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Relikz | Graphic Designer

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1. Cover
2. Table of Contents
3. Technical Updates
4. Sexiest Mage Alive
5. Sexiest Triangle Alive
6. This Month in the Anime
7. This Month in the Manga
8. Raven's Coven
9. The Dream Land Chronicles
10. Umneilicious
11. Jakuho's Corner
12. Gate of the Horoscope
13. SuperNatural
14. Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
15. Fairy Interview
16. The Last Pollbender
17. Advertisements
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Wrath022 Technical Updates
Wrath022 | Writer


Wassup sluts? ( .___.)/

Okay, first off I'd like to say that our discussions are finally getting somewhere. Thanks for caring (even if just a little). I really appreciate it.

Anyway, next on the agenda is to congratulate Fi for getting the answer to my puzzle right, however I'd like to throw out a special mention to Fleet for being the first to get it right on the initial guess. He was, however, several minutes behind Fi in answering, but I thought that he at least deserved some recognition for the fact.

So, in an attempt to get you slags to actually read this article and maybe sort of actually give it a glance-over or try, you now have the ability to choose one of three possible prizes for being the first to solve this puzzle.

1. Chat Moderator rights for 4 hours: Yes, that's right. You'll get chat moderator rights for approximately four hours. It's pretty straightforward, to be honest. You contact me, either via chat PM, skype (if you have it) or by talk page, and I'll get in contact with one of the admins to promote you to chat moderator. Don't be a douchebag when you get the rights though. Yes, a high level of abuse is expected, but only in the form of kicking. Refrain from banning for fun if you can. If anything happens in the future, responsible use of these rights could benefit you in the end.

2. De-mod any Chat Moderator of your choosing for 1 hour: Again, straightforward. Try to de-mod only if there is another moderator on to supplement, though. If a troll comes on and a mod has no rights, we're fucked and it's your fault.

3. Ban any user of your choice from chat for 1 hour: Okay, you can do this if you want. Admins obviously excluded. Chat Moderators are included, but again, it's the same as de-modding someone. Refrain from it if you can unless there's another mod around, otherwise if something bad happens, it's all your fault. :D If it's a regular user you want to ban, just tell a moderator and he/she'll take care of it. If it's a moderator you want gone for an hour, contact me in private and I'll tell an administrator (probably Rai or Reli since they're the easiest to get a hold of).

For these prizes, upon being told that you are the winner, you have until the penultimate day of the month to claim your prize. At 00:00 (UTC) on the last day of the month, your prize will be forfeited if you did not make your claim, and there are no refunds, substitutions or rollovers. Sorry. ;) Also, if you're an administrator, you're exempt from these prizes because you can obviously do whatever in the blue fuck you want. ( .____.)

So, with all that cleared up and out of the way. Let's get on to the puzzle! I will supply you with a haiku, so let's hope you know what in the blazes those are. ^_^

A group well renowned
Their power, it knows no bounds
Their souls don't waver
And their strength yields no failure

Good luck!

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • So I closed Torafusa's discussion and decided (as the tiebreaker) that all his feats were merely because of his general aquatic speciality, not because of any great strength he possesses. Although we all know he has it in this new form, he is a giant fish-shark-Jinbe-thing, so...
  • The Celestial Spirit King is finally an expert swordsman. Congrats, dude.
  • Well guys, Gray's Ice Trail summary finally got decided on, and it goes in his history, probably under a sub-section that will say Ice Trail. Beats me though, we'll sort it out when it gets to that point.
  • We finally decided to just let Rai delete/merge the spells on his list only, and the others that were brought up will be tabled until this mess is sorted out first.
  • Regulus is now a Caster Magic.
  • There's also some discussion about whether to list Capricorn's temporary magic as being so. Idk, I said it was a good idea, but whatever you peeps decide is what it'll be.
  • Lastly, the LUT has decided to supervise/manage the additions of Ice Trail and Fairy Tail Zero. Cool beans, right?

Image Changes:

  • Yukino got a nice, new profile image, as did le sexy Rogue, though his is admittedly not as good as hers. However, it is still better in quality than his other one, and I honestly hope that when we get to the Tartarus arc, we get a great one in his newest outfit.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Scariest Mage Alive.png
ZerefII SMA.png
Biography October's Scariest Mage Alive is Zeref! He's centuries old and is considered the most evil Dark Mage in history. Despite this, all we've seen him do in the series is whine like an emo bitch. ( ._.)
Interesting Trait Totally Fucking Emo!
Guild None
Best Quote "Trash that doesn't even know it's trash deserves to fall into the abyss."
Scariness 6.5/10 stars

Ultraprime2 Sexiest Triangle Alive
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Sexiest Triangle Alive.png

Welcome everyone to SEXIEST TRIANGLE ALIVE! Why is this article around you ask? What does it even mean? Well, I'm not sure if it was the medicine doing it or not, but I wanted everyone to have a good laugh, of course, since I was sick and off work when I made this! Without further ado, let's go!
Miskos3 Avatar.png
The origins of Miskos3 are shrouded in the shadows. With only the knowledge of his penguin heritage to go on, Miskos was able to make himself known to a community of similarly unusual humanoids: The Fairy Tail Wiki. Mastering the mysterious art of imagery, he has solidified himself in his place. With an unknown art however, he was able to steal away Wrath from his boyfriend Kuro though this remains no easy task to this day.
Born to the greatest eating contest contestant of all time, Wrath022 has a number of achievements to his name, among the most notable being "Wrath Fail Day". However, even that pales in comparison to his magnetic charisma that attracts all nearby, be they man, woman, genderless or child. He's now the target of affections for Kuro and Miskos but so far has been ambivalent in finally choosing, having married Miskos but dated Kuro consistently.
He is the great master of the breasts. The #1 perv of the century and he's not afraid to admit it or share his ways. Meet KuroAshi98. Still joined together with Wrath in a curious relationship, in which they are consistently spied upon by yours truly, he now has to compete for Wrath's affection against Miskos with all his might. Only time will tell if he is able to achieve his goal of making Wrath his forever or if he has finally met his match.

