powerful Mages in the series (Jellal, Erza, Mirajane, etc.), he isn't very versatile. Both of his Magics revolve around the use of Lightning, and he doesn't seem to use any strategy in battle. Just brute force. Minerva, on the other hand, is a tactician who's both versatile and calculating while in battle. And it's these traits, in addition to her unique Magical abilities, that I think would ultimately make her the victor of what is sure to be a long and arduous battle.
Well duh, of course I'd vote for Minerva. ( .__.)~ Don't get me wrong, Laxus is a beast and a half, but in the end, brute force can't really trump manipulation of space. For instance, the only reason Erza, who is of a caliber as high as Laxus' own (on occasion), won her fight with Minerva was with the Nakagami Armor, which could cut through ether itself. I don't see Laxus using Fairy Law either, as that is a super magic that is reserved only to take out those whom one sees as a true enemy, and I don't see Laxus seeing Minerva as such. In the end it would come down to lightning blasts which Minerva could simply just warp away, and regardless of whether or not Laxus can turn himself into lightning, Minerva can just trap him in a sphere of Territory from which there is no escape, as it is essentially a separate plain within the current plain, and then send him to another dimension. GG Laxus, but Minerva has the edge because she is basically the Palkia of Fairy Tail.
Fairy Raven Avatar.png
Minerva has the upper hand. We saw that during the GMG she was particularly good at noting her opponent's advantages and disadvantages and coming up with strategies to win. Minerva has vast amounts of Magic power, a really versatile type of Magic, and her Yakuma God spells are OP. I can see this fight being mainly a long battle of stamina, with Laxus attacking and Minerva negating his attacks until one of the two is exhausted, and I think Laxus would be the first to fall. Finally, when Laxus prepares for Fairy Law, Minerva only has to not leave him alone long enough to fully activate it :P Finally, Minerva may be able to use her Demonification at will, if the other points did not convince you, though that remains to be seen.

Votes for Laxus

Laxus' brute force and heart > Minerva's versatile tactics.
Ultraprime2 Avatar.jpg
Laxus exceeds Minerva in basically every physical category. Strength, speed, durability and endurance all to point to him in terms of who is "superior". Minerva might be more tactical but I think Laxus would overwhelm her at the end because I believe the fight will be drawn-out and this will lead to him outlasting her. I'm not taking Fairy Law into consideration though. Still, as the more battle-hardened fighter, I'd give this win to Laxus Dreyar. I can't imagine Minerva taking him down.
Because Laxus has Fairy Law. And if we don't count the judgement spell, Minerva and Laxus would give each other an extremely hard time. Any kind of physical attack or lightning spell Laxus does can easily be redirected with Minerva's Territory. If Minerva uses that on Laxus himself, it would quickly seem useless as well because of his Lightning Body. Minerva may be able to move him around as she likes but if Laxus stays in that form, which allows him to quickly move around as he wants in a semi-intangible way, I don't think Territory can do much. Of course on the other hand even in that form Laxus would not be able to escape Minerva's Yagdo Rigora. So I think they are pretty much even except for Fairy Law which is OP.
The staff members have made their picks. Now it falls on you to decide. Place your votes in the comments before the deadline and your vote will be counted in the final tally.
Previous Matches

Sorcerer Magazine Staff React!!
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Logo Fairy Tail right.png

An article where the Sorcerer Magazine Staff is shown a video and asked various questions about it. Each month features a different video and all available staff members will provide their reactions to it.

If you have any suggestions for future videos that should be watched, please keep them to yourselves ;)

This month's video is:

IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Can shows aimed at children ever be truly realistic?
A: No. No child wants to watch anything realistic. The point of children shows is to be entertaining and didactic (this is usually only in shows aimed at really young audiences).
Do you think a kids show can be appealing to an older audience?
A: Lol, of course. Those who make cartoons know that children aren't the only ones who have to watch these shows. Adults sometimes have to sit with their children and watch TV as well. Which is why so many kids shows are so damn entertaining. For example, Spongebob Squarepants, The Fairly Odd Parents, Powerpuff Girls (don't judge me), etc.
OK, so which Power Ranger would you be? Please note that pink is off-limits to you and you can't be the black ranger, cause someone will accuse the production team of being racist.
A: Dude, I literally haven't seen the Power Rangers since I was like five. If I can't have black, I guess I'd go with blue or green. :3
FairyRaven FairyRaven | Writer
Are you a fan of Smosh?
A: I'm definitely a fan! That said, I don't always find their humor or videos spot on neither have I subscribed to all their 10-ish channels, but most of the time they at least manage to make me smile, and they are really creative
Does seeing this video bring anything to mind?
A: So many things! As a kid I used to watch most of these shows, if not all. It really brings back some great memories.
If they did a sequel to this video, what other kids shows would you want them to parody?
A: Let's see. Spongebob and Rugrats, the powerpuff girls(is that how it was called?), bananas with pajamas, Bob the builder, Noddy, and maybe some anime most of us watched us watched as kids like Dragonball or Digimon or Yugioh(though they may have some of those).
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Did you watch these shows while growing up?
A: Honestly... I didn't watch any of them lol I just know of them.
How realistic do you think their take on some of these shows were?
A: I mean, I can't say for sure because you can interpret their premises and concepts in many different ways, and they've chosen to interpret them in this way.
Would you ever want to be the star of a kids show along the lines of "Blues Clues"?
A: Not really but from what little I know of Blues Clues, I think his impersonation of the Blue's Clue's actor was pretty good! He had his likeness~
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Rate this video on a scale of 1-10.
A: Hmmm... I'd give it a 2. I only watched until the end cuz I kinda had to :/
Did they have any of these shows when you were growing up in Peru?
A: Most of them yes actually!! Some that I can remember are Care Bears (called Los Cariñositos (The Affectioners?) sounds a lot better in spanish). Never actually watched it though. I watched Power Rangers a lot when a bit older than most of these shows (so like 7) but even as a kid I saw how repetitive each episode was and quickly got bored. Barney was on TV but I don't think I ever watched more than 5 minutes. Teletubbies ugh I watched that so much when I was under 5 I'm so ashamed. All the other shows I never heard of until I got to the US.
What kids show would you make other wiki users be a part of if you could do so?
A: Well most of these shows are aimed at like under 5 years of Age, so none of those. First of all, I would wish everyone watched the most heartbreaking kids story aimed at kids called Marco, an old anime (i didn't know as a kid of course) about a child from Italy whose mom leaves for South America so he goes on a search to find her). I cry everytime I remember it. :( Anyway, kid shows for a bit older kids like almost 10 then Digimon Adventures, Pokemon, YuGiOh the Original Series, The Red Baron (really old anime that my brothers and I loved), Metabots (same), Captain Tsubabsa (old anime about soccer called Super Campeones (Super champions) in spanish). Those are all I can remember right now. Also, watch this.

EDIT: If this doesn't make you cry you are heartless.

EDIT 2: I just noticed how horribly I misinterpreted this question. Whoops. Oh well. Not changing my answer cuz I don't feel like it. :P

Ultraprime2 Ultraprime2 | Writer
You've seen Smosh videos like this before, no doubt. Do you think their take on the matter is realistic?
A: The thing about their take is that they aren't trying to be realistic per se. They aren't trying to deconstruct the idea behind these shows. They're trying to take certain aspects of these shows and provide a humorous, rather than outright realistic, take. Some of the idea is the same, but they're definitely taking the "Smosh" approach to realism.
What was your favorite show as a kid?
A: Oh c'mon, that changed all the time. I'm pretty sure that at one point or another, it was a show I'd be too embarrassed to even admit watching. Though I guess I can follow through with "Power Rangers" as much as I can. I even followed it into my teenage years.
What's the greatest kids cartoon of all time? No anime, of course.
A: Well...I say "Hey!"
Wrath022 Wrath022 | Writer
What did you like and dislike about this video?
A: Um, I abso-fucking-lutely super special awesome love Smosh! I saw this video when it first came out, just for an fyi. ( ^___^) What Smosh does for these kinds of videos is that they approach the topic and actually think about if it was real, and then use sarcasm as a levy for humor. To be honest, Smosh relies mostly on sarcasm for their humor, though it shines quite well in these "If ______________ was real" videos. I don't know, it's just that these kinds of videos of theirs are my absolute favorite. Though I did think the sun with a face on it could've been substituted for, I don't know, the weird 6 to 12 foot creatures with shapes for antennae? Then again, they already did that "murderous" aspect for Barney, and it would've been a bit of overkill to do it again. I don't know, I just loved the whole thing. XD
What was your favorite show as a kid?
A: Apparently up until I was roughly three it was, funnily enough, Teletubbies. Though even when I was a kid I enjoyed anime. The one I distinctly remember liking the most was Naruto, though that debuted when I was nearly 10. If you want earlier than that, then it was Dragon Ball Z and Gundam Wing.
Do you think a kids show can be appealing to an older audience?
A: Take a look at My Little Pony and tell me what you think.
Real Godisme Real Godisme | Writer
Real Godisme
Are you a fan of Smosh?
A: I used to be but I stopped watching years ago. Every now and then I'll see something they did.
If you were writing for a kids show, what kind of things would you include?
A: Explosions. Lots of explosions. We all know from Michael Bay that explosions are what everyone wants. Oh and lots of innuendos so the parents can enjoy too
Would you rather be a journeying explorer, talking aardvark or a Power Ranger?
A: Power Ranger! I always wanted to say It's Morphing Time and then get a flashy costume and do back flips while beating up aliens.

