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Cover twenty nine

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Cover twenty nine

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Hello lovelies~

The puzzle last month was indeed tricky, but one person did prevail!

Congrats to Rem, who finally got an answer correct, said answer being TRUE PRIDE, Gray's character song from Volume 3, "Eternal Fellows".

Lol, yeah, I told you it was a difficult answer XD

Here's my explanation, as always:

  • Sing a song of fivepence: This was meant to tell you that the answer was a song. For those even more on the ball, "fivepence" (rather than sixpence, as in the original) was meant to tell you the track number.
  • A pocket full of pride: Here, if you know the original tune, the line goes "a pocket full of rye." Why would I change only one word to 'pride'? A hint at the name.
  • One certain Ice Mage: Was meant to inform you about the theme of the song and/or which character the song belonged to. Here, it was Gray.
  • Tunefully supplied: Again, if you missed it in the first line, this was meant to say that the answer was a song, specifically about the Ice Mage in the previous line.

So, all in all I tried my best and I'm glad Rem got the answer :D

Let's get into this month's puzzle! \( ^__^)/

Lemme click this random button~

Hmmm, okay~ Let's see if I can come up with something here...

You clue is:

"Gimme a T, a G, an R, an A,
You don't need them to outshine me anyway.
Throw in an "ooooooooh!" and what have you got?

This one's pretty easy I think ;) Best of luck and I'll be back next month with the answer! :3

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • There were A LOT of freakin' filler spells created this month. I mean, really...
  • We finally finished the discussion about Zeref's spell and Slowing Magic in general and the appropriate changes were made based on votes.
  • Myself and some others noticed an inconsistency with things listed in the Magic and Abilities sections of fight, chapter and episode pages, and after a forum was conducted, this was corrected.
  • Something about Holder Magic? Lol, I have no idea ^__^"
  • Stupid anime-Kama and his Magic scythes stuffed us around for a bit, but we discussed that they were and got appropriate pages made.
  • Mard Geer's alias was debated and voted on and he is now known as "Underworld King".
  • There is currently a discussion about what kind of Magic Acid Magic is, so if you have a strong opinion on the matter, head over to the talkpage and post your opinion.

Image Changes

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMA May (2014)
Yukino full
Yukino Aguria SMA

This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Yukino Aguria! Otherwise known as Lisanna with a significantly larger head. >_> Yukino is a former antagonist from Sabertooth who was excommunicated from Sabertooth with nothing - not even the clothes on her back. She then rejoined when the dick of a Guild Master kicked the bucket or something like that (I don't remember or care for that matter). She uses Celestial Spirit Magic as her main form of combat just like Lucy. :3 If you look in various places online, you can see the sextape she shot with Rogue and Sting... and yes, I just made that up. >_>

Quote SMA (May2014)

(Yukino Aguria) to (Mirajane Strauss) "Whenever I'm around people...misfortune is sure to follow."

Who should be June's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 22:15 on May 31, 2014, and so far 154 people voted.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Anime
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer and Reli's Dance Slave
Relikz This Month in the Anime
Relikz | Images

Uhhh... *insert heading here that Leli was too lazy to make*
This Month in the Anime

May 2014

In the middle of the night. Miss Carrot turned on her light and said, "Something is not right!"

Carrot: Hmmmm....

Hmmmm... *walks around the SM HQ. Checks the offices*

Hmmmm... *checks the kitchen*

Hmmmm... *checks the trap door in Leli and Jak's office*

Hmmmm... *checks the bathroom*

Hmmmm... *checks the games room*

Ah well... *starts to crawl back into bed* I'll figure it out in the morni-


OMG! I don't believe it :D What a fantastic turn of events. The Mexican mafia must have come in the dead of the night to kidnap him for not paying them back for his drugs :) Ahhh, what a pity... Poor, poor Leli~ Welp, I know for a fact that this month in the anime will be so much more entertaining without him...



<The Next Day>

I want Leli back...
TMITA - Ep180

Just to get me in the mood the episode starts with an awesome OST... *narrows eyes* These guys are getting good </whisper>

So, we're back with Gray and Rufus for the after commentary of their fight, and it would seem Gray also has teleportation abilities because he and Rufus are suddenly God only knows where and totally not in the open library they were in when the fight ended last episode .-.

Becaaaaause... consistency!

Continuing, we faff about for a bit with the FT members' reactions to Gray's win, and at least everyone is looking nicely animated here - I mean, heck, even Macao and Wakaba got a nice treatment :D

~*~ Masayume Chasing Chasing - God, I love this opening!! ~*~

Omg... more fucking recaps of scores. Legit... is there anyone seriously daft enough that they can't remember the placings of four guilds...??

FT Wiki: *cough*

( -__-)~ Bloody hell...

And as Sabertooth look on at Rufus' defeat and Rogue's scarf begins to talk, we have a flashback of what happened after Sting holepunched Jiemma the night before.

This was very well animated I thought (well, Minerva always looks like a bullfrog, but that's just her character design~) except I guess I was a little upset with Minerva's speech. Remember her being all creepy in the manga?

