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  5. Ugliest Mage Alive
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Juvia wektor.png What's going on here? The author of this article is a lazy bastard!
Technical Updates is unfortunately not complete this month. It will be up and running next month. Sorry for the inconvenience.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Jenny Realight Fanart.jpg

Jenny Realight SMA.png
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Jenny Realight. She's a young female Mage of Blue Pegasus that seems to employ Transformation as her main form of Magic. She's a beautiful young Mage who models for Sorcerer Magazine from time to time.

Quote November.png

(Jenny Realight to Mirajane Strauss)"This is my battle form!"

IamJakuhoRaikoben Ugliest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Justina Bieber Sexy Legs.jpg

Justina Bieber UMA.png
This month's Ugliest Mage Alive is Justina Bieber. Formally known as Justin Bieber. She was a pop singing sensation that dressed up like a young male in an attempt to appeal to both female and male fans. However, once she started to sing, she realized that all men hated her guts and decided to reveal her secret to the world. Upon revealing it, her fan base dropped substantially because people "just couldn't take how ugly she was."

Quote November 2.png

(Justina Bieber to The World)"I'm not hiding it anymore! I'm a woman!"

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Anime
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer and Rauleli's Dance Slave
Rauleli This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA Header - November12.png
This Month in the Anime

November 2012

Rauleli got tired of reviewing so now Carry is going to be writing This Month in the Anime permanently. I'm still doing the images though. Enjoy :)
Allow me to take you back to the day of October 31st, 2012:

Carrot: Well, there you go Leli :) *hands Leli TMITA for October* Glad I could be of assistance ;D Just get your lazy butt into gear next month, 'kay? *turns to leave*
Leli: Thanks a bunch Carry... and yeah, I'll do the work next mon- *an evil smile crosses his face* Say, is that JELLAL over there!? *points behind Carrot*
Carrot: JELLAL~! <3 WHERE!? WHERE!? *turns her back on Leli*
Leli: *grabs a bag and stuffs it over Carrot's head*

...A little while later...

Carrot: *wakes up to find herself chained to a desk with a TV and stationary* Huh? o___O WTF is this!!??
Leli: Muahahaha~!! I have decided Carrot, that as my TMITA dance slave, you shall now write TMITA EVERY month >:)
Carrot: Well, fuck that~! I could easily break out of here...
Leli: Ahhh, but you see, I am a stuck up jerk who recently learnt Japanese, and unless you write TMITA every month from now on I will write a note to Mashima... in Japanese, so you can't understand it... asking for Jellal to be killed off >:D
Carrot: T^T *picks up pen and starts to write*

And there you have it folks. If you are reading these words, please, come save me. I am being held in a room somewhere. It's all up to you now...
The Blooming Capital - Crocus

Well, I don't see how the anime team can beat the absolute gloriousness that was last weeks episode...

Jellal and Erza nearly kiss.jpg

...but let's see...

Okay... why are the FT members suddenly back at the guild rather than in Crocus?? Why are Mirajane and Juvia appearing here and then Makarov complaining that he has to put Lucy and Wendy on the team because other, stronger people haven't come back from training??


WTF #1: Wait... is Elfman's hand so big now that it can cover his whole face? :<

Y'know, sometimes I have to wonder what the anime team is thinking... was it really that hard to not just shove the members in Crocus and explain all of the backstory there?? I mean, if you really have to make up for time expand the bit where the group first arrive in Crocus and look around, especially why the capital is called the "blooming capital"...

Anyways... point 2: the castle of Mercurius is changed...

*facepalms* Oh my gosh. I mentioned it last month in my other review... but why do the animators keep changing locations? I mean, looking at where Meredy and Ultear are standing to watch the Games in the opening... why are they on that random statue and not the cliff-side...?? How are they going to ruin Jellal's glorious battle with Jura (and screw up Sema >:O) if they are there?? Is Meredy just going to get pushed off the statue and break her neck, killing Jellal too?? Is Ultear going to hang Meredy over the side of the statue and have her become so scared that Jellal does too and runs in fear from Jura?? Because I seriously don't see how the two girls are going to beat each other up and choke/tickle/whatever to foil Jellal if they are 50 bazillion metres in the air and have only around 1 metre squared of area to work with... *shakes head* It will be interesting to see how the anime team gets out of that one...

Back to Mercurius though... T^T It was so glorious when Mashima drew it... I mean, it was seriously one of the prettiest buildings ever... and now because the anime team can't be stuffed working their lazy asses we get this half-assed, already-before-seen Edo-castle... >___> I... I seriously have no comment for this... I am that disappointed.

WTF #2: Woah, everybody jump back, Sting has turned his face into a snake ( .__.)

Nooooo~!! Juvia just appeared and her outfit is different~!! :< But her other one was so cute D; Again... silly animators... why did they ruin that too, it's not like it was a complex outfit to animate, and despite showing much of Juvia's cleavage, they shouldn't have a problem putting it in as we got a nice shot of Erza's cleavage whilst she was in the bath two shots ago... ಠ_ಠ stupid animators. This aside, seeing this odd love triangle is hilarious, especially Lyon... he just cracks me up so much. At the same time, it makes me hate Gray... I mean... come on man!! You have, like, one of the hottest chicks ever chasing after you and you just brush her off and then get pissy when other guys show her affection. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! Get with her or let her go with Lyon... quit being the stick in the mud that keeps this triangle alive... ( .__.) Sheesh, moving on from that random rant...

