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Cover twenty two

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Cover twenty two

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


I am back with Sorcerer Magiazine's least favourite article~! *claps for herself* Hem, it is of course the Technical Updates page~!! ^__^ *claps for herself again*

And for once... for once... despite it being the easiest freakin' puzzle in the world, somebody actually solved Tech Updates September :D That person was of course Wrath~ He was correct in his answer that Toshi is the most entertaining user to listen to. Well done to him; he'll be getting his prize soon enough ( ^__^)~

He got his answer by taking the 14 letters I had highlighted in the tech updates and rearranging them from ahnsolgfiitrro to toshirofangirl :)

But, there is another chance this month for you to win a prize too :3 All you have to do is solve this months puzzle. All the best, and your prompt is:

"I'm a turret plow."


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IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMAO (13)
Happy Anime S2

Happy SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is the world's cutest neko himself, Happy! Happy is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that uses Aera as his main form of combat. Despite only being six years old, this Exceed has been described as "smoking hot" by all of his bestiality-practicing, child-molesting fans.

Quote SMA (Oct2013)

(Happy) to (Natsu Dragneel)
"Aye, sir!"

Who should be November's Sexiest Mage Alive?

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Mega This Month in the Manga
Omega natsu2 | Writer

TMITM Header - October13
This Month in the Manga

October 2013

TMITMSep13 - Ch 354

I- Chapter 354: Ephialtes

I'll like to start off by confessing that every time I look at this title or even think about this title, I immediately think of the words "iffy" and "artist." Is it just me? Well anyway, Ephialtes—ridiculously enormous boobs and large hips—Kyouka's introduction.

Toby lovers, we are reminded of just how absentminded your favorite character is. He clearly states that he is not a dog, but if that's so; then what are you? The non-dog man is 25 years of age and likes Sashimi whilst at the same time disliking...his socks. If you dislike your socks, why spend months searching for it? Makes no sense, if you ask me.

Flare returns home

“Welcome ho-”

Natsu appears with a large grin on his face while on top of a giant, with Lucy and Erza noting how friendly the giants are. I'm glad we didn't have the giants going after Fairy Tail, that's all I will say. The giants quickly understand that their saviors are none other than the humans, causing them laughter. Erza, who was not with the gang when they were told by Atlas of the Devil Slayer (Demon Slayer, too...), questions the giants. However, they simply inform her that they have no recollection other than being frozen when they tried to fight back. Before Erza can continue to question any longer, Gray explains to her that before Doriate got eaten, he told him that the "Gates of Hell" are open and about Tartarus, scaring Lucy. This reminded me of the time our guild went after the Oración Seis, Lucy acting all chicken. Gotta love it!

Flare's joy

“Yes! Take me back!!”

Lucy then... remembers Flare is with them and questions her whereabouts, noticing she is hiding behind a tree shortly afterwards. She questions Flare, and the giants overhear Lucy say her name. Lucy pulls her from behind the tree whilst getting a mean glare from one of the Titans (see what I did there??), but the giants aren't mad! There's no way they can be angry at their precious little girl with gigantic boobs that defy gravity, right? They welcome her home and party all night long. Lucy begins to narrate the story, which always makes me excited for what's to come, and Hiro does his shit: changing from one topic to the next perfectly.

We arrive to Succubus Eye's HQ and see Minerva wide-eyed, questioning what happened to her guild as everything is out of place. She steps in and finds a small paper doll that is in fact a human! Pretty creepy, if you ask me. When suddenly, from behind the bitch, a woman with a similar appearance to the horseshoe crab and spotting Bluenote's ponytail (or Éclair's), appears. I dunno about you guys, but I LOVE her ears. They're just...soooo kawaii! She looks a bit like Mira if you ask me. The legs creep the fuck out of me though. Moving on, it turns out that the woman with the absurd hips is a member of Tartarus, and the Nine Demon Gates. She looks at Minerva and creeps the bitch out when she tells her that she will make her, her little bitch. We get a thrilling end as Minerva begs her to stop instead of using her Magic to escape...

What did I think about this chapter? For the most part, it was a nice ending to the arc, and a nice way to introduce a character. The only thing I did dislike however, like mentioned above, was Minerva possibly not using her Magic to escape. I mean, seriously bitch? You have OP Magic and still don't know how to use it? She could have easily teleported herself elsewhere; there were many chairs and trees nearby. Or better yet, teleport Kyouka to a flaming volcano.

How do you rate Chapter 354?

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TMITMSep13 - Ch 355

II- Chapter 355: Song of the Fairies

Yuka lovers, stop your begging as this week your favorite gets his face on the cover. The 25 year-old Wave Magic user unsurprisingly enough loves his ridiculously long eyebrows, those which he uses to balance matchsticks. Albeit, he dislikes salty things. Now, then, enough with the eyebrows and on to the boobs.

We are back at Walrod's (Yes! Took me the entire arc to learn to spell his name without checking the wiki) and the team updates him on the happenings. Wendy, however, tells him a bit more as the young girl reveals that Tartarus is behind all of this! But the old joker doesn't give two shits. Leave it to the council, he says. Sequentially, the Nekos ask for their reward...and get a <British Accent>potato</British Accent>, from a neighboring town. The guys aren't too happy about this and order the clown to give them their real prize.

BOOM! We move to Lucy and the girls showing off the perfect figure every girl wants to have. Erza...all naked, begins to sniff the place out and notes just how relaxing the hot spring is. As they bathe, Lucy ponders what Natsu and Gray are up to. Not to worry, Lucy, as they are closer than what you think. Yes, our boys are right in the same hot spring our naked ladies are in. After a moment of silence, Lucy decides that the best thing to do is throw a bucket at Natsu's head whilst the pink head reminds her that they were here first. The intrusion doesn't stop there...Oh no! We get to see Walrod's wrinkled ripping body as the vegetable tells the girls that it's a unisex hot spring. Erza doesn't seem to give a shit as the naked woman moves to where the boys are and starts scrubbing Natsu's back like the old times.