Minerva Staring Down Sting

Yeah, we get none of that here :<

But enough of the GMG for now, because we are cutting back to the Rescue Team, where Natsu has collapsed. Is it sad that I figured out the joke before it was even revealed? :P

The team are in trouble though, as they are lost in the labyrinth and have found no exit, so as they travel the NaLu fans get a little hit and there is some nice filler with Yukino thanking Natsu for what he did to Sabertooth on her behalf. I really do have to appreciate such filler. It can be dry at times, but at least the conversations have purpose and aren't just faffing about. Yukino thanking Natsu is legitimately something she would do, so thumbs up to whomever decided to script that in :)

But woah! Woah woah WOAH!! Did Kama just appear and snap his fingers!?

Heck, that's so cool!

Anyways, snapping now apparently causes earthquakes and a passage opens up for our crew to pass through. I think it was very smart of the anime to incorporate that the passage looked like it was melted into place, rather than a natural formation like the manga had it. After Lucy squeezes her chest through and we get EVEN MORE NaLu (seriously NaLu fans, be grateful, damn it!) we find...

Dun dun duuuuuunnnnn!!

Arcadios \( .__.)/

Fun time underground >__>

But hey! There are more people here! After a very nicely executed (lol, punny!) introduction, anionlys get their first look at the Garou Knights!!

Garou Knights

I remember pretty much reacting like Natsu when these guys first appeared in the manga, but they did look pretty cool here I must say. Though, I am questioning why they changed Cosmos' entire theme from flowers to flytraps...?? I mean, are flytraps really easier to animate than flowers? o__O

Heck, lets have a fucking vote! Because... voting!!

What do you think would be easier to animate?

The poll was created at 11:20 on May 29, 2014, and so far 78 people voted.

Moving on (these aren't the droids we're looking for) and we head into filler...

...and this is where the episode takes a mighty turn for the worst :(

Lemme know in the comments anionlys because I'm genuinely curious: do you notice these changes in pacing/can you pick out the anime-only moments?? I know I'm completely biased, but it just seems so obvious in these battle scenes.

I mean, I know FT sometimes gets hate because people argue that the fights are too short, but I think they're great most of the time. Seeing other mangas/animes where the fights last forever really has me questioning if the characters have God-like stamina and stuff, so I like it that FT fights are very fast-paced and to the point.

If I'm giving credit where it's due, seeing Natsu and Wendy team up was okay filler. But! And this is a big but, Mira and Lily standing there watching on was just stupid. I mean, have them rush in and be engaged by Uosuke and Neppa sooner, rather than them just standing around. Just... so freakin' pointless >__>

So with this filler going on I'm wondering how we're going to end this thing... aaaaaaaand...'s with Wendy being swallowed by a flytrap ( .__.)

Cosmos&#039; Flytrap

Because if Wendy was ever going to die, it would be in the most anticlimactic, stupidest and bizarre way possible .-.

No, seriously... did anyone actually believe she was in danger? Even for a second??

The anime team seems to want you to, cause they're pulling a cliffie!

TMITA - Ep181

After legitimately 2 full minutes of recap, we get to see what has become of poor Wendy-chan...

...oh wait ( .__.) She's already been busted out by Mira...

We stuff around some more with more boring filler (really not much to say) and then finally Grow Flow comes around...

Or, should I say Grow Flow Junior? Cause this shit ain't nowhere near as impressive as it was in the manga...

Grow Flow

Grow Flow

But, either way, our delightfully bright protagonists decide to blow up the flower and only succeed in getting themselves separated from one another and locked into battle with a member of the Garou Knights.

Because I really cbs flipping back and forth between these groups like the anime does, I'll summarise:


For filler, by gosh this was funny! I know it wasn't up some people's alley, but I find the running dried plums gag to be hilarious, so I was laughing at this entire scene. Poor, poor Wendy-chan :(


Hey, what can I say? I like Kama, so I liked the clips he was in here :3


Not bad, but I thought the extended filler just dragged on a wee bit too long. Chalk it up to my preferences, but I grew bored waiting for the cooler stuff to happen.


Why was Kamika going on about Mira being an ex-S-Class Mage? Uhhh?


... ( -__-) *yawns*

Aside from these fights, we also get a little filler clip of Mavis and Asuka conversing about Mavis' appearance as a child...

...even though Asuka isn't a full-fledged FT member and has no mark, and therefore shouldn't be able to see Mavis...

I... have no comment on this filler, so let's talk about some filler that I found amazing.


Holy hell was this a good idea. I can't really get into it without spoiling for anionlys, but lets just say this filler was a very good addition that I'd argue Mashima was quite silly for not including in the manga. I mean, it just made sense and didn't distract from the story (in fact, it enhanced it) or seem boring, so a huge thumbs up here from the Carrot :D :D :D

I think I'll end on this happy note :) I know the actual ep ends with Arcadios wading through lava like it's water, but let's just pretend Mils is the last scene ^__^

TMITA - Ep182

Did this whole scene with Arcadios wading through the lava seem so much more desperate and well done in the manga? I dunno, it just seemed really slow here :/

Like... really... Lucy and Yukino in the anime had sooooo much time to turn around and grab Arcadios' hand and pull him up ( .__.) Plus, I guess everyone in the anime just seemed too relaxed. I mean, heck, Carla just lies there watching Arcadios sink into boiling lava and says in a matter-of-fact tone "he's sacrificing himself."

