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There is a Spoiler Thread on the site. Please place all spoilers there and only there.
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Eden's Zero Color Spread

Hello, everyone! Rai here. I know it’s been a long time since you guys have seen me, but I’m here with some great news. As you have all likely already heard, at the end of this month, Mashima Sensei will be putting forth his brand-new series – Eden’s Zero!!! As a longtime fan of Hiro and his work, I am extremely excited about this! With that in mind, myself and a few other administrators and users of this wiki have already created a new partner wiki to document the new series. It's a little sparse now because the series has not debuted, but once it does, it'll be in tip top shape. If you guys are interested in the new series, we’d love to have your help! Whether it be by contributing to the wiki when the chapters are released or by chatting about the series among friends. ^___^ Check it out when you have a sec! Much love peeps!

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