Oh my gollygoshness Erza is reliving the (NON)kiss from episode 154 @_____________@ Man, I love these animators!!
SM readers: B-But you just said-
Carrot: STFU~! JellalErza~! <3

Kyahahahaha~! I do have to give it to the animators though, Ichiya ruining Erza's fantasy and the Trimen appearing was absolutely hilarious for me. You see, why can't they expand the episodes like this?? It's funny, it's not like it interferes with the proper story and I like it. FOREVER TRIMENS!! XD

WTF #3: Whoops, sorry, change of plan... now it's his rape face

Arg, and to completely undo the greatness that was that last expansion, the group now shows all of the competing GMG teams arriving in Crocus. I mean, I know we already know from the spoiler opening, but seriously, why add this like that?? One of the best things about the start of the GMG was seeing the guilds enter and being totally in the dark as to who they were... now it's all out there and no surprise :/

Wow... Sting has a hot laugh... no seriously... if you missed it go back and re-watch the ep :) 15:28 :D

Well, the rest of the episode was pretty good because it followed the canon material. Though, from the looks of things, next week will be completely Sky Labyrinth... hmmm... I wanna see how the team can pull off a full ep from just one chapter... there will be much filler ( _ _)

Sky Labyrinth

Well, for an episode that was made from only one chapter this was very well done.

Sure, there were some parts that were a bit dodgy, but overall it was a nice episode from the animators.

I loved seeing Pyxis finally animated and in colour... that gag with Erza already having a compass is also priceless. Seeing it brought back through expansion was also a sweet little move, and one that I appreciated.

WTF #4: We apologise, Fairy Tail is now being drawn by a 3-year-old...

For the most part the actual labyrinth was well animated and stuff. I liked how the episode combined the challenge with the explanations of different things, such as the reason why Natsu wasn't motion sick etc. and the rooms that were added where mostly interesting and nicely done... though some where a little lame :/

As for the other half of the episode, which was pretty much Lisanna finally getting a small use as a character and actually doing something, well... again, a nice way to expand the ep, but constantly hearing repeats of the FT guild saying that they were searching for Wendy got dry and old very quickly. I mean, how many times did they stand around saying that they needed to look for Wendy? 3? 19? 35? 187? That being said, the added scene where Lisanna and Happy find Wendy and Carla was well done, considering it was non-canon. I liked the way the scene was laid out and what happened.

So, not much on this episode, but if I'm honest, it wasn't very interesting. A nicely done episode, but not interesting...

New Guild

I really liked this ep!! Oh man, I think it was really well handled.

Firstly, MUSIC!! By George, I love love LOVE Fairy Tail music, and I absolutely CAN NOT wait for OST 4 to be released if it has these tracks on it @___@ I mean, it's a lot more rock-ish, if you get what I mean, but the songs are sounding really cool, and really got me pumped and into the episode :) Especially the one when Team QP first comes out and the one that played when Sabertooth appeared. Absolutely awesome ;D

WTF #5: Even Happy was molested in this one...

Now, the actual teams. As I said before, it was a disappointment that they were already seen before their first proper introduction, but I like how the anime showed them. The animators have the great opportunity with being able to add colour and motion to everything, so I liked that the GMG teams were introduced each with their own little showy-flashy-poofhereweare thing :) It also got my into the feeling of competition and rivalry >:) Raven Tail though... :/ The animation turned weird again... I swear, it keeps doing a 360 between good and fairly crappy. It's not that I'm that picky with my animation, but I wish the Fairy Tail anime was just a little more consistent in this area... but whatever... Flare looked pretty creepy though :)

Ah, the Fairy Tail B Team * ^ * Them entering just brought back all of the memories I had of reading the chapter they entered and being completely blown away. They are so cool, just awesome, and my baby Jellal appearing on the scene just boosts everything up to an all new high. Totally supermegafoxyawesomehawt~! The other thing that is just as cool is Laxus putting his arm around Jellal and telling Erza to basically piss off. I loved that in the manga and I loved it again here. Seriously, Laxus and Jellal would be the most awesome, badass team ever!! :D

On top of this, we are starting to hear all of the voices that have been chosen for the characters :) A muttering from Kagura this ep, and she sounded exactly the way I imagined her too * ^ * least right now... Same with Rufus and Nullpuding etc. etc. Rufus was great, and... Nullpuding... well... what can be said about Nullpuding??
...yeah, I got nothing...

WTF #6: First her nose and now her eyes... I feel sorry for you Beth, truly, I do...

And then we got the intro to Hidden, which was nicely done, and I like how the anime set up the game, like with the player screens and stuff. I thought it was a nice little idea, and really drew more into the game side of the whole event, rather than just everyone stepping forward. Though, and maybe it was just my episode and subs... but... Quattro Kerreros?? Marmaid Heel?? Raven's Tail?? Wild Four?? *rolls eyes and sighs*

On another note... looks like Beth still hasn't got a proper nose... or proper eyes now ( _ _)

Beth's stupid facial features aside, this was a great ep and I enjoyed being able to summarise it for the ASG and watch it over and over. I hope the anime team keeps making these events in the GMG just as cool ^__^

Now we just have to wait for OST 4 to be released. I hope it comes soon!!

