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Cover sixteen

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  5. Ugliest Mage Alive
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Cover sixteen

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Page 3! Tech Updates bitch! >:)
Yo everyone~! Welcome to Tech Updates for April ;D

Now, if you remember, someone actually managed to complete my challenge last month... >__> Damn... Let's all give a clap to Mega~!

Congrats Mega~!!

He managed to identify correctly all five of the missing updates, which were as follows:

As such, he wins the prize~! Yay >___>

Anyways, I am sorry to announce, but this month I will not be putting my game onto this page. Why, you might ask? Well, simply because there was not enough stuff going on in the Wiki to even leave that many updates, and as such I have decided to just leave the game aside this month T^T Sorry. But hey, here's an excuse for everyone to work harder and make more updates.... right? ;D

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • Mega blew his top over the Grand Magic Games arc not being titled properly and started a forum that went berserk. Another, more organised, forum was made, and we all decided to wait and do nothing for now. Stupid Mega >__>
  • Due to the release of a new volume cover featuring Minerva, the Sabertooth woman's hair colour was talked about and decided to be black.
  • TheCarrotSaysYumYum has been promoted to admin!!!

Image Changes

  • Natsu's profile picture on the character page was changed.
  • Edolas' profile picture was changed.
  • Dragon's profile picture was changed.
  • Zirconis' profile picture was changed.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMAA (13)

Lyon returns with Racer

Lyon Vastia SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Lyon Vastia. He's a twenty-six-year-old Mage of the Lamia Scale Guild that employs Dynamic Ice-Make as his main form of Magic. Lyon, along with Gray, was a pupil of Ur, and after her death, Lyon became a villain, but turned from his evil ways after being defeated by Gray. He is now a member of Lamia Scale, and is infatuated with Juvia Lockser who is in love with Gray Fullbuster.

Quote SMA (Apr13)

(Lyon Vastia) to (Juvia Lockser) "Juvia-chan!!!"

Who should be May's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 23:34 on May 3, 2013, and so far 363 people voted.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Ugliest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

UMAA (13)

Nullpudding GMG

Nullpudding UMA
This month's Ugliest Mage Alive is a man who we are not sure is even human. His name is Nullpudding, and though his name may remind you of a delectable childhood treat, I can assure you he does NOT taste like pudding. And if he asks you to taste his pudding pop, run away. ( ._.) He is a Mage from the Raven Tail guild and he uses some boring Magic that we have decided to call Needle Magic. On his home planet, Nullpudding was considered extremely handsome, so when he came to Earth and was mocked for his looks he decided to become a Dark Mage....and I just made all of that up. >_>

Quote UMA (Apr13)

(Nullpudding) "I'm fat, useless, unmemorable piece of crap that no longer has any role in the series. This is about the most attention I'll ever get....ever."

Who do you think should be May's Ugliest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 17:42 on May 4, 2013, and so far 198 people voted.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Anime
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer and Rauleli's Dance Slave
Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA Header - April13
This Month in the Anime

April 2013

One month ago:

Carrot: ...That's TMITA for March. I knew you would never be able to complete it yourself, so I did it. But be aware... this is the last time I will write this article for a long, long time.
Leli: What do you mean a long, long time?
Carrot: Who knows? Maybe in the future I could write something like this as a free author. But I know that won't be for a while, so don't hold your breath. Just know this: You won't be seeing TMitA for quite some time after this. I'm leaving now...
Leli: No! Carry! T^T
Carrot: This is the end.
Leli: The end... *puts head down*
Carrot: *turns around and starts to leave*

Leli: C-Carrot, wait. *tears start flowing*

Wait... please... please...
*background music begins*

Carrot: O_O? where is that music coming from?
Leli: *puts head up* *sings* Carrot: *crying*
Leli: ♪...and we rise like a phoenix from the flame... ♪
Carrot: Beautiful...
Leli: ♪ ...cuz you and I, we turned out golden. ♪
Carrot: *still crying* Wow Leli. I didn't know you could sing so good.
Leli: It's because it was from the heart...
Carrot: But, what does it mean?
Leli: It means that you are still my slave ^_^
Carrot: Wha— *turns around to make escape*
Leli: *from top of hole* Welcome back Carry ^_^
Leli: Weren't you listening to the song at all Carry? "♪...and we rise like a phoenix from the flame... ♪". It means this month you are going to write a review for the movie Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix, silly. ^_^
Carrot: You bastard! I'll kill you!
Leli: Calm down Carrot. You are getting me excited. Perv
Carrot: >_> You creep...


YOSH~! Well, I'm stuck in a hole, so let's get this review under-way ^___^

Firstly, can I just say how excited I was when I heard there was going to be an FT movie? I don't follow any big manga/anime series outside FT, so this was sorta like my first big anime movie event X3 Did I like it? Well, I did, but at the same time I'm not fawning over it... or characters from it *glances at Prime* which doesn't make it bad, just not amazing.

Anyways~!! Onwards!!

We start... in outer space :)

( .__.) Wait... no... that's the logo for Shochiko, the group that produced this movie. As such, you'd have to be blind or stupid to not notice the dramatic difference between the movies animation and the animes animation. What did I think? Well, I'll get to that later ;D

Éclair dances

Prime's love begins the movie with a dance

We actually start in a mysterious deserty place thing (descriptive Carrot >__>) with a man preaching stuff and a woman *watches as Prime begins to drool* dancing around two stones containing other stones. We don't get any voices, but the music incorporated is gorgeous, as per usual :)

People have gathered to watch Prime drool the lady dance and-

OMG!! A MAN WITH A SWORD!! What's he doing with that? Swords are dangerous!! :O He just stabbed somebody... but more importantly...

BLOOOOOOD!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!! Blood... in a Fairy Tail movie!? :D For sure! This movie just got 20 times better and it's only been playing for a few minutes!!

As people bleed (YES! BLEED!) the old man grabs Prime's lover and one of the stones, teleporting them both from the scene. However, he gets stabbed (YES! STABBED!) before they fully disappear, so despite getting the pretty woman to safety, he himself bleeds out (YES! BLEEDS!!) and dies (YES! DIES!). Just how great is this already!? :D

Wiki peeps: Uhhh... should we be scared that she's this happy about death and suffering??
Carrot: Of course not X3

Back at the stony place (to hell with my descriptions) the guys who attacked take the other half of the funny stone, which of course is red to symbolise evil and badness and evilness. Our girl with the blue (and therefore nicer) part of the stone runs whilst bleeding (YES! BLEEEEEEDING!) and then collapses ( .__.)~ Well, she tried, right?

*insert an opening here that is neither that interesting nor that catchy*

Surrounded and ready to fight

The gang is back~!... and animated differently ;D

We now meet some characters we know! It's Team Nastu + Wendy and Happy, at some sort of Greece rip-off town to capture a bandit named Geese, who, if you remember, was name-dropped by Bacchus in chapter 298.

Okay, it's easier to judge animation now that I have something to go off of. I found throughout this movie that there were some parts I liked a lot, and others not so much :/ I found the women were really well animated. Eclair, Lucy, Wendy and Erza all look very nice during the movie. The same can be said for Natsu on most occasions. However, I always found that Gray looked a little funny for most of this. Did anyone else get this? Lemme know ;D

This aside, the group runs through the town and are suddenly attacked by Geese's humongous group of thugs. This is where things get good. I really really really cannot describe how much I love the animation of Magic in this movie. It's just all really well done, very fluid and very steady, which makes for some great battles :) The other thing is that the animation of Magic matches everything else. One of the things that kinda annoys me with the FT anime is that the animation style for similar Magic changes and is inconsistent. As an extra, Natsu flames could look kind of real-lifeish whilst Wendy's wind doesn't. As such, seeing nice consistency is great :) Erza also gets an upgrade with a really awesome Requip animation where her armour seems to unbuckle as it removes itself from her * ^ * That was very awesome.

