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Cover thirty three

Wrath Technical Updates
Wrath022 | Writer


Hola everyone~

I'm taking over this article in the place of Carry, and until I ever decide to change things up, I'll still be doing a riddle/puzzle/some variant of an eye-catcher in the hopes that you guys actually read this part of the magazine. (~^_^)~

Anyway, I guess it'd help if we actually all put everything that's made in the actual updates page on the wiki, and maybe closed all the discussions and everything. But since no one is actually giving an honest fuck outside of the usual few, it's hard to get anything done these days. Be involved in your community if you're here, kids. *hopes people take the cosmic hint*

Okay, so I got the answer to Rai's really shitty puzzle last month (the answer was Hane-Sakana), and I'll see if I can't arrange some sort of prize for getting the answer to the riddle/question/whatever right, but anyway...

A beast shown, but element unknown,
another's work causes him irk.

Good luck figuring it out! It's honestly not that hard, though. .-.

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • Al opened up a bunch of discussions, some of which remain open. The closed ones include Torafusa getting a new quote, Tempesta being capable of making earthquakes/tremors, and Jackal's ability to turn himself into a bomb being added to the Bomb Curse description. The open ones include the Celestial Spirit King's swordsmanship skills and Torafusa's abilities underwater. Go put your two cents in on the last two so I can close them and we can actually move on.
  • Lightning Sphere Strike had a bunch of things wrong with it (like its name), and we all concluded that we're retarded for giving such intricate names to spells that are performed with sound effect utterances. As such, we renamed it Thunderbolt and removed the kanji.
  • The magazine got (contrary to what Rai asked for) three new writers! One is yours truly (yay~), one is le sexy Raven, and the final is everyone's favorite Godisme. Let's all clap. \(^_^\)
  • There was a discussion about deleting some Shadow Gear fight. It was worthless and everybody agreed, so it went bye-bye.
  • There is a clusterfuck of a discussion about Gray's Ice Trail summary. Chaos confirmed that it is canon, thus rendering a lot of arguments that transpired up until that point moot, but nobody has said anything outside of three people regarding what they want to do with Ice Trail. It would help if you commented to speed this up, as what we do with Ice Trail is a rather important matter.
  • Even though we all agreed on a different forum that a bunch of the random unnamed spells need to be deleted, Reli had Rai open up a different forum (for good measure I guess. Idk), and right now we're voting on the huger-than-his-own-ass list that he's put up. If you feel like giving a solid, go say something. Please. ( _ _)
  • Oh yeah, there's also a new discussion about whether Regulus is a Holder Magic or not. Contribute~

Image Changes:

  • Toma E. Fiore got a less bland, more colorful profile picture. The end.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Levy McGarden SMA
Biography This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Levy McGarden! She is a member of Team Shadow Gear who uses Solid Script as her main form of Magic. She's also a very intelligent young woman who will one day marry Gajeel Redfox. ;-)
Interesting Trait Flat chest (Uncommon in Fairy Tail)
Guild Fairy Tail symbol
Best Quote "We need to unite. The exam split us apart and we prioritized ourselves over our allies. But we can't stay like that now. The enemy is a great one! Therefore, we, Fairy Tail, must combine our strength and win!"
Sexiness Full StarFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgEmpty Star.svgEmpty Star.svg
Who should be October's SCARIEST Mage Alive?

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God This Month in the Anime
Real Godisme | Writer

TMITA Header - September14
This Month in the Anime

September 2014

'Sup bitches, this is my article from now on. But wait you may say, God is a manga purist who never cared for the anime. How did God come to be in charge of the anime review? Funny story, let me tell it to you.

Jakuwhore: Okay whores someone needs to do TMITA now that Carrot resigned.

God: Well, Wrath wants the TU and so its between Raven and I.

Raven: Bitch, you take it.

God: But but but...I don't even watch the anime anymore!

Raven: Too bad, its yours *goes off to make stupid article*

God: Ugh, fine. Wait! Hey Mega, you know how you are my favorite mexican? What do you say I do TMITM and you do TMITA?

Mexican Bitch: No.

God: Please? ;(

Mexcian Bitch: *ignores God*

And that is how I am now in charge of this article. Hooray!

So yeah, things will be a little different now. Carrot had her style, I have mine. I'm going to be doing these more like I do chapter review blogs now which you may or may not hate. So have fun!

TMITA - Ep198

We begin this month with your typical boring recap of the end of the last episode. Zirconis is shrugging off electrocution like its nothing and meanwhile Arcadios tells Hisui that they must go and leave things to the mages. Hisui protests and bla bla bla you guys know what happens because Ultra talked about it last month. Yukino objects then Lucy comes and says stuff about destroying the gate and everything should go back to normal. Okay, done with the boring recap. Lets move on to the actual stuff that happened this month now.

Lucy and Yukino combine their powers

Because holding hands on your knees increases your power.