In a Night of Falling Stars

WTF #7: Animator note #1: Don't bother drawing characters properly when they are meant to look scary, just draw them completely different and they will look scary enough

Okay... so Meredy and Ultear have a little more room than I originally thought... but still... *shakes head* I await with great worry in my heart :S Right on Ultear though for the JellalErza drop!! *high fives Ultear*

Back to the Games, and the episode nicely followed the plot-line, making this a nice episode, though kind of like Sky Labyrinth, it wasn't incredibly enjoyable. I'm not sure if this is just due to the fact that I already know the outcome of the competitions or what, but I just remember that I enjoyed reading them so much more than I did watching them in these episodes :/ Ahhh well I guess... I'm interested to see if the same thing will happen with the fights seeing as we already know the outcome of them too.

But wait...?? The clones don't move? I could have sworn that I thought they moved... ahh well, guess the anime people are too lazy again >____> But, hang on, Nullpuding's clone is moving... and talking... *rolls eyes* Way to go animators, just confuse everyone by trying to both cover manga material and be lazy... Make up your mind~! One or the other... Anyways,

WTF #8: And I voted for the manga version of this for the featured picture too... >:(

:D My darling Jellal got a line~! *kisses Jellal* You did that one line amazingly babe~! Awesome :3

Speaking of love for Fairy Tail males, Juvia hugging that Gray clone was the cutest thing I have seen in the anime this month :3 Awwww kawaii ;D However I was disappointed later by the one thing I was looking forward to with her: the part where Juvia takes out Lyon by KOing him in the head... it was poorly done D;

That bastard Nullpuding though >.< Such a disgusting character who just got more ugly every time he appeared *sighs* gotta hate already badly drawn characters who are then badly animated on top of that -___-

Well, we got to see Rufus being a bastard again, though I didn't think his attack was as well done as it could have been. I'm just putting it down to poor animation, not the layout of how it was presented. Speaking of poor animation though, I hated how they did Gray's little punch-the-wall-Rufus-and-Nullpuding-were-being-mean-to-me-I-want-revenge scene... it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo much cooler in the manga, so that really annoyed me...

WTF #9: ... ... just-... no... no comment...

The other thing I felt disappointed about was that unlike when I read the manga, I didn't feel bad for Gray and Juvia as they stepped out of the event in last place. When reading the manga, I actually and genuinely felt bad for the two, but here, nothing. Again, I don't know if it is because I have read this all before or what, but it's a little sad because I was really hoping I'd relive all of the emotions I felt when I read these chapters. Ahh well... :/

But but but~! Next week we get Flare v Lucy. I am looking forward to this :) It was a great fight and I am seriously hoping they do it well. And then, oh boy, then, we get Jellal v Jura, which, despite the poor outcome I still very much want to see. Seeing both Jellal and Jura in action will hopefully be awesome. They are both such skilled Mages and I hope the fight is animated well.

So, overall, another nice ep, though I think if things were stepped up just that little more, better animation to suit the sweet-ass music for instance, that I'd be 100 times more into it than I am now...

Rauleli This Month in the Manga
Rauleli | '
Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - November12.jpg
This Month in the Manga

November 2012

This is a month of (more or less exciting) battles, folks! Let confrontations rage on, and let the issue begin!

I - Chapter 306: Gray vs. Rufus

TMITM - Ch 306.png

At long last, one of the fights we were prompted to eagerly wait for is now meeting its start. On the stands, Mavis reveals the incoming battle has no certain results, and that it was Gray who insisted to engage Sabertooth's "minstrel", the one capable of pinpointing everyone's location, in spite of odds being against the Ice-Make Mage.

Why did she let him?


Because, sometimes, emotions can overcome calculations. Gray, show the First the power of your emotions!


If you haven't realized yet, I was being sarcastic.

Hell's dammit, will that stupid brat ever stop spitting Nakama Crap? I'm so hoping she's fading away soon, 'cause I can no longer stand her.

Anyhow, on to real deal...

Ice on the lightning!

Either Gray or Rufus must be high... Maybe the both of them.

Gray tries to attack Rufus with his Lance spell, but Rufus dodges, doing the same when the opponent uses an enhanced version of his Hammer move, Ice Impact, which summons an even larger and way more elaborated hammer. Yeah, that's right. As he does so, the Sabertooth Mage mentions how he's memorizing the techniques, before proceeding to finally explain what his Magic revolves around: he can memorize other people's spells and then combine them to create new ones; an ability he shows off by merging the memories of Gray's Ice-Make with those of Orga's Thunder God Slayer Magic black Lightning Magic to create the brand new Sword of Frozen Black Lightning, summoning forth a storm of black lightning which generates ice on contact.

Man, this whole thing is freakin' awesome.

Despite the sheer awesomeness of the move and everyone's (Gray included) disbelief and shock, the Fairy Tail Mage takes the blow with some merely theatrical effects, emerging almost unscathed. Rufus again casts a spell, generating several whirlwinds with his Shrine of Turbulent Fang. Gray blocks the incoming currents with a renewed, larger Shield, but his opponent yet again displays one of Memory-Make' abilities, this being to "forget" spells he sees and memorize to render them useless even when others are using them... something which makes Gray's ice defense disappear, and leaves the opponent at the mercy of the wind.

Again, that was freakin' awesome.