Naturally, FT beats the crooks but fails to keep one for interrogation. Natsu and Gray get into a rather funny battle, throwing a thug between them, and then laugh my ass off every time as Natsu slides down through the town on Gray's ice floor XD I don't know why, but I find that part hilarious XD XD XD

Geese's Magic

Lol XP Fail Lucy

Luckily Lucy and Loke are on top of things though, and capture a man for them to get Geese's location out of. The others catch up as Lucy chases Geese through the town, the man obviously identifiable through his name tattooed on his back :P

However, the man evades capture through the use of Flattening Magic ;D As such, Lucy and the others lose him, and don't get their reward, making Lucy sad D; Concurrently, our lovely lady meets up with a flying bird of some description, and Marakov sits in on a boring Council meeting, sending everyone's favourite Iron Dragon Slayer to look more into one of the issues >:) Alright! Gajeel!!

We finally get a glance at the rambunctious Fairy Tail guild hall, and Juvia is on the scene, being ridiculously funny as usual ;D I really liked the way the guild hall was shown, all lively and full of people :) It always seems a little dry in the anime :/ Loved it here <3

Prince Cream


Finally the bad guys are introduced!! Seems it's some puffed up freakin Prince (I typed Prime just then accidentally XP) who wants to make himself look good by combining the apparent "Phoenix Stone" in front of his town at a celebration. He sends a guild called Carbuncle to retrieve the other half of the stone. However, our FT friends are one step ahead with the very obvious (screw in his alcohol and everything) Gajeel and Pantherlily stalking them ;D

Back at the guild, Lucy finds a collapsed Eclair and takes her to FT for food. Eclair eats and awkwardly says nothing nice at all, with her funny chicken-like friend Momon doing all the talking. Just as Eclair goes to leave, Carla has a premonition! dun Dun DUUUUUNNN~!! But, but, but, even more dun dun dun is that...


I know right!? Carla actually WARNING SOMEONE about a bad future!? What is Fairy Tail coming too. Blood is good, but Carla actually being a better character... IMPOSSIBURU!! :<

Eclair however refuses the warning, causing the plot device necessary to start FT's adventure, as they agree to accompany her on her quest to keep her safe :)


FT's on a train!... and Eclair's being awks again >__> This time she pretty much tells Lucy to piss off out of her problems and reveals that she seems to be missing some of her memories o___O

Lucy and Éclair explore the place

I am Éclair... and I am awkward...

This is cast aside though as the group arrives... wherever they were heading (can't be stuffed going back to hear the town name). We then get a little nice scene with some lovely music which shows what the FT peeps like to do when left alone in town.

Natsu and Gray go as expected, Natsu stuffing his face and then getting stuck working in the restaurant when he can't pay the bill, whilst Gray gets arrested and scolded for walking around naked XP Lucy tries to cheer Eclair up, to no avail, and Wendy gets a little cheeky, trying to cheat at street games :P

However! Winner of best town activity and winner of best scene in the entire freakin' movie goes to Erza, who, after unsuccessfully shopping for armour, gets all flustered and cute and BUYS A WEDDING DRESS~!!

Let Carrot's fangirl imagination run wild~!! * ^ * <3 @____@

The group regroup (nice wording there >__>) back at their hotel, where everyone questions why Erza looks so damn happy.


O___o I- I- I mean... you guys are a bit... slow. She is probably thinking about marrying someone :3

... *nudges Jellal* I said someone!

And this wouldn't be an FT movie without a shot of Lucy in the shower, which is delivered next.

Chases Claws

Hell Yeah~!!

And then what is delivered is a very awesome battle-like scene with perhaps the coolest character in the series :3 Yep, it's that shadow guy, the one who melts into himself and other things and can go Wolverine with huge metal claws springing forth from the gauntlets he wears. Long story short, he attacks Lucy and Eclair, Lucy dodges (very nicely) and screams for Natsu. Natsu and Gray come to everyone's rescue, but lose the guy, who sees that they are FT Mages. Returning to Lucy, Gray and Natsu then get a very nice view when Lucy's towel (what she was wearing the whole time) falls off. I loled when Lucy tried to flick pebbles at them for not looking away XD Hahaha.

Despite the awesome shadow man getting away, Eclair manages to remember that she is seeking a man in the forest she is heading to, and the group believe that he can help them figure out why Eclair is missing some of her memory, and also why she has the strange stone that the shadow guy seemed to want. They head out to a house in Eclair's memories and discover that it is abandoned, but that the man who owned it was Eclair's father. Through a Magic-Ultear-like-Lacrima-sphere, Eclair's father details that he wanted Elcair to bring him the stone so that he could use some form of Dispelling Magic on it, but of course, he is already dead, and the instructions on how to use said Magic are nowhere to be found. Convenient >___>

As the others conclude that the stone must be evil, Eclair gets very upset over her families death, and Lucy comforts her. Eclair then requests that FT find a way to dispel the stone.

Dyst uses Telekinesis

Interesting new guests...

It's about half way through the movie at this point and the main plot has pretty much been set up. Am I enjoying it so far?? Like hell I am~! :) The movie definitely has a darker tone to it than the normal series, particularly where death is involved, but I think I like it :D Does this like maintain itself throughout the rest of the movie? Hmmmm... not quite... so let's get onto that...


Back at Fairy Tail (Yay!) the guild think about how to dispel the stone. They are interrupted though by a VERY well done scene, in which the guild is suddenly attacked!!

As the debris clears, we see a woman with curly hair, a man of average height with a long cloak, and a very tall man with things floating above his head...






...No... wait... ( .__.) it's those freaks from that Carbuncle guild... Oh no! They must be here to get Eclair! D:

Dispelling Magic

Absolutely awesome :D

As I mentioned, the scene that unfolds is pretty freakin' awesome. The guy with the cannons (no matter how creepy when he licks his lips upon seeing Gray) is pretty strong, but the combination of Dyst's telekinesis-like Magic and Coordinator (wtf name?) with her Requip and seeming ability to un-Requip others take the spotlight for well thought out Magic. Just as everyone is owned, awesome-hell-yeah shadow man reappears and grabs Eclair...

Well... that was certainly easy... ( .__.)

Makarov returns with Lily and Gajeel, and suddenly Gajeel reveals all of this info that makes everything conveniently fall into place. Gajeel states that some Prince from the Principality of Veronica (since when was Gajeel an English major? >__> Like he knows that word! XD) wants to combine the stone to gain immortality.

So, that's what the fuck is going on... I get it now...

Again, long story short (have you seen how much tying I've done so far... my fingers are killing me DX) FT decides to go rescue Eclair. The woman in question does need saving, as, in the cell of the Prince, she has her arm cut side open, spraying blood (YES! BLOOD!) everywhere. ( .__.) This movie really is darker...

Skipping ahead, as evil Prince guy prepares for his celebration and to sacrifice Eclair, FT arrives in Veronica, only to be encountered by the members of Carbuncle again. In traditional FT style, they get paired up. Pretty much:

  • Erza V Coordinator
  • Gajeel V Holly-crap-I'm-awesome shadow guy
  • Natsu V Dyst, the telekinetic guy, and
  • Gray and Juvia V Cannon
  • Wendy and Pantherlily V Some thugs from Carbuncle

...leaving Lucy to find Eclair.

For the sake of being quick and not killing you by jumping back and forth, I'll do quick reviews of the fights here:

Cannon&#039;s Magic

Am I the only one who thought this was pretty awesome??