In the blink of an eye, Walrod reveals that he was a Mage of Fairy Tail, shocking everyone present. After joking a bit about it, he reveals to the Fairy Tail Mages that he is one of the founding fathers of Fairy Tail. Soon enough, he tells them of a song Mavis created for the fairies. A beautiful song. After that we quickly go back to Tartarus as Walrod speculates that they might have Zeref's books! interesting, no? And Hiro ends it by having Natsu "beat" Erza until her ass know. Anyway, Erza nearly kills Natsu, I would think.

What did I think??

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TMITMSep13 - Ch 356

III – Chapter 356: Tartarus arc - Prologue

To start off the booming 33 page-chapter, Hiro gives us a small color page featuring the Devil Slayer Zero and the Tartarus Guild! Hiro takes a break this week from the info cards as we get an amazing cover with Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers, our two sexy girls, the stripper Gray, and our cute Nekos...minus Lily. Where the fuck is Lily??!!

The chapter begins with the always absent Magic Council still bickering about Fairy Tail's victory over at the Grand Magic Games and their forte at standing out. All members present, plus Doranbolt and Lahar, Gran Doma begins the "Tartarus" discussion, informing the guys present that all Guilds associated to it have been eliminated. The old geezers begin to blame Fairy, really? The Guild that has been frozen for 7 years, right... Anyway, Org defends Fairy Tail and surprisingly enough Gran agrees. After getting his serious face on, he claims that the time to take Tartarus down has come, as they have ignored them for too, too long. However, before they can continue, they see a frog guard enter the place and warn them, Before he can end his claim, there is a huge explosion.

What better way to start a new arc than with a big bang, right? Well, Hiro certainly took it way too literally as the whole council blows sky high. Everyone inside is crushed by rocks, except for Doranbolt, who holds his now dead wife in his hands. He looks around and notices that everyone is... DEAD O_O okay. Stop for a minute. People die in Fairy Tail?

As shocking at it may sound, yes, people died. However, we see Org is still alive, but not for long as a black claw comes down on him and blows him up as the old man tells Dora to run and create his own justice. Before the hawt (blame Carry) Neko blows him up however, he reveals that he is a Demon Gate from Tartarus who is to kill everyone currently located in the Magic Council. And he gives a quote at the end that sincerely made my day lots better, as if the chapter alone did not make it epicsome.

FT Researches E.N.D

Lily: Why wasn't I on this chapter cover?
Natsu: Levy, what are you reading...?
Happy: I think it's...
Levy: Yaoi. It's healthy for you.
Gajeel: does that even...
Lucy: Shhh. It's getting to the good part!
Wendy: What's an orgasm?
Carla: You're too young to know.

Back at our favorite guild, we have Fairy Tail talking about the recent events. We see the girls talking about Sting, who is now the master of Sabertooth! We are also reminded of just how much of a creep Juvia is, making cookies with Gray's face and some with her's...Gray eats himself whilst Elfman eats Juvia in a very sexual manner. We then move to Levi and the gang as she reads a book that has info on Zeref and his books. When suddenly, Jet and fatso enter the guild rushing with bad news. We see everyone react some kinda way, and Lucy getting a whole panel to stare in fear! I smell foreshadowing~! Back to Dora, we see him walking to Cobra's cell, who reveals that the Oración Seis is still okay. A pretty interesting conversation starts off with Dora asking Cobra, while holding a knife to his neck, about Tartarus. The snake solely reveals that all Tartarus Mages are Demons, and their strongest are the Nine Demon Gates. E.N.D., the one Igneel was not able to stop, is their master. All Dora can do it stare with wide eyes and we get a great ending to an amazing start.

What did Mega think? Well, AMAZING! All I will say. Amazing. Although, I have to agree with Hungry when he said that the Magic Council's defenses are weak...way too weak. And I disliked how the council got killed so easily. We didn't even get to see their Magic!

How do you rate Chapter 356?

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TMITMSep13 - Ch 357

IV - Chapter 357: The Nine Demon Gates

We are back with the guild cards this week, and Sherry's dwindling list of fans get to know her a bit more. For those of you who did not know, the loving 24 year-old woman is proficient in Doll Playing Magic, and "likes" love. However, the dirrty bitch doesn't like water. Apparently during the Grand Magic Games she did not cheer for her own guild; rather, the one her hubby's in—Ooba spanks her.

To continue the big "bang" from last chapter, Hiro delivers the remaining names of 5 Demon gates in a few panels. We have a creep with a shell, Elfman's brother, Hungry's biggest disappointment (octopus), and Ms. My boobs are bigger than my body. Cute ears is there, along with sexy Silver who looks a LOT like Mega. Ahem. We get their alias' as well. As they worship their Demon, elsewhere, Freed, with a cute ponytail that makes him look like Erza, appears next Yajima who is reading the paper with the news of the council's bombing. He's not there alone, as the other two, Bickslow and Evergreen, are also there helping Yajima out! Our gay boys tell Evergreen to get out of that outfit as it does not...look good on her. I agree. However, the whore tries to act all sexy and gets on top of a table (knowing people eat there) and starts twerking. I'm joking, I'm joking!

They then ignore her and talk about Laxus. When suddenly, a strange man walks in and without saying a word demolishes the entire restaurant. That was just pure epicness. (Okay, random challenge time. This is a test to see if you guys were reading! Hahaha. Anyway, if you see this and are the first to leave an answer on my talk, I will make you mod for a day, or de-power any mod of your choosing for an hour, or block anyone of your pleasing for 30 minutes. Question is, who says these lines: "A Delightful empty set of words. But even that ends now." Just so we are on the same page, I used You have to give me the name of the person or thing that said this along with the chapter. Deadline is three days after the magazine is out. Enjoy!) The masked man solely continues to attack without saying a word! Which makes him look ever more epic. With wind wrapped around him, he attacks Bickslow and Freed at the same time, quickly moving them out of the way.

He then goes for the old man, but Ever tries to stop him. Albeit, her efforts are futile as he just blows her away, literally. Now confronting gramps, he reveals to be one of the Demon Gates (Tempesta), and his mission is to kill Yajima. Although, before he can strangle gramps to death, a lightning bolt strikes his arm and then his body. From behind, Laxus appears looking boss!