As everyone's in shock over Rufus' powers, the Sabertooth Mage notes how the whole fight is his requiem for Gray, and states the opponent should remember that he cannot beat him. In response, the Fairy Tail Mage strips, removing his vest (anything new?) as he claims that he's never lost to the same opponent twice. He then assumes his Ice-Make stance again, and Rufus, who was calmly readying to memorize any move his foe might have used, is left in shock as Gray adds the word "Unlimited" to his technique.

And then Chaos ensues.

Gray, this has to be the most epic thing you've done since... Hell, ever!

Gray starts creating extremely elaborated weapons at blinding speed, generating tens of them and connecting them to a spiraling ice formation around him... so fast that Rufus' memorization can't actually keep up, as noted by him and by the audience.

So far I've only said it about Memory-Make... but hell, this is freakin' awesome. Gray, that Second Origin thing really did benefit you. This whole thing is plain epic. His battle ice creations are no longer merely sketchy... they're work of arts now. And, most importantly, he creates everything he needs by himself. Not like some outdated characters who made the fortune of hardware shops and can hardly be considered Mages.

The complete armory is then sent towards Rufus with the One Sided Chaotic Dance move... Freezing him.


Seriously, couldn't something more epic come from an epic formation like that? I mean, what happened to ice cutting edges? I don't remember you ever having problems cutting people with ice, Gray!

Y U NO.jpg


Rufus isn't trapped for long, making short work of the ice surrounding him with his already known Karma of the Burning Land, which he also uses to attack Gray.

See? Had you cut him, this wouldn't have happened. Y U NO CUT HIM? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

However, the minstrel's fire is shown to be useless against someone used to fight against Fire Dragon Slayer Magic, and Gray, employing the flames themselves as a smokescreen, finishes Rufus off with his enhanced Ice Bringer... which seems to strike better than his former attack, even if it keeps freezing.

Guess that can do it.

Rufus feels the blow (even though I'm not sure he was cut... WERE U CUT?) and is left unconscious and injured as Gray, the winner, puts his hat on. Victory goes to the Fairy Tail Mage! Ice-Make overcame Memory-Make! A bare-chested fellow wearing a Renaissance-style hat looks frickin' gay!


Alright, this was a very good chapter. Despite the fight being a bit short, we really got to see some awesome techniques, and Gray seemingly won without Plot Armor. That should make for a GREAT chapter, right?

It should. There's one thing which bugs me, though...

What was of Rufus' memories? Wasn't he able to create afterimages of himself to render his real body unassailable? From what he said during the Hidden event, striking him was impossible due to his physical presence being only a memory... SO? Why was this ability forgotten (ah! did you understand the pun?) as if nothing happened? Maybe I'm the one overdoing things and didn't understand well what the skill was about... But it might have made an appearance as a simple decoy, if anything!

Y U NO.jpg




Anyhow, as I said, the whole thing was worth reading, and it was likely the best chapter we had in a while. We got a double page panel showing Gray cutting down (metaphorically) Rufus with Ice Bringer, and the cover showed the Games' scores plus the less interesting Fairy Tail group looking around in that place they fell into like idiots last month. Good art, and, I must give it to Mashima, the drawing of Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance was superb.

II - Chapter 307: Garou Knights

TMITM - Ch 307.png

Rufus is still defeated and Gray is still looking gay as of Fairy Tail's (series) 307th chapter, so yeah, Fairy Tail (guild)'s having the edge over the other teams. Fiore's former top guild (and likely the one to come) celebrates, others are shocked to see Rufus defeated. Most of his comrades comment on his defeat, and, as Sting sits in an alley with a sad look, we're shown a flashback...

Crocus Garden, chapter 300. Sting has struck Jiemma down, Sabertooth's Master is heavily injured. Minerva steps in, noting how her father's reign of terror has met its end, seeing as he was defeated by Sting, one of his subordinates, who thus became an eligible candidate for the man's position.

Jiemma has no more say in the matter, further defeated by the rules he himself created.

Minerva then notes how Sting lost to Natsu only due to him lacking "th power of feelings", something he was deprived of by Jiemma's strict ways, and states that with such power he could overwhelm the Fire Dragon Slayer.

Oh shit, now even villains are pulling out Nakama Crap.

Having said so, Minerva reassures Sting that Lector is still alive, having been brought elsewhere by her own Magic.


Hell, that's no surprise. It's what we all thought.

"Give it a rest, sissy! Lost is over... and there's nothin' you can do about that!"

Sting starts thanking Minerva profusely, asking her to bring Lector back... just as the woman orders him to stop sniveling.

Everyone, the White Dragon Slayer included, is shocked, with their shock growing as Jiemma's daughter explains her plan: she won't be giving Lector back to Sting unless Sabertooth wins the Grand Magic Games, and, much like her father wanted, is again acknowledged as the strongest guild. A slip on Sting's side, and he won't be seeing Lector again.

Oh, man. That's cruel, for real!

Minerva, you're one evil crazy bitch!

Anyhow, Sting resolves to win at all costs for the sake of his friend.

In the meantime...

"Hey, look how much the gal's grown! She looked almost flat when she first came 'round!"

Natsu & Co are still trapped inside that something palace. They bitch around a bit, with Pantherliy expressing his desire to draw maps on the entirety of his body (... is this some sort of fetish or what?), Lucy blushing when told by Happy that Natsu insisted to come and save her himself (that ought to make your day, Ota... If you read the manga, that is) and Mirajane noting how Yukino resembles Lisanna.