Juvia and Gray's fight was short but sweet. I like it how they didn't use nakama power or any of that crap, rather they just took advantage of their very compatible Magic and Cannon's lack of speed and froze him. Didn't take him out really, just froze him. Again, short, sweet needed. Plus, Juvia was so cute at the end :3

Erza's fight was pretty sweet XD The armours that Coordinator pulled out were pretty cool, and actually seeing Erza bleed for once was nice ;D However, this fight gets ten bazillion stars because Erza wins by fighting in her wedding dress, leading Coordinator, upon her defeat, to question just how desperate Erza is.


Let Carrot's fangirl mind run wild~!! (take 2)

Gajeel V Chase was pretty cool, but only because I like both Mages abilities... I guess compared to the others it was even quicker, and even more simple in terms of attacks, though, again, it's hard to argue with Gajeel getting stabbed from the inside of his body and then eating all of the blades protruding from his skin >:)

Dyst defeats Natsu

Where Natsu would have died... if his bones actually existed...

And finally Natsu V Dyst. Well >__> Eh. Natsu should have died (or at least broken his face and every other body part) from Dyst's attacks, though, being an anime, this obviously doesn't happen. Though, it was nice to see Natsu fall... for now...

Returning to the palace, Dyst arrives just in time to watch as Prince Puffpants combines the phoenix stones...


Dyst arrives just in time to push the freaky Prince aside, declare himself the new ruler and complete the resurrection, whilst in the square below, Eclair begins to burn at the stake she is chained to T^T Painful DX

Éclair burns

Nasty~! This was actually quite dark... quite dark...

The phoenix is then awoken... and... well, I was kinda like "WTF is THAT!?" for most of this scene, because I swear, whatever the hell that thing that came out of the phoenix stone was, it was as weird and fugly as all hell :/

As the monster destroys shit, Lucy and Natsu find Eclair, who managed to escape the fire thanks to the sacrifice of Momon T^T Also on the scene is Makarov, who meets Erza with Jet, revealing that they stole some form of weapon from the Magic Council to take the beast out. Way ta go Makka~!! That's how you do it ;D Steal shit and stuff :P

As Natsu and the others try to stop Dyst and the wtf-phoenix to no avail, Lucy moves Eclair through the town, and we finally figure out (Eclair somehow gets her memories back?) that Eclair is immortal, being made so my the blood of the phoenix specifically to ensure the stones destruction. Woah... okay... I guess I saw that coming...

Éclair and Lucy are saved by Geese

Saved by... Geese? o__O

What I didn't see coming was Lucy and Eclair getting into a near-death experience and the duo being rescued by Geese of all people o___O That was... a little stupid imo... ( .__.)

Anyways, more fighting, awesome FT music playing, we finally get some awesomeness, because who should show up but the Raijinshuu and Laxus~!! Yeah XD And they are actually smart, rather than just launching pointless attacks at the phoenix's mega huge body thing, they attack the foot, causing it to fall over. Meanwhile, Natsu uses nakama crap to take out Dyst >__>

However, even with Dyst down, the bloody phoenix is still up and good, and now even more people show up~! Mirajane (looking badass with Satan Soul) and the other prominent FT members all appear and all start beating the hell out of the phoenix, who only begins to absorb their Magic, and every other form of Magic, as it prepares for a huge mother-fucker attack to completely destroy the world.

Eclair then explains that the phoenix wants to destroy the world so that it (and only it) can be reborn from the ashes...

...Meh... seems legit...

Éclair confronted by Makarov

Makarov's plan... D;

However, Makarov has other ideas. He arrives on the scene and explains that the weapon he stole from the Council (made by Eclair's own father) can be used to destroy the phoenix forever, but, due to the fact that Eclair is immortal because of the phoenix, she will die too as a result. With Erza in standby (and looking awesome) to fire, Makarov asks Eclair to make the hard choice of giving up her life. Despite Lucy's want for the whole world to be destroyed and Eclair's life to be spared (yep, sure, let everyone else die painfully Lucy) Eclair accepts, and Erza fires the arrow into the phoenix's (?) eye.

Naturally this is the sad/dramatic scene, because Lucy is crying and screaming and Erza's arrow naturally doesn't completely pierce the shell of the phoenix (?), leaving Natsu to have to push it in himself.

Natsu succeeds of course, and the phoenix (?) begins to crumble to dust as Eclair also vanishes. Lucy screams some more, but we get the happy little image of Eclair and Momon meeting in the afterlife and stating that they will be happy together forever D; Happy but sad at the same time...

In the aftermath of the fight, Lucy and Wendy cry and Erza feels bad because Makarov never told her that the arrow would take Eclair's life, which I reckon is a little tight on Makarov's behalf, but anyways :/

Movie Promo Image

Yay for Mashima~! <3

Finally, as Lucy questions whether Magic is good or evil, we get the movie version of Mashima's very much loved movie teaser artwork, which, despite never being able to match anything Mashima-sama can create, is still very sweet :3

As the credits role, we gets some images of the clean up of Veronica, Fairy Tail rebuilding (wish they had Ultear and her Arc of Time I bet ;D) and Lucy seeing Eclair as a child walking down the street.


Okay... did I like it in the end?? Weeeeeell, it could have done without that bunch of nakama crap of Natsu's behalf right at the end there, but though these cliché bits did exist, they weren't necessarily ruining the movie.

So, I'm going to have to give the movie 8/10... if I had to give it a rating. It was good, but it wasn't amazing. The animation, for the most part, impressed me, and the score for the movie was, naturally, gorgeous <3

Eclair and some of the other characters introduced were really well done too :3 So, all in all a very nice job by the movie team here :) If they ever make another, I will be sure to check it out ;D

Until then, I'll just have fun imagining Erza in her wedding dress * ^ *

Wedding... dress??

Wait a second...




Carrot: Leli~! Rauleli~!!
Leli: *walks over to the hole* What is it Carry? I don't have time to play with you right now...
Carrot: Rauleli~!
Leli: *looks down into the hole to see Carrot in a beautiful wedding dress* C-Carry!? * ^ *
Carrot: Rauleli... my love~! I have decided... that I want to be with you forever and ever and ever!! Please marry me~! <3
Leli: C-Carry! @___@ *gets a rope to pull Carry out of the hole* I thought you'd never ask~! Of course I'll marry you!!
Carrot: *begins to get pulled out of the hole* Rauleli~!!
Leli: *keeps pulling* Carry~!
Carrot: *almost at the top* RAULELI~!! <3
Leli: *pulls Carrot out of the hole* CARRY~! <3
Carrot: Rauleli~! ... ... ... *stabs Rauleli through the chest with her pocket knife* ... ... Fuck off ( .__.)
Leli: *falls to the ground* Waaaahhh.. Carry... my... love?
Carrot: *pushes Leli into the hole* *dusts off hands* Well, that went better than expected. Now to just get out of this stupid Magazine headquarters without running into Prime or Jak >___> *skips off into the sunset*


Relikz This Month in the Manga
Rauleli | '
Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - April13
This Month in the Manga

April 2013

The Grand Magic Games ended, and the Eclipse Gate casts its shadow on the surroundings as its wings open. What will happen of Fairy Tail, both the series and the guild? Will Fiore's strongest group of Mages survive the incoming dragon Apocalypse (speaking about the guild)? And will Mashima come up with something better than what we've had for most of the recent chapters (speaking about the series)?

Stick to us and find out.

I - Chapter 326: Natsu vs. Rogue

TMITM - Ch326

Here starts April 2013's first chapter... just as the clock strikes twelve, Crocus' bells ring, and the 6th July ends.

It's the 7th July.

The fated day has come.

