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The Official Fairy Tail Wiki Magazine, Issue 14, 28 February 2013

Cover fourteen

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Contents 14
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  4. Sexiest Mage Alive
  5. Ugliest Mage Alive
  6. This Month in the Anime
  7. This Month in the Manga
  8. The Earth Land Chronicles
  9. Gate of the Horoscope
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Cover fourteen

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


YO YO YO YO YO PEOPLE~~!! It's the Carrot again, welcoming you back to the all new Tech Updates page for Feb 2013...

Oh... come on... you know... that page nobody ever reads... >__> Yeah, well we're still here, so suck it up.

Anyways, I'd like to thank Prime for covering for me last month, and, more importantly, give a shout out to last month's winner, Laven Heartfilla!!

Congrats Laven!

I don't know if Prime gave Laven her prize, but I have decided what I'm going to give out now. Basically, hopefully, you guys know that I am on deviantart as a lineart maker and colourer. Well, every winner of this section will be able to request 1, and 1 only, colour or lineart, which I will then colour/make for them. It can be of anything (within reason), meaning it is not limited to only Fairy Tail. As such, if you win, contact me on my talk page with your request. Hopefully now you all actually want to play this game. Evan and Laven, I look forward to hearing from you ;D

I also forgot. Anons, feel lucky because you can also play and win this prize, as I am not limiting this to users only :)

Whatever though right? I know you now all just want to get into the game to win and make me waste my precious time for you, so, here is this month's rule:

Rather than 5 updates being wrong, 5 have ceased to exist! "Oh no! That is horrible!!", you all scream as you rush to find them ;D

Well, that's it... no hints for you losers :3 Best of luck to everyone!

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • A very pointless discussion about Ivan Dreyar's Illusion Magic ended in nothing actually happening.
  • Rogue's real name and it's possible translations were discussed and one chosen.
  • Salberay's name was not changed after a vote.
  • Belletokia's name got an extra "L" added to it >__>
  • An anon tried to argue with me in a discussion about Shagotte's name.
  • Despite it being freakin' hilarious, Gogotora was not renamed Go-Go-Tiger T^T
  • It was once again voted upon, and finally, Cuberos is now Cubellios.
  • Bero is no longer an old man.
  • Apparently Team Makarov is more formal, and is the new name of the article.

Image Changes

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMAF (13)

Zeref Avatar

Zeref SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Zeref. He's a Mage that's hundreds of years old, but takes the form of a teenage boy. He employs Death Magic as his main form of Magic and is revered as the most evil Mage to ever live.

Quote SMA (Feb13)

(Zeref to Ultear Milkovich)"I see... so you people are the Apple of Discord here. It's sad, how you've managed to anger me."

Who should be March's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 15:10 on March 3, 2013, and so far 519 people voted.

Ultraprime2 Avatar Ugliest Mage Alive
Ultraprime2 | Intern
IamJakuhoRaikoben Ugliest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

UMAF (13)

Sugarboy prof

Sugarboy UMA
This month's Ugliest Mage Alive is a man whom we know relatively little about. Not that we're complaining. It's Sugarboy from Edolas. He is Captain of the 4th Magical Division. He's highly loyal to his king for reasons that are suspected to be less than wholesome. His hobbies include gliding through the air and spying on his friends changing. These hobbies aren't mutually exclusive either.

Quote UMA (Feb13)

(Sugarboy on every possible occasion) "Can you let go of me? I'm not big on holding hands with another man."
- Sugarboy to Gray Fullbuster in Big Fat Liar

Who do you think should be March's Ugliest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 15:04 on March 3, 2013, and so far 267 people voted.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Anime
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer and Rauleli's Dance Slave
Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA Header - February13
This Month in the Anime

February 2013

I've made a grave mistake...

It all started last month when Leli came in to check on my progress for TMITA, and I quickly came up with some stupid story that I was having trouble writing because my fringe kept falling in my eyes. Luckily the idiot reacted the way I wanted him to and pinned my hair back with a bobby pin, which I later used to pick my locks. Unfortunately, that was noisy and I thought I heard him coming, so I quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher (he may be a creep, but at least Leli is fire safe) from the wall and whacked him over the head when he came in.

And that's when everything went wrong...

I had just assumed that we were in some building somewhere and that when I left my room (which is windowless) I'd be able to run straight out and never look back... but I was wrong. Seems these Fairy Tail Wiki magazine writers all live in some underground bunker, and try as I might I couldn't find the exit or anything close to it. I was running out of time, and then I heard Leli come to, so I ducked into the massive vents that are in the building and hid there whilst he left. I tried to follow him, but there are a bunch of locked and coded doors, and I had to give up or be seen. However, I think Leli believes I've managed to get out.

And this is where the problem lies...

I've been living in the massive hidden vent system of the FTSM headquarters for over a month now. I steal food from the kitchens and stuff, and it's not that bad, but I still need to escape. Leli tried to pull some stunt by getting some guy to pose as my "brother" and get me back, but I'd never seen the man in my life and knew he was lying... Guess he has creep friends to help him >__> So, I'm stuck here until I can find my way out, but I've also remembered Leli's earlier threat on my darling Jellal, so I still send him TMITA (posing as being sent from random locations) so that he will hopefully spare him until I can figure this mess out.

If you are reading this, please, help me. There is only a matter of time before I slip up like Leli did with the pin and he finds me... because I know he is looking for me... and I know he won't give up.

He will find me.

TMITA - Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail cheering squad

This group shot is so much nicer than the one from the previous opening...

Hmmmm... Well, for a start, can I just say that I am very happy to be finally rid of the last opening. Arg... I never got into and and still do not like it very much at all. Replacing it is an opening that isn't actually half bad. I have to admit, the song doesn't really do it for me, but it is by no means bad.

In terms of what we actually see, I think this opening actually does quite a good job at not showing many spoilers. One of the problems people often have with FT openings is that they do just that, but I think this one is pretty good.

Of course they drop the Sting/Rogue v Natsu/Gajeel battle, however, even when reading the manga we all figured this out anyways, so I'm sure the anime-only crowd has too. Despite this, many other things remain hidden, or aren't tackled in a way that spoil. For instance, we get Laxus looking badass, but not attacking Team Raven Tail. We get Lucy in the hospital, but we don't know from what. We get the hooded figure, but, luckily, no drop on who it is.

Future Lucy looks at the stadium

A very nice way to end

The opening is also animated far better than the last, and this boosts its respectability in my eyes. Especially that one little section with Kagura and Millianna looking all evil. Perfectly done ^__^ Perfect! There are a couple of sections that are a bit :/ but mostly good. I have to admit though that seeing Sting and Rogue pulling their awesome light and shadow upgrades and then Gajeel and Natsu glowing red and green was a little lame XD Sting and Rogue were cool, but... the glowing??

It ended nicely, dropping that low, almost sinister cord and showing the hooded figure, something which just wrapped up the whole thing.

Though it isn't my favourite, a job well done here :)

TMITA - We're the Stars

I don't have much to say about this new ending. I like it more than the last one, by far, but it definitely wasn't a stand out.

The song is... it's okay. I don't know, but I like the endings that are generally faster and have more pace, plus, I am a little annoyed that the ending featured Lucy again. I liked it more when it seemed to use the characters of the arc, or change them up. As such, when, in the Tenrou Island arc, they used Natsu for the ending Kono Te Nobashite I was annoyed too (even though that was a great ending) because I really wanted to see Cana there instead. But... whatever I guess... we did get some cute shots, and they didn't repeat over and over and OVER like they did in the last ending, so it was nice.

However, it gets a major boost for having that Crime Sorciere chibi * ^ * SO CUTE I ALMOST DIED!! :3 Plus, the other chibis were adorable too ;D

TMITA - Ep167
sent from: Edmonton, Canada.

Hmmm... I don't know where I stand with this episode. In one sense, I'm happy the anime crew decided to expand it out in order to cover some plot that was quickly washed over and therefore slow their progress, but on the other had I feel it wasn't tackled as well as it could be.

We start with another recap that NOBODY CARES ABOUT! I mean, oh my gosh... every episode is now starting with the first five minutes either recapping the last episode or replaying the last five minutes of the last episode. I am so sick of it I want to puke, but again, I know it's necessary, so I try to let it go.

Erza dual sword technique

See the drop in quality? Cause I certainly do...

Anyways, after this recap Erza enters the giant castle, and this is where things get a bit iffy. It is really easy to see the instant change (<- I almost said drop, but I'm being nice) in the animation style, and if I'm honest, this whole episode was animated on and off. Annoyingly so.

Moving on though, Erza starts to attack and then one of the beasts breathes fire at her! How is she going to counter thi- oh, no... wait... we have to skip to Gray so that he can tell us the beast breathes fire. Wow Gray... YOU DON'T SAY!! Gosh, I'm actually blind and missed that fact, so thank you for pointing it out to me. I'm such an idiot sometimes...