What does the wiki think?

"Beware of Prime. He's out there, stalking you guys. ( ._.)/"

— Carrot upon learning of the relationship.

"It's not a relationship I officiated but I approve all the same."

— Chaos
Glass avatar.png


— Glass on a regular basis.

"Kuro needs to accept that his relationship with Wrath is over. Wiskos > Wuro."

— Godisme in chat.

"I don't give a fuck."

— Hungry after getting high.

"As long as they stay away from my Kagura, it's fine. ( =_=)"

— Omega


— Quilgay before we kicked him from chat.

"Unfortunately for you, your father-in-law is black, which means my only responsibilities are showing up late for your wedding and drinking all the alcohol at your reception."

— Rai on some blog.
Otaku Chick.jpg

"She...didn't actually say anything. I just wish she'd come back..."

— Ultra somewhat recently.

"I needed his Australian sexual thunderous love! Right, Carebear?"

— Wrath in the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast

Nobody knows for sure what will come up in the future. Whether there will be a guy in the future who takes away one of these men from their lover, or whether that person is female. Nevermind, there's no chance of that. All we can do is wish these men or women, depending on how they are in bed luck as they battle it out to win the heart of their lover and pray that we aren't caught in the crossfire of thongs and pastries.

The wisest of men is a fool where affairs of the heart are concerned.

Some dude from an anime I can't recall.

Wrath022 This Month in the Anime
Wrath022 | Writer

TMITA Header - October14.gif

October 2014

Okay, so...I am now in charge of this article, after something that went a little like this.

Dirrty Mega: I've decided to leave the magazine for reasons stated in last month's issue.

Slutty God: Yay, that means I can now write This Month in the Manga because I hate the anime.

Le sexy me: Wait, I wanted This Month in the Manga!

Slutty God: Hmm...nah I want it. You or someone else can write the other one.

Le sexy me: ...well, I do like the anime. ( .___.)

Peruvian Mexican Reli: *inside his head* I can't make any of you into my slaves. This is totally gay.

Super-whore Rai: I'm a big dirty slut! \( ^_____^)/

...and that was (more or less) how I got stuck with this. Some parts were stretched. Take a guess as to which. ^_^ But yeah, this should be the last change in article management, so I hope you like my writing. ( .___.)/

Episode 202
Carry: Wrath, how does it feel to have your favorite character hit on by Ichiya? XD

Me: I feel completely violated.

So, Lector and Frosch go shopping and Frosch runs away because he's a little stupid, and Lector walks back in on Sabertooth having a gangbang in their new swimming pool (with Sting as Guild Master). Rogue freaks out when Lector tells him what's up and he and Sting have a nice little lover's spat that involves them, Lector and Yukino going to look for Frosch, and after a little while they find him, but not without a couple hilarious stumbles in the process.

After a while, Frosch finally decides to go home and Rogue, acting like a smug mothafucka, repeatedly places his confidence in Frosch, until that is Frosch mixes up Sabertooth and Fairy Tail after an entire day of trying to go home.

It was a nice rendition of Welcome Home, Frosch, but the only problem that I outright have is Rogue's clothes. Let's take a look at them, while admiring how sexy Rogue is at the same time. Yes, that's right. At the same fucking time.

Seriously, what happened to the new outfit you had after the GMG? It was a nice mix of what you always wear and what your future self wore. Oh well, not like it matters. Your Tartarus arc clothes are gay as fuck and you'll be wearing those within like a year or so. ( .___.) Overall, not a bad episode. It was everything Fairy Tail should be. Serious yet light-hearted, funny and memorable. I can't really say a bad thing about this episode, as it highlighted Rogue's character very well and even added on things well within the boundaries of how he was written. Good job anime team, now just don't fuck up the next few.

Episode 203
"Gray-sama, please poke me with your cue stick next!"
Me: ...y-yeah... >_>

...but in the end, I think this gif sums up the episode nicely. I don't have much to say. It was great and bad all at the same time. Yes, it had to do with the flame pants, but on the other hand yes, it was an excellent adaptation of She's Erza!!, though the pants, as pointed out by Carry, were used by Erza only after she had grown past her emotional insecurities and found that being wrapped solely in metal won't solve anything. This is a direct contradiction of her character as we should all view it at that point in time. However, I think this gif summarizes what happened in this episode rather nicely.