Fairy Tail is gathered in Crocus' "central park", the area it was tasked to protect, while the other guilds guard different sections of Fiore's capital (pretty sure Cerberus is watching over the place's hospital... Hell, this is what I'd been waiting for). Gazes dart to the sky, where the moon has been obscured... an eclipse is taking place.

Just as the homonymous Gate opens before everyone's eyes.

Not even Natsu and Rogue, still engaged in their duel, are unaware of the Gate's opening. Rogue notes how Lucy couldn't keep it closed, but states he's sure she'll get in the way, closing it somehow. Some Nakama Crap ensues on Natsu's side as the Fire Dragon Slayer pulls out his ever-so-hated Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, readying to land a mighty and devastating blow to his foe.

I Will Lucy Mistranslation

Yeah, I will Lucy too.

End of battle, Rogue down, Nakama Crap?

Not today.

Natsu is unable to land his attack, dazzled by a sudden burst of light from the Shadow Dragon Slayer, who goes on to reveal his "Villain Armor" (aka Plot Sword, Plot Armor Wrecker, Badass Twist, Malleus Villainarum or simply "Harold"), White Shadow Dragon Mode, which engulfs half of his body in light, and the other in pitch-black darkness.

Alright, this really isn't that much of a twist, but it's still better than nothing, right?

You'll understand why I outlined the previous sentence soon enough.

Now "possessing the properties of both light and darkness", Rogue goes on to attack Natsu at blinding speed (how come Sting never came up with something like this?), subsequently inflicting heavy damage upon him with the countless oversized needles of his White Shadow Dragon's Rough Silk.


Waxwing Flash, Rough Silk... Seriously, can Rogue get any more gay than this?

Natsu lies on the ground, questioning Rogue about his new skill... which the Shadow Dragon Slayer states he's obtained by killing Sting in the future.


Alright, now go read the outlined sentence again. That stays true for both this and the previous development.

The Fire Dragon Slayer asks his foe whether he doesn't really care about life at all, which he confirms. He then readies to finish off Natsu with what we'll likely see soon as the "White Shadow Dragon's Roar (though hey, it's not like we haven't seen different stuff before), but he's suddenly surrounded by a multitude of floating orbs, which hone in on him at the command "Flash Forward".

Yup, folks, Ultear's here.

The two female members of Crime Sorcière rush to the injured Natsu's side to help him... only to find Rogue's shadow trying to snatch him away.

Meanwhile, Eclipse's leaves are almost completely open. Everyone expresses their hopes for the weapon meant to keep humanity safe, and Wendy tells Lucy how her future counterpart would be happy about it. The Celestial Spirit Mage, however, has something else going on in her mind.

She slowly starts approaching the gigantic doorway, her wide open eyes showing something's wrong with her as she states she has to close Eclipse.

Shocked SM

Not really sure which one this chapter's shocking development was supposed to be, so I'm placing this here.

So, yeah, I must say I liked chapter 326. Rogue's White Shadow Dragon Mode was nothing special or particularly unexpcted, but I must say it was likely my favourite Something Something Dragon Mode so far due to the proverbial dichotomy it sports. Light's presumed speed was finally taken advantage of, and that Rough Silk move, despite its gay name and its relatively poor epicness when compared to "nails attack" from other series, was likeable. The bright trail from Rogue's seemingly injured eye, while nothing special, was a nice trait too.

Of course, everything I said above is made better by the fact that this set of skills brought down Natsu.

Hey, it's not like I expect him not to stand on his feet again in few chapters and beat the crap out of Rogue... but it's something to begin with, right?

As for "future Sting's" death... Remember what I said about Lucy 2.0's death (damn, should have highlighted that too)? Well, that stays true for Sting. So, yeah, nothing too shocking.

And Lucy's seeming trance... Well, let's wait and see. Might turn out to be something interesting.

Nice drawings, 2-pages shot of Rogue beating the crap out of Natsu, Cover showing some random Lucy.

II - Chapter 327: My Part Too

TMITM - Ch327

So, wazzup with Lucy?

The Celestial Spirit Mage continues walking towards the gate, crying for it to be closed, much to everyone's dismay. The Princess steps forward, telling her how Eclipse is the only weapon capable of stopping the incoming Dragons, but Lucy contradicts her, stating that the massive doorway leads to 400 years in the past... just as the earth starts shaking and something makes its way to Fiore from the Eclipse gate.

Dragons Coming Out of Eclipse

"Uh-uh... Anybody inside? So-sorry I didn't knock... Heard voices and decided to come... So many good people here! What about we become friends? Or maybe... maybe I should just impale you on skewers, roast your ass and then feast on your internal organs...! Yes, that sounds like a nice idea, too!"

Oh, fuck.

The new guest soon goes for the second option, knocking everyone down on their feet by clearing its throat and then trying out the gravity of today's Fiore by stomping gently, destroying a long section of Crocus in the process.

Oh well, accidents happen.

As shock and dismay spread everywhere in town, more inconveniente guests storm out of the gate. Lucy grabs a shocked Hisui, asking her how to close Eclipse, and the Princess points at a nearby pedestal. The Celestial Spirit Mage rushes in its direction, but is forced to momentarily back off when one of the newcomers, literally BURNING with enthusiasm, expresses its appreciation for the new world quite loudly, causing the host to welcome it by giving the (reptilian?) a flash of her underwear.

With her skirt back in place, Lucy grabs the large trigger meant to close the door (better known as "Detached Door Handle", "DDH"). When asked by Wendy about how she knew of the door, the Celestial Spirit Mage states that she had Crux research the whole thing, with the results being that Eclipse combines Magic from the Book of Zeref with Celestial Spirit Magic, allowing its user to input coordinates from the time travel... coordinates which were corrupted by the eclipse of the 7th July, causing the gate to connect nowadays Fiore with the one from 400 years ago, when dragons existed.

Seriously, with 364 other days to choose from, did you guys REALLY have to go for the 365th?

Damn, does someone in the entire place actually THINK?


As one more, rather rocky guest comes to he host's place, Lucy tries to close the gate, without success. Hisui despairs while standing still, proving herself useful as a knife during a gunfight, and Fiore's bustiest Celestial Spirit Mage gives out some Nakama Speech... which corresponds to Natsu's, who's now awake and seemingly unaffected by Rogue's shadow.


So... Well, yeah, this chapter was pretty neutral to me. Nothing special, and not much of a plot twist. Not saying it sucked either, but... But.

Some of the dragons seemed to have a nice design... but let's wait for the next review to comment on them.

Two 2-pages shots showed the first living dragon in ages making its way to the modern Fiore and destroying a large section of Crocus, respectively. Cover showing young Fairy Tail Mages for the umpteenth time.

III - Chapter 328: Zodiac

TMITM - Ch328

So, things really got fucked up for good. The opening of the Eclipse Gate proved to be a big, BIG mistake, dragons are storming the place and Lucy is powerless, unable to close the space-time doorway.

Don't worry, sistah, here comes the cavalry!

It's Yukino and Mirajane!


The former has gained her old outfit back through unknown means. Where did it come from? Wasn't it supposed to be back at Saber's place? Did the Celestial Spirit Mage have enough time to leave the castle and go back to the headquarters of the guild which covered her in crap to get what's rightfully hers back, EVERYTHING DURING A DRAGON DAY OF JUDGEMENT? Or maybe the King bought her attire from Jiemma in order to sink his face in it (in-manga fanservice?)? Anyhow, Angel 2.0's back to her former looks.

As for Mirajane... She's now wearing a dress.

"Sheds a tear" Farewell, spy leotard with thigh-high boots. The time we spent together was great.