What did Mega thing about this chapter?? Well, I admit that it's hard to deliver two amazing chapters back-to-back, but Hiro accomplished it nonetheless! I believed this chapter was amazing. The one and only thing I did dislike however, was Laxus' repetitiveness. Always the same pose, quote, situation. Sigh...getting old. Other than that, nothing really stands out much. Maybe Yajima actually being weak? It was disappointing, but what can I say?

I hope you guy enjoyed this article and issue!

How do you rate Chapter 357?

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Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Intern


Welcome to the latest issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, probably in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Key of the Starry Sky arc.



Alright, now what I have your attention, with the X791 arc over we've now established ourselves in the new world which Fairy Tail is in. But as we expected, we have come into filler due to the length of the manga's following arc, the Grand Magic Games.

Lucy vanishing

Lucy vanishing.

So this arc, known as the Key of the Starry Sky arc for reasons that will later be revealed, begins in a simple manner with small stories of the gang after their return from Tenrou Island. Such stories include a train robbery by a gang of weirdos, Lucy turning invisible (and eventually blinking out of existence entirely) cause she used a 7-year old potion in her bath. Don't even ask me why since I wouldn't even use a 7-month old shampoo in my hair, let alone a 7-year old magic potion. I thought girls were always super-obsessive about appearance, and Lucy's hot so I figured she was as well. Then again, men don't know much about women, so I'm gonna digress.

Soon after, Michelle Lobster shows up claiming to be Lucy's cousin and holding her gift from her late father. After a little run in with some bandits and fighting them in her bikini, Lucy finds a secret to the gift from her dad. Soon, Natsu and Gajeel challenging Laxus, with Natsu losing almost immediately and Gajeel running scared to the hills like a bitch. But this is the set up we need to truly get started in this arc.

Take Over Siblings in Slime

Elvis' slime magic.

It begins with a blonde Elvis, a girl with hair issues and a puppy-girl (Earth Land counterparts of Sugarboy, Hughes and Coco) showing up at the guild wanting Lucy's thing she got from her dad. Elvis traps everyone in this creepy green slime while the chick and the puppy go after Lucy, kicking the ass of pretty much every Fairy Tail Mage along the way who tries to help her.

Byro vs. Gildarts

Battle of the badass.

Eventually, they find that since they want Lucy, it comes to the point that every girl and Elfman has to claim to be Lucy to let her get away. Before long, it's the Earth Land Counterpart of Byro, Byro Cracy who shows up on his pet octopus (how the hell does it survive on land?) to steal Lucy's w/e. It ain't too long before the man himself has to step up to fight this guy. Yeah, that's how it is, Gildarts himself joins the brawl. But elsewhere, the Mary Hughes chick has gotten her hands on Lucy's thing. Wow does that ever sound dirty >_>

Well with the memento of her dad gone, the only choice is to get it back from them, the people who took it, now revealed to be Legion Corps. The goal is now to find out more about everything, so the next stop is the library in Lucy's old home, where a blue cat and a weirdo who falls in love with Lucy (not that we blame him) and somehow beats Erza pretty easily. Really, wtf. Natsu is shrunk by this guy and the group eventually gets their hands on the book, showing there're 4 more pieces of a weird clock known as the Infinity Clock. Splitting up to find 'em, Gray and Juvia are joined by Lyon while Lucy and her group meet some archaeologists.

Virgo appears

Virgo appears.

While Juvia's group gets trapped in some creepy greens slime, Lucy and her gang are saved by Virgo before they encounter the puppy and Lucy's newest admirer, who shrinks her to the size of a doll (damn you could do some creepy things with this Magic) before changing her back and hitting Happy the stupid cat instead, making him grow. Cue a rockslide for Coco and Lucy to be separated, spend time together talking, before Lucy meets up with everyone again while Coco lays to recover.

Playing together

Gif courtesy of Ishthak

Still with me? Of course, Lucy's return to the place causes Happy to finally use that tiny brain of his to come up with a plan to use Lucy's sex appeal to stop Dan. Donning a wedding dress that's basically a bikini, Lucy's sex appeal works for the first time (cause most men are apparently gay) and all is well. For now. Gajeel's team is having trouble climbing a rock, Lisanna turned into a mermaid to find a clock piece and Erza has just been farted in the face by a member of the Jiggle Butt Gang.

Mira pins Mary

Well well well.....

Just after finding out Dan's first love looked like Lucy, Byro Cracy shows up and pretty much beats up on everyone for a while. Of course, the best part is with the takeover siblings, who find their clock piece but are found by Mary Hughes, who steals Mirajane's Satan Soul. What happens next is probably one of the best parts in the filler: Mirajane's Satan Soul Halphas is used and is followed up by Rai's excessive masturbation when she beats Mary Hughes.

Before long, Byro's challenged by all (almost) of Fairy Tail and Lyon as they all managed to get their clock pieces. Somehow, his Nullification Magic is able to negate all of their spells at once. Like, wow, wtf >_>.

Anyways, here is where it gets exciting. The Infinity Clock is taken by none other than the new villains (who are kinda the old villains): the Reborn Oración Seis. It now has Angel, Cobra, Racer, the "Grim Reaper"], Jackpot and is lead by Marilyn Manson's expy. Apparently, even Byro's Magic can't nullify this guy's attacks, which makes one wonder how freakin' strong he is. Dan also falls in love with Angel, showing that he's pretty prone to this crap.

The gang is attacked but (surprise, surprise) saved by Blue Pegasus. The next goal is to beat the ROS and to do so, Cana splits everyone into teams and they go after them, as well as after the newest Legionnaire Guttman. Naturally, the battles to bad due to Cana having been subconsciously influenced when choosing teams and thus choosing bad ones. Really, you'd think some kind of power would be detected but apparently not. Still, some battles are won in the end but the shock comes now.