Next we start our filler arc, and we get a new opening and ending theme (Mysterious Magic and some fucking ending. Idk, I haven't liked any ending themes since We're the Stars, and before that it was ending...10 or something). Hopefully they don't suck! ;D

Mysterious Magic

This opening theme was...not good. The music itself was catchy, but the lyrics stank. Her voice in beginning up until the chorus was annoying and didn't seem to be in tune nor time with how it was all playing out. As for the opening animation, it was heavily generic. For an anime filler arc, you would expect some spoilers at least, so that we have questions or something to look forward to, but there's nothing to catch us on this. It's just a montage and then the Eclipse Spirits at the very end, which we all knew were going to appear and knew how they looked because we were shown and told what this arc was about. Overall, waste of time. I'll be watching this opening only because I don't like to skip them. Hopefully in another 12-14 weeks when we get our eighteenth opening theme, it'll be leagues better than this, because this one was shit and a disappointment.

Episode 204

So Lucy and Yukino decide to grant each of their spirits a personal request as thanks for helping them stop Eclipse from running rampant, with Natsu and Happy along to complain for the ride. They go to a place where they summon all of their spirits and grant each one what they desire (Aries got a suntan, Taurus basically got off on seeing Yukino, Gemini danced and sang as a naked Lucy...yeah, you get the idea), and after a while Lucy summons Aquarius, who is grumpy because Scorpio is tappin' every other girl but her. As such she desires that Lucy make her laugh, and when she and Yukino do a shitty rendition of Sleeping Beauty, Aquarius hits them all with her water and sends Lucy off a cliff. However, da bitch gets caught on a tree and Aquarius laughs and tends to her. Here, though, I get hit in the feels as Aquarius reflects on her and Lucy's past, and how much she actually appreciates her. I guess the Tartarus arc is gonna have a nice set of flashbacks from all this. ( _ _) Anyway, the episode ends as Lucy and Aquarius sit and watch the stars, with Lucy asking to see all of her friends again as soon as possible.

Kimi no Mirai

Okay, so this ending was actually pretty good. It was catchy, had good animation, and honestly, I can live with it. I tend to skip ending themes after a while, but I don't think I'll be skipping this one. But don't think I'm saying it's amazing or the best thing ever. It's just pretty good; not great, not amazing, just good.

Episode 205

Everything starts off with Luffy setting sail on Sinbad's ship so that he can become pirate king of the seven seas and start his kingdom where all devil fruit users can live in harmony with the monkey people...or at least that's what I thought until they showed that the whole world was out of whack. Snow in deserts, heat in cold places, unending lightning storms and all that. The Fairy Tail members are all putting their skills to use, and Lucy gets called out to a place called Seabellius (which we find out doesn't exist) where they all get attacked by a giant sea slug. During the course of the battle Lucy finds out that she can't call any of her gold key spirits, and after they defeat the slug, the group is attacked by Virgo, who looks and acts different, and doesn't remember anything about her time with Lucy. Meanwhile, Yukino struts her sexy ass into the Fairy Tail guild building and tells everyone that her golden keys don't respond to her either, and that Lucy may be experiencing the same thing. No fucking shit. >___>

Bitch takin' names

Anyway, after a brutal ass-kicking, Eclipse Loke and all the other spirits show up and effectively try to kill Lucy, though they fail as Happy takes her and Natsu away from the scene. After the fact, the Eclipse Spirits, in the CSW, terrorize all the other silver spirits and ponder on the fact that they need to accomplish their objective to attain Complete Freedom, which I'm guessing from the immediate thought means killing Lucy. Aw well, not like it'll happen. :D

To be honest, the arc itself is interesting,, we know how it ends. They will be turned back in some ridiculous way and then everything will go on as normal. =/ And where is the Celestial Spirit King in all this? Did they seal him away? I'm pretty sure he's like god, so I don't even know how that'll work. I guess what's keeping me interested are these things:

  1. Hisui and Arcadios are going to be involved.
  2. Hisui will use Celestial Spirit Magic (or something)
  3. Ophiucus will be expanded upon and used. It was the only "Zodiac" not affected by these series of events.
  4. The spirits are immortal and vastly more powerful. They are borderline invincible. I want to see if they can actually defeat the spirits, or just use friendship. Loke apparently remembers more than the others, as he looked sad when he remembered Lucy. He even said "Loke is dead", meaning he at least knows of what he was.

Also, because Rai is a big slut and wants the magazine published on Halloween, Episode 206 will be covered in the November issue of SM. So have fun guys. See you next month! ;D

Real Godisme This Month in the Manga
Real Godisme | Writer

TMITM Header - October14.png
This Month in the Manga

October 2014

So remember last month I said that I don't really care about the anime? Well now that the mexican bitch quit, I am taking over this article and passed TMITA off to a somewhat less competent but still good writer, Wrath. Ignore what he tells you in his article, he volunteered to take it, I didn't make him e_e.

Now I have some disappointing news for you folks before I begin. Jakuwhore told us all that Halloween was his favorite holiday (probably because of all the fattening candy he can shove down his throat) so he told us to Halloweenify our articles. I had an amazing idea of making a js button that turns all white on the wiki background to black so I could make my article spookyish to read but unfortunately I could only tackle the css part and couldn't find a js coder to help me, so no spooky TMITM for you. If you want someone to blame though, lets blame Wrath just cause it will be fun. Anyway, on to the manga!