Anyhow, Yukino comes with an idea: she urges Lucy to pull out her Golden Keys, wanting to close the Gate through the use of the 12 major Celestial Spirits. The two Celestial Spirit Mages unceremoniously throw the metal accessories into the air, join hands and then, under the amazed look of most of Fiore's mob of soldiers (employed either as cannon fodder or as amazed spectators, that is), summon the twelve Spirits, who are tasked with closing the door and shot towards it like bullets.

Zodiac Force


Django gun

"Well Major, I just got a ram of unquestionable charm and health, a maid eager to be hired by you, an imposing and slightly hairy butler who's grown horns instead of balls, a barber of questionable sexual tendencies, a rider-less horse firing arrows like an Indian, two blue tumbleweeds, a wild-haired town fag, a scorpion desperado, a trout of bizarre attractiveness, one of those Asian dancers, more trouts (which I heard can become a rather healthy fellow and his alluring female parent respectively) and a bull waiting to mate... but that would be taking advantage. And it wouldn't be right."

The group (instead of just going and pulling the lever which Lucy isn't strong enough to use) rushes towards the door and pushes its wings (stopping a rather hefty clone of Elfman's Beast Soul: Weretiger in the process... how is that supposed to be a dragon?), eventually managing to CLOSE THE ECLIPSE GATE.


All's well that ends well, right?

Oh no, wait... Dragons indeed made it through the gate.

Homer D&#039;OH!


When questioned by Arcadios on the number of reptiles who're still around, a cannon fodder/amazed spectator (who looks like he's been punched on the nose too many times) announces there are 7... just as Rogue 2.0 appears on the scene.

The Shadow Dragon Slayer notes how Lucy did indeed get in the way, but states that 7 dragons will suffice, adding that controlling ten thousands would have been a real nightmare.

Say what?!

The (former?) Sabertooth Mage's following words are welcomed in disbelief: his arms raised to the sky crowded with the flying reptilians, Rogue announces the end of human race and the beginning of the era of dragons.


Shocked SM

Soooooooo, all you were trying to do from the beginning was to fuck everyone, right?

Sheesh, I guess everyone needs a hobby as if the fascination with Gajeel and the overlong ponytail hadn't already given out your tendency to fuck people. Male people. Yeah.

As a first step, the Dragon Slayer from the future orders the dragons to kill all of the Mages scattered throughout Fiore... something they ready to carry out without a word.

Rogue can control dragons? WUT? What's up with this?

But of course the simplest possible explanation... The secret art of dominating dragons, Dragon Manipulation Magic.

Seriously, what an original idea.

And what an original name, since we're at it.


Rogue rapidly finds his place on one of his reptilian minions' foreleg, and then tells another he can do as he pleases... causing Zirconis, his listener, to rejoice at the thought of tasting humans. All of the Fairy Tail Mages who were present when Milky Way was casted watch on in dismay as the one who was dead is shown alive, having made his way to year X791 from the past alongside his brothers.

Elsewhere, the guests have started greeting their hosts: the Fairy Tail Mages stationed at central park are blasted away by the fierce roar of "Atlas Flame", the dragon(?) clad in flames who first introduced itself to Lucy, and Sabertooth doesn't waste time in assaulting a horned fella. Everyone else basically just has a look at how destructive dragons can be without doing much.

In the meantime, Rogue flies over Crocus aboard his scaly plane, rejoicing in destruction, until he spots something, a figure standing on top of a tower... Natsu.


What can I say... This chapter was peculiar. It all happened SOOOOO fast: Eclipse getting closed, Rogue being revealed as an asshole, dragons fucking everything, Natsu back to action (damn, already???)... Hell, had Mashima done more than that, he'd probably have finished the series right here, with 327 chapters behind him.

So, in the end, nothing special.

Nice art and portrayal of dragons, pretty epic 2-pages shot of Rogue and his newfound servants, and another of Atlas Flame causing some ruckus... without actually hurting everyone. The Cover, a color page of Lucy (in her "Celestial" attire) surrounded by the 12 "Golden" Celestial Spirits, is worth noting.

Alright folks, let's move on to... Oh, wait, no finishing chapter from Mashima this month. For no apparent reason. Oh well... Bye.

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
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Welcome to another issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, all in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Edolas arc.

Welcome back, readers! This month, we go through the Edolas arc. So as we know, we begin this arc with a little party over Wendy joining the guild with her bitch cat. The anime decided to insert some filler crap here, sadly. Since I'm apparently writing too much, I'll cut back on the text to give you guys what you want: dry humor!

Fairy Tail Wiki: We don't want that!

Ultra: Well suck it up, cause you're getting it anyways ;D

Everyone&#039;s reaction to Erza

This isn't from the arc. I'm just putting it in cause it's got bikinis.

So we basically begin with Lucy talking to Wendy about Fairy Hills, which we all saw in the extremely fanservice-laden OVA (and the manga omake, but the OVA shows more skin XD). While doing this, they're alerted to the incoming arrival of Fairy Tail's strongest Mage, Gildarts Clive, who went on a 100 year mission. This is a man for whom the whole earth moves, literally as Magnolia Town undergoes a little dominoes game to clear a path for his arrival since he destroys everything and is too stupid to avoid houses. Owing to this stupidity, Gildarts arrives at Fairy Tail but doesn't recognize it, owing in part to the assholes of Phantom Lord who destroyed the guild and forced it to be rebuilt. Gildarts is recognized though and liked by everyone. Sadly, he failed his 100 mission, which surprises everyone. Unfortunately this interesting tidbit of plot is never brought up again. Thanks a lot, Mashima >_>

After tossing him into the ceiling, to the pleasure of his haters, Gildarts invites Natsu to his house, where he later teases him and ships him with Lisanna. Sadly, Gildarts isn't up to date with current events like, y'know, her death. Oh, there's also the mention of a Black Dragon. This'll be important later on.

So skip forward a bit, Wendy finds out that the one who she met as a child wasn't Jellal but his lookalike Mystogan. As she's told that Fairy Tail will be destoryed, she turns to save the guild only to find out that it's gone. C'ept for Natsu, who got buried under rubble. Cue an explanation from Carla the bitch about Edolas, which is losing Magic and is where everything went, and we're off to a new world.

After getting into a warehouse and putting on some new clothes, the gang discovers what appears to be their guild. But something's wrong cause Elfman's a pussy, Cana refuses to drink, Lucy's gone goth and Juvia's showing more skin than Gray, who's dressed like he's going to Canada. Welcome to Edolas Fairy Tail, the polar express opposite. There's also a Lisanna here, who Natsu and Happy go nuts over. Suddenly, we get Erza's slutty Edolas counterpart, Knightwalker, shows up to eliminate the guild. To get out, we have Edolas Lucy and Edolas Levy argue (polar opposites, eh?) before teleporting the entire building away.

Once the situation is explained, the group leaves decides to leave to rescue their nakama. Joined by Lucy Ashley, Lucy's counterpart, the Mages buy a few items from a black market shop cause the asinine kingdom decided to ban Magic for everyone to keep it for themselves.

While hiding, the gang discovers their own friend Lucy, who can use Magic in the world when they can't and decides to call herself Fairy Tail's strongest (at the moment) Mage. Troll your friends, much? Turns out, she was sent by Mystogan, who is looking for other Fairy Tail Mages.

Ashley asking Natsu

NaLu FTW >:)

And what would Fairy Tail be without some fanservice? When the gang enters a hotel, we get a nice scene of Edolas Lucy finding out her body is the exact same as Lucy Heartfilia and offering to show Natsu their more...intimate parts. Naturally, Earth Land Lucy doesn't want this to happen since she won't show Natsu her body till their married (or at least till they've both had enough to drink). One haircut and a night later, Edolas Lucy runs off, leaving a note to explain her cowardice and pissing off Lucy. Well, whatever. She wasn't that great other than for fanservice.