No! This is what has been annoying me lately with the anime. This expanding through assumption that the audience are complete and utter dumb asses. I'd rather watch Erza stand as the debris clears for the 10 seconds than hear Gray tell me what I already know. It happened too many times in this ep, and annoyed me to no end.

Whatever though. Here is where things actually start to get interesting. Erza reappears and slashes the fire beast with her Sea Empress Armour sword. *begins to clap* Well done anime team, this is what I want to see, you guys using your brains! I've always wondered why when faced with a Fire Mage Erza would Requip to her Flame Empress Armour with a fire sword. I mean, sure, the armour is effective because her enemy now can't attack her properly, but why would she attack them with their own element?? It seemed counter-intuitive to me. As such, I was glad to see her here using opposite elements and mixing armours and weapons. It's a concept I enjoy and I'm surprised actually that Mashima hasn't used it in the manga... Ah well...

WAIT A SEC!! That shot! That one shot of the audience at 6:42 XD Just how many freakin' times has that shot been played? Oh man... do those people seriously sit in the same spot and have the same expression on every day of the Games?? Damn animators >__>

Mystogan GMG

I have decided over my years as an FT fan that Mystogan's pants make no logical sense. What are they? How are they held up? How the HELL do you take them off? I mean... who designed that? Poor Jellal... they seem like the most retarded pants to ever have to wear D: You have my pity...So... if you want to take them off any time soon, be my guest ;D

Erza continues in this fashion for a while. We get a shot of her hitting something and then a shot of someone in the audience, repeated over and over (if you want to see some pretty funny/dodgy animation, check out Jura at 7:40 XD)... even Doranbolt crying (haha Jak) and Jellal, who is still wearing Mystogan's ridiculous get-up! Seriously Mystogan... WHY U HAVE SUCH RETARDED PANTS!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Hurry up and get back into your old attire Jellal... you look so much hotter T^T Then ponder... you are also hot when you ponder!! >:D

Finally Erza is down to the last monster and Requips to her hakama clothing. But what is this S-Class beast...?? Oh wait ( .__.) It's that retarded little thing that was bouncing around the whole time. Whilst it pulls some creepy shit, Mato explains that when the S-Class monster is the only one left it's power triples...




I'm sorry, but that was just lame to me. Not only because Erza just happened to leave it 'til last, but also the rule in general and the fact that they just happened to move it to an arena for no particular reason. It was lame... and I didn't appreciate it.

Despite the lameness of the idea, the little scene that follows was actually saved by two things. The first was the music, which, as usual, held the ep. The second was Levy's commentary, which actually made the whole battle very sweet and note-worthy.

As Erza is teleported back to the field, we get fillers of everyone stating how wonderful she is, but I kinda ignored these 'cause Hibiki said that Erza was Ichiya's girlfriend and that made me violently ill...

Finally MPF is introduced, and Mato states that it is very simple, and the rest of the scenes that follow are. I dunno if it was just the lack of excitement the anime team built up around this or what, but MPF seemed very dot to dot and robotic. There were a couple of cute moments with Cana and Hibiki, but not enough to save anything.

Finally we get to Orga's turn. No! WAIT!! NOOOOO!! I love Orga but I don't want to see this because if it is the same as in his battle his spell will look terrible!! Oh, please don't make it look terrible!!


Orga&#039;s 120mm Black Lightning Cannon

Please... just kill me now...

Oh, who am I kidding... It looked like crap... again >__>

Next is Jura... who uses a Light spell to attack the MPF. H-Hold the phone... I thought Jura used Earth Magic!? No, apparently not, because Rumbling Mt. Fuji looked nothing like an Earth Spell attack >.< *sighs* These damn animators.

However, I throw all of my bitching out the window for Cana. Can I just say that I really enjoyed seeing her use Fairy Glitter. It wasn't that badly animated, and the music combined with Cana's epic speaking and Mavis' comments on her latent ability just went together very smoothly and did the job well. Finally, Cana doing something and proving she has some potential as a character :) Sorry Al ;D

And lastly, we finish up with that badly animated team heading of to do badly animated things... Heaven help us...

TMITA - Ep168
sent from: Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Okay... time for a fight that I am definitely freaking out over. "Why?", you might ask (probably not >__>). Well, interested reader, I am freaking out because so far the animation of Team Raven Tail has been shocking. I can maybe justify some other characters, but Team Raven Tail... no, I am past that. Especially Nullpudding and Kurohebi... I mean... arg... you know... I have no words left to describe my disappointment, especially with Kurohebi. You poor, poor, poor, evil, sexy bastard. I feel bad for you D:

Anyways, onto the actual episode, which opens with... *drumroll please* ... REPLAYS OF THE LAST EP!! WOOOH!! Gotta love them replays~! We also get a large chunk of time cut going over the current rankings, though, in comparison to repeats, I prefer these fillers much more.

Semmes&#039; Wild Spin

Hmmm ( .__.)

The battles then get under-way, and it's obvious as soon as Semmes steps out onto the field that we are going to get filler material in our fights rather than just seeing Millianna's victory. I'll give it to the anime team, these expansions were done well, though I seriously have to question Semmes Magic. What the hell is it?? Spinning?? XD He should get with Ooba :P

Anyways, Semmes spins and Quatro Puppy scream their incorrectly translated catch phrase, but eventually Semmes falls. That was interesting, though I always thought Millianna's tubes cut Magic Power as soon as they were wrapped around somebody, so I'm surprised Semmes didn't stop spinning as soon as her attack hit... but oh well :/

We then move on to Rufus and Eve. Again, the battle is extended, and, again, it is done nicely. Anime viewers also get to finally hear about Eve's past in the Magic Council (which, for some reason, hasn't been brought up before) and a variety of new techniques are used, all with the first events lessons remembered and applied. Again, I really wanted Eve to win, but that's because I like him ;D

Well, that obviously doesn't happen, because Rufus casts his fiery, lava-y, pahoehoe-y attack, which seems to spread all over Crocus (gotta feel bad for the kid with the ice cream standing just outside the arena) and then hits Eve full on. Eve falls and Lyon and Gray get pissy. Don't worry about Eve though all you anime-only ladies, he comes back more ridiculously cute than ever as a little mummy later on ;D

Before the next match starts we all get a glimpse at the Blue Pegasus Bunny XD Ahhh, the good old days when none of us knew who it was ( _ _)

Well, moving along, the third match is declared between Laxus and Alexei~! WOOOH!! Go Laxus!! Own those bitches from Raven Tail! Before the match begins though, we get to see Fairy Tail in the stands taking precautions. The amazing MILF Bisca is up with her sniper pointed at Ivan, whilst the Raijinshuu and Lisanna stand watch over the other 4 members of Raven Tail. Surprisingly, even up 'til now, the whole episode has been animated very nicely, even (I'll admit it) Raven Tail. Winner of this scene though is by far Bickslow, who is obviously an ElfmanXEvergreen supporter XD His comment made me laugh so hard ;D

Alexei attacks Laxus

RIBEEEENNNAAA~!!! *gets a cup and runs after Laxus to slurp it all up* >:)

Back with the battle, Laxus and the golden-armoured man exchange their preferences for dark cloaks with light fizzy trim begin, with Laxus instantly getting owned T^T Awwww, poor guy T^T As the anime crew waste a good minute showing every Fairy Tail member go :O Laxus gets beaten around more, bleeding Ribena, and Raven Tail are checked again, except, they aren't doing anything... Sneaky~!

However, however, however, actually on the field, Laxus takes time to lick up his Ribena blood because Ribena is fucking delicious is actually not harmed, rather the current fight is an illusion and he stands conversing with his opponent.

Time is wasted showing how the illusionary battle can altered to please one fighter or the other, so many :O and >:D faces are shown as Laxus seems to be winning, then losing etc. etc. We all sit through this until, finally, shit starts to happen.

By shit, I mean that all of Team Raven Tail suddenly appear on the field, eyes glowing awesomely and laughing like the crazy freaks they are (Kurohebi's laugh people!! * ^ *). Alexei is revealed to be Ivan (NOOOOOO, I WANTED HIM TO BE SOME HOT GUY!! ALEXEI IS WAY TOO HOT A NAME FOR FREAKIN' IVAN!!) and the true mission of Raven Tail is revealed: Get Lumen Histoire.

What does Laxus say to all of this??

Laxus ready to face Raven Tail


Well, that was a massive info dump in a short space of time, but I think it was really well done. All of Raven Tail looked creepy, and everything was set up really nicely for the next episode. On top of this, the music throughout the ep was great, and, surprisingly of late, the whole episode was animated magnificently! Thank you to the team who tackled this episode~!! I give you the gold star of the month :) Very well done to all of you!