TMITM Ch 403.png

As Erza and Kyouka clash, Kyouka breaks the sword of Erza's Armadura Fairy armor. Noticing the clock, Minerva questions if Kyouka is manipulating time and tells Erza to hurry. Erza requips to her Black Wing Armor and my eyes opened wide cause I think we may finally be getting an old school awesome Erza fight and I'm all

Finally, we had the old Erza back before those stupid flame pants. Kyouka then strikes a sexy pose and says her Reinforcement curse makes her stronger every second. Kyouka says that her life is fading with every second but that its worth it to bring back E.N.D.. Erza does her usual questioning the villain's motives and the two continue to clash as Erza requips to the Heaven's Wheel Armor. Still going good. Kyouka sends out a shock wave and suddenly brings everyone to their knees. She explains that she increased everyone's sensitivity to pain so much that the wind blowing is enough to cause pain. Erza, writhing in pain, falls to the ground and Kyouka steps on her. She tells Erza that armor doesn't look good on her and strips her perv .

Kyouka then begins to take away all of Erza's senses, telling her these are her last moments. Kyouka laughs over her victory, saying then that she won't kill Erza but instead make her live a life worse than that. And then thats when it happens. Despite having no senses whatsoever, Erza somehow is able to speak and give a typical nakama bullshit speech and then stands up. Things only get worse from there as she puts on the fucking flame pants and I am just done with this chapter. We all knew it was coming but it was still bullshit. Everything after Erza got naked (perv ) was utter bullshit and I hate it. This is why I hate seeing Erza fights now because its the same thing all the time. I just wish we could for once have an old school Erza fight where she wins because she is smart and has the right armor for the right situation. But nope, doesn't look like we will ever have that again. So yeah, this chapter started good, ended horribly.

TMITM Ch 404.png

The next chapter begins with even more bullshit as Erza not only stands after losing her five senses (which would prevent her from standing as she cannot feel her legs and thus cannot know that they have been moved or planted on the ground), but she also lands a perfectly placed kick into Kyouka. Kyouka calls her out for her bullshit, to which Panther Lily, Frosch and Lector hypothesize about, but Happy gives the smartest answer of them all, claiming the reason she can do all this is because she is Erza. That truly is the only good explanation. I'm beginning to believe Erza's magic is bullshit magic, the power to do whatever the story requires her to do, no matter how impossible. Kyouka increases the pain Erza is feeling (again, she shouldn't feel pain, she has no senses), but it doesnt stop her as she keeps fighting. Erza then pulls out her swords and deals a finishing blow to Kyouka. Just then though, Erza collapses, sending her sword hurdling through the air. Minerva grabs the sword and stabs the fucking bitch dead. However, Minerva was too late and the timer for Face goes off. Did I mention this chapter was bullshit? Only saving grace was Minerva stabbing Kyouka.

TMITM Ch 405.png

And then face activates and all the mages are powerless as Tartarus destroys everything. Naw jk Mashima would never take away all hope in FT. Now you may be asking "Why does Sting have orange hair in the pic above? Well the answer is simple, its because Reli is a mexican and is obviously color blind. But moving on now. So we go back 20 minutes as Natsu enters the fight against Mard Geer. Natsu throws some flashy moves Mard's way but Mard just brushes them off. Meanwhile, Igneel and Acnologia duke it out in the sky. Acnologia reveals he isn't a dumb, stark raving mad bastard and decides to speak to Igneel and tells him he will destroy him. Back with Natsu, Mard sends him hurling downward though the ground, but the twin dragons show up to aid Natsu. After some quick catch up, Sting tells Natsu they should work together but Natsu refuses their help, shocking the twin dragons. Natsu states this is a job that Igneel gave him so he will do it alone. Thinking quick, Sting proposes they have a contest to see who can beat Mard first. This motivates Natsu who then strikes at Mard again. The three dragon slayers and Mard then continue trading blows until Sting kicks him through a wall. As Mard walks out of the rubble, he decides its time to get serious as he is now angry. I felt nothing for this chapter and that is because I don't care about Mard. People seem to love him but I just don't care about him. He seems like fodder to me.

TMITM Ch 406.png

Still in the 20 minutes ago timeline, the more useless members of FT are playing Whack-A-Lamy and by the looks of it, it looks like Elfman has the high score.

Suddenly, Lucy arrives and Warren forgets to stop broadcasting his thoughts and tells everyone he thinks Lucy has a nice body. When asked if everything is okay, Lucy remembers Aquarius but tells everyone that everything is fine. Lucy then informs everyone of what has been happening. Gajeel and Levy make their way to Porlyusica's with the poison sample with Juvia riding on Gajeel's back, asking for Gray even while passed out. Gray has found something as Lucy informs everyone of his new powers which iirc, no one should know about as Gray and Silver were isolated and Gray never returned to the area with the rest of them. She also tells them that Natsu is probably in the air fighting Acnologia. As the recap ends, Wendy and Pedobolt arrive all serious but everyone's jaws drop as they see her new hair. Carla then informs them that they still need to deal with the massive number of faces, which again causes their jaws to drop.

Meanwhile, Mard is still fighting Natsu and the Twin Dragons. Mard sets E.N.D's book down and goes into a speech on how he hates emotions, especially anger. He then goes and takes a seat on his throne and gives us the wonderfully insightful line "Mard Geer is Mard Geer". Mard then attacks cutting his opponents to shreds with his thorns. Natsu attempts to strike the sitting Mard but is blown away. He tries again before calling on Sting and Rogue to help him. The two unleash a combined attack but Mard simply absorbs it. Natsu tries for a surprise attack but Mard easily dodges and strikes back, knocking Natsu away. Mard returns to his throne and says "gg, ez" and the three dragon slayers are shocked to hear Mard hasn't even fought seriously.