So to get to the royal city, the gang has to fight the knights, where Virgo appears in place of Loke who, despite liking Lucy, is on a date. With whom? Well, we never know. Anyways the gang is saved by Natsu's edolas counterpart, who's a boss on vehicles and a pussy off them.

Alright so the next stuff is boring. Be warned.

Arrive at the city. Boring.

The King's speech. Boring.

Come up with a plan. Boring.

Captured by slutty Captain Erza. Boring.

So now here is where we find out that Happy and Carla are Exceeds who are revered as gods to people in Edolas. Apparently, they were sent to kill the Dragon Slayers by their God/Queen for whatever reason cause we all know someone who can kill a Dragon will die if they fight a cat which is only able to use Aera. Cue the nakama "We are Fairy Tail" stuff and Happy and Carla fly away.

Oh, yeah, they met Nichiya, who happens to be Ichiya's Edolas counterpart. Clearly, Mashima didn't want to draw another ugly man at this point and decided to draw an ugly cat.

So the two cats, now "Fallens", wind up hiding and staying with an married couple, where they regain their faith and their ability to fly, which they haven't had lately. This elderly couple is soon revealed to be Happy's parents.

Interesting note: In the Animax Asia English dub, Happy's father has the same voice actor as Gajeel.
Lucy hanging from Knightwalker&#039;s spear

I see London; I see France...

Meanwhile in her cell, Lucy is taken out by Knightwalker. Deciding to spout her nakama talk to convince her she can be like the Erza of Earth Land, Lucy talks to her but only succeeds in pissing her off and making her want to drop her off the edge of the castle. It's then that Carla and Happy show up and Carla claims to be the princess, without knowing she actually is. The plan works but Pantherlily shows up to screw it all up for them. At the same time, members of the Royal Guard of Extalia and turned into a huge gummy cat.

Wendy attached to a machine that sucks out her magic

Lolicon's dream.

Meanwhile, Natsu and Wendy are being held captive by a small man and having their bodily fluids Magic extracted by means of his machine. For some reason, he starts on Natsu. Guess he wants to save Wendy for last ( ._.) Anyways, so while the gang goes to save 'em, they're ambushed but luckily, their Erza and Gray (half naked, as always) show up to save their asses. Having been saved by Gajeel, who was sent by Mystogan, the two help out and help free Natsu and Wendy. Of course, Erza stayed to fight Knighwalker, scaring the crap out of Natsu at the thought of 2 Erzas.

So when Happy takes Gajeel to the big Lacrima so he can free everyone with Dragon Slayer Magic, Pantherlily shows up and Gajeel decides to make him his cat, having previously spent every night of his recent life crying over not having one while Natsu and Wendy did. At the same time, Natsu, Gray and Lucy wind up in an amusement park controlled by Hughes and they have to fight him and Sugarboy. Now let's take some time to appreciate Lucy's female form.

Alright, perverts time to get back to reading.

Omega: Damn >_<

Hungry: *zips up pants* Oh, we done already?

So back to the story, Lucy's sex appeal fails-

Reli: Gay!

Yeah, no duh. Anyways, so cue the short man coming around, Lucy thinking he wants her key (even though he wouldn't be able to use them) and fighting him when he turns into a giant octopussy with her new whip given to her by her Celestial Spirit. Meanwhile, Gray strips and fights the gay Elvis and after destroying the key that could save their friends, remakes it cause his memory is just that good.

When the two are seemingly captured by Knightwalker, and the Magic sucked out might be used to destroy the Exceed homeland, it all turns out to be Erza's ruse. We all know that girl would never lose XD. So Lucy and Coco, an adviser girl who decided to betray the kingdom, show up on a Legion and help everyone get out of the place to save Extalia, which actually is in danger.

So Wendy and Carla try warning the Exceed but they're too stubborn to listen and think their queen will save them. As they stone the poor girl and her cat, the queen arrives. She's got the power of foresight 'cept she has a missing wing and is actually weak and mislead the people. Cue crying. Cue speech on how they can win! We're off! The whole gang tries to stop the lacrima from crushing Extalia and to prevent it from doing so, the Prince of Edolas, Mystogan arrives and sends it back to Earth Land. Yay! I don't care what they say, you own Jellal any day of the week ;)

Crap, I should be careful in case Carrot is nearby ( ._.)

Just as it seems alright, Pantherlily, who once saved Mystogan as a kid and got cast out for it, get shot down by Erza Knightwalker and King Faust arrives in a mech which is nowhere near as cool as Gurren Lagann mech. Mystogan lets himself get beaten so he can find Pantherlily while the 3 Dragon Slayers fight Faust. The battle is arduous but in the end, later on, Fairy Tail prevails as always

Erzas get physical

Erzas get physical =P

At the same time, Lucy, Gray, Carla and Happy try fighting the army but are soon overpowered until the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild comes to their rescue. Much to Loke's great happiness. Meanwhile, Erza fights Knightwalker in what is undoubtedly an epic battle. The stuff about "self" here isn't too preachy and the scale is quite nice even though we won't see it again in the sky. In the Anima chambers, Mystogan and Pantherlily arrive so Mystogan can formulate his plan.

He is ridding Edolas of its Magic and wants to make himself a villain and let Pantherlily to kill him so he can unite the humans and the Exceed by being a hero. Pantherlily doesn't like it and wants the opposite. As they argue, Nadi shows up and shows that Natsu and his gang are getting nuts outside. Wendy's even trying to scare kids, though it doesn't work since she's so cute, thankfully Gajeel is there to help her out. Natsu is now "The Great Demon Lord" who is sucking out the Magic. Mystogan and Natsu then delve into a physical brawl when the former realizes what's going on and in the end, Mystogan is victorious and I'd have been pissed as hell if he lost to Natsu at anything

With that, Edolas has no Magic and all the Earth Land people are returning home. Everyone's sad but it's ultimately a nice hard ending to this arc.

Take Over siblings reunited

Take Over siblings reunited

Little extra bits after the return to Earth Land is that the Exceed never send Carla and Happy to kill Dragon Slayers but rather, to save them from humans. Oh, and they came to Earth Land too since Anima threw out all Magic. And something else came back too: a chibi Pantherlily and he brought along an old friend. Turns out she didn't die. She was just sent to Edolas but couldn't come back after bonding there till Anima said otherwise. Yeah, nice job at the BS Mashima >_>

So after a reunion between the take-over siblings, we've come to the end of the Edolas arc.

In the end, people have called this Fairy Tail's Skypiea arc. We can see the similarities since both are really long and involve going elsewhere and fighting against some gods (at least somewhat). So ultimately, we close out this arc with a happy reunion. Was it does as best as it could be? Nope. But is it Fairy Tails' worst arc? Not really. Just never lived up to where it could've gone. Sadly, that's been said about Fairy Tail a lot.

Next time we look at one of Fairy Tail's most loved and hated arcs. Look forward to it!

Best Quote of the Arc
"Even though we lack Magical power... we humans will continue to live on!"
- Mystogan to the people in Bye Bye Fairy Tail.
Best Magic of the Arc

Dorma Anim. It was a cool Dragon mech so w/e to those who hated it. And I don't care if it's not a "Magic".

Best Moment of the Arc

Mystogan beating up Natsu.

Best Chapter of the Arc

The one where Lucy shows some skin ;)

Best Episode of the Arc

Episode 87

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Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing one of the most woman-respecting perverts on the site, Monkey.D.Me !

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us a little about yourself.

Monkey.D.Me: (Looking at the sky and spacing out.) The clouds are so nice today..