Oh, I just pray that this good animation and good use of fillers continues next week ^___^

TMITA - Ep169
sent from: Freiburg, Germany.

Whoo~! Who is pumped for this episode due to the last amazing one!? Raise your hands people!!




Fine then, don't... I don't give a damn >___>

After last weeks triumph in the anime corner, we can now look forward to a few battles. The first, naturally is the conclusion to what was started last week, whilst the second was hinted in the previews from the last ep and the title of this one. Sooooo, onwards!!

Ivan further reveals the "Anti-Fairy Tail guild" to Laxus and goes on about how he is going to take everyone down. Now, what does Laxus have to say to this??


Oh ( .___.) Seems Makarov knew all about this all along and knows actually everything to do with Ivan and his guild, even stuff that happened during the time skip. This is... still a little dodgy for me, even though it happened in the manga. I understand Makarov knowing about Ivan before the timeskip due to Gajeel's double agent business, but if he was that surprised to see Ivan's guild appear at the Grand Magic Games, he obviously can't know much... yet now he suddenly does. Filling plot holes FTW right!?

This aside, Gajeel sneezes in the audience cause Raven Tail are talking crap about him XD Hahahaha, cute little addition :3

Paper Cut Stream

GO! Have fun with your nasty paper cuts Laxus! MUAHAHAHA!! >:D

We get a flashback of Makarov and Laxus talking about Ivan, and then Ivan breaks his own teeth and goes for the attack!! Woohoo, bring out the Darkness Magic...-

...or... o-or the Paper Magic... that's powerful too... right? o___O??

Admittedly, this is where the animation falls a bit, which is a pity, because up until now it was actually very good. This Magic attack though... it was already lame enough in the manga, but the animation didn't help.

Ivan then builds up his paper for a larger attack, the debris clearing to show Laxus with some nasty paper cuts but otherwise unharmed, and then comes the sweet part.

From the audience, Makarov stands and pulls the Fairy Tail hand gesture/thingy/whatever-it-hasn't-got-a-name. Some flashbacks of Makarov and Laxus' complicated yet fast-improving relationship play and Laxus smiles :,) So sweet!

But wait! The music cuts because Obra has to attack! FUCK YOU OBRA YOU RUINED THE SWEETNESS!! Obviously Laxus thinks this too, because he suddenly appears in front of Obra and blasts him away.

( .__.) Nice... That's one down... (?)

Flare and Nullpudding go in for the attack then, but are quickly taken care of by the FT main theme playing in the background Laxus as well...

( .__.) O-O-Okay... they were weak anyways... (??)

Kurohebi then appears (YEAH!) eyes all red, and starts... dancing?? Uhhh...

( .__.) No, wait... he's... gone too... (???)

Well, Ivan is the guild master! He is strong >:D He can take out Lax-

( .__.) No... Laxus (looking very hot and bad-ass I might add) has taken him down after he begged to be spared... (?????????????)

Team Raven Tail Defeated

Uhhh... yeah... I'm over trying to question this...

Uhhh... *takes a second to pause* ... What the hell was that!? I mean, good on you Laxus, that was bad-ass, but wasn't that just a little too convenient?? A little too easy for a guild that is meant to specialise in taking Fairy Tail down...

You know what, this is FT... I am past trying to justify such things now...

So, the illusion is broken and Ivan and his team revealed. Everyone goes :O because they don't seem to be able to pull other expressions in this episode, and then Laxus wins the battle. Due to their cheating ways, Raven Tail are arrested, but not before Obra pulls some freaky crap and has his little imp-like creature run away, promising to get FT back. Even now with the manga, I am excited to see where this little imp creature and the RT plot goes :) Also, we get the drop from Ivan about how Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail's darkness. Again, another seemingly interesting plot point that I look forward too ^__^

With the match over, everything just continues like nothing happened, leading to the last battle of the day. Prepare yourself Rem with tissues, because it's Wendy vs. Chelia... aka: Battle of the Lolis :)

Wendy GMG Appearance


I loled when they announced Wendy as Fairy Tail A's participant, and all she could think to say was "I changed outfits" in a very determined voice XD XD XD Silly Wendy :P

Anyways, both girls run to the field with epic music... and both fall flat on their faces XD Loved how this was done, the cutting of the music added to the hilarity ;D

However, in the background scary things are happening:

Mavis questions Chelia's Magic. Scary!
Chapati starts using words like "pyon" and shaking his behind at the thought of the battle to come. SCARY!!
But, most importantly, Crime Sorciere suddenly pick up the evil Magic presence they have been feeling!!

Jellal (<3) begins to run to the arena to check things out.
Jellal: Ultear, Meredy, stand by. Don't move!
Ultear & Meredy: We can't move... WE'RE ON A FUCKING STATUE!!

^ Stupidity...

The battle begins and after a while it becomes pretty obvious that Chelia is a God Slayer... with the same element as Wendy (convenience much?). I know a lot of people complained about how Chelia's Magic was animated, but I actually liked it quite a bit, as it reminded me instantly of Zancrow's Magic and linked them as God Slayers. Now, if only they could catch on with Orga... >___>

Wendy and Chelia unleash an array of pretty nice spells and abilities, and the whole thing was pretty fluid, which was nice. They then discuss Chelia's abilities and Wendy's lack of getting enjoyment out of fighting before both girls consume the air (breathe??) and continue... Wendy using one of her secret arts! Yeah! >:D You go girl~! Use that art and own your opponent. So, Wendy unleashes Light Sky Drill or whatever it's called (lazy Carrot can't be stuffed looking it up) and Chelia seems to fall.

The Light Drill was animated okay... I mean... Maybe it's just because I pictured it differently or something, but after the animation standard in this ep (which is, thankfully, high like the last episode) I guess I was expecting more. Plus, I wanted to see Chelia flung up into the air. She was just sort of flopped to the side (very badly animated that too).

Sherria survives Sky Drill

And Chelia is dow- Bitch, please, I can heal >:D

But whatever... Chelia is down and Wendy had done it! Everyone is happy because Wendy has pulled through and won for her team and-

... No ( .__.) Wait... Chelia's getting up again >:) Turns out she can heal her own wounds... unlike Wendy. Muahahaha!! That's evil though! Wendy pulls a sad face as Pumpkin declares that the match will continue and Chelia wants to go all out.

Meanwhile, my love walks around in the arena above, looking out for Wendy (isn't he just the nicest guy!?) because Chelia seems to be the connection to Zeref!! :O

Well, with the battle being done so nicely up until this point I really hope the animation remains great and we get to see some awesome stuff next week! FUOH!! ONWARDS!!

TMITA - Ep170
sent from: Mbabane, Swaziland.

This review of episode 170 is based off the flash movie "Dot Dot Dot", which has to be one of the most hilarious reviews ever. It's 10 times shorter than episode 170, and worth 100% more of your time. I would very much recommend it :)

Dot... dot... dot...
A review by TheCarrotSaysYumYum.
Date: February 23rd, 2013.
Score: 1.

i reley dont wan to say this... but i have to now...


I mean, did it need to have such poor animation?? Did Laxus' face need to look like it was sliding off the whole time?? Did even Jellal need to have his magnificence ruined? T^T

I couldn't even bare to look at the screen! Wendy, Chelia, Erza, Doranbolt... everyone! RUINED!!

I have nothing to say about this crap. It can be summed up in pictures only:

No! I can't put any pictures here because you will die >___>

I didn't care that Chelia and Wendy were friends in the end. I didn't care about Lumen Histoire and Laxus... hell, I didn't even care about Jellal. I just wanted it to end!! D:

In a message on his Twitter, Mashima said the following (thank you Chaos for translation):

"I don't get involved in the TV Anime's artwork, and the OADs on the Tankobons is a different story. But at least check over the key animations as much as you guys can. To the production staffs, if it's possible, please do your best on making it as close to the original, or making it as beautiful as possible. Thank you."

Let me put that into proper, non-forcing-myself-to-be-polite English:

"Please don't hate me! I have nothing to do with the anime at all! I can't believe fans have pointed out how badly the episodes are being animated. That's appalling and ridiculous and shouldn't be happening! To you noobs on the production staff, STOP RUINING MY AMAZING ART!! Is it really that hard to even make it look similar?! If you can't do that, at least make it so I want to look at it without crying, throwing up or rolling on the floor laughing. Thank you, though you don't deserve it."

I hope this proves my point about the animation. If even Mashima is saying things, you can no longer deny that nothing is wrong.

pepole think this comment is worthles...

go ahead! say it! i dont care! im just trying to make a point here!

blam this piece of crap!!!!

P.S: the only reson im giving this a 1 is beacuase the music was pretty good... but thats it!