You don't say!? Has this just become so standard in FT that it's no longer surprising in any way? Don't care about a little old sacrifice anymore?

Arcadios to the rescue
Because that totally doesn't look painful in any way, shape or form...

Hmmm... *sighs* The rest of this episode is just such a mix-up of filler that I don't even know where to begin ( -__-) Like, seriously...

Aiya >__> Well, let's start with something that really ticked me off: Kama being given a form of Magic.

For those anionlys who read this article, Kama was never given any form of Magic in the manga - he fought just with his own athletic finesse and that was so cool imo. I mean, this non-Mage matching a normal Mage with none of this dispel crap and stuff, well, it really made me appreciate his character a lot more. He murdered with his own hands, making sure he passed his scythes through his enemies with his own strength. There was no floating weapons, special markings or easy ways out and this made him a much more interesting fighter. As such, I was saddened to see him reduced so :(

As for the Yukino/Lucy v Uosuke fight, well, the filler just dragged and dragged...

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

...and dragged

FT Wiki members: Okay! We get it!

Good... I was just trying to make a point ^__^" I mean, EVERY Spirit had to be pulled out and EVERY one of them had to screw around with Uosuke and EVERY one of them just did what they always do in these fillers, so I was just over it.

Finally, towards the very end we get back into canon material and we get to FINALLY see the true form of Pisces :D

Pisces&#039; human form

YAY! \( ^__^)/

The episode ran pretty smoothly for these last few minutes.. but then... THEN!!

Just to screw with us manga readers and our feels, the anime ends with Aquarius being summoned ( ;__;)

Because screw feels! Who needs them anyways! :<

TMITA - Ep183

I think I should make a general comment that I should have made a while ago, but I was VERY happy this month to see that the animation seems to have levelled out at a rather nice standard. I mean, yes, there were still awkward moments, but NOTHING compared to the crap that was episode 177. In general, everything is looking pretty impressive, so a round of applause to the anime team for getting their act together. Please keep up the great work ^__^

Anyways, on with the show and we hit episode 183. Aquarius has just been summoned and we are rearing to go~

But wait... what's this? It seems we're flipping to Mirajane instead .-.

I'm sorry, but I was so freakin' over Mirajane's lines. I mean, all she did was just say "Oh! This paper does this!" and "Oh my! That paper does that". Like... I CAN SEE THAT MIRAJANE! SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING!

But FUCK THAT! Why do something productive, like, I dunno, FIGHTING BACK when you can stand there being useless?

To avoid more Mirajane uselessness, we cut to Natsu v Kama and Lily v Neppa... both of which just bored me with the whole lotta nothing that was going on .-.

Omg... Aquarius... Finally...

But wait again! With more filler, Lucy and the mermaid stand around discussing her relationship issues(?) with Scorpio.

Uhhhh? I know I should care, but because I know this is filler, I... Uhhh... I really don't ( -__-)~

And then there's this boiling water... I mean WHAT? I literally sat there for the longest time going "can't Aquarius just use that water? I mean, so what... it's hot? Does this make a difference?"

In the end it doesn't of course, but that doesn't come for a bit because we cut between the other fights and then even to the Domus Flau for some really rather odd filler with all of the minor FT peeps.

Can I just point out how ridiculous Elfman looked for this entire part of the episode??
Attack on Elfman?

OMG! FINALLY! FINALLY MIRA IS DOING SOMETHING! She gets into Satan Soul and we're ready to roll and kick some a-

Omg .-. No. Apparently NOT because Mira has to get stuck in some GOD DAMN filler spell that has her remember Lisanna's stupid "death".

Well, you all know how much I hate Lisanna and how her death was handled, so I think I should just skip over this for my sanity and yours. Sufficed to say I was not impressed.

So we cut though the other fights and then some epic music plays just as I'm about to give up on this and I'm back in and FT kicks some ass and makes a comeback onto all of the Garou Knights, flinging them through walls and conveniently reuniting everyone once more.

Hahaha. Just before I continue can I point out how ridiculous Natsu's little run at 21:42 was? XD Hahahahah! If you're looking for a laugh, check it out once more. Just so awkward XP

So, our team is back together and heading off for more shenanigans and from the looks of the preview we will be getting some threesomes and fangirl battles next episode :) Some of the panels there were looking a little iffy, so please anime, don't screw this part up!!

OH AND GIVE US SOME JELLALEZRA FILLER WHILST YOU'RE AT IT! ;D This is the perfect time for plenty of JellalErza filler :3

Pretty please?

Well, that's it from me ladies and gents.