Fairy Tail Wiki: Pay attention to the questions whore (ಠ_ಠ)

Monkey.D.Me: About myself? Hmmm .. Let’s see. My name is Monkey.D.Me.. People who hate me from very depth of their hearts call me MDM. Girls who dream about me every night call me Honey, Sweetie, Hot Stuff, Hotrod and ect ect ..

Fairy Tail Wiki: Move the fuck on (ಠ_ಠ)

Monkey.D.Me: Well I was born in India, the land of exotic food and million gods. Later I moved to Canada to receive better education thou it was a down-right mistake >_> so I did my High School here in Canada and now I am doing Mechanical Engineering Design and Drafting in college. OH, and I am handsome macho man with Heavenly Body that surpasses Jellal’s ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

YumYum: NO YOU DON’T WHORE! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡︵(\ .o.)\

Monkey.D.Me: Haters Gonna Hate >_> (Starts reading from a paper) Well I am medium-build young-adult with black hair, black eyes and light-tanned skin. I am helpful, stubborn and loving at the same time. I am active member on One Piece wiki as well as Fairy Tail wiki. Anything else?

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?

Monkey.D.Me: Truth or should I let my Imagination run wild?

Fairy Tail Wiki: Truth (ಠ_ಠ)

Monkey.D.Me: Well, as I said I was active member on One Piece wiki. Nico Robin was one of my favourite female character and in recent data book they published her measurements.. And around same time I started reading Fairy tail and Erza also became my favourite female character. SO, I was curious to see whose measurements are bigger, better and curvier than other ^_^ so I searched and the link took me to Erza’s page on this wiki. Later I saw a familiar face in the “Chat List” whom was Iamhungry4444 =_= so I joined the chat and.. I WAS HOOKED!! I love you guys, FREE HUG AND KISSES! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Mega: Take one step forward and I ban you (ಠ_ಠ)

Fairy Tail Wiki: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?

Monkey.D.Me: 5 Tips.. hmmm

• Don’t mistake wiki life with your real life. While wiki life is indeed your getaway from the stress and bullshit of reality ( _ _) it can’t be ignored or avoided. Face the troubles that you are having in your lives. Learn to stand up if you are hurt. Try again if you have failed. Apologize if you have made a mistake. Help others if care for each-other. Remember, wiki is not the one giving your school Report Cards or Giving you allowance for lunch money. Its your parents and school. So treasure the reality and if you ever need help or support, then looks back and we all your wiki-family will be there to support you. Thats what friends are for, thats what wiki is for and thats what makes us a perfect community ^_^

• Respect women which include treating them with care and love. This does not just apply to your Wiki-Gf or girl you have crush on.. its for your Mother, your Sister or even that annoying girl that keep asking you to add her to your facebook. Every woman deserves the every ounce of respect and love this world has to offer. (pervy face) some more than other~

• MY LOVELY BELOVED LADIES AND REST OF YOU SHITTY GUYS, be sure to know the difference between illusion and reality. I am sure you all are aware and know the difference but just felt like reminding that imaginary characters of manga can’t compared with the real people. While fangirling and fanboying is just means to express your attachment to the character, be sure to not hurt someone’s feelings over a character that is mere illusion. Remember, for “feelings” to exist.. there needs to be existence of “feel”.

• OK, serious shit aside .. stay away from following female members .. Jess, Niji and Chaos ^_^ simply put, they are my “targets” ;)

• Hmmmm also, stay away from following people.. Rem, Mega, IH and Rai .. >_> for your own safety. Don’t say later that I didn’t warn you =_=

Fairy Tail Wiki: And, for once I thought you were serious about something..

Monkey.D.Me: (picking his nose while spacing out) Serious what?

Fairy Tail Wiki: Why do you create such random blogs?

Monkey.D.Me: Is that a compliment or flat-out insult? Well anyways, making blogs has been my favourite hobby on wikis. I made many blogs on One Piece wiki in which more than 80% were totally random ^_^ but people loves them cause of the humour and randomness. So when I moved to Fairy Tail wiki, I decided to carry my legacy of randomness here as well.. and surprising as this may sound ^_^ I fit in. This wiki is random and full of idiots just like me ^_^

Fairy Tail Wiki: Should I be offended for being called random or feel happy?


Fairy Tail Wiki: Do you consider yourself a good blogger?

Monkey.D.Me: Another trick question >_> Well.. yes and no. Yes, cause I have made a successful career in blogging at both One Piece Wiki as well as Fairy Tail wiki. I don’t like to brag but I have made 137 blogs in total FT and Op wiki combined. Out of which 37 have comments over 100. I make humour blogs which entertains everyone and sometime make some discussion blogs which later also turns into party. Thus, my goal of making sure that everyone had fun gets achieved. BUT ..

No, cause my blogs are not exactly the ideal type of blogs that should be posted on wikis. Blogs are about educational discussion and exchange of opinions in professional manner. Blogs are to express your part or to notify the community of any important information. My blogs do none of this ( _ _) So in conclusion .. do I consider myself a good blogger? .. Well.. its Complicated ^_^

Fairy Tail Wiki: Why are you so obsessed with women?

Monkey.D.Me: Obsessed? What? Hahahaha (hiding all his 18+ treasures) where did you get such wrong idea from? Hahahaha (Signals his minions to burn all lingerie stolen from various female member’s houses) You got the wrong man ^_^ I am 100% innocent ..

Fairy Tail Wiki: (ಠ_ಠ)

Monkey.D.Me: okay ( _ _) I am obsessed. But .. There is SO MUCH TO LOVE ABOUT THEM! Women are kind, loving, beautiful and finest among god’s creations ^_^ They make the wheels of mankind spin. They support the credit card industry with their shopping Speers. They sing, they dance, they turn off the lights ;) How can a Man refuse to acknowledge such wonder?

Fairy Tail Wiki: Then, How about men?

Monkey.D.Me: What are those? (picking nose)

Fairy Tail Wiki: Do you have a particular type of woman?

Monkey.D.Me: Hmmmm.. sure, A combination of Erza from FT and Robin from OP. Erza’s Scarlet hair, Robin’s curvy body and C-Cups, Erza’s Cheerfulness and naughtiness, Robin’s smarts and sense of fashion. They both are ideal women that everyman wants to date ^_^ so since I can’t make choice between two.. WHY CAN’T I HAVE BOTH?!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Have you ever considered combining your love for women and blogging by making erotic blogs?

Monkey.D.Me: Hmmm nice question, I give you that.. well, mainly I am worried about the community’s reaction to such creations. Most of the members on FT wiki are bellow age of 16 so erotic blogs are not suitable in their developing years >_> but then again, I seen few girls who are in high school reading 50 Shades of Gray .. that book is not exactly teen friendly >_> .. but since you have mentioned .. let me give it a try .. EROTIC BLOG.. Here goes for nothing ( _ _)

(MDM enters the stage wearing leather jeans and unbuttoned Tango shirt)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to MDM’s Exotic Talk Show, here we invite and “feel” the discussion with our best female society members. Today’s talk topic is “Lack of Erotic Moments in Fairy Tail”. Please welcome our guests Niji Shakura and JessILU.

(Following is blog author narration of the two women just walking in.)

My heart was beating hard cause of nervousness. Encountering such beautiful women at once was making my body feel heavily and uncomfortable. I was sweating but my body was frozen that wouldn't move to my will. I wanted to drink water to calm my nervousness but before I get a chance, the show lights were on and Niji Shakura and JessIlu walked in on the stage. Niji Shakura, also known as Niji was a pretty girl in her 20s known her sexy appeal. Her eyes were sharp and seductive to a level that I felt it was undressing me standing. She was wearing short dress with revealing top where most of my focus got targeted. Later when I forced my focus out of there, it was locked on the beautiful legs of other angel standing before me, JessIlu. Also known as Jess and considered the Sweetheart of the Wikia, she was beautiful women wearing a dress. I didn’t realize when did my body moved on its own and received kiss on cheeks from these two women and returned to its frozen position from before. The feelings that i felt at the end of this little reward was slight tingle between my legs. They both sat on the guest seats and Jessilu crossed her feets revealing her beautiful legs which forced the words out of my mouth “You have beautiful legs”.