So Lucy and Yukino decide that the way to bring down the Eclipse Gate is to summon all 12 Celestial Spirits and slam them into the gate. Queue some kind of weird summoning ritual where the two now have to hold hands and get on their knees together to summon their spirits and all 12 appear. Aside from the weird praying together to summon their spirits thing, I had one problem with this scene and that was the music choice. For such a grim situation and how dark this part of the arc is supposed to be, the music used here was a little too happy go lucky for me. It just didn't fit. So all the spirits crash into the gate and make a giant explosion and after the dust settles we see.... it had no effect. This is where Arcadios decides its worth mentioning that the gate is made of a highly magic resistant metal and won't be easy to take down. Why thank you Arcadios, it would have been nice if you had told everyone this beforehand and saved everyone some time. Moving on though, Lucy keeps her resolve to bring down the gate.

Natsu dodges Rogue

Key to beating Rogue, run straight forward.

Meanwhile. Natsu crashes Atlas Flame into Motherglare as Levy searches for her beloved *let the rage by any anti GaLe fans commence* and Kinana guides a bunch of people to safety. Back at the dragon brawl, Motherglare and Atlas Flame duke it out while Natsu and Future Rogue duke it out on top of them. Pretty cool imagery there. Natsu tries his typical "talk to the enemy and try and bring out their good side while trying to smash their face in" tactic but once again, the bad guy doesn't reform as Natsu hopes. You would think by now that Natsu would realize he isn't very good at getting villains to admit what they have done is wrong and give up, but oh well. Rogue knocks Natsu off of Motherglare and Natsu barely manages to hang on before getting up and asking about Frosch only to learn that Frosch is dead in the future Rogue's timeline. Natsu tries his reform gig again and fails once more before Rogue unleashes a barrage of small blasts at him. Now either Rogue has the worst aim ever or this was animated terribly as Natsu just kept running straight on and remains unscathed. Finally, Natsu catches up to Rogue and Atlas Flame lends Natsu some power as he then crashes into Rogue and absorbs them both into a giant fireball of doom.

Destroyed Eclipse

The wonders of a giant fireball of doom.

Flash forward/back to Future Lucy's timeline when the dragons attack and we see the scene on Natsu arriving to save her once again. The alternate Natsu takes on the dragons but has little success against their great numbers. Back in the regular timeline, the Celestial Spirits are still crashing into the gate repeatedly. Say what you will about FT characters, but if nothing else, they never give up. Queue one more giant explosion that should have destroyed the town and nothing is even scratched. That's when Happy notices the giant fireball of doom and tells everyone to run. Giant fireball of doom crashes down, knocking everything into the air but leaves the palace perfectly unscathed (I think the palace may be made of the same thing as the gate) and miraculously the gate is destroyed and Rogue is defeated. Everything starts disappearing and Zirconis gets pissed. Hisui gives a speech to Zirconis about them not having a reason to fight and Zirconis takes on the epithet of the Jade Dragon due to liking Hisui saying his body is jade colored. And now its time for ten minutes of everyone reacting to everything disappearing. Bla bla bla, nobody cares but we do get a JerZa moment which makes all the fangirls cry out in glee. Mavis. floating high in the sky points out the important thing in this. Not a single dragon slayer beat a dragon. Before returning to his time though, Rogue tells Natsu that Frosch will die in one year and tells who killed him, shocking Natsu and asks him to make sure the present Rogue protects Frosch.

The Golden Grasslands

My eyes are basically a river at this point.

Future Lucy, who was killed earlier, returns to her timeline to find herself in a beautiful grassland with her hand restored. Natsu calls out to her to come join the rest of the guild as the adventure continues and then something gets in my eye causing me to tear up. I'm totally not crying guys, totally not crying. But really, everything about that scene was done very well. The animation was great, the music, the feel of it. It was everything you could want for such touching moment. Back in the present though, Lucy hugs Natsu from behind and thanks him as the episode comes to a close. All in all a pretty solid episode. I wasn't a fan of some of the music choices and the animation was eh at times but for the most part, it was good.

TMITA - Ep199
Yukino dressed up for the banquet

Yukino is not happy.

With the dragons gone and things finally over, the mages take the time to relax and have a ball. While preparing, we get some nice overly gratuitous Yukino boob shots before Yukino, in a dress, asks if she really has to wear such clothes, to which all the other girls in the dressing room respond she looks fantastic, which we all know is utter bullshit because girls don't say other girls look good, they say they look fat and tell them to start dieting, right? Back in the town, people are talking about the dragons but are convinced it was just magic that made them appear and that they weren't real. People then say there is a ball for the mages in the palace that evening, and no mage has ever been invited to the palace before.

Kagura wearing a dress


At the ball, all the mages take in the glamor of the event as well as the fancy clothes everyone is wearing, except for Gray who is wearing nothing but some shorts and an ascot. Meanwhile Cana is overdoing it on the booze as usual. Erza looks drop dead gorgeous in her gown and Gajeel has slicked his hair back for the event, but they quickly find that Natsu is missing. Everyone is enjoying themselves, eating the food, jumping in the air excitedly as Ichiya speaks, oh wait, that's only The Trimens. As all the people celebrate, we lay eyes on the hottest thing there, Kagura in a dress and dayyyyummmnnn does she pull it off. She even sparkles Perv . The rest of Mermaid Heel all praise her except for Milliana who is sulking in the corner. Meanwhile, Levy is off by herself writing in her journal when Gajeel shows up for her. Is it me, or is the anime taking it super heavy on the GaLe lately? So after a nice little GaLe moment we get Lucy chowing down on some snacks and after Hisui appears, she scarfs down one in one gulp and I'm just like bitch you gonna get fat. Okay, I don't know why I am making so many girls being fat jokes, maybe its because there is a girl in a manga I am reading right now who is super fat and on the page I'm on she is chowing down on like 20 bags of cookies. But enough of my tangents, back to the episode.