Well, there you have it, folks. Rai loves Spongebob Squarepants, Umnei loves the man from Blues Clues, Wrath watched My Little Pony and, alongside Raven, is a Smosh Fanboy. I'm boring as always, Reli always misunderstands his questions and if aliens invade, our fate is in God's hands. Oh what a doomed world we live in... Anyways, join us next month people as we find the next video for our reactions!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Magazine Staff Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Fairy Interview
A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right.png

This month's questions are:

  • What's your favorite Visual Novel?
  • With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
  • Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
  • What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
  • Ass, boobs or face?
Wrath022 Wrath022 | Writer
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: I don't read visual novels, though I'd like to know how in the blue hell I wound up here! And why am I interviewing myself?
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: Well it's the rebirth of Fairy Tail, I guess. #Laxus4GM2015. Also, seriously, how and why is this a thing? Please answer me...
Interviewer: *Ignores*
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: Yeah, happy birthday, and please give a concrete power level system so that we aren't using other people as references for power all the time. It's such a pain in the ass to argue with people who think Character A is stronger than Character B, and then try and make the claim that Character C could fight on par with both Characters A and B and blah blah blah. Also, please don't ignore me. :c
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: Iunno, I don't get in trouble because I never get caught. I could've, and probably should've, gotten arrested last year with my friends for shooting bottle rockets and smoke bombs at each others' cars during senior skip day. That and being driven around publicly drunk and/or high. But wait, you know this, so why are you bothering to ask?!
Ass, boobs or face?
A: Um, why not both, but on your face? Now answer me, who are you?!
Interviewer: *finally removes mask*
A: W... Warrod Sequen?
Interviewer: It's just a joke!
Ultraprime2 Ultraprime2 | Writer
Wendy Marvell
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: Hmm...well, I don't really play online games cause Carla says they're bad for you.
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: We need to rebuild the guild. Now that everyone is together, we just need to finalize our goal. I'm sure we can do it, because we always pull through!
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: Thank you so much for giving me life, Mashima-san!
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: Uhmm....I once broke a plate in a store and ran away. I didn't get caught but Carla was really mad at me.
Ass, boobs or face?
A: No! Not Face! We've already been through that!
Umnei Umnei | Writer
FT Superfan
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: My favorite visual novel cannot be limited to just one because I love all 2 of the Fairy Tail visual novels that have been released which are my favorite. *sniffles to clear nose* I own them both and will keep buying whenever more come.
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: Obviously Natsu is going to discover his origins soon and attain a super mega awesome power to defeat the evil within his brother and then marry Lucy and live happy ever after. Erza and Jellal will be together, Gray and Juvia will be together, and everything will end happy because Fairy Tail is amazing.
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: I would like to thank Mashima-hiro sensei with all my heart and soul for creating this completely original and amazing series that we all follow. He is the best and I hope Fairy Tail never ever ends because he is the best.
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: I got in trouble for purchasing the same volume of Fairy Tail 2 times each because you can never have just one and my grandma got mad because she didn't like her basement full of those cartoon books... ITS NOT CARTOONS, GRANDMA, ITS ART!!!
Ass, boobs or face?
A: Obviously Fairy Tail encompasses all of those qualities on the beautiful women so i guess all 3 because of how beautiful they are.
FairyRaven FairyRaven | Writer
Elfman Strauss
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: Reaging is not manly!
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: What's Avatar?