As it turns out, Gildarts and Laki found out that Michelle isn't really Lucy's cousin! She's the flower-slut of the ROS known as Imitatia! In the end, Lucy and Natsu end up kidnapped and the Infinity Clock is brought together by the ROS, creating the phenomenon of Real Nightmare! The FT Mages retreat and later go for a full on assault with the help of Blue Pegasus' Bomber Cristina.

Ichiya! >_<

Sorry, I had to get your attention. Yeah, Ichiya is here now. After the ship is attacked by Racer, whom Mirajane fights off, Kanaloa the Octopus attacks and Ichiya, in probably his best moment ever (it's in filler, how sad is that?) stays on the ship to fight him and let everyone else get off.

The journey through the place is hard. Natsu escapes a prison while Lucy is held in some pseudo-torture device. Also, Gildarts and Laki find out that Lapointe, who's some cardinal for Zentopia Church, is really Zero, or was created from his DNA, or something. I never really got that. W/e, he get's beaten too.

Lucy floating


Somehow, Happy comes up with the idea of how to stop the infinity clock. Beating the ROS, they can do so and soon, Gray, Erza and Mirajane beat Angel, Cobra and Racer while the rest are dealt with and Natsu, Coco and Elfman try to save Lucy. Eventually even Imitatia joins them when she sees the error of her ways and all that crap, but she's soon turned back into her original form (a doll) by Midnight, who takes over the fight. He's beaten too (in one of Natsu's most undeserved victories) but it's too late as Lucy is absorbed into the clock.

But, it's Fairy Tail and Lucy is saved in the end. Cue a little party with everyone, including Legion, who has seen the errors of their ways and thus we end this filler arc. Man that was long.

Oh, there's also some subplot of Cobra trying to reunite with Cubelios, who's now Kinana. They don't get together. Sorry. The end.

Well, that's all for this arc. A filler arc which we once considered to be awful but as of late, it's starting to look better than some other arcs. Speaking of which, you're gonna have to join us next month as we take a look at Fairy Tail's largest arc (to date).

Till then!

First off:

Playing together

Gif courtesy of Ishthak

Also, fanservice is brought to you by Imitatia, whose flower dress rivals any revealing attire ever seen in the series. So much so that the naked cat girl would blush seeing how risque it is. I'm not kidding. Take a look.

Ain't she cute? (the cat girl, idc about Imitatia as much)

Best Quote of the Arc
  • None noteworthy.
Best Magic of the Arc
Best Moment of the Arc
  • When it ended.
Best Chapter of the Arc
  • Anime only arc.
Best Episode of the Arc

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Fairy Fiction
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Fairy Fiction

October 2013

Carrot, what the hell is this?

Nice to see you again guys. This month, as requested, I will be posting some NatsuLucy and NatsuLisanna fics. Oh, can I see the fangirl wars now >__>

However, this month will also have a very special fanfiction :3 Special how? Well, you'll have to scroll to find out ;D

As always, if you are an avid fanfic reader and know of a great fic you'd like everyone to see, message me or talk to me in chat and I'll check it out and probably add it to my article ;D

On with the show ^__^

Nakama, by DeathlyFlames

One-shot - Hurt - Comfort - NatsuXLucy - K+

"Nakama. That's what Natsu and Lucy were. And to him, nakama are family. And under no circumstances can family ever abandon you. He would be sure it would never happen again."

This fanfic was recommended to me by NoNickNeeded, who read it and posted it onto my talkpage for me to read - see, I do listen to recommendations ;D

It's not a very long fic, nor one about many important plot points in Fairy Tail. Rather, it's only just over 1.5k words, and tells the inner distraught of Natsu when Lucy decides to return home to her father - when Natsu, Gray, Happy and Erza all jumped to the conclusion that she was leaving Fairy Tail for good.

There's something just nice about reading fics such as this. I don't know, I guess it just really reminds me of that core themes of Fairy Tail: love and friendship. And this fiction certainly highlights those in a very beautiful way.

The characters are all written very well, and I truly believe this is actually what may have been running through Natsu's mind as he and the others followed Lucy back to her house.

And, for all you NatsuLucy fans, there's a little fluff at the end ;D

I rate "Nakama" an 8.6 out of 10.

You can read Nakama here.

As We Should Be, by Velgamidragon

One-shot - Romance - Friendship - NatsuXLisanna - Lucy - K+

"What if Natsu had come with the Strauss siblings on that S-class quest? What if Lisanna hadn't been killed by the Beast two years ago? How might her relationship with Natsu have grown between then and now?"

I am not a NatsuLisanna fan. Let me just get that out of the way. I can see and do appreciate how people could like them, but to me Lisanna's irrelevance in the Fairy Tail story and Natsu and Lucy's ever-growing relationship has shadowed NatsuLisanna in favour of NatsuLucy in my mind.

However, what would the Fairy Tail story be like if Lisanna hadn't "died" that night at the hand of Elfman on the S-Class quest? That is exactly the idea that Velgamidragon explores in her one-shot fanfic "As We Should Be".

The story follows Lucy as she arrives at the Fairy Tail guild for the first time alongside Natsu. However, where a kind Mirajane and "manly" Elfman and fighting awaited in Hiro Mashima's story, Velgamidragon writes what could have been if merely one more person was present.

It's rather shocking really to see just what a major difference having Lisanna around in the guild is. The story mainly follows Lucy meeting and talking to Lisanna (no kind Mirajane here ;D) and finding out that the two are engaged. Lisanna explains some things about herself and those in the guild, and we also get some rather cute NatsuLisanna fluff :3

Fics like this interest me, because despite this only being a one-shot about the occurrences in the second chapter/episode of Fairy Tail, such a story really gets me thinking about where FT would be right now if Lisanna was still around at this time. I mean, just think. How many awesome fights would we see between Mira and Erza? Would Team Natsu ever be created? How would events have played out? Would Lisanna actually be a useful character rather than ruined character development? It really gets me thinking :)

As such, if you are a NatsuLisanna fan, or you would just like the have a look at a really interesting take on what Fairy Tail could have been, I highly recommend this to you :) Well-written and entertaining; you have nothing to lose~

I give "As We Should Be" a 9 out of 10.