Mavis stalks the flan

Even ghosts love flan.

Hisui and Lucy have a nice little chat about how Hisui knew Jude Heartfilia before making Lucy notice that Natsu is not there. Elsewhere, Gray has finally put on some clothes as he is approached by Juvia who claims she is now Juvia 2.0 and proclaims to Gray that she loves him before jumping towards him. Gray side steps her and says no thank you which to most girls would usually tip you off that a guy isn't in to you, but Juvia and her crazy stalkerness won't let that happen. Queue Lyon who finally admits that Juvia doesn't love him and this somehow reminds Gray that Natsu is missing. I am questioning Gray's thought process if a beautiful woman proclaiming she loves him makes him think of Natsu. Over by the desserts, Chelia and Wendy try a bit of the flan and this is the moment where Tristan had to shut the episode off to change his pants. Mavis glares at the flan wanting some and Wendy has to try and act like she is not a psycho when she begins to speak to an invisible person next to Chelia. Mavis then stalks Chelia's plate freaking her out. Everyone then begins to notice Natsu is missing. Wow. I had absolutely no idea Natsu was missing. Thank you for telling me for the billionth time.

Happy Yukino cries

D'awwwwww. Yukino is happy for the first time in her life.

After everyone is done asking where Natsu is, Kagura trips while walking in heels. Erza approaches her and they have some small talk before Erza asks if they can be friends, but Kagura refuses, wishing instead to have Erza as her big sister. Tearing up a little, Erza pulls Kagura into her boobs for a hug and goddamn I would love to be Kagura there. Turning around, Milliana is still sulking and Kagura shows just how magical her boobs are by pulling Happy, Carla and Pantherlily out from between them. Goddamn I would love to get my hands on those. Milliana cheers up before we get another round of people asking where Natsu is. At this point I had totally forgotten Natsu was missing so I'm glad they reminded me. After Gajeel befriends a drunken Sting, Yukino enters the ball accompanied by Lucy and Mira. Yukino is the hottest bitch in the land now and everyone wants a piece. So queue every guild there fighting for her to join their guild and hilarity ensues. i particularly felt bad for Quatro Cerberus who lacks any females in their guild and could really use one. Drunk Kagura has a point though, Yukino's life belongs to her so she must join Mermaid Heel. After they destroy the ballroom, Yukino is brought to tears over how much everyone wants her.

Natsu the Fiore King

With as much as everyone was asking about him, he should be the real king.

With the fighting still continuing, everyone is brought to a halt as the king is about to make an appearance, but it turns out to just be Natsu whom it seems has stolen the crown from Mato, who is pretty much now confirmed to be the king. As everyone shakes their head in disapproval of Natsu, they soon carry on and start dancing, pairing up. The best pairing being Gray and Wendy as Juvia looks on in horror from the side. As the king makes his way in to the ballroom though, he decides he must pass judgement on Hisui for her actions. Everyone is quick to jump to her defense and so he decides her punishment will be to wear the Mato head for one week. Everyone laughs and wears their own and the episode ends. This episode was a decent change of pace from the previous intense episodes but I kind of wish they had combined this episode and the next as they both felt very stretched out and not in need of being single episodes. Oh well.

TMITA - Ep200
Ultear at breakfast

I have no idea why I am putting this picture here.

The episode begins early in the morning, an old lady is waking up from her sleep and smiles gently before *queue opening song* k, that was sudden. Damn you episode for punishing my first time watch through commentary. Alright lets see where were we? Ah yes, so the old woman goes to get food now and talks about the GMG with her waitress and says she wasn't partial to any team except maybe Fairy Tail. After breakfast, she talks a walk down the street before tripping and being caught by Chapati Lola who says he is off to his next assignment and if I sound less detailed and unenthusiastic, its because I am. The majority of this episode was needless filler that could have been combined with other needless filler.

Anyway, back in their hotel room, Team Natsu gets ready to leave. Erza says that the masters have already left but some people were out drinking last night as the scene flashes to Cana with Bacchus, having drank the Garou Knights under the table. Meanwhile, Wendy has secured them a carriage to ride home in, which Natsu is not happy about due to his motion sickness. He asks Wendy to help him out but she says she has used so much magic of late that she can't, much to Natsu's dismay.

Doranbolt meets with CS

Unexpected allies

Meanwhile, in the wreckage left behind by the dragons, Jellal and Meredy walk along, wondering what happened to Ultear. Jellal states that with the gate being destroyed, things should have gone back to as they were but time had become too twisted. With their memories in store though, Jellal worries about what will happen with the royal family having used dark magic. Suddenly, Doranbolt approaches. Over at the council, Org and Lawhore speak of the games and Org thanks Lawhore for watching over them. As Org brings up the illusionary dragons that ended the games but Lawhore said he slept through it. Back in the ruins, Doranbolt reveals he changed the memories of every member of the council, including the bitchface Lawhore. Jellal says he didn't know Doranbolt had such magic but says its needed for undercover missions. Jellal then asks about Cobra and Doranbolt reveals he turned himself in, but not before saying that the gates of the underworld are opening. Jellal immediately realizes this references Tartarus.