Relikz This Month in the Manga
Rauleli | '
Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - February13
This Month in the Manga

February 2013

Right people, this month we might actually be treated to some better than usual chapters... at least if we compare them with the recent pile of shit Mashima has carefully been gathering and guarding with a double-barreled shotgun while wearing a straw hat and blowing into a glass bottle bearing three large "X" on it.


Yeah, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm being even more random than usual this month.

Let's go.

I - Chapter 317: Hamster Frog

So, what was it last time... 10.000 Dragons going to fuck the world for good, uh?

Everyone is shocked (seriously, how many fucking times have I been forced to use these words?), and everyone goes about the usual "Could it be..." stuff. Natsu, forgetting about being a Dragon Slayer altogether, readies to fight the gigantic reptiles with arrows and armors. Lucy 2.0 is surprised by everyone accepting what she says as true without a question. Nakama Crap, Carla's prediction crap, Lucy travelling back a bit late because Eclipse was in bad conditions. The usual stuff.

Natsu Thanking Future Lucy

"I'm sure that, if I headbutt you like this long enough, I can cause you a head injury."

The "interesting part" comes after that... Arcadios remains silent, but he knows quite a bit, having been told by the Princess of the "Etherion 2" plan: to use the Magic Power stored inside the gate, rivaling that of Etherion, to fight the Dragons... a detail Lucy 2.0 doesn't tell her friends. The squared nose wonders why as we're treated to some NaLu2.0 moments, while the girl goes all "I came back from the future without a motherfucking plan and I'm crying my liquid fluids out" and the boy sort of comforting her.

Outside town, Ultear and Meredy spit the usual crap, while Jellal realizes something more interesting... that Lucy 2.0 is either being dishonest, or she is an impostor.


Alright, maybe it's a little too soon to use the surprised animation. Let's wait a bit.

Elsewhere, Rogue can't do much against Gajeel. The downed Shadow Dragon Slayer claims he's realized why the other joined Fairy Tail after Phantom Lord, the guild a young Rogue himself wanted to join, was destroyed by this very same rival: friends, a concept completely lacking in Sabertooth. He then goes on to wonder what guilds and friends are. Gajeel tells him to stand and then asks him whether he consider Frosch (or "that frog", as he says) a friend. After some hesitation caused by him/her/it being "a cat" (Jiemma's got nothing to do with this statement, right?), Rogue, much to both his and Frosch's happiness, states that's the truth.

Rogue Captain Obvious
You don&#039;t say

... just as an unknown voice starts telling the Shadow Dragon Slayer to kill Gajeel. Rogue looks around, confused, unable to find his interlocutor... only to realize that the one talking is his shadow, which claims he'll lend him the power to kill Gajeel.

Shocked SM

Ahhh, now's the time.

So, as I said, this was a rather nice chapter, especially if we consider how Mashima's finally managed to come up with some surprises actually capable of surprising (I'm referring to Eclipse 2, Jellal's guess and Rogue's shadow... though the latter is also a bit WTF?). Nice art, and a 2-pages shot of Natsu butting heads with Lucy 2.0.

II - Chapter 318: Gajeel vs. Rogue

So, we pick off with Lucy 2.0 leading the others through the castle's basement, whose layout she memorized, and which ought to be left out by the soldiers' patrol.

Yeah, it ought to. Still, in no time, a pretty large group of cannon fodder charges towards the intruders. Point is, Arcadios is gone. Oh, right, Yukino is gone too.

I know things sometimes don't go well, but hey, you've actually got to apply yourself for things to go this bad.

Mira runs away, willing to find Yukino, not giving a single fuck 'bout the Arcadios, while Natsu & Co start trashing the soldiers around. The group spares some thoughts for both Mira and Yukino.

And, again, none gives a fuck about Arcadios.

Elsewhere and on to something more interesting...

Rogue is being taken over by his shadow, the latter's intent being to kill Gajeel. Having taken over the body of the Shadow Dragon Slayer and caused it to enter a Dragon Force-like status, the being introduces itself as "Shadow, the one who controls Fate".

Seriously, nice to meet ya. I'm "Aldarinor, the one who controls rodents of varying size".

Waxwing dafuq


Gajeel is struck a pair of times, and, now hoping for a good fight, decides to retaliate with his Iron Dragon's Sword. His foe, however, evades the attack with it/his (it's Rogue's body, but it looks like someone else is currently in charge) shadowy form, and strikes back with Iron Dragon's Waxwing Flash.

The audience is shocked, and Frosch goes as far as to wonder who "Rogue" currently is.

In the field, Gajeel looks for his opponent, only for the latter to reveal himself emerging from Gajeel's own shadow and strike him. As "Rogue" claims Gajeel is indeed weaker than Natsu but goes on to state that even the Fire Dragon Slayer would be no match for the "enhanced" Rogue, Makarov and Mavis notice how the Shadow Dragon Slayer is being possessed, with the deceased "fairy" noting how the one possessing him is a foul and incredible Magic.

Oh, and speaking about foul Magic... Jellal & Friends are feeling that Magic. AGAIN. Seriously, this story's becoming a pain in the ass. Anyhow, Natsu & Co keep beating up the soldiers, and not even the intervention of the so-called "Anti-Mage Division" can do much about them.


Back to the serious battle...

Gajeel got beaten badly by "Shadow", who/which now tightens its grip around the man's neck, much to Levy's distress. Frosch hurries to the battlefield, its goal being to "bring the real Rogue back". The possessed Shadow Dragon Slayer readies to finish off his opponent by having it consumed by shadow. Gajeel, however, as something to say about it, and claims that if Natsu can do that, then he can to... before starting to consume the shadow, much to Levy's (and Droy's... seriously, what the fuck are you doing in these panels?) dismay. Now back on his feet, Gajeel orders "Shadow" to leave Rogue's body, telling it how the guy's real name is Reyos (Raios? Sheesh, translators...), a former disciple of him, who by no means looked up to him... he feared him. Now completely transformed, the Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer claims he'll remember his foe of the terror he can cause.




Seriously... that was cool.

It might be because it's Gajeel and not Natsu we're talking about, or because this second instance might give a sense to that Lightning Flame Dragon Mode which made most Fairy Tail fans tear their hair off... Still, hey, I can't wait to see the new Gajeel kicking asses.

Natsu With Lightning Absorbed


Gajeel After Eating Shadow

Oh, fuck, yeah!

This chapter was nice. Rogue's possession is something we didn't see coming (at least till the previous chapter, that is), and Gajeel's Iron Shadow Dragon Mode (guess it could be called like this) not only showed Mashima wasn't high when he designed the Flame Lightning one (or that, if he was, he wants to continue down this route), but also gave the Iron Dragon Slayer a scary badass something (a thing he hadn't seen in ages). Good art, a great 2-pages depiction of the"enhanced" Gajeel and a superb volume-like cover showing Natsu in some random pose and clothes.

III - Chapter 319: The White Knight

So, it's time for the "new" Gajeel to show us what he's got. Everyone looks on in shock as the Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer, using his newly-acquired traits, turns into a shadow to deliver a surprise attack on Rogue; something which is followed by the two opponents both taking on a shadowy form, and with the Fairy Tail Mage managing to "pull out" the other from the shadow he'd taken shelter in and reducing the surrounding area to ruins before assaulting Rogue with his new Iron Shadow Dragon's Roar... which, we must say, doesn't cut a sorry figure.

Defeating Posessed Rogue

By no means.




Seriously, is it over already?

I mean, we know Mashima can't possibly create long fights... but hey, for something this awesome, the one we've just seen was way too short.

Rogue is defeated, Fairy Tail rejoices, and one point is awarded to the team. "Shadow", having acknowledged Rogue's current limits, escapes from his body in a small, shadowy form, just as Frosch steps in to prevent any further attacks from Gajeel... Which is pretty useless, since I don't remember him being a Dark Guild/Sabertooth/Phantom Lord Mage... Oh no, wait, he used to be the latter! If he still was, at this time he'd probably be raping Rogue while wearing the Exceed on his head like a fancy hat.

Anyhow, the Shadow Dragon Slayer doesn't remember a thing about the fight's last part, and Mavis keeps up the "unknown malevolent evil creepy shadow possession" stuff.

Elsewhere... Natsu & Co are trashing soldiers. Nothing new. However, the whole thing seems to be enjoyable enough for some old acquaintances to join: "Fiore's strongest executioners" show up out of nowhere, ready to hinder the group's path again... sort of.

White Knight Advances To Princess&#039;s Chamber

"I'm coming for you and the rest of your bitches, Seiya!"