A month of heaps of filler, and from the looks of the magazine previews we will be getting even more in this next month with Ultear o__O Not really sure how that's going to work unless they're doing some intense foreshadowing, but, we shall see I guess~

I'd just like to see some CrimeS. I've really been missing them in the manga as of late T^T

Until next month my lovelies :)

Carrot out~

Mega This Month in the Manga
Omega natsu2 | Writer

TMITM Header - April14
This Month in the Manga

March 2014

TMITM Ch 383

II- Chapter 383: Wave Rider Lucy

This week's cover features all of our adorable Exceeds and Natsu dressed as the Great Demon-Lord Dragneel. Lector looks so kawaii~ The chapter begins with Lucy being hit with realization. She notices that she is inside a moving fortress and all of her comrades have been paralyzed. When Alegria releases a howl, Lucy can do nothing but listen to Mard as he announces that whoever kills Lucy will receive a promotion. Say what! Yup, you read that right. If you kill Lucy, the one everyone calls week, the Demon King himself will grant them a niceto title.

But Lucy isn't going to sit around. Nope, a mass of water comes into the room where she is and sweeps her along with the current. Lucy then grabs a wooden board and begins Surf, ladies and gents! But not just regular surfing. She summons spirits and whatnot to fight off not 1, but 3 Demons! How old is Mega? Eventually, however, she is overwhelmed by Jackal and his explosions. But that doesn't stop Lucy. Nope, she goes on to grab the key of her strongest spirit: Aquarius, and summons da kraken.

My thoughts on this chapter? Welps, I love it! Lucy was purely epic. I was sooo happy that she summonded Aqua with her power, not some random bullshit like "I'm using my own power." I am also glad that she is able to keep at it despite summoning three freaking spirits!!!

How do you rate Chapter 383?

The poll was created at 22:18 on May 31, 2014, and so far 82 people voted.
TMITM Ch 384

III- Chapter 384: Attack of the Celestials

We get an awesome color page this week! Freaking Aqua holding Lucy~ But that's not all. We also get an awesome color cover... with Natsu taking up almost the whole thing. >__>

The chapter quickly gets back into action. Aqua actually uses her water and does not attack Lucy while doing so. But while everything looks epic, the-demon-whose-name-i-can't-remember comes in to fuck everything up. Apparently he can swim through water (Juvia's future fight, anyone?) and is able to attack Aqua. From the sidelines, we see Loke and Aries getting killed by just one move. When were Carry and Rai born? >__> This is why Aquarius rocks. She got slashed and is bleeding. But Loke and Virgo get hit and are already going back to the CSW. >__>

Jackal and the other two move in to kill Lucy, but Jackal only wants to play with her. The demon-whose-name-i-can't-remember leaves~ And Lamy gets face-boomed by Jackal, lol. ( .___.) And just then, Aqua returns. She notes that Lucy is able to summon three spirits. And tells her that she is able to summon the king of spirits! But Lucy does not have his key. Aqua tells her that in order to summon the dude she needs to destroy a golden key. Lucy refuses to do so, but Aqua volunteers her key. And after some emotional talk, Lucy does the unthinkable! She summons the king and loses Aqua's key. ;(

The king comes out of the nowhere and cuts Alegria in half. Meanwhile, Lucy is, like the rest of us, crying. ;~;

How do you rate Chapter 384?

The poll was created at 22:18 on May 31, 2014, and so far 89 people voted.
TMITM Ch 385

III- Chapter 385: The Celestial King vs. the Underworld King

This week we get a kawaii cover featuring Natsu and Wendy, as well as the other two Exceed.

The chapter is quick to get into the action! Man, it was so freaking fast, I thought I skipped a few pages. >__> But anyway, Mard and the king fight. Meanwhile Lucy is still facing Jackal. As Jackal moves in to Where is Loke's guild mark? attack, Lucy is protected by a water barrier. Who thought that was Juvia? Just me? Okay... Anyway, the king tells Lucy that he has granted her Aqua's power~ Kick-ass Lucy uses it to cast Urano Metria! Killing Jackal, I presume.

I thought this chapter was great! But I was upset over two things. One, it felt like it ended in 5 seconds. Two, I was hoping Lucy would use Aqua's power a bit more. I mean, you can control water for fuck's sake! Throw some tsunami around or something. I was a bit disappointed to see Urano Metria. I did not see it coming, but I hoped Lucy would use that move on rare occasions. Like, I love seeing it, but I hate to see it become something overused.

How do you rate Chapter 385?

The poll was created at 22:18 on May 31, 2014, and so far 75 people voted.

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Welcome to the latest issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, probably in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Grand Magic Games arc.

Welcome back to The Earth Land Chronicles, people!

Hey people, hope you've had a good month. It's been hectic for me with the excessive travel between work and home but you guys know I try not to leave you hanging unless it's off a cliff. Lol, never mind, I wouldn't do that either. Probably.

Future Lucy

Future Lucy.

Anyways, when we last left off, the Garou Knights were beaten by Natsu and co. and forced to give them the location of Abyss Palace's exit. After walking for a while, the group comes across a door which Magically opens and reveals the hooded figure who's been stalking them for the last 30 chapters or so and who should it be but Lucy. Well, not really Lucy, but rather, the Lucy of the future. Anyways, Mashima knows that he needs to create suspense here, so what he does is have her collapse despite having appeared perfectly fine before. Oh well. Back to the Grand Magic Games.

Minerva arrives

"Check it out girls. No undies."