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: That should be when I almost killed my sister.
Ass, boobs or face?
Real Godisme Real Godisme | Writer
Gajeel Redfox
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: Who the hell reads?
Levy: Reading is good for you, Gajeel.
Gajeel: Shutup!
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: Uhh, probably head back to hq, file some damn reports and wait until I get to punish more people.
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: Yeah, stop giving Salamander all the good moments. I want to kick some butt too.
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: Uhhhh, I don't know. I don't care about trouble
Levy: Yes he does, he was whining when he got into trouble for not reporting back a few weeks ago.
Gajeel: Shutup!
Ass, boobs or face?
A: Umm, Woman whats your best feature?
Levy: Don't call me woman!
'Gajeel: Whatever! Whats your best feature?
Levy: Probably my brain
Gajeel: It only gives the option of ass, boobs or face.
Levy: Thats really demeaning! But face, fine!
A: There you go.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Juvia Lockser
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A:Any novel that features Gray-sama gravures! or even Gray-sama snippets... or even Gray-sama's likeness! Gray-sama!
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: Juvia believes Natsu wants to get Fairy Tail back together.. This would be nice but as long as Juvia is with Gray-sama, everything will be alright.
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: Mashima-san, please draw more intimate moments with Juvia and Gray-sama! ALL FOR JUVIA, NONE FOR LOVE RIVALS.
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: Trying to sneak into the boy's bath house... Gray-sama needed his back scrubbed and Juvia could not allow anyone else to fulfill this task!
Ass, boobs or face?
A: That is odd for Boobs to be an option when Gray-sama clearly doesn't have any. Ass and Face then!
Ultraprime2 Ultraprime2 | Writer
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: Hmph, School Days, of course.
Bickslow: She loves playing it to purposefully get the murder scenes!
A: Well that guy was a real bitch!
Bickslow: You're playing as him!
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: I have to come back! How dare they forget me when remaking the guild!?
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: How dare you put off my grand re-entrance to the series?
Bickslow: You're not even gonna wish him a happy birthday? That's cold.
A: Hphm...fine, happy belated birthday.
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: Me? Trouble? Ha, I don't get into trouble. I cause it.
Ass, boobs or face?
A: Hmph, a real man wouldn't ask such a question. He'd love me for me.
Bickslow: Pretty sure that's what ugly girls say to make themselves feel better.
A: Why the hell do you keep coming around!?
FairyRaven FairyRaven | Writer
Zeref Dragneel
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: I don't have time for visual novels.
Interviewer: Dude, you're literally eternal, you have all the time in the world ( ._.)
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: All the pieces are set for the final upcoming battle.
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: Thank you Mashima-sensei for finally giving me the spotlight!
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: When I killed everyone in my hometown. It was crazy.
Ass, boobs or face?
A: Humanity is weird and deserves what's coming to them.
Real Godisme Real Godisme | Writer
Toma E. Fiore
What's your favorite Visual Novel?
A: I don't read visual novels, unless you coun't the douj....yes, I don't read.
With Avatar down, what's the next order of business?
A: Why I expect Natsu will be back to repair my castle.
Hiro Mashima's birthday was this month. Do you wanna say anything to him?
A: Uhh yes, I would like more say in the creative control of the series. I am the king after all.
What's the most trouble you've ever gotten into?
A: Well, you see, there was this one time I decreed that all ladies must wear mini skirts in the kingdom. Boy was everyone mad about that one.
Ass, boobs or face?
A: That is not a question you ask of a king! (Psst: Its totally ass)

Ultraprime2 The Last Pollbender
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Issue 41: May 2015
The Last Pollbender

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

(~ ._.)~ ★ ~(._. ~)

The Avengers Movie
The Manga The Anime
Rem Quilgay
Digimon Adventure Tri Pokemon?

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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