While the main characters occupy their screentime with pointless activities, someone is actually up to something interesting. Having somehow made it to Mercurius' seeming armory, Arcadios clads himself in his White Lily Armor, a snow white battle suit. He comes across a group of surprised "former" subordinates, who, instead of trying to stop him due to his current "criminal" status, tell him where the Princess is, at the same time letting him know where jagged knives, tape and torture devices are kept, in case he wanted to do something stupid to one of the most important individuals in the Kingdom right below the eyes of the ever watchful soldiers.

Having realized that Lucy 2.0's tears are true, and thus that her words aren't lies, the White Knight readies to confront the one who, as a result, must be the liar... The female heir to Fiore's royalty.

This chapter wasn't bad, if we don't consider the ridiculous length of Gajeel and Rogue's battle. The Garou Knights' return might finally solve a pair of doubts (namely Poison Guy's name and Scythe Guy's "killing Magic"), the White Knight finally made his appearance, and the foreshadowing to some apparently interesting developments about the whole Eclipse story comes up. Art living up to the chapter's contents, a 2-pages image of Gajeel's new Roar causing more damage than an A-bomb, and a Cover showing both Gajeel and Levy, a great shot for fans of the pair... if you don't consider Levy's pantyshot completely ruining the serene, innocent atmosphere, that is.

Cover 319

You between those thighs, madam, are a party pooper.

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Welcome to another issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, all in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month (though once in a while two). So let's continue with the Oración Seis arc.

Welcome Readers. I'm Ultraprime2 and I'm the new writer of this article. We now head off to the Oración Seis arc, among our longer and more expansive arcs. This arc involves a group of Mages from various guilds forming a team to take down the dark guild known as Oración Seis, who control 1/3 of the dark underworld.

Naturally, Makarov has chosen Lucy, Gray, Erza and Mr. Nakama to be the representatives of the Fairy Tail Guild. Oh, and Happy too.

So we then meet the representatives of the other guilds. From Blue Pegasus, there's The Trimens: Hundred Night Hibiki who spends one night with a girl and makes it seem like 100, Eve who makes a girl feel like she went to heaven and Empty Night Ren, who puts no emotion into his nights with you. And then there is their boss/master/bator Art Vandalay. Oh, sorry, that's Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. So three of the four are some of the most gorgeous men you're ever gonna see and I say that in the most non-gay, man-to-man way possible but Ichiya is a creep, looks like a brick and scares the crap out of the fearless Erza. Next to arrive is Lamia Scale, which consists of Gray's stripper pal Lyon, the lovesick barbie Sherry and Iron Rock Jura.

Oh, and there's also Wendy. She's decided to fight as well as a representative of her guild and hopefully get away from that perverted pedophile who's been after her ever since she could walk. She, like Natsu, has a cat partner who's just as annoying as you can get. Still, that doesn't stop Happy from falling head-over-heels for her. After hearing about each of the mages they'll have to fight, the over-eager Light Team's youngsters go out. Jura is dealt a blow by Celestial Spirit Gemini disguised as Ichiya at the behest of Seis' Angel.

Outside, the bomber ship is bombed lol by the dark guild, which then annihilates the entire team, except Wendy who decided to hide. Luckily, Brain sees her and turns his attention to her, kidnapping her and, by accident Happy. He then decides to murder everyone, but they're saved by Jura before he can.

Ichiya is back as well, having finished his lengthy stop in the restroom. Using his perfume Magic, he heals everyone nearby. However, Erza was bitten by Cobra's snake and wants her arm amputated. However, everyone else ultimately decides not to cripple her for life since Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer and can heal her if they rescue her. So deciding to do that, the others break into teams to bring her back while Lucy and Hibiki stay near Erza to protect her and have sex offscreen :P in case anything happens. We're treated to a few scenes of the Light Team kicking the crap out of a ton of random dark guilds that decided to appear, with the exception of Ichiya, who gets captured. The anime decides to give us some development for Natsu even though we know he's had none by bringing Erigor into the story while he was not present in the manga and letting Natsu fight him. Natsu as expected kicks his ass without much difficulty and we're supposed to treat this as growth. Yeah, nice try A-1 Pictures and Satelight >_>

So at the hideout of the OS, Racer leaves for a bit to pick up some package cause he works part time as a delivery boy when he's not out trying to kill people. Soon after though, he returns with a coffin and who should be in it but Jellal Fernandes? Apparently, he was murdered by Carrot's jealous stalker with a crush :P Brain instructs Wendy to revive Jellal with her Magic and, when she refuses at first, gives her 5 minutes to decide. Naturally though, she can't not do it and does it, reviving Jellal just as Natsu arrives. Jellal quickly disposes of Brain and Natsu before leaving. Elsewhere, he (in the anime) strips Erigor and takes his clothes. This in particular was nuts since he was already wearing clothes in the anime while it's understandable in the manga since he was naked ? right?

Racer about to kill Lyon

Ice Ice Baby

So anyways, Gray holds off Racer so Natsu can get back to save Erza in time. Racer decides he wants to bang kill Gray so he chases after him on a motorcycle. They run into Lyon and Sherry and Lyon helps out by destroying Racer's motorcycle. As Lyon says he doesn't need Gray, what should happen but Gray being trapped in a pillar of ice by Lyon. He and Sherry fight but Sherry is taken out no surprise there. Racer then draws a knife and points it at Lyon, saying despite his young overconfidence being okay, Racer is the wrong opponent to pick a fight. However, Lyon's that he knows Racer's weakness: his Magic doesn't enhance his speed but instead slows down the perception of time for everyone else in a given area. Uh, ok, so then how do you explain Racer going out, getting Jellal's coffin and coming back quickly? His perception alteration isn't all that far-ranging, as his subsequent defeat would show. Anyways, Gray, revealing that the freeze was a ploy, takes out Racer from afar. However, he reveals an explosive lacrima device strapped to his chest but Lyon pushes Gray aside and tackles Racer, with the two of them falling off the cliff while the lacrima explodes and apparently kills them both.

Elsewhere, Natsu reaches Erza while Jura battles Hoteye who has pretty much the opposite Magic of himself. At the same time, Jellal is walking and Cobra is stalking him while trying to read his mind, yet he can't. And no, that's not a "Jellal is dumb" joke. When Jellal destroys a tree, Cobra realizes he's found Nirvana. Meanwhile, Wendy heals Erza and Natsu, seeing the light, goes after Jellal.

Sherry falls into darkness

How bad do you guys wanna bang her? =P

Nirvana appears and Sherry suddenly turns very emo while at the same time, Hoteye turns into a sissy during his battle against Jura. Hibiki tells Lucy they should go after Natsu, but they notice that Erza ran off since she wants to find and bang Jellal. Wendy starts crying, saying that the whole thing is her fault since she healed Jellal, and Hibiki opts to attack her with a spell, and we later learn that Nirvana would make her go nuts like it did Hoteye and Sherry. Really nuts, though =P? At the same time, Natsu takes down Racer's personal guild while he rushes to save Erza from her hormones. Also, due to their changing personalities, Hoteye hugs Jura and talks about finding his brother. Similarly, but not so similarly, Sherry attacks Gray, blaming him for Lyon's death rather than, you know, the dude with the bomb. Elsewhere, Eve is beaten by Midnight.

Gemini flashing Lucy&#039;s breasts to the men

Those Spirits and their angles >_<

Meanwhile Natsu finds what appears to be Gray unconscious on a raft and, when he tries to save him, is nearly killed by how. However, Lucy shows up with Sagittarius and stops him. It's here that Lucy decides to take out "Gray" who then turns into "her" and flashes the boys and Lucy herself, who is embarrassed like hell. Do we have any Lucy fanboys in the house? It's shown that it isn't actually a Mage, but Gemini, who is the Celestial Spirit of Angel. Lucy tries to fight by summoning Aquarius, but the Bitch Spirit decides to ditch her and go on a date with Scorpio, who coincidentally happens to be Angel's Celestial Spirit. Lucy then summons Loke but Angel counters by summoning Aries, who just happens to be Loke's close friend. Seriously Mashima? >_>

Angel beaten

But, I still have more screentime in the contract."

Anyways, Loke and Aries fight and Loke naturally dominates suck it, Rai =P until Angel shoots both of them with Caelum. Lucy's summoning if Taurus is quickly rendered pointless since Gemini just uses her form and flashes her boobs again to get rid of him. Cue a scene of Lucy saying that she wants Angel to free Aries, Angel agreeing if Lucy dies, and Lucy agreeing. Yeah, cause it's always a good idea to trust a Mage known for killing people to keep their promise. Hibiki shows up and, pretending to be a bad guy under the influence of Nirvana, grabs Lucy. He's enjoying it. He transfers to Lucy a plot magic spell called Urano Metria which she uses to annihilate Angel.