So, in the games, Juvia is found by Chelia, just as Mavis predicted. Since she sees Juvia as Lyon's beloved and thus her rival, Chelia attacks her while the other Fairy Tail members doubt Juvia's ability to win if Chelia can heal herself. Elsewhere, Erza expects to fight Minerva but winds up fighting Kagura instead, with her failed prediction causing Mavis to cry when suddenly Minerva shows up and joins the battle between the three strongest women in the tournament. The battle is a hell of a see-saw with none of the girls gaining a clear advantage over the others. Even Minerva's Yagdo Rigora can't bring down Kagura and Erza so she resorts to dirty tactics. Having previously captured Millianna, Minerva brings her forth and an angry Kagura charges her but Minerva uses her Magic to switch places with Erza, almost causing the two to attack each other. Of course, that's her plan, so she leaves and tells the girls to fight amongst themselves.

Can I just ask what the heck it is with Minerva and taking hold of cats? First Lector now Millianna. Jeez I'm glad she's only in Fairy Tail or I'd knock her ass down if she were to even so much as contemplate harming Neko. Grr...

Simultaneously, Darton confronts Hisui and reveals he knows she sent Fairy Tail down to the abyss to retrieve Arcadios. She replies that someone from the future told her one team will win the games in an unexpected result and if that happens, she's gonna open the Eclipse Gate cause someone told her to. Why? Well, we'll get back to that.

Slicing Through Adamantine Armor

Even the Adamantine Armor isn't any help.

Back at the games, Laxus comes across Orga who introduces himself as the Lightning God Slayer so we can finally confirm what we suspected like 30 chapters ago. Elsewhere, Erza and Kagura are fighting but despite Erza's best attempts, Kagura overwhelms her at every turn, with even her best armors cracking from Kagura's attacks and unable to help her actually beat her opponent. Bringing the talk back to Jellal, cause y'know he's gonna be involved in most of Erza's business, Kagura reveals that he killed her brother Simon. Simple and it works but Idk, I guess we were hoping for a little something...spicier. Anyways, Erza takes the blame for his death and Kagura goes nuts, unsheathing her sword and destroying a couple city blocks as a result. However, Erza blocks her move and after a quick nakama speech, knocks her down after Requipping to her boob-binding non-armor armor.

Minerva Stabbing Kagura

Minerva Stabbing Kagura.

It's soon after we find out in a brand new, ass-pull backstory that Erza and Kagura lived in the same village but Erza saved Kagura from being kidnapped and was kidnapped herself in turn like Simon was. Hearing all this, Kagura breaks down but all is not well as Kagura returns and stabs Kagura, taking the points for herself and now set to face a heavily-injured Erza.

Elsewhere, Laxus continues fighting Orga, till Jura shows up and asks to join. Juvia's fight with Chelia is interrupted by the arrival of Gray and Lyon. Gajeel's been fighting Rogue and pretty much been kicking his ass.

Iron Shadow Dragon Gajeel

"Come at me, boy."

As far as these fights go, Gajeel soon winds up on the ropes as a weird shadow possesses Rogue, giving him a ridiculous amount of strength that helps him turn the tables on Gajeel and damn near kill him (prompting a GaLe-esque scene) until Gajeel takes a page from Natsu's book and eats his shadows, entering Iron Shadow Dragon Mode and taking back the lead. With a powerful explosion, Gajeel takes out Rogue, forcing the shadow to run like a little bitch. Gotta admit, this was one of the better fights, but I am amused at how I liked Gajeel's dual element mode more than Natsu's, probably cause Gajeel usually wins without that kind of stuff.

Meanwhile, Future Lucy wakes up and reveals her story the group, as Hisui reveals to Darton, that 10,000 Dragons will attack Fiore.



Back with Orga and Laxus' interrupted fight, Orga is taken out instantly by Jura but just when it seems like Laxus was as well, he makes his comeback and starts trading evenly with Jura. Oh, and Laxus borrows Natsu's line to continue. Alright, really, what's up with everyone taking a cue from Natsu when the dude's not even there? Is he that influential? Hell, these are two people who pretty much look down on him. Gah, nothing I can do though, sadly. But soon after, Laxus lands a powerful blow on Jura, ending the battle by knocking him out and winning five points for his team.

Over at Gray and Juvia's fight, it's pretty much going in Lyon and Chelia's favor for several chapters and all Gray can say is "Their teamwork is weak. We can beat them" for about half the fight even though all scenes up to that point are of the Lamia Scale Mages countering everything Gray and Juvia try. But since Gray and Juvia are from Fairy Tail, they naturally will win pretty much everything cause that's how Hiro Mashima writes his story. Soon after, Gray and Juvia work together and Chelia's in too much of a daze to do anything about it and this allows her and Lyon to be taken out simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Future Lucy is assured by Natsu and co. that they will protect the future. However, while they make their escape from the castle, they find that Arcadios and Yukino are missing, so Mirajane leaves to find the latter just as a battle begins. The battle is solely fought against fodder but soon, the Garou Knights make their return and put more pressure on the Fairy Tail gang.

Nakagami Seisai

Erza OP.