Over with the rest of FT, Warren tells everyone his magic is not strong enough to inform every magician on the continent about Face. As they all begin to panic, Makarov suddenly contacts them and says they still have their wild card, Lumen Historie, Fairy Tail's ultimate weapon which turns out to be Mavis Vermilion's body in crystal. Okay so everyone was going nuts over this chapter but to me, it was just meh. The recap in the beginning was pointless and to me, Mard feels like fodder. I get the feeling he is going to go down quick to Lumen Historie and I just don't care about him. It was cool finally learning what Lumen Historie is but I'm more interested in FT0 now then and whats to come rather than the now.

FairyRaven Raven's Coven
FairyRaven | Writer

Raven's Coven.png

Guess what, my dedicated longtime fans. Starting this week, the column you've been waiting for all your lives, Raven's Coven, is finally in motion!

Head Whore: It's about damn time ಠ_ಠ screw you and your lateness! Also, you have no fans.

Me: Shut up whore! You said the Halloween issue had to be special! My appearance on the magazine makes it special enough ಠ_ಠ besides, whose reviews are always late?

Other review guy: We all know whose reviews are the best anyways.

Me: Whatever, stop ruining my column ( .___.) I'm about to introduce my article! Raven's Coven is an article which will feature a different character from the Fairytailverse each month. YOU get to choose(sort of) which character will be talked about next, because I love adding polls to everything. Alright, let's get started!

Our guest of the month for our pivotal first and hopefully not last issue can be none other than the iconic main character, NATSU DRAGNEEL!

Caught you by surprise there? Not really? Well what'd you expect. Anyway, we're gonna rate Natsu as a character based on 5 variables; Significance to plot, Design, Personality, Abilities and Role in the manga, but first some general stuff about him.

Natsu is the main character, and he is very main character-ish. He has friends, rivalries, his fair share of underlying romance, and of course gets the main events of the fights in almost every arc.

If fashion police was a thing then Natsu would get a lifetime sentence. However, that's also his most memorable quality; his unique appearance. He wears a... how the hell is it called... aw fuck it, that's what wikis are for. A waistcoat! Also, baggy pants and sandals. Those may change from time to time, but what makes Natsu be Natsu is nothing else than his white scarf!

That, and his pink hair. But before you go shouting "HA, GAAY!", let me tell you that Natsu is one of the manliest characters out there. Want proof? Here you go.

Natsu's transformation box outfits.jpg Natsu as a perfect boyfriend.png

Yeah, this is a manly manga, aimed for manly men that cry testosterone. You pussies that can't handle that level of manliness better drop it now while you still can. Also, boobs!

To sum up, Natsu has pink hair and an interesting taste in fashion. With that in mind, the rating can be nothing less than:



This is a tricky one. I think I'll just let 3 images do the talking;

Natsu mad

Natsu goofy

Natsu trolling

That's all. I'm serious. Natsu's range of emotion goes from mad because you hurt one of his friends, to being stupid and goofy when he is not fighting, to sneaking up on his guildmates and pranking them.

Did you mean: Main character?

...Yeah, I guess I did. Natsu is a stereotypical main character. Nothing really memorable about his personality at all. He doesn't even have boobs, so he's utterly doomed. Rating:


Shut up Dany, go back to your show.


Fairy Tail is a series about Magic, and Natsu's power is being a Fire Dragon Slayer; he kills Dragons n' stuff. Except, for 99% of the storyline Dragons don't exist, which means Natsu is a Fire Mage. So he controls fire. That's not very exciting... HOWEVER, he is sort of like Kirby; let's take a trip to the 90s and remember that Kirby eats his opponents and then acquires their powers. Similarly, Natsu can use the Magic he eats, as long as it comes from a fellow slayer(or not, in TOH)! For example if he eats lightning, he can use fire+lightning. That makes things slightly better for him, and also for us, because we see him fighting quite a lot, so that will keep us from getting bored...

Nakamagic at play

Is what I would say, if it was true. You see, Natsu's main ability is not Dragon Slayer Magic, but a mysterious force dubbed Nakama Power by the fandom. It's the ability to totally obliterate powerful opponents that would otherwise own him, when he is mad and when he gives off passionate speeches. Mangakas have explored this force for years, only to realize that it is a power not to be messed with, but Mashima chose to dwelve in it and let it consume him. Studies show that this is now the third strongest force keeping the Fairy Tail universe together, the other two being fanservice, and ERUZAH SCARLETTO, but we'll talk about those phenomenons in due time.

However great the power, though, there is always a weak point; Nakamagic's Achilles Tendon is the fact that it is utterly predictable, which means that unless the epic art when this foul atrocity is at play fascinates you, you will not be pleased with how it's the answer to some fights. All in all, I'd rate Natsu's powers as



around halfway the manga, Natsu gets character development and connection to the plot

Natsu is very significant to the plot, but we spend the entirety of the manga trying to figure out why. We know that he searches for his foster Dragon dad, and then we learn that he is an acquaintance of the main antagonist of the series, which make him important, but most of the arcs don't deal with said antagonist or said Dragon, so Natsu usually just punches whoever pisses him off the most. Usually, his friends(or enemies) are the ones who move the plot forward, but Natsu certainly has an important role to play in the bigger picture. Fingers crossed for now.