Erza's armor drawing

Erza is definitely the best artist of our time.

Taking a break from their trip, Natsu and Gang rest in a grassy area. As they all begin to discuss what they will be doing after they get back, Erza takes to drawing plans for a new armor. Carla asks to see and Erza reveals her....wonderful drawing. Oh god I forgot Erza can't draw for shit. Off on his own, Gray begins to wonder what happened in the battle with the dragons, as he remembers dying. Wendy comes to speak with him and he tells her he felt as though he had died and tells her of his childhood. He then begins to wonder what happened to Ultear after the battle and I am left hoping to god that we aren't about to experience 10 minutes of every character wondering where Ultear is.

Ultear's goodbye

Damn she was hot, I miss her.

Back with Jellal, he ponders over Tartarus, stating they are a complete mystery. As Jellal and Meredy wander on, the old lady from before approaches them and hands them a letter. Opening it, it is a letter from Ultear who explains that she used a magic that went wrong and she doesn't have much time to live. She write them comforting words and tells them to carry on without her but Meredy breaks into tears. As they turn around to ask how the woman got the letter, she has already left. Elsewhere, as the carriage carrying Natsu and co. travels onward, they pass by the old woman. Suddenly shocked, Gray tries to stop the carriage to get a closer look before he realizes that the old women is none other than Ultear and that she gave up her time to reverse time for everyone else. Gray lets the carriage continue on but is shocked by the realization. The end of this episode will hit you right in the feels as everyone is brought to tears over Ultear's fate. They could have cut a lot of the filler stuff out but overall a nice episode.

TMITA - Ep201

God: Whoreface, do I really have to do this episode?

Jakuwhore: Yes.

God: Really?

Jakuwhore: Yes.

*waits 5 minutes*God: How about now?

Jakuwhore: Still yes.

God: Goddamnit.

Hey guess what? I hate dumb filler. I bet no one knew that about me. Alright, lets get on with this.

Makarov grateful to the mayor

You would cry too if a town rebuilt your house.

Fairy Tail arrives home to Magnolia Town where the town is throwing a celebration parade. While marching, Gray is lost in his thoughts of Ultear and Juvia takes notice. The people in the crowd cheer and Landlady calls out to Lucy, congratulating her but telling her that rent is sill due. To show off, Natsu then reaches in his backpack and pulls out the king's crown, shocking everyone. However, Natsu reveals he didn't mean to take that out but rather, meant to pull out the trophy, holding it high in the air. Juvia then tells Gray that he needs to smile for the people and he decides to smile for Ultear's sake before Juvia says he is suddenly dreamy. The mayor of Magnolia then makes a speech and announces that they have restored the first Fairy Tail building, bringing Makarov to tears. Meanwhile, Obra looks on from the distance.

The mole

Definitely a mole

Back at the guild, Lucy, Natsu and Happy decide to take a job and head off in a carriage to the town. One the way, Lucy spots Mavis walking in the background but thinks nothing of it. Arriving in town, they find that the town has begun to sink into the mud due to a mole. The mayor of the town greets them and explains the situation to them. Lucy resolves to fix the problem for the town. Lucy and Happy row out into the mud to catch the mole but as the giant mole arises, their boat is knocked over and they fall in the mud. Natsu jumps down to try and help but lands in the boat and instantly becomes motion sick. To escape the mole, they split up and the mole chases Lucy. Happy swoops down to pick her up and escape as Erza, Gray, Wendy and Carla arrive. Was I the only one expecting Happy to comment on Lucy's weight here?

Mole love

True love

After they explain the situation, Lucy comes up with a plan to find the mole. Natsu is placed inside Horologium who is lowered into the mud by ropes held up by Carla and Happy. Bringing the mole to the top, everyone attacks but the mole dives into the mud and escapes, leaving the team to climb up a pillar of ice that Gray creates to escape. The mole pops up under them and Natsu has a knee jerk reaction and smashes the ice, throwing everyone into the mud again. The mole then decides to chase Lucy again and no matter where she runs, the mole follows. Regrouping, the mayor explains the moles back story of being abandoned by his master and thus resenting humans. The mayor also explains it is mole mating season and that is why the mole likes Lucy so much. Erza and Wendy ask why it doesn't chase them but the mayor says that the mole likely cannot discern Erza's gender underneath her armor and that it prefers large breasts and thus does not like Wendy, causing Wendy to cry. This gives them a plan, however and they dress Lucy in a wedding dress and send her out to the mud. When the mole arrives, Lucy summons Virgo who first hauls Lucy to safety before knocking the mole into the air. Everyone attacks, knocking the mole to the dry ground finally. Capturing it in a net, they ask if it really wants a wife that badly, to which it nods. Virgo then arrives with a female "mole", though it is of a completely different species, the two instantly fall in loves and head off into the mud together.