You can read As We Should Be here.

The Last Fairy, by NoNickNeeded

Drama - Tragedy - Lucy - T

"During the Grand Magic Games Lucy was arrested by the Fiore Forces under the command of Minister Datong. Shortly after Natsu, Mirajane and the three Exceeds sprung her out of prison, they got re-captured again. While pondering her misfortune Lucy blacked out. When she awoke again, everything in sight was in ruins. What happened and what is that sound? Is someone crying nearby?"

Have you noticed it yet? Well, have you? If not, please give a warm welcome to NoNickNeeded, who is the author of this touching fanfic. Firstly, I'd like to just congratulate him on his efforts with this fic. It really is a nice read, even if it is really sad and depressing :<

The story takes place in the Grand Magic Games arc. Lucy, re-captured after her failed escape attempt with Natsu, Wendy, Mirajane and her Exceed friends, wakes up back in a cell. Leaving and wandering around, she runs into Natsu and Wendy... Natsu holding Wendy's lifeless body.

"What?", you probably say. Yes, this is not a retelling of Lucy and her friends escape from Mercurius. Neither is this a very happy tale. I managed to figure it out in the first chapter, but "The Last Fairy" is actually the end of the Grand Magic Games arc, retold from Future Lucy's point of view.

...And you thought the last fanfic I reviewed gave a good insight into separate plot-line potential ;D

As you'd expect from FLucy's version of the Dragon invasion, nothing is peaches and cream. People are dead. People are dying. Dragons are everywhere and there really is no hope. Truly the apocalypse. And then FLucy stumbles across the Eclipse Gate. Cue some time travel, some heart-wrenching confrontations with people she saw die and FRogue following her to stop her, and you get Nick's fanfic :)

I truly enjoyed reading this. Nick did a great job with his descriptions - particularly FLucy's inner dialogue as she meets people she cared about dearly, but knows they technically aren't her version of her friends. It was really saddening reading this. Plus, knowing where the story would naturally be taken (Nick does follow the canon story very well) I felt even worse for FLucy and all of the sacrifices she endured to help our version of the Fairy Tail characters.

I won't go into much more detail, because I think you just need to read to experience this. I tip my hat to Nick. He did an amazing job, and I hope he continues to write :3 I eagerly await his next project~!

I give "The Last Fairy" a 9.2 out of 10.

You can read The Last Fairy here.



*Your fanfiction must be JellalErza and contain at least 2 chapters of smut to be appreciated.

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Carrot out... Bitches...

Relikz Gate of the Horoscope
Relikz | Writer

Gate Logo
Want to see your future? Then read on!
Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)

You're a total candy hound who will do anything for a sugar fix. And to get the most candy, you'll have to wear the wildest costume possible.
Costume Suggestions: A superhero or famous rock star
Signature Halloween candy: Mini Snickers bars
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Shaun of the Dead

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem

Eh, Halloween is not exactly you favorite holiday. You costume is usually pretty simple - if it exists at all.
Costume Suggestions: A scary mask or whatever you wore last year
Signature Halloween candy: Tootsie Pops
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: The Exorcist

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)

Halloween is your chance to bring your favorite futuristic world to life. In fact, people are often asking "What exactly *are* you?"
Costume Suggestions: Anyone from Star Wars or the Matrix
Signature Halloween candy: Gummy eyeballs
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Cube

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem

You simply have to have the most unique, elaborate, and amazing costume. You tend to hop from party to event, making sure everyone checks you out.
Costume Suggestions: A samurai, geisha, fairy, or pirate.
Signature Halloween candy: Skittles
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: The Shining

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)

Halloween is a huge party for you, except you're never really sure what to go as. No matter what, your costume will make people's eyes pop out of their heads.
Costume Suggestions: A sexy cop or a gruesome animal
Signature Halloween candy: Twizzlers
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Scream

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem

Halloween is your favorite holiday for scaring and shocking others. You like to bring out your alternate persona on Halloween - and have the night of your life.
Costume Suggestions: A freaky monster or prince / princess of darkness.
Signature Halloween candy: Candy cigarettes
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Hellraiser

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)

You tend to go for traditional, if not a bit historical, Halloween themes. Candied apples, pumpkins, and warm cider make you excited each year.
Costume Suggestions: An evil Mage or a renaissance pirate/wench.
Signature Halloween candy: Candy corn
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Rosemary's Baby

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem

You only like Halloween if you have a special someone to share it with. You like a romantic scary evening together - no big parties or events for you.
Costume Suggestions: Romeo and Juliet or Batman and Catwoman
Signature Halloween candy: Nerds
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Silence of the Lambs

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)

Your friends see a whole other side of you on Halloween - brash and bold. You make be reserved and conservative most other days, but on the 31st... look out!
Costume Suggestions: A stripper or naughty priest/nun
Signature Halloween candy: M & M's
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Bram Stoker's Dracula

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem

Halloween is your time to be flirtatious, sexy, and hot hot hot! You love to tempt people into evil, even if it's just for one night.
Costume Suggestions: A sexy devil or a dark fairy
Signature Halloween candy: Anything spiked with booze
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Species

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)

For you, Halloween is about looking your best - even if it costs a fortune. You don't mind a little sweet stuff either, as long as it's high quality chocolate.
Costume Suggestions: An elegant princess/prince. Or a high class vampire.
Signature Halloween candy: Truffles
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Nosferatu

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem

You're usually the one who gives out the best candy in your neighborhood. And you really get into the Halloween spirit decorating your house.
Costume Suggestions: A witch, wizard, or angel. No cosplays plz. >_>
Signature Halloween candy: Mini peanut butter cups
Scary movie you should celebrate Halloween with: Evil Dead 2

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Okay, so last month I replaced my rumors with a game, but you whores are incredibly lazy and didn't do it. :/ So, this month, I'm just doing the interview. The answers to the puzzle last month were:

  • Across:

1. Summer - Natsu
5. Dead M.I.L.F - Ur
6. The Grim Reaper's less interesting nephew. - Erigor
9. Fairy Tail's Queen - Erza
11. Kermit's sadistic cousin - Nadal
12. Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof! - Toby
13. Mystique has a blue pussy. - Happy
14. Reject all tobacco! - Angelica

  • Down:

2. Living proof that although lots of things get better in time.... looks aren't one of them. - Ultear
3. [X] at last, [X] at last, thank God almighty, we are [X] at last! - Freed
4. Ribbet! - Frosch
7. Who says that blondes are dumb? - Lucy
8. I thought only black men were deadbeat dads? - Igneel
10. The first antagonist - Bora

If you took the first letter from each of the answers and unscrambled them with the directions I gave you, you would've gotten "Been Unfaithful". Congrats to Yummy for being the only one to get it right! :D.... Also, the only one to try, but whatevs...