What is that supposed to be? An invitation to Fairy Tail? Or rather to the Strauss family (yeah, it's Strauss, it can't be helped Rai)? Is she trying to pull out another Natsu pairing, or would rather like a double for her sister to avoid getting clawed by transforming brothers on a killing spree again?

No sure way to know.

Anyhow, the cheerful group comes across a narrow tunnel, and eventually risks tripping on someone lying injured on the ground...


His armor's gone (don't worry, he's clothed...)... but his nose's still there.


which is the main focus of this image?
A) The huge, shadowy figure suddenly appearing behind our heroes.
B) Mirajane's outfit.

The downed, once proud "white knight" urges the group to make a run for it... and we rapidly realize the reason, with Fairy Tail being assaulted and then faced with five opponents... The Garou Knights, the best executioners in Fiore, tasked with getting rid of the "thieves".

Now, let's have a look at our new acquaintances...

  • A large, muscle-armed, pot-bellied fellow dressed up as a punk, with a bottle perennially held between his teeth, a flat nose and hair which could rival Cloud Strife's. Has the tendency to punch people while producing acid to make up for his shyness.
  • Sanpei's ugly brother. Thrown into a river by his parents at birth for continuously mistaking a flag for a fishing cane, he's developed oversized eyelashes, feet with only a pair of toes each, and the ability to "fish" things in the air while spamming his "Tai" catchphrase. Short but effective.
  • Once again another neglected sibling, this time a woman, and this time the sister of Perona from One Piece. Angry at her parents for buying teddy bears only to her younger sibling, the gal started growing plants, eventually finding out opium's particular "qualities". Life's been a bed of roses for her ever since.
  • The illegitimate daughter born to a lesbian relationship between Ultear and Minerva (they might actually make hentai 'bout that...), clad in an Eastern-looking garment, sporting a hairstyle which takes more time to be styled than those of all the other girls in the series together, and so fond of origami to become one herself.
  • The group's seeming leader, an armored fellow who seems to have been dressed up by Bickslow. Angry at the Fairy Tail Mage for giving him an already used attire, he forsake his copies of Bickslow's dolls, instead choosing to carry around two huge weapons with weird, weird shapes.

Well... Quite a bunch we have there!

As always, someone had to criticize appearances and look down on this newly-introduced group.

Rai, you're one evil crazy bitch!

A pretty good chapter, especially considering how much the original title let me down. I thought, don't know, the Fairy Tail members would fight a group of wolves... This was way better.

Nice art, a double page portraying the five "wolves", and a cover which,together with the Games' current scores, shows us Princess Annoying looking like her dog's been killed while her soldiers party.

I see you're still alive, uh. No suicide yet.

Princess Annoying, you're one evil crazy bitch!

Anyhow, that scene with the five new antagonists... I feel like I've... seen it before...


III - Chapter 308: Fairy Tail vs. the Executioners

TMITM - Ch 308.png

Chapter 308 was nothin' special, so I'll review it real, real fast.

  • Fairy Tail stands before the Garou Knights. Natsu makes fun of their appearances.
  • The two executioner girls, Cosmos (the one using plants, revealed to be obsessed with beauty) and Kamika (the result of the lesbian union using paper) start attacking the group. The first has some pretty cool vegetables at her disposal (including a really, really large one) while the second summons forth pieces of paper which have different effects, and which she refers to as "gods". If only religion was that simple...
  • Natsu, Lily and Sitri Mira fuck Cosmos' largest plant, creating a huge blast which scatters the combatants throughout the place. The lineup's as follows:
  • Natsu vs Scythe Guy (yeah, they're scythes)
  • Wendy vs Cosmos
  • Lily vs Acid Guy
  • Thighs in a spy leotard Mira vs Kamika
  • Lucy, Yukino, Arcadios, Happy and Carla vs Uosuke (the Fish Guy)

So, yeah, that's all there was to it. Stay tuned for the real thing.

IV - Chapter 309: The Burning Earth

TMITM - Ch 309.png

This chapter's more interesting than the former. It starts off with Natsu confronting the Scythe Guy, who uses his signature weapons to try and slice the Dragon Slayer's throat, failing to do so and thus reducing the surrounding structures to rubble. A funny scene ensues before the brief battle, with Natsu stating he's got nothing to repent of, and Makarov, elsewhere, shivering as he remembers all the damage Natsu tends to cause while on jobs.

Some brief shots of the other ongoing fights are shown. Acid Guy assaults Lily with his signature substance, while Kamika and Cosmos threaten their respective opponents with poisonous attacks.

Here comes the interesting part.

"Go for it, big bro! Kill those people brutally and in the worst possible way!"

Sanpei's big bro Uosuke names his Terrain Effect Magic thrugh the use of Lava Zone, a technique which splits the ground and summons forth a lake of boiling lava.

While my high school studies assure me that such thing could never happen, hell, this was cool.

Lucy and Yukino are left hanging from some large slabs of rocks while the Exceeds are crushed down by Uosuke's Gravity Zone. Guess Mashima wanted to combine his seeming fondness for Earth Magic and gravity-related Magic into one... and I must say the result is pretty nice, and not banal.

Likely because, hell, the user of such art isn't your usual neighbour...

Stepping into lava WHILE saving two girls' asses WHILE fondling one o' them.