While Erza is running towards Nirvana, Hoteye explains it to Jura as well as saying that he needed money to find his brother and so he committed crimes like robbing banks, beating up old people and getting involved in a Fiore prostitution ring that Loke was supposedly the ringleader of =P to do so. Meanwhile, Ren gets his face slashed by Midnight ruining that beautiful mug much to the disappointment of fangirls everywhere and is defeated. At the same time, Wendy tells Carla about how she met Jellal, how he took care of her and suddenly had to leave one day and left her with Cait Shelter. I guess she didn't wanna mention how he raped her even before Rem could =P

Anyways, Jellal reaches Nirvana and unseals it while Cobra watches from afar. Erza come to see him, and he can evidently remember her cause his amnesia missed a spot. Since he can't remember who he is, she tells him that he killed Simon, making the dude cry his eyes out. In the meantime, Lucy suddenly wakes up and finds out that Virgo came and stripped both her and Natsu naked and put new clothes on them while they were sleeping. I can only guess what else she made them do. Later on, Sherry appears to attack them but Gray takes her down. She's still pissed thinking that Gray is the reason Lyon is dead but soon has an egg on her face when Lyon is revealed to be alive. Oh, and the anime shows Racer alive as well. Like anyone cares >_>

So at Nirvana, Cobra shows his face but Jellal reveals that he unsealed Nirvana so he could destroy it. Casting a Self-Destruction Spell, Jellal plans to die and take Nirvana with him so Erza can be free. Though it's pretty clear she wants to be free with him. However, before the Magic can take effect, Brain arrives and, since he created the Magic Jellal used, cancels it. With that, Nirvana's second stage is activated while Erza and Jellal hang on for dear life to stop Nirvana.

Mint: This is pretty long, Ully. ( ._.)

Ultra: Yeah, probably. It's a long arc.

Rem: Wendy..... Anna.....Wendy.....Anna.....

Soon after, Natsu and Happy get into an aerial battle against Cobra and his snake Cubellios. Natsu keeps getting his ass kicked and soon after, we find out that Cobra is a dragon slayer, similar to but different from Natsu. He's the Poison Dragon Slayer and had his powers given artificially by implanting Lacrima into his body like a certain muscular heartthrob who we all know and I so did not mean to sound gay.

So Natsu really can't beat Cobra since the Poison Dragon Slayer is just too much for him. As a result, he decides that since he's falling, he's gonna shout his head off, which inadvertently takes off Cobra's head :O Alright, not really, but Cobra's sensitive hearing proves disadvantageous here. Natsu manages to take him out but it's Brain who delivers a blow by blasting Cobra, naturally pissing off Natsu who hates people who'd do that to their comrades.

Gray, Lucy and Happy show up with Jura and the Wizard Saint shows why he has that title by kicking Brain's ass without much difficulty. Brain reveals his prayer, for Midnight not to vanish as well and at the same time, the lines of his face start disappearing. Elsewhere, Midnight beats the turned-good Hoteye. At the same time, Nirvana continues its advance despite not actually having Brain to steer it not that it's a car though.

The group receives a communication from Hoteye saying that they can stop Nirvana by beating Midnight as he directs them to him. However, they find out too late that they've been completely screwed over by Brain, who actually sent the message and causes an explosion when they reach the place. However, Jura saves them but takes most of the damage himself and is knocked out.

Erza prepares to fight Midnight

I can think of tons of things I'd like to flex here :3

Elsewhere, Wendy and Carla search for Jellal and find him falling from the sky As it turns out, his wife found him and got pissed at him again =P Midnight proved too powerful since he wasted his Magic on the failed spells and so Erza takes over the battle. Midnight proves difficult since he can bend things at will and makes most of her armors useless. However, with her flexible Robe of Yuen Plot Armor, Erza manages to overcome and beat him, thanks in part to her fake eye which saved her from the illusion of him eating Jellal. No word on how she took that particular scene =P

Meanwhile, Natsu is banging the hell out of Brain's stick, also known as Klodoa. With the defeat of Midnight, the Living Link Magic which sealed away Brain's dark half is released in the form of the psycho white haired not-so-pretty boy, who takes out Natsu, Lucy and Gray without much difficulty. As he prepares to fire Nirvana on Cait Shelter, other members of the Light Team show up in a now-flying Cristina and start dropping bombs on Nirvana. Hibiki uses telepathy to tell everyone how to beat Nirvana by destroying Lacrima but unfortunately, Zero hi-jacks it (mind rape?) and tells them he's gonna stop them by hanging out around one of the bases.

Naturally, Natsu, who returned to action, ends up fighting and holding his own (for the most part) against an opponent who should logically be too much for him. Before long, Jellal, shows up and blocks for Natsu, who accuses him of still being evil. It's here what we see some plot Magic with Jellal giving Natsu the Flame of Rebuke to overpower him up and let him fight with Brain. Entering the Dragon Force, Natsu engages Zero and beats the hell out of him in the end and destroys one of the Lacrima powering the place. At the same time, Wendy, Lucy, Gray, Erza and Ichiya manage to destroy other Lacrimas and bring down Nirvana.

Erza crying


Soon afterwards, the group meets outside and sees Jellal. Erza and Jellal talk in private and return soon after. However, the calm is interrupted by Lahar, who reveals that the Magic Council is back and hates Fairy Tail more than ever. Arresting former Dark Mage Hoteye, the now-good Mage talks about his brother, who's revealed to be Wally from the tower. Not like it was a huge surprise. The real surprise (alright, not really, but it wasn't obvious) is that he's also around to arrest Jellal. While Jellal is willing to go, Natsu won't let him and instigates a brawl where members of the Light Team start kicking the crap out of the seemingly- endless group of Rune Knights. However, Erza lets 'em go in the end, but not before Jellal remembers her surname. With that, Erza begins crying out of both eyes as the sun comes up.

Wendy becomes Member FairyTail

Lolicon bait

Soon after, the team heads to Cait Shelter where they try on new clothes, dance and such before finding out a big secret. Those of Cait Shelter aren't the descendants of Nirvana's creators, but they are Nirvana's creators. Roubaul, the Guild Master, sealed Nirvana away, since he couldn't destroy it himself and resolved to live alone. That is, until a young boy brought Wendy to him and asked him to take care of her. Said boy had eyes even a man couldn't resist and as such, Roubaul created the appearance of a guild to please the young girl. With Nirvana gone, the guild starts to disappear, much to Wendy's sadness. With all of her old guild mates gone, the sad Wendy is approached by Erza, who knows what it's like to lose those close, who invites her to join Fairy Tail. Soon after, Wendy and Carla are the newest recruits, showing the number of lolicons in the guild. From the 2nd floor, Mystogan looks down at her as a party takes place and everyone is happy.

Best Quote of the Arc
"I won't allow it! I won't allow you to die like this! You've committed crimes! You must remember everything! Don't think you can be at ease without knowing anything! Don't expect to be forgiven by the people who you've hurt! Live and struggle!"
- Erza Scarlet to Jellal Fernandes.
Best Magic of the Arc

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Best Moment of the Arc

Jellal remembers Erza's surname.

Best Chapter of the Arc

A Guild For The Sake of a Single Person

Best Episode of the Arc


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1. Get to know the community. This does not mean find everyone who has user rights and introduce yourself to them. It means analyze the wiki and its processes to understand how each person is as an editor, as someone who upholds policy and in social situations. By doing this, you effectively know, for the most part, how things work and you'll be able to find a place that fits you.
2. Assist us. Wikia isn't a social network (despite what recent matters would have you believe >_>) and the main purpose is to build information. Of course, I'd never say don't socialize since that'd go against my 1st piece of advice. But maintain a balance to things. Even if you feel you can't help due to bad grammar/no coding skill/bad image skill, there's undoubtedly something here for everyone to do.
3. Follow the policies. There's there for everyone's benefit. They're very well spelled-out and if you do have a question, you can always bring it to an admin or someone else who can help. For real; don't vandalize articles and don't spam in chat and don't irritate people either. It's pathetic and not funny at all.
4. If you're not having fun while editing, it's time to take a break.
5. This one is maybe the one I really feel strongest about. Drop the attitude at the door. We're a community. Scratch that: We're a family. When one person is misbehaving, it causes problems for everyone. If something bad or upsetting has happened in real life, take care of that before bringing a bad attitude here. Fairy Tail Wiki is a great and friendly place. Bad attitudes don't help anyone here and they serve only to harm. I'm not saying you can't be upset or express anger, but there's a limit to how much people should have to put up with.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How do you feel about being a Chat Mod and a P&S Councilor?
Ultraprime2: Great on both ends. Being a chat moderator is really cool. On that front, I've earned a reputation as a very strict user. It's not that far from the truth but it's not entirely how it is. I can be plenty perverted and chat is a great place for that. As to being a Councilor, it's pretty awesome too. Rollback is a great tool that's very helpful in undoing bad edits and/or vandalism. The acknowledgement of my work in that manner was pretty nice and I liked having that response from the site that I spend most of my internet time on.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Now, I heard from a little birdy that you are a bit of a tight ass. Is it because you don't want to be raped?
Ultraprime2: Yeah, I am strict. It's not cause I wanna show off, it's cause I think it'll be best for everyone. I'd never be unfair about it though. I always give chances. And yeah, I don't wanna be raped. Does anyone?