Do I need something for this article besides the interview?

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If you marked yes, feel free to post ideas below.

Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing a whore who is hated by every single last person on the wiki, but yet, has not taken the hint and left yet and who's existence was God's biggest and only mistake, Red Eyed Raven !

IamJakuhoRaikoben: Tell us a little about yourself.
Red Eyed Raven: Wow, you must be really desperate to be interviewing me.
Alright, well my name is Red Eyed Raven (real name is Julian), I'm a 16 year old from Toronto, Ontario and as you can see from my latest avatar, I have black hair, green eyes and I am slightly pale. I'm kind of short (5'11ft/1.80m) and a bit lean (about 150lbs/68kg), I get approximately three hours of sleep a night and if I'm not online, I'm sleeping, eating, doing homework, school, reading, playing some form of sport or game, hanging out with my friends or doing white guy stuff.

I've been here since April 3rd (almost seven months) and when I first joined I had a lot of spare time and decided to comment a lot on a lot of blogs, then I wanted to actually contribute to the wiki so I joined the referencia guild. I was also a former backup member of the fairly abridged team, but Mega kicked me off after a couple of weeks because I dropped Rave master at chapter 200 (I picked it up again for another 20 chapters, but then I dropped it again and mega vandalized my page). The only other wiki I spend as much time on as this one is the One Piece wiki, where surprisingly I get into more fights, make more mistakes and more edits.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
Red Eyed Raven: That is a long and depending on your opinion slightly humourous story, but don't worry I'll make it short. Years ago, I was just another anon stalking the many various wikis of the internet, usually I was looking at the One Piece, Bleach or Naruto wikis.

I found the One Piece wiki pretty awesome and I really enjoyed watching the arguments of users like Monkey.D.Me, Neowitch and The Humaniod Typhoon, sometimes I would even edit an article or two. I hated the Naruto wiki because all the users were morons and they didn't have blogs, I only went there for information about the series. Now as a whole, I disliked the Bleach wiki, BUT I enjoyed the weekly reviews of a certain user who was usually critiquing the (at the time) horrible chapters of bleach (This was during the end of the substitute soul reaper arc/beginning of the Quincy arc). This was how I became acquainted with wikis, though I rarely edited if ever so I didn't really know much about that.

But when all of that was happening I did not know about Fairy Tail, it wasn't until a last year that I found the series. One night when I was on my Wii's (Yeah, I have a Wii, so what?) internet channel searching up fairy tales for this English project of mine, I accidentally spelt "fairy tale" as "Fairy Tail" (hey I was tired, plus I have like mild dyslexia) and the first thing that came up was the wiki page of Fairy Tail (series), so I read it and I thought it was pretty good so I started reading the series. When I was done the series (it was around chapter 320 at the time) I started going to the Fairy Tail wiki as an anon to look at the blogs and stuff and I found out that MDM, Flipsy and several other users from the One Piece wiki were users here as well and as far as I could see no users from the Naruto wiki were here. So, I started going to the Fairy Tail wiki regularly as an anon as well as the One Piece wiki (I kind of stopped going to the Naruto and Bleach wiki) and one day after reading one of Flipsy's review blogs and some of the comments on it from various users like yourself, Mega and others, I decided to create an account here and on the One Piece wiki as well. So, yeah, that's that, if you want to blame someone for my presence here, blame Flipsy and if you want to thank someone for my presence here, thank MDM.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?
Red Eyed Raven:

1. Read the previous and future sorcerer magazines, especially the whore's corner so that you can read all the.... interesting interviews and see the advice of other.... interesting users.

2. Don't get too involved with the wiki right away, like don't go on an edit whoring rampage the day you join because odds are you're going to fuck it up. If you're on chat (which you should join) participate in the casual conversations we have, like stuff about the wiki. Don't join in when we're being weird and discussing which users would be what sex toy (this happened once, it was one of the creepiest conversations I ever had).

3. Participate in the blogs and if you feel comfortable enough make one yourself (but don't make one just to introduce yourself, make one for a good reason) and keep in mind that with the diversity of this wiki comes diversity of opinions most of which will probably be different then your own so you might end up getting into a few disagreements, but always remember to be civil and mature.

4. Always remember that real life is way more important than anything on the wiki. So, if you have homework to do, don't procrastinate by getting into an argument about whether Mirajane or Erza is hotter (its Mirajane btw) do your homework and if it's a beautiful day outside go do something outside, hang out with your friends or go on a date.

5. This is the internet so remember that the opinions of other should be respected....most of the time, sometimes they should be worth jack shit to you. If some asshole insults you by calling you an asshole or something along those lines, then you shouldn't take it hard or really care about what they think and don't respond with more insults.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: Why does Canada suck?
Red Eyed Raven: In my opinion Canada doesn't suck, but if it did, it's only because:

1. We currently have a majority right-wing government and

2. The names of our cities and provinces are kind of.... lame. Slave lake, Great slave lake, St.Tits, Dildo, Newfoundland, "New Scotland" (Nova Scotia), "Where the river narrows" (Quebec). Montreal was originally called, "Mont Royal" but after years of it being mispronounced by the French, it became Montreal. And, Canada is a misspelt version of "Kanata", which literally just means "village".

But hey at least we're better than America.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: Why do you suck?
Red Eyed Raven: Why do you rub, blow, swallow and lick?