Mavis threatens Zeref

Mavis makes her stand.

Elsewhere, Obra meets up with Zeref taking his place on his shoulder. Mavis, hovering above them, confronts Zeref. He says he cannot hear or see her but knows she is there. They tell each other that seven years ago, they were near each other. Mavis asks him if he is still looking for a place to die, however he says he has already found one. He says over the ages, he has always had hope that things would change, that war and suffering would end, but they don't. Mavis says however that people still survive. Zeref says that people are truly dead and has concluded that if the world will continue to reject him, he will reject the world. Mavis tells him that Fairy Tail will defend the world and asks if there will be war, but Zeref says there will only be one sided annihilation and that he will not let a single human live. Mavis takes a stand, stating Fairy Tail will stop him. The two have a standoff before the scene then cuts away.

If you got rid of the stupid filler, this would be a good episode. I know a lot of people like the feel of the old days of Fairy Tail just taking jobs but honestly this was just dumb. Oh well. That's all for this month folks. Thanks for bearing with me!

Mega This Month in the Manga
Omega natsu2 | Writer

TMITM Header - September14
This Month in the Manga

March 2014

TMITM Ch 399

I- Chapter 399: Wings of Despair

The cover features Lucy, surrounded by nature and with a smile on her face.

The long awaited fight between Erza and Kyouka finally commences, and they both seem to be evenly matched, until Erza pulls one out of the bag and shoots Kyouka down. Meanwhile, Mirajane begins to remember how she managed to locate Sayla, while at the same time leaving Lamy and her clones to the Elfman and the minor guild members to deal with. When suddenly, there is a trembling noise, which leads Wendy to fall on the ground and gasp for air. At the same time, Gajeel and Natsu converse with their lovers, albeit Juvia is abandoned by Gray again. But before they are able to form a sentence, Natsu notes a voice, as well as everyone in the vicinity. And before we know it, Acnologia appears!!! And just then, Igneel comments on something again!!!

This chapter was a great setup, but honestly I was a bit mad when Erza's fight was interrupted yet again. It's like Hiro himself is tried of her battles and can't think of a way to end another one at the moment. Otherwise, why would he postpone this battle for a third time already? And I'm a bit shocked that Minerva is doing nothing~ The least injured human there. Btw, she has sooo many injuries for being hit with the crying fist...

How do you rate Chapter 399?

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TMITM Ch 400

II- Chapter 400: Wings of Hope

The 400th chapter cover features the original members of team Natsu, with Natsu himself using his fire to create the number "400."

Acnologia basically begins to go the minute he gets there he starts blowing shit up. Everyone soon notices, and then the chapter basically turns into Natsu having a moment while Acnologia wrecks shit up. Just when Acnologia is about to release a roar to kill everyone, Natsu poops Igneel out. As Igneel clashes with Acnologia, Natsu sheds a tear...

It was amazing~ Loved it, worthy of being chapter 400~ Now we know why Freed's runes did not work. but Igneel has a lot of explaining to do...

How do you rate Chapter 400?

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TMITM Ch 401

III- Chapter 401: Igneel vs. Acnologia

Happy reaching for the stars~

I have nothing to say really, just that the Natsu and Igneel moments were kawaii. :3 It's like Igneel came back, but soon realizes that his son is now a teenager. XD By the end of the chapter, Natsu heads out to fight Mard, and in search of E.N.D.'s book, which he is ordered not to open or destroy, just steal. Nothing much to say really. But is it me, or are these chapter getting shorter and shorter? Like, before I would be satisfied and all with a chapter, but now I just want more and more. I think it;s Igneel's fault...

How do you rate Chapter 401?

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TMITM Ch 402

IV- Chapter 402: The Fire Dragon's Iron Fist

Erza being sexy~

This chapter is another fight-filled addition to the "intense pain" saga. So not really much I can say. Natsu pretty much overpowers Mard from the beginning, something which the Twins from Saber were not able to do. But no shock there...Thinking about the GMG arc. Igneel continues his fight with Acnologia and Erza fights Kyouka. However, something which was of interest was Kyouka connecting to Face. This soooo reminds me of another series, where the villain did anything for the purpose of completing her master's wish. But in the end she realizes that she was nothing more than a tool who her master just disposed off, and is helped by the enemy. Which could happen, seeing as Erza is the one fighting. I liked Kyouka's Demon form, but seeing Erza at a disadvantage is pissing me off, since this will probs be another "almost defeated" victory won by Erza. >___>

Welps, see you guys in the near future!!! I still go online on Skype and stuff, but I'm most active on Tumblr and Twitter nowadays, so make sure to send me a message or two~!

How do you rate Chapter 402?

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Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Welcome to the latest issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, probably in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Tartarus arc.

Welcome back to The Earth Land Chronicles, people!

Welcome back to The Earth Land Chronicles, everyone. When we last left off, we had just seen Happy tank a nuke while Erza and Mirajane were captured by the man they were sent to protect, who turned out to be a traitor. So, let's see how the story has progressed. Please note that if you hate spoilers, you're on the wrong website. Enjoy~

Erza being tortured by Kyôka

Scream, scream, scream.