Anyhow, Arcadios, despite his injuries, stands on his feet again, not willing to let the Kingdom's "hope" die... and steps into the lava, running towards the two damsels in distress and helping them both up the rock. He asks the two distraught girls to find the princess and then decide whether Eclipse is right or not... before completely sinking into the lava.


Hell, I wasn't expecting that. I mean... cool.

Who wuld have thought the squared Pinocchio could endure such a "hot stroll". Seriously, that was pretty awesome.

So, is this the end for Arcadios, the white knight of Carla's vision, the character switching between his good and bad sides as easily as others changes clothes, known for his uncanny ability to touch his chin with his tongue when he has a banana stuffed in his left ear (lol SM writer nonsense wtf?! ROFLMAO!)?

Hell, it's obvious it isn't, guys. This is Fairy Tail (either the series or the guild... Dunno which one Plot Armor should be imputed to).

"Let's think up a sexual practice to try on this fella when we're done beating his ass, right?"

An unconscious Arcadios resurfaces shortly after, his body protected by the wooden frame of Horologium. As an amazed Lucy asks what the mustached clock's doing swimming around in a lava pool, Loke makes his appearance too, having come of his own will, and gives back the two Celestial Spirit Mages their keys. The trio then prepares to face off against Uosuke, who tais (yeah, made it into a verb. Problem with that?) with a rather worried look on his face.

Elsewhere, Natsu grabs and shatters one of Scythe Guy's weapons. Yeah, it's as simple as that. What 'bout pulling out some Magic, big boss?

This, as I said, was a nice chapter. Uosuke's Magic actually looked interesting, so I'm hoping the other members of the Garou Knights get to distinguish themselves as well. Looking forward to the Lucy's group vs. Uosuke confrontation... hell, I'm really hoping to see Capricorn in action. Been some chapters since he's last had some screentime. No double pages, but some of the shots focused 'round lava and the related events were pretty cool. The cover showed Lucy doing what she does best...

A clue. That ain't writing.

Well, this is it for November. See ya next month, people!

Juvia wektor.png What's going on here? The author of this article is a lazy bastard!
Real Tail is unfortunately not complete this month. It will be up and running next month. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Relikz Gate of the Horoscope
Relikz | Writer

Gate Logo.png
Want to see your future? Then read on!
(March 21 - April 19)
Even though Aries is "the Ram" (male), you are a very delicate female. Arieses, this month, your inner self will reveal. But don't be ashame and don't be insecure. Let the whole world know that you are a transvestite or homosexual. ;)

(April 20 - May 20)
You are such a perv. I am disgusted at the things I see you doing in the future. You are turned on by the creepiest things and you like having sex in the most terrifying ways. However, the worst thing is that you don't even notice what a freak you are. That's why you are so loved :)

(May 21 - June 20)
The crystal ball which I sometimes use for divining fortunes for those like yourself... is smashed beyond repair. I can see bits of your future, and they look bloody. But I can't tell whether it's your blood. Actually, it might not be blood at all, but a red sock. I'm not sure. Get back to me next month.

(June 21 -July 22)
You will have cancer. Sorry, that's it. No more. Nope. Ok, I'll give you some more revelations. Let's see... *randomly chooses a disease* Hmmm... it seems that this month you will also acquire AIDS... hmmm how intriguing. Uhmmm.. good luck surviving :P

(July 23 - August 22)
This month will seem like a good month for disregarding this horoscope. Oh wait. I didn't actually give you a horoscope. Wait, yeah, I just did. Ok then [[File:Happy.gif Happy]]

(August 23 - September 22)
In a world full of people like yourself, who cares if you want to behave like an pervet? Whilst you may think that this horoscope is completely useless... I have to admit - I have a very guilty secret. You see, all horoscopes are completely useless. There - I said it. Now Mrs Fakkiu who taught me everything I knew will rue the day she said I couldn't make it as an astrologer! Fuck you Mrs Fakkiu!

(September 23 - October 22)
People that repeat things can be annoying as well as entertaining. Rawwr! People that repeat things can be annoying as well as entertaining. Rawwr! Rawr! People that repeat things can be annoying as well as entertaining. Rawwr!

(October 23 - November 21)
Better late than pregnant.

(November 22 - December 21)
Your life must be so horrid... you should try taking a small part in a local theatre production. It may help you get out and start living a lie. Good luck and break a leg! Literally

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorns are to astrology what Mirajane is to Rai. They are loved beyond imagining. Yes, yes we are :)

(January 20 - February 18)
You looked so sexy this month. If you keep this up, next month, you will be raped. Do you want to be raped? Do you?! Well, then stop being sexy and be ugly. You are ugly. UGLY. Go cry now. I'm just kidding. You are still sexy and you know it. :P

(February 19 - March 20)
Wow Pisces, you actually look really awesome. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU WEAK TO WATER?! Anyway, this month, your mother is going to be turned into a porn star and we will all watch some good, family-fun, milf porn. Awesome :)

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Jakuho's Corner.gif


IamJakuhoRaikoben is the founder of Jakuho's Corner, as well as its sole editor. His goal in its founding was to keep editors and viewers of the Fairy Tail Wiki informed on the latest rumors, gossip, and facts about the Fairy Tail Series.

Welcome to "Jakuho's Corner", your source for Fairy Tail rumors, chapter info, interviews, and more!