IamJakuhoRaikoben: When your mother gave birth to you, did she commit suicide after realizing her mistake?
Red Eyed Raven: Did your mother die after going to the bathroom and realizing that the 300 kilograms shit she took was you?

IamJakuhoRaikoben: I heard you were in a gay marriage, care to respond? :D
Red Eyed Raven: Yeah, I was married to Tristan, Fin and Quilge for a while. They were basically slaves, I made them make me food and do other menial tasks for my amusement. But what I really want to know is, what was it like being married to not one, but two underage girls?

IamJakuhoRaikoben: How many Nucky's does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Red Eyed Raven: I don't know, but I do know it only takes one to kick your ass.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: If you have any career you wanted, what would you do?
Red Eyed Raven: Chief Justice of the Supreme court of Canada, a position currently held by The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin. It's a sweet job, you get paid almost $400,000 and after the Constitution Act, 1982 passed it gave the Chief Justice more political power than any other single person (including the Queen, the Governor General and the Prime Minister) in Canada.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Red Eyed Raven: Omg im glad you asked this question, me and 5 of my friends are dressing up as a SWAT team and are going to come to school in these really realistic uniforms to scare the shit out of everyone. First we're going to come in through the front entrance where everyone is hanging out right before school starts then we're going to do these really complicated hand signs and fan out in 3 groups of 2 to be able to cover more ground and freak out more people.

IamJakuhoRaikoben: How does it feel to be the Meg of the wiki?
Red Eyed Raven: How does it feel to be the Cleveland Brown Jr of the wiki?