As we're quick to find out, Mashima has wasted no time getting his girls naked. Erza's chained up baring all for the world to see thanks to Kyouka, who wants her to tell her where Jellal is, since he's the last key to Face the EMP that will annihilate all Magic across the continent. Mirajane meanwhile is undergoing the same process that Minerva is, one which will make her a Demon.

Jellal is simultaneously is taking on three of the Oracion Seis members at once while this goes on, and he knows each of their names somehow. But we don't really get much to go on there, so moving on, we have Natsu, who has used his brain (yes, I was surprised too) to figure out what happened and arrives at Tartarus' headquarters, knocking out Crawford a.k.a the chairman and Umnei Franmalth.

Silver freezes Natsu

And surprisingly, he doesn't get out of it by himself.

Natsu does fight Franmalth and we see a bit of his power but Natsu has no real trouble with him. But the fight stops thanks to Silver, who smells like Gray and freezes Natsu instantly. What's cool here is that Natsu doesn't actually break free of the ice immediately. He's actually thrown in a jail cell stark-naked. Isn't that a refreshing change from what Natsu usually does. Anyways, Lisanna is also in the same cell and similarly nude, cause apparently Tartarus has no qualms with its prisoners inter-mingling. Evidently, she was nearly strangled to death when Wrath's girlfriend took control of Elfman and was only released if Elfman gave up his soul.

While Jellal fights the Oracion Seis and goes on about how he'll set them free, Kyouka propositions Sayla to have sex with her and apparently gets the OK since Sayla's smiling in bed at the end of the chapter. At the guild though, Elfman shows up and Cana basically bitches-out at him for letting Lisanna get captured.

But while this is happening, Jellal has recently been penetrated by Zero. Yes, it's as funny as it sounds. OK, maybe not but it did look cool. But it's not really him, it's an illusion and Jellal, in the latest reference to Rave Master, attacks the Oracion Seis with Grand Chariot. However, he goes a step further here and uses Sema, which we never got to see in the Grand Magic Games thanks to Ultear's tickle-torture plan. It does look good here, though not as big as I would have imagined, but it is effective and we then get a cool shot of Jellal taking Midnight by the collar and telling him what they have to do.

Meanwhile, Cana's one of the few who knows what's wrong when something is wrong and finds Elfman with a bomb that Sayla is forcing him to place. Stealing a page from Sho's book, Cana traps everyone in cards so as to protect them from the ensuing explosion when she can't stop Elfman's bomb and has to escape being pinned down. Damn, can you imagine those two getting it on? Elfman's probably got a massive d-

Readers: Ultra!!!

Ultra: Alright, alright, moving on....

The Exceeds take the carded-Mages to Cube, Tartarus' base which is floating above Magnolia Town and they transform back to basically storm the place. As it turns out, Crawford transferred Jellal's key to himself, which was stupid since Kyouka hills him to activate Face. However, it won't activate remotely...someone has to go do it manually. While most of Fairy Tail fight, Lucy and Wendy go ahead to try and stop this. However, when Umnei Franmalth gets in their way, it's Natsu who gets in his way, allowing Wendy to escape so as to stop Face's activation while he and Lucy take on the ugly, gelatinous monster.

As it turns out, he can absorbs souls and has already taken Taurus and Aries but worst of all, he's also taken Hades, who was near death after Tenrou Island because apparently Zeref didn't kill him...dunno why that is, but let's go with it (even if it makes us wonder where Rustyrose and Kain are). Oh, and Natsu met with Zeref after escaping jail, but nothing really came of it.

Natsu Threatens Franmalth with Stone

Time to get stoned.

Anyways, Natsu and Frandes (which is what I choose to call him now, for the time being) fight by Natsu's overwhelmed pretty easily since Frandes absorbs souls and stuff, which evidently includes Magic. While they're fighting though, Face gets closer and closer to activating and the shockwaves are heard all around, but I'll get to that out-of-order. So Frandes nearly absorbs the trio (kinda forgot Happy was there cause he's so lame) but Lucy ends up recalling Taurus and Aries to the Celestial Spirit World by closing their gates, freaking Frandes the fuck out when she says "Close: Gate of the Natsu" and makes him think he's a spirit. Can you imagine what a summer spirit would be like though? Anyways, Natsu then proceeds to get Frandes stoned out of his skull by smashing him with a huge-ass slab of rock that I guess is supposed to be part of the destroyed area. So yeah, this Demon with the strength of one of history's strongest Mages goes down just like that...what a load of crap.

But, the souls inside him are freed, including Hades himself, who tells them that Face wasn't the true goal and that Makarov needs to "release the light". Of course, this refers to Lumen Histoire, that we saw way back when and have been wondering about ever since.

Doranbolt rescues Wendy and Carla

You know he's enjoying it.