Note: Do not assume the following are definitely true. These are all rumors that I got from one of my many sources:

  • The Event "Hidden" is inspired by Assassin Creed. (Mashima Twitter, 11/18/12, 18:53 JST)
  • Fairy Tail has at minimum three more arcs left. (Confirmed)

Last Month's Rumors >>>


Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing perhaps the most boring user on the site, IamJakuhoRaikoben !

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us a little about yourself.
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Hello there! My name is IamJakuhoRaikoben, and I am an Administrator and the sole Bureaucrat of the Fairy Tail Wiki. I am the founder of all of our Guilds (also known as Projects) on the site. I am the Guild Master of the Referencia Guild and the Supervisor of the Fight Summary, Anime Summary, Image, and Grammar Guilds, and the Manga Summary Guild before it was disbanded. I am also a member of the Relación Seis which is the first official team of our wiki, the Dragons of Design, which is the second official team of our wiki. I am a huge Mirajane fan and I think, wait- I take that back- I know she is the most awesome character in the series. ^_^

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Well, a little while after I started editing on the Bleach Wiki, I wanted to edit on other anime wikis and so I looked up the Fairy Tail wiki and there it was. I was admittedly disappointed with the quality of the wiki at the time and that's why I decided to stay and help out and as the wiki improved more users came to help it out and as more users came the wiki improved more and more.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?

  • HELP OUT!!!: It aggravates me when people come to the wiki and don't do anything to try to help make it better. There are dozens of things to be done on the wiki. Pick one and do it.
  • Don't take things personally: If you and someone else start arguing about something then don't take the argument personally. Because it's not.
  • BLOG!: Hardly anyone blogs anymore. I blame Chat, but I would really like to see our blogs be as wild and fun as they used to be.
  • Don't Vandalize: Vandalism isn't cute or funny. It's just retarded and you will be blocked if you do something to disrupt our articles!
  • Stay far FAR away from Remnant and Hungry: They are serial rapists and pedophiles that don't care about gender. If you value your innocence, run when you see them coming!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Are you happy to be an Administrator?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Of course I am! I worked hard to become an Administrator- very hard! And when it finally happened, I felt like the happiest man in the world! And as an added bonus, when I was made an Admin, I was also made a Bureaucrat!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Why did you divorce my (Rauleli ) daughter RedFemaleKnight ?! Is she not good enough?! *prepares to kill*
IamJakuhoRaikoben: No, she was a very sweet girl. It's can I explain this... All women that I marry need to have legs that spread like butter. Red's legs were glued shut. >_> *sees you grabbing a gun* What I meant to say is that I didn't think I was good enough for her!Oops

Fairy Tail Wiki: Why has Rauleli titled you as "Wiki God"?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Simple. Because he knew that I was the father of every being on this wiki. "All you bitches is my sons and daughters!" He also knew that papa doesn't like being second fiddle. He knew that papa wants to be in control and that papa would stop at nothing to get control! Muwhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

Fairy Tail Wiki: You have been accused of having the wiki wrapped around your finger. What do say about this statement?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: I do not!!! Everyone on the wiki is free to do what ever they want.
Fairy Tail Wiki: But in your previous answer, you said-
IamJakuhoRaikoben: I was lying in my previous answer. I don't control anyone. Now Mega, go fetch me a glass of water!!
Mega: Aye sir.Cry

Fairy Tail Wiki: Why are you so black?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: I have a better question: Why are you so not black? Being black is awesome!!! I'd recommend everyone try it. All men who convert to being black get big penises and all women who convert get big breasts and butts. It's a win-win situation! :D

Fairy Tail Wiki: YOU ARE REPEATING THE 12TH GRADE!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Anything to say about this?
IamJakuhoRaikoben: SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DIRTY MEXICAN WHORE!!! Wait, that sounded racist. SHUT THE FUCK YOU YOU DIRTY LATIN AMERICAN WHORE!!! Much better. :D For all of you who do not know, this year is my second year in 12th grade, but it isn't because I failed. On the contrary, I had the highest average in my class last year. (And I think I have it this year too, not sure. We haven't gotten class ranks back yet) The reason I didn't pass is because I attend a private school and we have to have community service hours to pass. I didn't have enough of them so I was retained, unfortunately. You can read the full story here.

Fairy Tail Wiki: We love you... no homo :)
IamJakuhoRaikoben: *reads "we love you"* Awwwwwww that's so sweet! :D *thinks about it* Wait, that's gay!!!!! *reads no homo* Ah, everything is good again. :D

Hope you folks enjoyed the interview!! Next month's interview will be with perhaps the perviest on the site. Look forward to it! See you guys next time!