I was afraid if I sounded weird but she smiled and adjusted her feet running her hands down her smooth legs slowly up from her toes to her ankles and purred like a kitten-

(MDM realizes that FT Wiki has already grabbed lotion and tissues)


Fairy Tail Wiki: Ah, Oops .. sorry, >_> that was quite a .. “creative” writing .. um, .. moving on ..

Monkey.D.Me: =_= one question.. are you He? She? Or Chaos?

Fairy Tail Wiki: I bet your family owns a gas station. ಠ◡ಠ

Monkey.D.Me: No no no, my Family owns couple KFC where we make the finest fried chicken and waffles. Jerk chicken is our speciality. My brother owns a branded shoe shop where he sells top company Athletic shoes and T-shirts like Adidas and Nike. We take back the shoes even if the customer brings them back after using them for one month. Also, I own a wholesale warehouse full of grape juice =_=


Monkey.D.Me: lol I lied, I just own a Convenience Store (ಠ⌣ಠ)

Rai: .. ಠ_ಠ .. (Shoplifts and runs away) Trolololol

Monkey.D.Me: (Runs after him) GET YOU BLACK ASS BACK HERE (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Well, that's all folks! I wish I could say more, but I'm a little preoccupied with running at the moment. Next month I'll be interviewing with a new user on our site who has to be the most arrogant, annoying, BLASPHEMOUS, son of a bitch I have ever met. Look forward to it!!

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
  • How much does a Dragon weigh?
  • What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
  • In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
  • Who was your first crush?
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Jenny Realight
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: I would use my body to charm them, but that doesn't seem to work on these primitive beasts. I suppose I'll have to fight with Magic.
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: I don't know! Does anyone know!? Till recently, everyone thought Dragons didn't exist anymore!
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
Ren sees Hibiki and Jenny
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: They do it. Why would I do that work...they are lucky to have a woman such as me interested in them. My ideal relationship is one where I am stimulated, and happy. Until then, my current will do.
Who was your first crush?
A: A girl never tells. Blush
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: Uhhh... I think we have to work together. I mean, I know my Magic is amazing and all, but even an entire dragon could be a bit much for me :<
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: ... ... A- A lot?? o___O
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: I think about all the people who are trying to steal my Lyon and plan malicious ways to murder them and get them to baaa-
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: 0__0!!
A: Uhhhh... I mean... You know... read a book... or something? *tries to smile*
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: Awwwww *clutches hands together* It's so romantic when the man makes the first move! When they introduce themselves and slowly begin to show you their feelings... *blushes and swings from side to side* That's true love! Love I say! And then he buys you chocolates and picks you flowers, and you go walking in-
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: ... Man... and I thought I had a wild imagination... ( .___.)
Who was your first crush?
A: I haven't had a true crush yet. I don't have nearly enough love for that! But just you wait, I will soon! *determined face* Wait for me Lyon! I'm coming for you!!
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: What do you mean how? With my fists of course.
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: Hmm.... about 35 pounds!
Happy: Aye Sir!! 35 pounds!!
Lucy: Umm... I don't think that's right....
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: Nothing!! Nothing at all! And don't believe whatever Erza told you she caught me doing!!
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: I don't get in relationships.
Who was your first crush?
A: I don't remember!
Lisanna: Really?
Natsu: Shut up!
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Ren Akatsuki
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: These things are incredibly tough and my Magic alone isn't working. Looks like we're gonna have to turn to Plan B.
Eve Tearm: Outsmart them?
Hibiki Lates: No...
Ichiya: Jazz off!
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: Enough to break the ground...but it's not like I know that cause of experience...
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: The guild is the only place where they could deliver my tanning Lacrima. I need it to maintain my appearance. Though I do wish Ichiya wouldn't use it when I wasn't looking. It gets hard to clean.
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: I do it but...darn girls...I'm not doing it cause I l-like you or...anything like that...
Who was your first crush?
A: She was some girl in our guild. Not like I could ever do anything though since she was with Hibiki. I hear she was a total nutcase anyways. But, I guess...that wouldn't be the worst thing...I mean...I like roughness...
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: Dragons look like fish! I'm gonna eat them (=^ェ^=)
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: They can't weight more than Lucy :3
Lucy tries to kill Happy
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: Aye

Interviewer: What does that mean?

Happy: Aye

Interviewer: >_> next question...

In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: Well, it depends. In my relationship with Carla or with fishes?

Interviewer: uhhh...

Who was your first crush?
A: Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla! ~carla~ Carla!
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: What I do best of course! I'ma slap it in it's ugly ass face! Gyahaha!! 
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: Look at it... it's the size of a fucking house! How much do you think it weighs!? My soul is shaking just thinking about it!!
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: What any man does when he's all alone... ... ... ... books that everyone thinks I don't, write the story I'm hoping to get published next year, watch chick flick movies... the usual >__>
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: Dude! You have to make the first move! You gotta get in there and tell that chick that she's hawt as hell and get you some of her ass. Gyahaha.... doesn't work any other way *smirk*
Who was your first crush?
A: Hmm... Some chick I ran into at a bar one day. Man that girl could hold her alcohol.... almost beat mah ass. Heck, she was more impressive than that Cana chick from Fairy Tail. Well, that was until I grabbed her ass... turns out the huge brute sitting next to her the whole time was her boyfriend. That didn't end too well :/
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: Hmph, I'll nag them to death
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: They can't weight more than Lucy :3
Scary Lucy
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: Find ways I can be bitchier
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: Well, it depends. In my relationship with Wendy or that stupid cat?

Interviewer: uhhh...

Who was your first crush?
A: No one.
Happy about Erza&#039;s punishment
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
The Dragons are here! How do you plan to fight them!?
A: I won't have to. Unless Lucy's weak ass can't handle them by herself- On second thought, looks like I will be fighting them.
How much does a Dragon weigh?
A: About the same as Lucy.
Lucy: Hey!
What do you do when you're all alone in the guild?
A: I'm never in that filthy guild period.
In your relationships, would you make the first move or do you let your partner do that?
A: My Scorpio made the first move!! ♥
Who was your first crush?
A: I-I'll never tell!!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
TheCarrotSaysYumYum Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 16: April 2013

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

The Wiki
Wedding of Rem and Toshi GMG New Wiki Background
So Rem and Toshi got married this month, however, the two of them are my children, meaning its INCEST! so, should incest be allowed in this wiki?!!!

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 116 people voted.
What do you think of the new temporary background?

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 149 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
(Poll by Minty) What is your favorite event of the Grand Magic Games arc so far?!

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 172 people voted.
So with the ending of the anime (for now) the community has decided to feature one anime episode each month in the front page. This month we are featuring the first episode. So, let's vote for the second featured episode!

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 159 people voted.
Fiore Guilds vs Dragons Anime
Who do you hope dies in the struggle?!!

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 196 people voted.
How long do think the anime will be on hiatus?

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 180 people voted.
Pokemon Pokemon
So if you read last month's Magazine comments, then you know that I've started to play the Pokemon games. So I'm about to start playing Generation 5 games. Which starter is the awesomest?!

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 132 people voted.
Which Gen 5 game should I play first?!

The poll was created at 16:54 on May 4, 2013, and so far 142 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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