Meanwhile, Wendy was fighting Ezel, who was evidently stalking her from the roof of the caves, cause apparently Demons do that in anticipation of people coming after them. Well, he comes down to attack and Wendy, despite some really good effort, isn't able to take his demonic ass down. As it appears that she's the one who's gonna be taken down, Carla decides it's a good idea to claw the massive brute and nearly gets eaten in the process. However, they coincidentally landed near Face during the fight and Wendy uses the particles nearby or w/e to access Dragon Force. So, as expected, she does win in the end against Ezel and destroy Face in the process, but it isn't that simple, it seems, cause the thing is still apparently gonna activate despite being destroyed. No good explanation given, but hey...makes for some good tension. Anyways, Carla apparently has that same power as Nicolas Cage in that one movie which has a name I can't remember and she saw a bunch of futures all at once and understood each of them. She finds the one that'll stop Face but it'll destroy them in the process as they stop it. However, in a show of selflessness, the two agree to stop it at the cost of their lives, but given the series that they're in, they do of course succeed in their goal without a sacrifice, as Doranbolt comes to their aid, having Magically known where they were, what they were doing. Admittedly, he does look cool while he does it.

That's...actually it, people. Face is apparently gone, and so is another Demon Gate, all thanks to a little loli. Admittedly, she is one of the best examples of character growth this series has ever had. But for now, we'll stop as we all know what's coming up next. I'll catch you next time when we take on the King of Hades!
Best Magic/Curse of this part of the Arc
Best Moment of this part of the Arc
  • Wendy obtains Dragon Force.
Best Chapter of this part of the Arc
Best Episode of this part of the Arc
  • Not animated yet.

Umnei Umneilicious
Umnei | Writer


Hello everyone! Sorry for not being inactive for a while but Umneilicious is back for the September issue with a newer concept! I thought it'd be something new for the magazine, and it's also something I see done in other magazines, so why not bring it over to the wiki's Sorcerer Magazine? :D

Anyways, I hope you guys like it! Please comment below on what you think! Got any suggestions? Leave those down below as well!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Featured User

What's up, everyone? I know you were expecting a hilariously awesome user flash created by our wiki's own over-worked, under-payed comedian, Momo, but there isn't one this month. >_> You may be asking why. Well, it's simple. Momo wanted me to let you all know that he doesn't love you anymore and he'll get the fucking flash to you when he feels like it. I know, I know. Such a terribly lazy individual. Well, don't blame me! I raised him to be better than that. >:D

Anyhow, next month I'll be adding a new feature to Jakuho's Corner called "Dear Jakky." It'll be an advice column much like "Dear Abby." If you have something you'd like advice on, whether it's a user on the wiki working your nerves or you want recommendations for a good TV show, I can give it to you. >:D Just send your questions to "". The identity of the creators of the questions will always be kept anonymous unless he/she tells wishes otherwise.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Managing Editor
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
  • If you had a child, what would you name it?
  • I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
  • What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
  • To be or not to be?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: My beauty can't be measured by numbers. It's off the charts.
Interviewer: Umm... okay. >_>
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: Evergreen. What greater gift is there than to be named after the greatest person to ever live?
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: Flawless.
Interviewer: I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!! \(^___^)/
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: *stares into mirror*
Interviewer: Evergreen!
Evergreen: Sorry, I saw the most beautiful woman in the mirror and I just had to get a second glance.
To be or not to be?
A: To be... me.
Interviewer: -___- Just die.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Jenny Realight
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: 11.
Interviewer: It's a scale from 1-10.
A: Make an exception, honey. Blow Kiss
Interviewer: Love
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: Hmm...I don't think that applies to me. That would ruin this gorgeous body I've worked to make.
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: Hotter than you.
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: Why was I not made one of the new writers!? Just cause I'm blonde and hot doesn't make me a bad choice.
To be or not to be?
A: To be hot? Always!
Relikz Relikz | Writer
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: My fire is hotter than hell! That makes me over 9000!!!

Acnologia: Eh. I'd give it a 6.

If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: Natsy. What? I wanted a girl.
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: I'm the Fire Dragon King Igneel!!

Acnologia: So what? I'm the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse Acnologia!!! I'll eat you!

What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
Zirconis: Can I eat them?

Igneel: Fuck off!

To be or not to be?
Acnologia: To be... THE RULER OF THIS WORLD!!!

Igneel: Stop trying to steal my spotlight. You are so annoying!

Acnologia: No, you are annoying!

Igneel: ( >_>)=e

Acnologia: 3=(<_< )

Godisme Godisme | Writer
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: The glisten in my eyes, the magnificence of my hair, the delightful fragrance of my parfum. I am most certainly a 10!
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: A child deserves a fine name befitting of its beauty. I know of only one name that can be given to my child. that of my honey, Erza.
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: I am bootylicious. MEN
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: They are quite noble for having taken on this beautiful task that is this magazine. I respect them and wish them the utmost success.
To be or not to be?
A: To be beautiful such as I. MEN
Umnei Umnei | Writer
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: I am whatever Hime rates me as.
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: I would name my child after Lucy-san or Everlue-san. Depending on how it looks as well, of course. This would be my punishment-!!
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: Umneili- I mean.. Virgolicious, of course~ now here is my celebratory dance. *dances a jig*
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: If they can dig holes faster than I, then I shall allow them to punish me.
To be or not to be?
A: Distraction! - *strikes a pose*
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
Rogue Cheney

On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?

A: I've never focused on my appearance. My interest is only in Gajeel.
Interviewer: I-Isn't that a little weird?
A: I have no interest in your observations. My interest is only in Gajeel.
Interviewer: ...moving on.

If you had a child, what would you name it?