Well, there ya have it folks. Nucky is in serious denial about his Meg status. >_> Anyhow, next month we will be interviewing a former rapist who, for some odd reason, obsessed with me! Don't miss it! Next time on Jakuho's Corner.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
  • So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
  • Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
  • What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
Marl (Relikz )
A: Well hello there, would you like some candy, honey?
Interviewer: Uhm, mam, I'm actually here for an interview. I don't want candy.
Marl: Hmm? Really? I guess I'll just have to give it to someone els—
Interviewer: NO. GIMME KANDY!!!
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: Fight? Oh, no no no. Why can't we all just love each other?
Interviewer: Well mam, you see, there are demons that want to destro—
Marl: Want some more candy?
Interviewer: GIMME!!!
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: Oh sure. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun to, how do you call it, hang out with the cool kids.
Interview: Cool? Bwahaha. You will actually be talking to a ballerina feman-thing and two shithea—
Prime: Who the fuck hired this interviewer?
Umnei: Go to hell interviewer.
Hungry: Go back to whatever hole you came from, Jabba.
Umnei: Fuck you Hungry. At least I go to parties unlike you two!
Prime: Well to be fair, I at least hav—
Interview: Ok. Fuck off! all of you!!!
Marl: Oh, dear... I don't want to be a guest in the podcast anymore.
Interview: Great. Next!!!
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: Well, sure. I'll tell you the story of how my Happy's gigantic egg came out of my—
Interview: OH FUCK. NEXT!!!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Well, I was thinking of something like this.
Interview: Really? -__- You are going to dress up as a cat.
Marl: Is that weird? Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. Well, my second choice was going to be this.
Interview: You know what, a cat is fine. Cats are great!
Marl: No, you know what, the second one seems more fitting for my body. I'll go with that. ^_^
Interview: I SAID GO AS A CAT LADY!!
Marl: B—
Interview: No, no more! Good bye.
Evergreen (Ultraprime2 )
A: So what's your costume? Did you make it yourself or did you just not get enough love as a child?
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: The one with four arms. I thought he would be cool but his lower half is so disappointing.....
Hungry I know, right? The men in this world >_>
A You're preaching to the choir, big man.
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: Of course. Well who wouldn't want to hear me? I am... *flips hair* fabulous~~
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: Who would share their secrets with you?
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Wouldn't you like to know ;)
Erza Scarlet (IamJakuhoRaikoben )
A: Trick obviously. I'll overcome it and show everyone the power Fairy Tail!
Interviewer: It's really not that serious...
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: All nine.
Interviewer: That's a bit much...
Erza: No, I've decided. All nine shall be my opponents.
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: Yes, I'd slay the great beast known as Umnei!
Hungry: I think you mean great whale.
Prime: No, she means Jabba the Hutt.
Umnei: Stop it, you guys! >:(
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: Yes. Lucy doesn't wear any underwear.
Lucy: Share your own secrets!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Requip! Do you like it?
Interviewer:Me gusta!Perv
Ooba Babasaama (IamJakuhoRaikoben )
A: Trick. Candy gets stuck in my dentures.
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: I'd face E.N.D. If I beat the main antagonist of this arc, then we could rename the series Lamia Scale!
Interviewer: Stop breaking the fourth wall!
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: Of course! I heard there's a young lad on there who wants to lose his virginity, and I think I can be of assistance.
Prime: O god, please no!
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: Secrets? Well, since you asked. My nickname is "The Human Tote Bag" because I can fit lots of long, thick things inside my p-
Interviewer: Don't finish that sentence!!
Ooba: -ockets.
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Since I'm so young and hot, I figured I'd strip down to my bathing suit, and go as a newborn baby!
Mavis Vermilion (Omega natsu2 )
A: It's been 400 years since I last ate something sweet! Give me the treat! Gimme, gimme, gimme. :3
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: They all look so strong. But I want to take Seira down! Nothing personal... *Feels chest* TT^TT
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: With all of my responsibi-
Hungry: You're a ghost! A flat chested ghost! You don't have anything to do. Crying about your flat chest isn't a responsibility.
Mavis: *Sulks*
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: When I was young, my chest was the size of Lucy's! It's not a joke. They were so big that a jealous female Mage made them smaller when I was sleeping.
Interviewer: Wow, is that so?
Mavis: No, tricked ya! :D
Interviewer: This is why your chest will never be big! ಠ_ಠ
Mavis: Tehehe. That's what you think. A real secret is... Purehito is actually a girl!
Interviewer: Not falling for it.
Mavis: But I'm cute. :3
Interviewer: Okay, okay. You can have a treat. *Hands you a treat*
Mavis: *Flies away*
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Something really scary. How's this?!
Interviewer: Waoh, that's actually pretty bad ass.
Kagura Mikazuchi (Omega natsu2 )
A: I'll cut you if you trick me.
Interviewer: I was just asking...
Kagura: Are you trying to act smart? *Glares*
Interviewer: Answer the damn question!
Kagura: Fine. Treat from Mega-sama.
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: I don't fight weaklings. I would much rather fight Master E.N.D.
God: Correction, my property.
Mega: Bitch, please. ಠ_ಠ
Kagura: I belong to Mega, God.
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: No.
Hungry: We don't want you anyway! T^T
Kagura: Says the one that wants to dress up as me...
Prime: Can you please come over and cut the train near my house in half?
Umnei: Join us, home gulr~!
Kagura: No.
Everyone: ...
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: Yes.
Interviewer: Well...?
Kagura: Secrets are meant to be kept secret.
Interviewer: -____-
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Mega's favorite costume.
Mega: *Dies from massive nosebleed.* @_@
Interviewer: HOT DAMN!
Kagura: Yes. I like something that doesn't reveal much.
Wikia: >____>
Hibiki Lates (Ultraprime2 )
A: Naturally, it's not in my nature to be devious. I much prefer to be.....sweet. *point and click* *loud drop*
Interviewer: I think some fangirls just fainted in the distance.
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: Naturally, my abilities don't extend to combat. I'll be in the back supporting my friends.
Gajeel Redfox: So basically, you're a big wuss!?
Hibiki: What are you doing here!?
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: Sorry to say, but a group of men don't truly garner my interest.
Hungry: We have Umnei. He's not really a man.
Prime: Well to be fair, we don't know what he wants to be.
Hibiki: I see. Perhaps I shall consider an appearance.
Umnei: Ulala ;)
Hibiki: O_O
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: I do indeed have secrets. However, none which I am willing to share with you.
Interviewer: Come on, just one!
Hibiki: Very well. I have a great admiration for Ichiya san and I wish to follow in his footsteps one day.
Interviewer: Maybe that should've remained a secret.....
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: I shall go out with my friends, of course. You must remain safe on Halloween. Do you like what we will be wearing?
Interviewer: .....Sick
Happy (TheCarrotSaysYumYum )
A: *glances at Lucy* Tricks! Aye Sir! :D
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: I'll be helping Natsu... So... whichever one he wants to fight...
Natsu: Okay Happy... I've checked them out and they all look super weak. We're taking them all on at the same time!! *runs off*
A: Wait! Natssssuuuu!! DX
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: Hmmm... Maybe I'll go along to see wha-
Prime: We are NOT having you on our podcast! Get the fuck out!! *glares and points to door*
Happy: Umnei! Ultra is being mean to me! ( ;__;) *hugs Umy's legs*
Umnei: Awww :< There, there *pats*
Hungry: *sighs* Don't pamper him, just get him out of here before Ultra wets himself in anger...
Umnei: But that's so mean! Ultra, you're a meanie!!
Hungry: That does it... You're fired Umy... You leave too...
Umnei and Happy: So mean D;
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: Kukuku... Lucy likes to sing to herself in the shower when she thinks nobody's there.
Interviewer: Uhhh... What about your own secrets? :<
Happpy: Lucy thinks that Erza won the Miss Fairy Tail Contest because she has bigger breasts, so now Lucy stuffs her bra.
Interviewer: *sighs* ( -__-)
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Lucy of course! So scary XD
Lucy: You stupid cat!! D:< *chases Happy out of the room*
Kain Hikaru (TheCarrotSaysYumYum )
A: Woo-wee... *starts drooling everywhere* T-treat please!
So the Nine Demon Gates have been introduced. Which of them would you like to fight?
A: S-Sayla and I have a very good relationship... More than friends, but less than lovers ( ^////^)
Men of the FT Wiki: *grab Sayla* You are not associated with Sayla in any way!! Get the hell out of here!! >:(
Kain: Y-Y-You dare to get all cuddly with a woman near me!!
So have you heard that we have a podcast in this wiki? Would you ever want to be a guest in it?
A: I have a very nice voice. I would m-make a great a-addition!
Hungry: *sees Kain* Oh... My... God... Umy's twin brother just appeared... ( o__o)
Umnei: Stahp! D:< We look nothing alike!!
Prime: T-Too.Many.Joke.Possibilities. *runs from the room spluttering from laughter*
Umnei: Fine! Kain and I will do the podcast ourselves! You'll see :<
Hungry: *laughs to himself* Go ahead... *follows Prime from the room*
Do you have any secrets you would like to share with me?
A: I-Iwncatdnrwifoteatngdssrt T^T
Interviewer: Wait... What!?
Interviewer: Omg... *sighs and brings Meredy into the room*
Meredy: Kain says he once ate dinner without eating dessert...
Interviewer: What the hell kind of secret is that! >__>
What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
A: Woo-wee!! I am going to make a skin-tight, Mr. Cursey suit! :D
Interviewer: Uhhh... Excuse me please... Sick

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 22: October 2013

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

The Wiki
Fairy Tail Wiki Fairy Tail Wiki
The Halloween theme of the wiki is...

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 127 people voted.
How long ago did you join the wiki?

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 141 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
Which is your favorite Nine Demon Gates? (appearance-wise)

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 138 people voted.
So with the ending of the anime (for now) the community has decided to feature one anime episode each month in the front page. So, let's vote for the fifth featured episode!

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 107 people voted.
Tartarus Tartarus
How will Tartarus be dealt with?

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 130 people voted.
What is the purpose of Tartarus?

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 121 people voted.
Pokemon X and Y
Last month of Pokemon polls!!! X and Y came out and it was a great game in my opinion. Now, what's next for Pokemon? WILL THERE BE A HOENN REMAKE?!!!

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 108 people voted.
Last month of Pokemon polls!!! WHAT WILL BE THE NAMES OF THE HOENN REMAKE?!!!

The poll was created at 17:21 on October 30, 2013, and so far 112 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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