Back at the games, Erza is having a tough time against Minerva due to her injuries from her fight with Kagura, but Minerva doesn't care. Kagura and the recently-brought Millianna can only watch as Erza gets tossed around like a Ragdo-doll (pun intended) without a chance to fight back. That is, until, she activates her Nakagami Armor, one which is said to break the laws of Magic and hasn't been worn before cause it takes up too much Magic Power despite the Mages we've seen in the series who trounce Erza in terms of strength. But, sadly for Minerva, Erza can wear it and uses it to crush Minerva swiftly, taking her out of the battle soon after. With that, only one enemy remains for Fairy Tail to crush: Sting.

Sting&#039;s Realization

"I'm...too much of a wuss.

However, that soon comes to a grinding halt as Sting is confronted by the 5 Fairy Tail Mages and despite each of them being battered and beaten, he does not fight. What does he do? He surrenders. Yes, he decides that he doesn't want to win, even though it was the only way Minerva would release Lector, and gives up. This gives Fairy Tail more points and actually propels them to the title of "victors". Yes, with this, Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. But good news for Sting, Lector ended up escaping Minerva's Magic and is brought to him by Millianna, reuniting the two friends. How corny. With Fairy Tail's victory, Hisui goes to ready Eclipse.

Future Lucy Saving Present Lucy

Future Lucy Saving Present Lucy.

Back at the palace, the Garou Knights and Fiore armymen are engulfed in shadows which we soon learn belong to the one who warned Hisui about the Dragons: Rogue of the future. He states that the Dragons took over cause Lucy closed the gate and didn't allow the future to fight back and tells them that if she lives, the future dies and tries to kill her. However, his attack instead hits Future Lucy, who jumped in the way. As she dies, she states that she never did any such thing like close the gate and everyone cries at the first death in Fairy Tail in ages. With that, Natsu takes the battle to Future Rogue while the others escape...

But surprisingly, even Natsu has no chance against Future Rogue, even with Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and Future Rogue has a move of his own: White Shadow Dragon Mode which he got by killing the Sting of the future. With this, Rogue mows down Natsu until the battle is interrupted by Ultear and Meredy, who drive him away even though he should be more than capable of wrecking both of them simultaneously.

Wendy Stopping Lucy&#039;s Fall

"We've gotta stop this!

Outside, the group escapes and finds Hisui and Arcadios, who left to confront her, together and readying Eclipse. While the Mages in town are told of the scenario by the King, who was Mato all along, Lucy learns from Crux that Eclipse truly is dangerous and is proven right as we learn Future Rogue wanted the Dragons to attack, and they were coming via Eclipse and its time portal. As the Dragons walk through, Lucy attempts to close it but even with support, is unable to do so. Is this the end?

Well, things have certainly taken a drastic turn haven't they? The Dragons are coming, Future Rogue was lying, Future Lucy is dead, and Natsu got his ass kicked. Sounds great so far, right? Anyways, that's the end of this edition of ELC! Join us next month as we continue to look at Fairy Tail's largest arc (to date).

Till then!
Best Magic of this part of the Arc
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TheCarrotSaysYumYum Fairy Fiction
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Fairy Fiction

May 2014

Carrot, what the hell is this?

Hey everyone!

This is the second addition of Fairy Fiction in which I bring you something a little different. SERIOUSLY, EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS! IT IS JUST AMAZING!

Aside from the project I bring you this month, it is currently Jerza Week from May 26th - June 2nd! :D :D As such, there are a lot of JellalErza fanfics, art, gifs and cool stuff up on the Jerza Week tumblr here * ^ *

Okay~ With this bit of info out of the way, let's get on with the show :D

As always, if you are an avid fanfic reader and know of a great fic you'd like everyone to see, message me or talk to me in chat and I'll check it out and probably add it to my article :3

Kyuuuuuu!! <3

Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants,

by Astrayeah

OCs - Action - Romance - Drama - Unknown Rating - Awesomeness

"Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants is a brand new manga story starring the offspring of the popular pairings within the FT guild along with some new characters."

At the start of the year, one of my favourite Fairy Tail fanartists, the Miraxus fangirl Astrayeah, posted an image on her tumblr of an original Fairy Tail character she had drawn... because she was bored...

FT-RotD Levina Dreyar

The character was called Levina Dreyar, Atrayeah's personal fanart for what she believed Laxus and Mirajane's daughter would look like if she ever existed.

Sufficed to say this idea of the Fairy Tail character's offspring was incredibly popular, and, after much enthusiasm, Astra began going further, soon releasing entire family trees for the offspring of all the major ships in the Fairy Tail Guild. Again, these were popular, and, after becoming excited and writing up character profiles, Magic types, talking about the future Fiore and the FT Guild and coming up with little headcanon stories about her characters, Astra announced a couple of months ago that she would be drawing her own Dōjinshi titled Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants.

No... you haven't read incorrectly. Someone is actually publishing their own manga based around the future characters of Fairy Tail.

FT-RotD Preview Cover

The plot of the story remains quite the mystery because Astra (not wanting people to know everything before she even began releasing the chapters) rewrote almost all of the previous content she had released earlier when FT:RotD was just an idea. However, the story does include the children of many of our favourite FT pairs, as well as new characters, locations and bad guys. Specifically, the two main characters will be Levina Dreyar (whose character profile you can read here) and Zael Fernandes - Jellal and Erza's son.