A: Skiadrum, after my deceased (I think) foster father.

I'm Fergalicious. What are you?

A: I am a Dragon Slayer. What kind of ridiculous question is that?

What do you think of the three new magazine writers?

A: Raven and God are alright, but that Wrath, he catches my interest almost as much as Gajeel does.

To be or not to be?

A: I will never be my future self.
Interviewer: That...wasn't really the question, you know.
A: I have no interest in your questions, my interest is only in Gaj-
Interviewer: Okay, that's it. I'm out. \( o__o)/ *leaves*
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Ooba Babasaama
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: 10 all the way! *spins*
Interviewer: You're joking, right?
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: If it's a girl, I'd name her Dreidel. If it's a boy, I'd name him Tazmania.
Interviewer: I see what you did there. >:D
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: Babalicous.
Interviewer: Uh... that sounds kinda gross.
Ooba: It is. *spins*
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: *spins*
Ooba: Only if you kiss me.
Interviewer: Spin to your heart's content. >_>
To be or not to be?
A: That's from Hamlet, right?
Interview: Finally! At least someone has some culture.
Ooba: No, I was just there when Shakespeare wrote it. It was my 65th birthday.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Erza Scarlet
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: Would you care to decide for yourself?
Interviewer: What?
A: Requip!
Interviewer: ... Perv
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: Ch...child? >_> I have no idea.
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: I'm known as Titania. Though to be honest, I could care less.
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: They could very well be the ones to bring something new to the project. Simultaneously, they could be the ones to destroy it entirely. You must take caution.
To be or not to be?
A: What is the question?
Godisme Godisme | Writer
Gildarts Clive
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: Well Sara would say I'm an 8. Naomi would probably say I'm a 6 because she is mad at me. Michelle a 10, Clair a 9...
Interviewer:Just pick a number.
A: Okay 9
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: I have a child and her name is Cana <3 Cana, daddy loves you <3
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: Too sober
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: I have faith in them. Want me to rough them up a bit and see how they hold out though?
Interviewer: That won't be necessary.
A: Ok.
To be or not to be?
A:To be or not to be what? Am I missing something here?
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer

On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?

A: I myself have no opinion, but Wra- ... I mean Kyouka-sama calls me a perfect 10.
Interviewer: W-what did you just say? You almost said Wra-
A: I said Kyouka-sama. Let us move on to the next question.

If you had a child, what would you name it?

A: Seth, after my darling Wra- ...I mean, I would name it Zeref, after my lord and master.
Interviewer: ...

I'm Fergalicious. What are you?

A: Wrath, er, I mean Kyouka-sama says I'm extremely bone-able.
Interviewer: Uhuh... ( -___-)

What do you think of the three new magazine writers?

A: Raven is a very nice person. I'm sure he'll do nicely. That God is a very strange, perverted man; he's always trying to steal me from my beloved. And that Wrath-sama, why my goodness, he's the perfect specimen of a man. He's so tall, handsome and bi-
Interviewer: You're not even trying to hide it anymore. >_>

To be or not to be?

A: I will be Wrath-sama's beautiful, horned wife and we will have lots of great sex.
Interviewer: Well then...I guess you have fun with that?
A: I will. Wrath-sama is kind and gentle, until that is he flips my switch and I beg him to f-
Interviewer: Dear god, TMI. <( >__<)>
Umnei Umnei | Writer
On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think you are?
A: FaFaFa~ I'm a 10 to all the hunky men reading this post~!
If you had a child, what would you name it?
A: *bold faced* a complicated name no other may fathom.. a name so out there, it would shine and embarrass the very stars themselves-! a name that will shine so bright, like a diamond in the sky-!!.... Miskos3
I'm Fergalicious. What are you?
A: Babelicious~! *kissy face*
What do you think of the three new magazine writers?
A: Are they hunky? *swoon face*~ or chunky? *bold faced*
To be or not to be?
A: How about... To LAMY! Fafafafafafafafa~ *multiples into 16* Fafafafafa~!!!

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 32: August 2014

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

( TT^TT)/

Random Opinions \( ^__^)/
Video Games Video Games

Continuing on with last month's fantasy FT video game questions, if the game was an RPG with classes/races/jobs/that kind of thing, what class would the FT members be? GO HERE AND VOTE

Don't worry. Next month we'll do more characters :3

The Series
The Manga The Anime
How many more chapters you think until the Tartarus arc ends?

The poll was created at 01:53 on October 2, 2014, and so far 139 people voted.
What are your thoughts for the next filler arc?

The poll was created at 01:53 on October 2, 2014, and so far 146 people voted.
Natsu vs. Mard Geer E.N.D.
Natsu vs. Mard Geer?

The poll was created at 01:53 on October 2, 2014, and so far 153 people voted.
The book of E.N.D.

The poll was created at 01:53 on October 2, 2014, and so far 151 people voted.
More Randomness
Which dragon do you want to appear next in the story?

The poll was created at 01:53 on October 2, 2014, and so far 160 people voted.
So the last season of Legend of Korra is starting soon (or has already started if you are reading this after friday Oct 3), so who is your favorite character?

The poll was created at 01:53 on October 2, 2014, and so far 96 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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