Like many shounen manga, Natsu's role is limited to kicking asses, inspiring other ppl and comic relief. He is also sometimes hinted to be a love interest to the female lead, but never directly stated in the manga, so it's not canon yet. All in all, Natsu is a character you cannot stay neutral towards, you either love him or hate him for what he offers. He is a fun character, but his fights and his speeches can get so monotonous that may make you root for the evil guy, just to see Natsu lose once. Personally, while he used to be one of my favorite characters up until the Tenrou Tree arc, I now cringe whenever he fights someone strong, because it's always so easy to predict how the fight will go down. Overall, I'd rank Natsu's role in the manga...

5/10 Traditional Main Character, nothing else to offer

Overall, Natsu's score as a character is... 5.6/10!!! It's slightly more than average. But that's my own estimation. Let's see what fellow SM editors think about Natsu...


Loud, Annoying Idiot

...Well that was harsh.


Worthless, brash asshole.

You guys are full of love.. >_>


He should die.

How about some positivity? ಠ_ಠ


Passionate, predictable, irritating

That's an improvement I guess.

Ultraprime2 Avatar.jpg

Skinny Son Goku

lol, I guess that's true.


Adorkable Crazy Punk

Thanks Umy! Now that was a positive response.

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Ultraprime2 The Dream Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Writer

The Dream Land Chronicle.png

Welcome to the first and probably only issue of The Dream Land Chronicles.

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering why this article has been created, and those who are not are the ones who will probably skip it. However, to answer your question, it's cause I wanted to reveal how this series had affected my dreams and nightmares as of late.

Bit of fair warning, the following content is rated PG - 13 so if you're under that age, get away from this article and get the hell off this website cause this is no place for you. Seriously, though. It's full of perverts, weirdos, child predators and.....other things.

So now,

Time to venture into Dream Land, people!

We started off at the pier, alone and looking on as a very old ship comes to dock. Seeing the ship coming to the side, the dude ventures inside as it comes to a stop. Looking around the inside of the ship, he's surprised to find that it's very old and dusty. Dustbunnies and spiderwebs littered the area, covering the crates, fans, air conditioners and any other furniture imaginable. The insides are as gray as can be, and without the sun bleeding in and the thinness of the webs, one would barely notice where one object started and where another began.

Venturing down a flight of stairs and into a small dark room, there was this room to be different. Candles were lit around the edges and the wooden crates in the middle were not covered in cobwebs and dust as those upstairs were. No more than 10 cubic feet wide, the room gave the feeling of both fear as well as enticement, knowing that down here, nobody could see anything.

Of course, before zippers could be unzipped, some footsteps were heard, cause that's necessary for anything potentially scary be it a dream, movie or real life.

So as I turn around to check it out, I see that it's actually just a dog walking down the stairs. Uh, yes, the dude was me, and obviously I have no idea what it's doing there, but since it technically has no reason to be there, I obviously tucked tail and got out before anyone or anything else came up.

I supposed a lot of you guys expected this dream to shortly turn out like this image above, but sorry to say, it doesn't. However, it very well could have become like this had what I seen next come to fruition. I was walking along the hallways after leaving that room and noticed a peculiar posted hanging on the walls. Let me show you guys.

Now, I have no idea why anyone would want to experiment on Rai, but the world's full of weird stuff, and dreams are meant to be weird so let's leave it at that.

I got my ass off that ship soon after and ran through the docks. Nothing to really mention here, but I remember things got pretty black all around me after this.

Aaaaand...while I don't wanna say "The End" I kinda have to =P

I'm sorry, but there's really not much more to say seeing as her on top of me was kinda just the end of it.

Oh, though I just remembered, there was one thing she said before the dream faded to black...

"I know ... I'll walk you through it."

Take that as you will folks, cause I'm done. I think I've weirded you guys out enough for one year XD

Next month, we're going back to the Tartarus arc review, at least, up to a point before I quit the manga. Till then!

Umnei Umneilicious
Umnei | Writer


Hello everyone! Welcome to the special Halloween edition of Umneilicious! This edition, we will be unraveling the mysteries of Tartarus' very own sweetheart, Lamy!

Hope you guys like it! Please comment below on what you think! Got any suggestions? Leave those down below as well! Have a Happy Halloween and stay safe!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Featured User.png

(Rai gets on internet excited about his new "Dear Jakky" corner in magazine.)

Rai: Lets see how many emails I got for my advice... (There are NONE) .. BLASPHEMY!! First Health Care plan and now Dear Jakky? My people are losing their administration creativity touch I tell you... Now lets see what we have in reserve to feed those grumpy readers looking for shit and giggles *Opens list* Hmm .. Mega's singing? .. .. .. NOPE! Umi's belly dance? .. .. .. Halloween is already gone so NOPE!

Milky: Forget about those, you still have an ACE up your sleeve- .. wait, that's just a Curry stain!

MDM: SCREW YOU! Seriously, what do you guys take me for?

Rai: Underpaid child labor.

Mega: Curry cook.

Chaos: Punching Bag.

IsMe: Pain in the a$$

MDM: EAT SHIT!! .. .. .. .. for love of- .. well, I did take a vacation last month so I have to have something this month. This month it is A LOT of reading so I tried to go wild with music and meaningless bullshit to make up for it. HOPE you enjoy it. Will there be a flash or not next month? .. I'm not sure .. my schedules is a new Sudoku puzzle every morning but I'll try my best to do what I can. BUT, for now .. enjoy this~

Click Here Bitchez!!!

Rai: Hmmm Why was I not invited to the TUNUK TUNUK party?