The first chapter -Onward, Towards Tomorrow- has a tentative release date of late June (*update: this might be changed actually. Just this morning Astra posted that her tablet up and died on her and she has to order a new one, so we shall see), and Astra has planned to release about a chapter a month. However, as she is doing this project for no profit whatsoever, the chapter releases will of course have to be shaped around her day to day life - she isn't Superman Mashima who only gets like 6 hours of sleep per night. This aside, I for one am INCREDIBLY excited to read her work, as even just her notes and short stories were fantastic, and her art, as you can see, cannot be scoffed at in any sense.

Are you all interested? :) Have you all run off to look at her art on tumblr and shower her in praise and encouragement? :) Is everybody gone? :)

For those really intrigued now, here is a page preview Astra released a little while ago. The two characters are Zael and Adelis Carnatia, an OC who will have a (quite major apparently) role in the story:

FT-RotD Preview Page

Well, this ends the second very special edition of Fairy Fiction. I am so so so so so very excited for this project - seriously, the end of June cannot come fast enough * ^ * I also hoped you enjoyed it~

I rate "Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants" a N/A out of 10 hahahaha, because I like to actually finish reading fanfics (or manga in this case) before I rate them :P

You can read Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants and see updates, character profiles and extras on the Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants blog, here


Drop me a vote ;D

Are you excited to read Fairy Tail: Rise of the Descendants?

The poll was created at 22:20 on May 31, 2014, and so far 38 people voted.
Last month images and more differing fics were the two options most voted for on the improvement poll. I'll try and get images into this article, but, as for the differing fics, what do you want to see more of??

The poll was created at 22:20 on May 31, 2014, and so far 23 people voted.

Carrot out... Bitches...

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
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Featured User

Rai: Soooooooo... since I'm not into the whole working hard thing... I make my children do it ( ಠ⌣ಠ) I'm such an amazing father! :D

MDM: *Pushes ManjuPa down the stairs* CHILD BRUTALITY!

Rai: *at the bottom of the stairs fatally wounded* You'll learn to appreciate me one day!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

MDM: O RLY? ( ಠ_ಠ) .. well, here you have it guys, this month’s featuring flash for your entertainment .. .. or that’s what I have in mind while making them ( ,_,)

Click Here Mah Lovely Biotches!

MDM: *strangling ManjuPa slowly to death* Hope you enjoyed the flash, see ya next Month ..

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Gate of the Horoscope
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Just pretend she's Leli...

Gate Logo
We're almost half way through 2014!
Read below for our mystic's secret tips for improving the second half of your year~

Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)
My third eye tells me you are holding back too much in your life. Be it in love, work or school, you need to step up and pursue that slightly over-the-top dream you have been contemplating for so long.

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem
Saturn is in the shadow of Jupiter and is blue... and you are therefore... uhh... blue too .-. Yeah... Stop being blue...

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)
You're perfect. Never change :)

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem
You don't appreciate Jellal enough, and this is why the first half of your year was shit. Join the eternal fandom for the blue-haired heavenly-bodied Mage of badassery and your year will greatly improve <3

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)
What is a word made up of four letters, yet is also made up of three. Although is written with eight letters, and then with four. Rarely consists of six, and never is written with five.

Have you figured it out yet??

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem
You need more Florence and the Machine in your life... Mars says so~

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)
Despite being the scales, your life is out of balance. Find that thing you have been obviously rejecting and bring things back to equality.

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem
Uranus... That is all...

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)
Something tells me that you haven't watched Hataraku Maou-sama yet!! WHY HAVEN'T YOU WATCHED IT YET!? Blah blah, you will have a better year etc etc JUSTWATCHHATARAKUNOWDAMNIT!!

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem
Who knew you were so vain? Stop taking pictures of yourself and every detail in your life and trying to share them with everyone. In the words of Ms. Bennett: "Find some useful employment!"

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)
*starts sobbing*

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem
If you keep pronouncing your name as "piss-kess", people will continue to laugh at you. The world is cruel, but you must change to meet it. Revenge can come later >:)