Fairy Tail Wiki: I also heard that your panties are always in a bunch. What color are those panties? Why are they in a bunch?
Ultraprime2: Well, I have 'em, but they're not mine. I stole them but I can't tell you what color they are cause the girl I took 'em from might realize I have 'em. Sorry ^_^

Mint: Ully..... ಠ~ಠ

Fairy Tail Wiki: Rumor has it that you are still a virgin. I know someone who would be more than happy to help you lose your virginity. Do you want me to hook you two up?
Ultraprime2: I'm a virgin cause I'm not some horny pervert who drops his pants at the first sight of a pretty girl. I'd rather stick a bazooka in my ass and blast it off than lose it to that dude.

Remnant13: I don't even want men! I want Anna (or Wendy if she's not available ^_^)
Ultraprime2: See what I mean?

Fairy Tail Wiki: I bet your family owns a gas station. ಠ◡ಠ
Ultraprime2: I dunno about any gas stations but I do know we own that ghetto you call home. Might wanna be careful, eh? ^_^

Well, look at that. I hope you readers enjoyed that. If you didn't, you might wanna get checked out ●‿●

You heard it here folks; Rem and Ultra sitting in a tree. F U C K I N G. First comes love then comes gay marriage (in a select few states) then comes an adopted child in the baby carriage! Next month's interview will be with perhaps the most perverted, demented, hilarious Erza-lover on the site. Look forward to it! See you guys next time!

Aldarinor Real Tail
Aldarinor | Writer


RT Header-Jan12

Hey folks

Hi everyone~! This is Carrot ( .__.) Now, I know you're all probably thinking "Hey, what the hell is Carrot doing here on the Real Tail article?" Well, due to a number of writers here being unable to edit anything on Wiki (come on, you've noticed it too, Wiki has been a bitch lately) both Herme and Al were unable to type an intro here, and I, in all of my orange glory, got stuck filling the space because my computer worked (right now). Don't believe me? Well, the article below was actually given to me by Herme through an image description because he couldn't edit it properly onto the page, so he uploaded an image with this as an attachment. No, I am not kidding, I am being 100% serious, that's how much Wiki was fucked this last little while and these are the lengths we go to to still bring you your articles.

Anyways, without further ado, I present Real Tail, once again brought to you by the amazing Guilherme Abe in all of his awesomeness~!

Enjoy ;D

Ahem, yo there one more time you people that have nothing to do with your lives besides browsing shit on the internet! Thanks to my bribing efforts boss' kindness, I'll be writing this section one more time. Shall we begin?

Everyone: NO!!

Shut the hell up.

So, last time I talked about a shitty one-shot from Mashima called "Magician" from the 1st volume of "Mashima-en". Today, I'll bring to you an extra featured on the same volume. I'm a so nice guy.

It's practically an autobiography of Hiro written as a manga. He tells his stories while younger versions of him (all of them wearing a Plue hat) represent the scenes. Since there isn't an online version of this, the images came from a poor scanning of my original volume, so deal with it.

  • 1st Part - Hiro Mashima - The Way of a Mangaka (Childhood)
Hiro 2

Mashima in his childhood. Note how he was stupider than Plue in that time.

Hiro Mashima: I was born in the middle of the mountains of the Nagano province. A quite "redneck" place.

Looking at the brighter side, I spent my childhood alongside the nature.

I've lived surrounded by insects! It gives me chills when I remember that.

Maybe that's the reason of why I like to draw nature and animals more than buildings and machines.

Mashima's Assistant: Isn't it because it's easier?!.

Hiro 1

Mashima reading a Hentai manga and finding out that what men have between their legs isn't an attached peanut.

And how did young Hiro discover the manga?

My grandpa brought me thrown out magazines that he has found. It was because of a miracle that I had contact with manga in that jungle-like place, where there wasn't any sort of entertainment.

Grandpa Hiro (holding stinky magazine): Look at what I've got again!
Mom Hiro: SO DIRTY!
Hiro: Woow!! So cool!!

  • 2nd Part - Dad's Words
Hiro 3

Mashima drawing manga. Note how he kept the same style since that time.

Hiro Mashima: I got so obsessed by manga that I started to imitate the drawings. I wanted to become a mangaka since that time. I think... (I don't remember very well).

Hiro 4

Mashima's father. Probably because of his death in Mashima's childhood, he started to make orphan characters, that lost their parents or that don't know them.

A certain day when I went to paint with my father...

My dad liked to draw as well!
Hiro: Dad!! Why did you color the sky yellow?
Dad Hiro: Hu, hu. You can color the sky the color you want... A drawing isn't just to reproduce something that you see... You are free.

My father passed out some years after that... But I still remember those words. I think that, since then, I started to like to draw more.

3rd Part - Elementary School

Hiro 5

Mashima as a delinquent wannabe. Bitch please, even Prime is more delinquent than him.

Hiro Mashima: After the seventh grade, I became a delinquent. (Sorry mom...) Even so, I kept drawing everyday. Wasn't I cute (?)

And as a good delinquent I did only wrong things.

But it was on this time that I got addicted by cinema. I've watched a lot of movies, and maybe they've formed the essence of my manga.

For sure.

Hiro 6

Mashima's hentai drawing busted by his teacher. Note how the teacher's chin got excited by the pic.

The most embarrassing situation that I've been through in those times... Was when my teacher confiscated the notebook where I've drawn hentai, requested by my friend.

Hiro: This isn't what you're thinking!!
Teacher:Huh? What's this naughtiness?

The worst part was that he showed it to my mom!!

Teacher: I'm worried about your son's future.
Mom Hiro:Gah...
Hiro: You didn't have to show it!!

Teacher... I think I'm doing well now...
4th Part - High School

Hiro 7

Mashima's band, formed by him and his imaginary friends (just kidding, he would never be able to be friends with a real person, let alone with a imaginary one).

Hiro Mashima: In the high school, I got addicted by my band (I was the guitarist). I was always having fun, without studying.

Band's name: Night Meeting

Until they busted me loitering and suspended me for indefinite time.

Vice Principal: Do not come back to the school.

Indefinite time...

I almost didn't go to the school, but when they told me not to go, I missed it a lot.

Hiro (rolling on his bed): So boring...

I was so bored that I thought...

Hiro (rolling even more): What am I doing?

And thought...

Hiro 8

Mashima gettin' fired up.

And decided to go to Tokyo to become a mangaka.

Hiro: Well, I've never done something in my life anyway... So I better fight for a dream!!

Thanks to a teacher and my friends, I managed to graduate the high school. And traveled to the great metropolis, Tokyo,

Hiro: What's the time difference between Tokyo and Nagano?

Final Part - Tokyo

Hiro 9

Mashima's classmates and future enemies, Tite Kubo (left), Masashi Kishimoto (center) and Eichiro Oda (right).

Hiro Mashima: I went to a manga-specialized school!! I didn't want to tell anyone, but people would end up figuring out anyway... Also... I thought that I couldn't became a mangaka if I didn't go to a school like that.

Hiro (in Tokyo's streets): Where did all this people come from?! Is there Binzuru festival everyday here in Tokyo?!
(TN: the Binzuru festival is a traditional Nagano festival)

Frankly, where I studied was very "weird". There were only fanatics.

Teacher: Did you watch the OVA called...
Hiro: No idea what's he talking about...

And there was a lot of weird people.

Gangster (with the shirt inside super-tight pants and gloves): I was part of a gang. Obey me.

And they stank.

Hiro (seeing oil-smelling people and people with dandruff): Take a bath...

I was also unsatisfied with the classes' content and quickly got out from there.

Hiro: This isn't for me.

Hiro 10

Mashima giving birth to Ichiya's character.

I spent some time only loitering. Tokyo was a pretty tempting place for a countryside person.

Girl (with Hiro flirting with her): Annoying...

But when all of my friends got jobs... And I broke up with my girl (got dumped), I couldn't do anything.

Then I realized!! "I have to draw manga!!" It took a long time!!

Hiro (drawing, determined): What I came to do in Tokyo, after all?

And then, I brought my work to the Shonen Magazine.

Moral lesson?