Sorcerer Magazine Staff Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Fairy Interview
A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right.png

This month's questions are:

  • Who is cuter, Carla or Lector? Who is bitchier?
  • Which Grand Magic Games' participating team, other than Fairy Tail, are you rooting for?
  • According to misinterpretation of the Mayan culture, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012; aka. next month. Any last words before dying?
Rauleli Rauleli | Writer
Jellal Fernandes
Lucy or Erza? Pick!
A: What kind of question is this? Erza... she... I... I love her so much. I... I...
Erza: Je...llal.... I never thought one day... Jellal... *tears start flowing*
Jellal: Erza... *comes closer*
Erza: J- *closer*

-about to kiss-
-animators pull them away-

TheCarrotSaysYumYum : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOooooo!!! NO! NOOOOOO!!!! NOooOOo0o0oOO0OOOoO0o0o0oooo!!! NO!! ANIMATORS... MUST... BE... KILLED...
Juvia enraged.jpg
Rauleli : Right.... Moving on.
Which Garou Knights would you rather fight?
A: That scythe guy looks pretty secretive. I like secretive. I have been used in three character in the series. Secretive is my motto.
Who is cuter, Carla or Lector? Who is bitchier?
A: Lector is cuter. Well, not really. I just really like his voice. Bitchier? I guess Lector. He was so mean to Happy. I'm standing up for Happy because us blue-haired characters have to stick together.
Which Grand Magic Games' participating team, other than Fairy Tail, are you rooting for?
A: Crime Sorcière Crime Sorcière.
Rauleli: Not participants...
Jellal: I don't care.
According to misinterpretation of the Mayan culture, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012; aka. next month. Any last words before dying?
A: Erza, I love you.
TheCarrotSaysYumYum : M... More... More plz
Jellal: More? Let's see... *takes shirt off* *epic turn around*
Cover 138.jpg
TheCarrotSaysYumYum : *melts*
Rauleli: -____-
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Justin Bieber
Lucy or Erza? Pick!
A: Neither! Everyone knows I'm the best girl in town! Wait, I didn't mean that! What I meant to say was Erza, 'cause red heads are totally hot. That's an answer a man would give right?
Which Garou Knights would you rather fight?
A: The leader of course. He's kinda cute. *blushes* Wait, scratch that, I mean his scythes are freakin' beast.
Who is cuter, Carla or Lector? Who is bitchier?
A: Uhhh duh, Carla! Have you seen the dresses she wears? Totally wish I had some like that! For Selena of course, not for me. Lector's the bitchier one. All men are bitches!
Which Grand Magic Games' participating team, other than Fairy Tail, are you rooting for?
A: Mermaid Heel!!!!
According to misinterpretation of the Mayan culture, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012; aka. next month. Any last words before dying?
A: Well, since the world is going to end, I think it's finally time I told everyone my deep, dark secret. I am a woman!!!!
Ishthak Ishthak | Graphic Designer
Gajeel Redfox
Lucy or Erza? Pick!
Gajeel: I wanna see both as my dancers. Lucy is better at dancing, but did you saw Erza's ass?
Which Garou Knights would you rather fight?
Gajeel: All them at once obviously. But seriously... Only Salamander can be caught in such lame trap...
Erza: Well if I would be there... I SHOULD be there. Please, punch me. I hurt my comrades even I didn't want to...
Laxus: <hits Erza>
Gajeel and Reporter: ................... <runs>
Who is cuter, Carla or Lector? Who is bitchier?
Gajeel: <grabs the reporter> The BEST cat is MY Lily. UNDERSTOOD?
Which Grand Magic Games' participating team, other than Fairy Tail, are you rooting for?
Gajeel: Pffff... All of them are lame dumb weaklings that need to be thought a lesson.
According to misinterpretation of the Mayan culture, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012; aka. next month. Any last words before dying?
Gajeel: Who said I would die? <evil giggle>
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Lucy or Erza? Pick!
A:Well, I think my answer is rather obvious considering I love Lu-
Erza: *glares*
Loke: Erza! Erza's the greatest and there are none above her!
Which Garou Knights would you rather fight?
A: Cosmos-chan.Love
Who is cuter, Carla or Lector? Who is bitchier?
A: It's against my nature to call any male cute so I'll have to go with Carla. And since it's also against my nature to talk ill of the dead, I'll have to go with Carla for bitchiest as well.
Sting: Lector isn't dead!
Loke: Denial is not just a river in Egypt.
Which Grand Magic Games' participating team, other than Fairy Tail, are you rooting for?
A: Mermaid Heel! All of those sexy ladies in one place at one time! I mean you have Kagura, Milliana, Arania, Beth, and R-R-Ri *pukes*
Risley: Don't look down on the chubby!
According to misinterpretation of the Mayan culture, the world is supposed to end on December 21, 2012; aka. next month. Any last words before dying?
A: LUCY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy: So you've told me.
Happy: He liiiiiiiikes you.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 11: November 2012

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

Rauleli Breaking Dawn - Part 2
The Series
Ending... The Anime
Arcadios Lucy and Yukino
Garou Knights Garou Knights

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

Ishthak Ish's Shop
Ishthak | Graphic Designer

Ish's Shop

Hi Everyone! This is Ishthak once again! Today we will see what kind of things you can use not to forget keys to your heart or something :P
The best.png
OMG... When I saw this one cute things, I instantly felt in love with them ~(*^*)~. Fairy Tail Strongest Team in Chibi version... You don't wanna put your filthy hands on them? Because I wanna...
Price: $5.20

The worst.png
Keychain2.jpg Uh... I just don't know what to say... This is based on original design from anime... But I guess it is a biggest fail I have seen recently - Happy looks like he is sick, Gray like pokemon (and why he has black hair? He is in rebel age or something? -__-), Lucy start to blush in black... Horror...
Price: $2.44

The surprise.png
Ok... I take back my words... This is the biggest FAIL EVAH... At first... Is this Lucy and Natsu...? Idk... I think I missed something because they both look like from Bishojo manga then from FT... Second... What again is on this keychain? Eye with FT mark... Creepy...
Price: $1.80

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