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • How has your opinion of Tartarus changed from when they were first introduced to now?
  • What do you think of Lucy right now?
  • Fairy Tail's 8th anniversary is coming up. Do you have any plans?
  • Who's your favorite superhero?
  • Reli is on vacation in Peru. What is he up to?
Relikz Relikz | Writer
How has your opinion of Tartarus changed from when they were first introduced to now?
A: it's very complicated. While many of them have ended up being underwhelming in their final moments, I think that they have still been able to put up a great fight. I saw this tumblr post about how almost every important character has cried or has been badly affected this arc. Thank god for tumblr.
What do you think of Lucy right now?
A: she is a goddess and I want to marry her. So the same as always.
Fairy Tail's 8th anniversary is coming up. Do you have any plans?
A: keep the party going
Who's your favorite superhero?
A: nightcrawler bitches!!!!
Reli is on vacation in Peru. What is he up to?
A: he is making babies :3
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
How has your opinion of Tartarus changed from when they were first introduced to now?
A: Tar-tar-rus??
Carry: Y'know... the Dark Guild terrorising Fiore at the moment?
A: Waaaah! ( ;__;) Dark Guild!?
Rogue: Omg! No Frosch... No! There're no Dark Guilds around right now! *pats*
What do you think of Lucy right now?
A: Lucy is pretty :3
Carry: Not what I was going for, but good enough...
Fairy Tail's 8th anniversary is coming up. Do you have any plans?
A: We're having a party :D
Carry: Sounds like fun :)
A: Fro thinks so too~
Who's your favorite superhero?
A: Fro likes Frog-Man! * ^ *
Reli is on vacation in Peru. What is he up to?
A: *chases a butterfly*
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
How has your opinion of Tartarus changed from when they were first introduced to now?
A: Said Dark Guild has not visibly lived up to their name as Demons of Zeref. We must wait and see whether or not that shall change.
What do you think of Lucy right now?
A: Lucy? I think she's a wonderful person.
Fairy Tail's 8th anniversary is coming up. Do you have any plans?
A: I do have a friend running a successful casino and I plan to spend my time there, happily gambling.
Who's your favorite superhero?
A: I believe it would be Poison Ivy.
Ultra: She's not a superhero! What the hell!?
Umnei: Jeez Ultra, calm down.
Kuro: No, no, let him let it out or it'll wind up on you.
Reli is on vacation in Peru. What is he up to?
A: I believe a better question is: What is he not doing? Certainly the answer would be "behaving responsibly".
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Sasuke Uchiha
How has your opinion of - Wait, I know you. You're Sasuke Uchiha, right?
Sasuke: Who wants to know?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Me. I've been wanting to meet you for ages ^___^ ... to tell you that you are the most arrogant, whiny, self-centered, egotistic, narcissistic son of a bitch that has ever walked the face of the planet!
Sasuke: Excuse me?!
IamJakuhoRaikoben: You are literally the worst part about the Naruto series. And believe me, considering how bad Naruto's been for the past couple dozen chapters or so, that's saying something. So your entire family was slaughtered? BOO THE FUCK HOO! There are people who have been through worst and didn't act half as douchey as you do on a day to day basis. I mean, do you wake up thinking of ways to be an asshole?! If I have to see one more chapter, and I mean ONE more chapter with you in it, I'm going to fly to Japan and shoot Kishimoto in the fucking head!

TheCarrotSaysYumYum : Nothing to see here folks. Move along. >_>

TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
How has your opinion of Tartarus changed from when they were first introduced to now?
A: I think we Spirits are going to kick ass because they are so much weaker than we first thought - ebi!
Carry: And by "we" you mean all of the other strong Spirts who are actually useful?
A: E-Ebi... ^__^"
What do you think of Lucy right now?
A: Lucy is so stylish right now~ She has a nice cut (ebi) and I'm really grateful that she didn't break my key instead of Aquarius'. That would have been... a lot more logical - ebi!
Fairy Tail's 8th anniversary is coming up. Do you have any plans?
A: Party in the Spirit World baby~ Wanna join? Everyone is welcome. Five years will pass before you get back, but it's totally worth it :)
Who's your favorite superhero?
A: Superman - ebi! That skin-tight red and blue suit is just so stylish, and his hair always looks great no matter what he's doing.
Reli is on vacation in Peru. What is he up to?
A: G-Getting a hair cut... ... ... e-ebi?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Tenrou Tree
How has your opinion of Tartarus changed from when they were first introduced to now?
A: ......
What do you think of Lucy right now?
A: .....
Fairy Tail's 8th anniversary is coming up. Do you have any plans?
A: .....
Who's your favorite superhero?
A: ....
Reli is on vacation in Peru. What is he up to?

A: ....

IamJakuhoRaikoben You know, I'm starting to think that interviewing a tree wasn't the brightest idea I've had all day. >_>
Tenrou Tree: You can say that again.
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Da fuq?! O_O

Ultraprime2 Avatar Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
Ultraprime2 | Intern
IamJakuhoRaikoben Did not do it.
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

TheCarrotSaysYumYum The Last Pollbender
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer

Issue 29: May 2014

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

Once more Leli is out for the count, so Carrot-chan is taking over this article. Aaaaaaaand, exactly like last month I had no idea what to poll, so this is all random junk off the top of my head. Enjoy~

Random Opinions \( ^__^)/
POWA! Animeh
If you could be in a position of power here on the FT Wiki, what would you want to be and why?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 81 people voted.
Which anime from the currently airing season is your favourite so far?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 102 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
Who is/are your favourite antagonist/s so far in the manga?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 129 people voted.
What is your opinion on the massive amount of filler content we have been getting and will apparently continue to get in the anime?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 106 people voted.
Manga Shiz
Tartarus arc Part 4 Harems
We now know that Tartarus arc Part 4 is titled "Father and Son". What do you think this refers to?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 123 people voted.
It would seem Erza has quite the harem of both males and females building. Who do you ship with Erza?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 125 people voted.
What do you want?
Fairy Tail Zero The Tartarus arc
What are you hoping to see in Fairy Tail Zero?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 108 people voted.
What are you hoping to see from the remainder of the Tartarus arc?

The poll was created at 22:24 on May 31, 2014, and so far 112 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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