The poll was created at 15:57 on March 3, 2013, and so far 81 people voted.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
  • March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
  • IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
  • The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
  • In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: I thought this interview was about me? Why are you asking me questions about other women?
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: Spring, because of all of the beautiful flowers. None of which are as beautiful as me of course.
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: He must have been so busy fantasizing about me that he forgot to come to the wiki.
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: No, I have not seen it yet. Am I in it? How did I look?
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: Erza bought a wedding dress? Is she getting married? That Fairy Queen Wannabe is getting married before ME?! I won't stand for this! Elfman, propose to me now!
Elfman: W-what?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: You know... I really don't think that's how a marriage proposal is supposed to go.
Ishthak Avatar Ishthak | Graphic Designer
Gajeel Redfox
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: Stupid girls and their stupid bullshit, how should I care?
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: Like both, when it's too hot or too cold metal doesn't taste good.
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: I don't give a damn.
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: I AM amazing as always. Still this stupid shadow asshole fucked up my new outfit.
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: She is totally pervert, probably has something dirty on her mind.
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Kagura Mikazuchi (wearing a purple wig to pass as Laki)
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: Hisui is the Princess of Fiore right?? Why would she be suspici- Wait... Did you say Lucy from the future?? What the hell!? I thought Lucy was that chick on Team Fairy Tail A who-
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: Wouldn't Laki know who Lucy is? She is a member of your guild afte-
Kagura: HISUI!! Hisui is lying because I love Fairy Tail and I love Lucy and Lucy would never lie!!
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: Hmmmm....
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: Autumn. The leaves turn red and rain down and it reminds me of blood... his blood... his blood and what it will look like when I stab him and make him suffer for what he has done and-
Erza: *barges in through the interview door and rips Kagura's horrific wig off* I knew it... What are you doing here... and more importantly WHY ARE YOU THREATENING MY JELLAL!! *Requips to Purgatory Armour*
Kagura: Erza! Sorry, I'm past that now, but it is the correct answer to the question...
Erza: Oh... I thought you were still hung up on that... *sits down beside Kagura*
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: So, you're just gunna stay now...??
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: When a man disappears for long periods of time there is always a woman involved... *Kagura, Erza and Carrot all start giggling like 5-year-olds*
IamJakuhoRaikoben: HEY! ಠ_ಠ
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: Meh... there were some okay scenes, but it was all about Fairy Tail! I mean, seriously, couldn't the screen writers have put in any other characters outside the usual?
Erza: The battles were a bit predictable too, though they were animated nicely...
Kagura: *whispers* You just like it because you were in it...
Erza: What was that!?
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: You bought a wedding dress Erza-san!?
Erza: M-m-m-ayy-beee... N-not f-f-f-ooor any-o-o-ne in p-partic-c-cula-ar... *fiddles with hair and clothes*
Kagura: So, it wasn't fo-
Erza:!!!?!! Toodleloo~ *rockets from the room*
Kagura: ... ... ... I never even mentioned Jellal...
TheCarrotSaysYumYum: Hmmm... *both look at each other and smile*
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: My Lucy would never lie! It has to be that bitch Hisui! Although, it's hard to believe that such a fair, gorgeous, succulent woman could speak anything less than the truth.
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: Summer. All the pretty ladies come out in their bathing suits.
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: What any man does when he's not around others: he was masturbating!
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: Yeah, I saw it. It was disappointing. Not enough naked women for my tastes.
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: To seduce me of course. But wait- what about my poor little Lucy? She'll be heartbroken.
Lucy: You really are delusional aren't you?
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: Oh. I've never thought of Lucy as a liar. If anyone's lying, it has to be that Princess Hisui. She's the one who called us "thieves" after all.
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: I love Winter. I know it may seem odd but it's not because of my hair. I love the Summer sun and the beach as well, but there's no better feeling to me than waking up on a frosty morning with the heat turned on and looking out the window to see a beautiful white snowfall outside. It's the time of year when I can relax best with those I care the most about and also cook that which I enjoy making.
Elfman: A real man can handle the cold!
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: A teenage male has been missing for several weeks? Naturally, the best excuse is sickness. But I feel I, and everyone else, knows the truth.
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: I loved how the Fairy Tail Movie turned out. Everyone was so nicely fleshed out and the acting was most definitely an honest attempt. I think we certainly put ourselves a step or two above those ninja movies, to say the least =)
Gajeel: Not like it was hard.
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: Erza bought a wedding dress? Well, I always knew she was really close to Gray and Natsu-
Lucy: Mira, I don't think it had anything to do with those two.
Mirajane: Oh, but I thought she was always doing nice things for them like keeping them close and solving conflicts.
Lucy: Wedding dresses have nothing to do with that and I don't exactly think hitting people is good conflict resolution.
Mirajane: Well, I guess I'll just have to say Erza's thinking about the years ahead.
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: Lucy-san would never lie! Uhhh... uhh... but a Princess should never lie either! Uhhh... uhhh... Neither is lying!? *begins to sob*
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: All seasons! The air tastes so different in each, so I can't make up my mind...
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: Jakuho-san was sick! Why didn't anyone tell me! I could have healed him straight away and then he wouldn't have been gone so long. *starts to sob again*
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: It was so sad!! ECLAIR~!!! *crying buckets*
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: Hmmm... *wipes tears* Yes, I remember Erza-san buying that dress. I thought she was buying it so she could marry Jella-

*Erza flies in with her Purgatory Armour Requipped and smashes Wendy on the head with her hammer-thing, knocking her unconscious*

Remnant13 & ChaosKnight: NOOOOOO!!!! \(゚Д゚ )/
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Jenny Realight
It seems that Lucy from the future and Hisui both have their reasons to be looked at suspiciously. Who do you think is the liar??
A: Has to be that Lucy chick. I've never been keen on trusting Fairy Tail Mages. Especially not ones as green as she seems to be.
Lucy: Ignoring the fact that Princess Hisui is as green as can be.
March is the start of Autumn in some places and Spring in others. What is your favourite season and why??
A: Summer's the best! No work to do and everyone is free. All I have to do is go to the beach and pose for the magazine. After that, I get to spend hours relaxing in a chair, working on my tan and checking out the guys.
Lucy: You do realize most of those guys are checking you out as well, right?
Jenny: Let 'em stare. The only chance they have of getting in me is as an organ donor.
IamJakuhoRaikoben recently disappeared from the Wiki for almost a month and then reappeared claiming to have "been sick with meningitis". What was he really up to??
A: No doubt in my mind. He was busy.
The Fairy Tail Movie was finally released with subs. Did you watch it and what did you think of it??
A: Haha! Of course I saw it. That Mira totally got her ass handed to her by that blonde chick! I can't help but feel sorry for that Eclair chick, though.
In the movie, Erza bought a wedding dress and acted pretty nonchalant about it. What was she really buying it for??
A: I think she was planning on marrying that Mystogan guy from the tournament. I always thought those two spent an awful lot of some with one another. It's like they know each other on a really personal level. Either that, or she's just playing "house" with that pink-haired boy from her team.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
TheCarrotSaysYumYum Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Last Pollbender
Ultraprime2 | Intern
Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Didn't do it this month

Issue 14: February 2013

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

The Wiki
IamJakuhoRaikoben Fanatics
Rai recently returned from inactivity. Where was he?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 162 people voted.
Who is most likely to throw things at the TV if something stupid happens in Fairy Tail?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 127 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
How has the quality of the art been lately?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 196 people voted.
How would you rate the anime's current animation quality?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 213 people voted.
10,000 Dragons Liars
Do you think the 10,000 dragons will come?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 199 people voted.
Who is the real liar?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 203 people voted.
Dreams Reli
Ever had an FT Wiki-related dream?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 159 people voted.
How big of an ass is Reli?

The poll was created at 14:53 on March 3, 2013, and so far 128 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

Ishthak Avatar Ish's Shop
Ishthak | Graphic Designer

Ish&#039;s shop logo

Hi hi Everyone! We are looking for something where you can put you money/pencils/condoms and other extremely important stuff. So today lets look closer to the wallets and pencil cases!
The best
I very hard to find a good accessories with character from manga or anime, especially wallets. The problem is that they are usually plastic/polyester and I'm quite sure that authors of the graphics are color blind... Prove is below...

Anyway, the one I wanna show you today is totally different. It's made of genuine leather with image pressed on it that shows Natsu with Happy and Guild Card. Inside you can find a tons of places to put huge amount of things and small Natsu card.
Price: $28.99

Fairy Tail cosplay - Wallet

The worst
Gray wallet ... *caught* What can I say? I guess that for some persons difference between dark blue and bright yellow doesn't exist... Or maybe Gray decided to become blonde (again -_-) and get some girls using his fancy GOLD necklace?

Everything of course on very stylish cover of POLYESTER wallet...
Price: $23.66

The surprise
Well, as always there has to be something that will surprise me... It's a pencil case but you can get similar wallet for coins too... If you are a sadist or you just wanna perform Happy a small vivisection, you just have to had it >:D
Price: $9.99
Happy pencilcase


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