MDM: You lacked the "Tan Skin" Privileges like mah Indian, Mexican and Peru bros ( =_=)

Rai: (Shoves broom up MDM's body part where light never shines and pushes him off a cliff) By that standard I should be the GUEST OF HONOR at that party! So thats it for this month dear readers .. hope you enjoyed it .. Dasridania!

Dear Jakky.png

Lol, so I was supposed to start a sub-article for Jakuho's Corner called "Dear Jakky" this week, but I only got a few emails... and none of you seemed to really grasp the point of this article. ( .__.) This article is based off of an advice column called "Dear Abby." With this advice column, I want you to email your problems to and I'll post my reply on this article. For example, you email me:

Dear Jakky,
My husband is a dirty Mexican whore named Mega and he keeps stepping on my shoes when we dance. What should I do?
Sincerely, Angry In Australia

and when the Sorcerer Magazine is published, I'd post your inquiry here for everyone to read and reply with something like:

Dear Angry In Australia,
Call Immigration and have his ass deported.
Sincerely, Jakky.'

Do you understand now, whores? It's supposed to be fun. ^__^ Now, email me your problems or I'm going to murder someone. ಠ_ಠ

Ultraprime2 Gate of the Horoscope
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Gate Logo.png
Want to see your future? Then listen in!
(March 21 - April 19)
Throwing rocks at things that shine.

(April 20 - May 20)
A Daily Highway.

(May 21 - June 20)
Flash revealed.

(June 21 -July 22)
This one for the African American.

(July 23 - August 22)
Let it go.

(August 23 - September 22)
We built it

(September 23 - October 22)
Belly dancer

(October 23 - November 21)
I just got lazy here, tbh.

(November 22 - December 21)
Stallion Forever

(December 22 - January 19)
I'm not crazy...or anything.

(January 20 - February 18)
Always complaining.

(February 19 - March 20)
Love affair with water.

IamJakuhoRaikoben SuperNatural
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the first issue of my new article - SuperNatural! In this article, I'll be featuring a character and an actor or actress who I think could portray them if Fairy Tail was a live action TV show. The idea for this article came to me a few months ago when I was sitting around thinking about how awesome it would be if Fairy Tail was made into a real TV show. At first, I was just going to make a blog, but then I thought it'd be cool to make this into a Sorcerer Magazine article and so here we are! The name is a clever pun that you will all get immediately once you read the article. Enjoy everyone! ^__^
Super Natural
Natsu half naked.png Luke Mitchell.jpg
Natsu Dragneel Luke Mitchell
Okay, so the person I picked to portray Natsu is an actor named Luke Mitchell. I think he'd be perfect to play Natsu. For starters, he has Natsu's general body build: muscular yet still lean, average height, etc. Secondly, he was on a show called "The Tomorrow People" and on that show he played a supernatural bad ass, so I know he'd do fine in fight scenes. Plus, he looks around Natsu's age... even though he's much older. :P His voice is slightly deeper than I'd like Natsu's to be, but everything can't be perfect. :/ So, what do you guys think? Is he a good match for Natsu? Do you know an actor who'd fit Natsu better?

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Magazine Staff Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Fairy Interview
A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right.png

This month's questions are:

  • Trick or Treat?
  • What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
  • What's your greatest fear?
  • You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
  • I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Trick or Treat?
A: Any treat I want?
Interviewer: Sure.
Loke: Fine. Then I want something around 5'2 with blonde hair, huge boobs, and a great ass.
Lucy: *slaps Loke* Hey!
Loke: Fine, not a blonde. A brunette.
Cana: *slaps Loke* I'm not drunk enough yet!
Loke: Red hai-
Erza: *stabs Loke with a sword* Die!
Loke: I-I'll just take a loli-
Wendy: Never!!! *runs away*
Loke: -pop. I was going to say lolipop!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I'm coming in my birthday suit.
Interviewer: Please don't. -___-
What's your greatest fear?
A: I keep having this awful nightmare where I'm a virgin!
Prime: You call it a nightmare. I call it my life. >:(
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: I'd get laid all day long.
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: I wanna have sex with somebody who won't be in my apartment when I wake up in the morning.
Ultraprime2 Ultraprime2 | Writer
Jenny Realight
Trick or Treat?
A: Treat for the sweet Blush
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I'll be out and about as the sexiest witch in history!
What's your greatest fear?
A: Growing old and fat. Nobody wants you when your body sucks. Take a look at Rai.
Rai: Hey!
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: I think I'd have to go tell Ichiya all the things that we've all wanted to say but we've never had the courage to.
Interviewer: Like what?
A: Mostly that he's ugly and Erza hates him.
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: Uh...Sure?
Rai: Yay! *starts dancing the funky chicken*
A: Ugh...nevermind. *walks away leaving Rai alone*
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Mavis Vermilion
Trick or Treat?

A: TRICK. All treats are MINE and I'm not giving any of them away.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

A: A ghost ^_^

What's your greatest fear?

A: That I will have a flat chest forever.

You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?

A: Eating the treats I kept to myself. :3

I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?

A: Of course... but I don't think I'm old enough to have a boyfriend. ( O///O )

Interviewer: But you are like 118 years old.

A: Am I? (。´ ‿`♡) Well don't say that. You are making me lose my lolicon fans

Real Godisme Real Godisme | Writer
Cana Alberona
Trick or Treat?
A: Is the treat booze? If so, I'll take the treat!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I'm dressing up as a bar patron
Interviewer: Are you only going to talk about booze?
A: Maybe.
What's your greatest fear?
A: Running out of boo-
Interviewer: e_e
A: My biggest fear is that I will never really be accepted by my dad.
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: Drinking!
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: I'm not dancing with my dad. But does booze love me? I'll dance with booze.
Interviewer: I give up.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Mirajane Strauss
Trick or Treat?
A: Trick! *transforms into Wakaba's Wife*
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Moun*tain*Li*on*Pyooon! I'd probably dress up as one of the costumes that Happy painstakingly made for me prior to our infiltration at Mercurius!
What's your greatest fear?
A: Forgetting to turn off the stove.. I can be a real demon if I don't cook my food correctly~
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: Oh my heavens.. I shall probably start writing my will now. To Lisanna, I leave my hairbrush, and to Elfman, I shall leave my Jane Fonda Workout DVDs... and for Lucy *mutters away into thought*
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: I would like to dance with Laxus! He's like a brother to me! :) -unintentionally friendzones Laxus-
Freed (from afar): Victory~!!
Wrath022 Wrath022 | Writer
Trick or Treat?
A: Treat! I'd love to have others be treated to my explosions.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I'm a friggin' demon, dumbass! I don't need to dress up as anything!
What's your greatest fear?
A: Never paying back that pink-haired dumbass and that shitty blue cat for what they did to me.
You're going to die in twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: Laughing because Mashima probably doesn't have the balls to kill me or anyone else off.
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: Fuck love.
FairyRaven FairyRaven | Writer
Trick or Treat?
A: Mard Geer would enjoy a treat, but not one coming from filthy humans.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Annabelle, obviously.
What's your greatest fear?
A: Mard Geer has no fears because Mard Geer is Mard Geer!
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: Fabulously sitting on my throne, hugging my E.N.D. copy, waiting for Master E.N.D. to arrive and set me free of this pitiful existence.
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: Mard Geer does not dance with humans. My thorns would love to keep you company in the dance floor, though.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Trick or Treat?
A: ...
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: ...
What's your greatest fear?
A: ...
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: ...
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: ...
Acnologia: I wanna rain down fire and brimstone on this planet until every pitiful insignificant human is dead or in so much pain they wished they were dead.
Interviewer: Uh...Run Away
Ultraprime2 Ultraprime2 | Writer
Levy McGarden
Trick or Treat?
A: I choose a treat. Why be mean on a day meant for enjoyment?
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: A pencil case. It's essential for all book enthusiasts.
What's your greatest fear?
A: Probably that, one day, Gajeel is going to go out and stupidly start a fight that he can't win.
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: I spend it doing the one thing I love: Reading!
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: Loves you but...uh...sorry, I can't ^_^
Real Godisme Real Godisme | Writer
Trick or Treat?
A: I'm always in the mood for a little treat~
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I'm dressing up as a fairy.
Interviewer: You already dress like that every day.
Interviewer; Y-Yes sir.
What's your greatest fear?
A: I fear no one will ever recognize just how beautiful I am.
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: I'd have to find some beautiful men to spend my last day with.
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: I'd dance with anyone whether they love me or not. Especially if they were a big hunky male.
Wrath022 Wrath022 | Writer
Trick or Treat?
A: Treat me to some fish please! \( ^_^)/
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: A big juicy fish, so that Carla can eat me.
What's your greatest fear?
A: That Carla won't love me. ( _ _)
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: Eating fish with Carla. \(^_^ )/
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: I don't know if she loves me, but I want to dance with her. ( >///<)
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Juvia Lockser
Trick or Treat?
A: What is the meaning of this tradition? Anyone may casually participate?... I say treat. *imagines Gray naked and starts to blush*
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: As Gray-sama's lover. If anyone tries to get in my way, Juvia shall forever deem them as a LOVE RIVAL.
What's your greatest fear?
A: The day Gray-sama finds a woman that is not Juvia. However, before that happens, it would be a shame if Juvia were to put spicy sauce into their tea... then Juvia shall be THEIR greatest fear. O_O
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: Juvia apologizes but have you been following the series at all? Juvia will only dance with Gray-sama.
FairyRaven FairyRaven | Writer
Erza Scarlet
Trick or Treat?
A: Oh? You've got guts. So be it, I'll take the trick.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I-I haven't really thought about it... *requips to Minerva's Demon costume*
Minerva: At least hide it properly, you dumbass -_-
What's your greatest fear?
A: That Jellal will not appear until the next Halloween...
You're going to die twelve hours after you read this. How do you spend your day?
A: lol, have you even been reading the manga? I'M ERZA.....But if the inevitable happened, I'd love to spend my last moments surrounded by my loved ones.
I wanna dance with somebody who loves me. How 'bout you?
A: I know how you feel. However, whenever I'm in the mood for dancing, everybody happens to be either injured or exhausted from a mission...
Lucy: I-I wonder why...
Natsu: She's a monster on the dance floor too...
Happy: It's because... SHE'S ERZA!
Interviewer: Aye!

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 34: October 2014
The Last Pollbender

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

( TT^TT)/

Random Opinions \( ^__^)/
Video Games Video Games

Continuing on with fantasy FT video game questions from the past 2 months, if the game was an RPG with classes/races/jobs/that kind of thing, what class would the Sabertooth, Blue Pegasus and Quatro Ceberus members be? GO HERE AND VOTE

Don't worry. Next month we'll do more characters :3

Results from last month: HERE

Warrior Fighter Archer Wizard





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